1. Fiona Hodgers says

    love labyrinth 🙂 

  2. Crystal Clawson says

    Fantastic movie

  3. giovanni bufalino says

    Lol!!! Good one

  4. Jim McCloskey says

    …he reminds me of the babe.

  5. Tori N. Crossman says

    Pretty sure this movie is singlehandedly  responsible for me being an artist 🙂

  6. jaime contreras says

    que linda película 

  7. Ginger Taylor says

    So awesome David Bowie started the trend of looking for Waldo!

  8. Cole Rayne says

    Bwahahhaha! Good one!

  9. Mehdi Hashempour says


  10. Raymond Gaustadnes says

    Great movie, I still watch it from time to time

  11. Shaun McLane says

    Looks more like a China Girl

  12. Lee Bagley says

    One of my favourite films of all time. Such fond memories

  13. Marc A says

    This was just on one of the Encore channels earlier this week…it was right at my favorite scene with the stairs!

  14. Steve Mayne says

    You have thirteen hours in which to solve the labyrinth, before your baby brother becomes one of us… forever.

  15. Robert Plumlee says


  16. Glenn Dykstra says

    I sometimes watch a 80s movie remembering how much I liked it..Then afterwards asking my self "what the heck was I thinking":-)

  17. Mara Mascaro says

    Jaaaarethhhh <3

  18. Sadu Seefoo says

    David bowies my favorite musician and I LOVE the labyrinth

  19. jay dawge says

    It's hard to find a good hair spray now-a-days

  20. Bill Baran says

    Even rocking a futuristic mullet.

  21. Mark Evans says

    + Jim McCloskey What babe?

  22. Jim McCloskey says

    + Mark Evans The babe with the power!

  23. Mark Evans says

    + Jim McCloskey What power?

  24. Isaac Smith says

    Lol. Great old school goodness

  25. Jim McCloskey says

    + Mark Evans The power of VOO-DOO!

  26. Theresa Hanson says

    Hello Amanda, excellent video. That Bowie looking sexy as hell.

  27. Mark Evans says

    I will admit Dance Magic sticks in my head till this day.

  28. Matthew Hampton says

    If that happened to Waldo as a child, no friggin wonder why he's traumatized and hides from everyone as an adult.

  29. Theresa Hanson says

    Excellent video.

  30. Marlon Pagtakhan says

    Labyrinth was the $h!t!

  31. Lee Pellymounter says

    What kind of magic spell to use? slime and snails and puppy dog tails …… lol not seen this film in years and when this film first came out I was just hitting my teenage years and having Jennifer Connelly in the film made it all the more appealing lol.  Other films I liked at the time was Legend, Dark Crystal and Krull. 

  32. Eddie Mohan says

    For those that have yet to see it, the movie is on Netflix.

  33. Brian Driscoll says

    Had to introduce my kids to this shortly after we got Netflix. Dance, magic dance.

  34. Amanda Blain says

    + Jim McCloskey + Mark Evans Who Do?

  35. Sadu Seefoo says

    I bought the album for this on iTunes… Lol memorized all of the songs

  36. Michael Tomsic says

    YOU do!

  37. Tyler Cutler says

    Your eyes can be so cruel

  38. Kevin Bowie says

    Making us Bowies proud ;D

  39. Steev Selby says

    "With the power of VooDoo .. who do? you do… " catch this movie every couple of years .. still as good as the day it came out.. 🙂

  40. John Wesche says

    such a great movie

  41. Olav Folland says

    Haha!  Well played 🙂

    That reminds me – I don't think we've made the girls watch this yet.

  42. Jason Spano says

    Love that movie!  Awesome post, thanks!

  43. Graham Cox says

    This is one of those films that future generations are going to look down on without knowing what they're missing. Such an excellent film! Makes me want to get it out again.

  44. Sadu Seefoo says

    You remind me of the babe
    (what babe?)
    The babe with the power
    (what power)
    The power of voodoo
    (who do?)
    You do
    (do what?)
    Remind me of the babe
    I saw my baaaby crying hard as babe could cry,
    What could I dooo?
    My baby's love had gone and left my baby blue
    Etc lol

  45. amanda rhea says

    Love the movie one of my all time favorites

  46. Tyese Donaldson says

    my fav movie!

  47. Paula Smith says

    I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!! =) =) I love ur post Sadu Seefoo!!!

  48. John Mink says

    So THAT'S why Waldo is so difficult to find…he's actually a goblin!

  49. Alan Landucci-Ruiz says

    LOL  You just made my day, + Amanda Blain!

  50. Cedric Lockett says

    loved that movie as a kid

  51. Kasam Kasam says

    you cantik banget apa seorang ibu apa komentar you tnt pekerjaan saya

  52. Kevin Matthew says

    I've got it on dvd, but haven't watched it yet, tonight?

  53. Rebecca Kimray says

    Adorable movie. Great connection:)

  54. Steve Wright says

    Wow, I've never seen a photo of David Bowie as a baby.

  55. Robert Armstrong says

    Love this movie. Lol That song is one that sticks in your head for sure.

  56. hugo chaparro says

    is that zowie,his son? tha's a good picture of david Bowie.

  57. Sydney Van Nest says

    Funny, in the movie for The Who's Tommy, Waldo was fully grown. 😉

  58. Thomas Vu says

    I saw that movie last year!

  59. Tiffany McLaughlin says

    LOL + Amanda Blain I totally got it! 

  60. Sherry Taylor says

    Loved this movie..

  61. Matthew McNair says

    Yes, but Chuck Norris was who Waldo was hiding from.

  62. Ryan Sanderson says

    Win, absolute win

  63. Morgan Macon says

    ohh i watched this movie with my dad and now i am sad.

  64. Phillip Ryan says

    I liked it. Also liked secret of nihm

  65. LouRdz Trillo says

    Labyrinth 1986! <3 <3 <3

  66. faisal qadri says

    What is the movie name plzz send me name

  67. Morgan Macon says

    the movie is called the labyrinth

  68. LouRdz Trillo says

    Labyrinth (1986)

  69. Brian Jackson says

    Epic classic

  70. Samir Borgi says


  71. Arianna Owens says

    XD his hair?? #doingthemost

  72. Jenna Pederson says


  73. Tom LeJeune says

    Interesting movie fact – when Frank Oz and Jim Hensen were casting Jareth, they were tore between either Davie Bowed or Michael Jackson.

  74. Anne Stardust says

    i love david bowie…..he's AWESOME!!!!

  75. Ian McBeth says


  76. Zoe Jarvis says

    + Anne Stardust  I cant tell if you just have an epic last name or if you named your self after David Bowie's song "Ziggy Stardust" Aha

  77. Ian Tuma says

    That movie is awesome.

  78. Charles Casineri says

    XD funny

  79. Hayes Starns says

    Just watched it… Kinda had a Wizard of Oz feel. Weird, but good.

  80. Donagh Reardon says

    Alright. Labyrinth was a good enough 80's movie, but we've been here before.
    What I want to know is has anyone else seen a 80's movie with a plot so bizarre that most people think you've relapsed back into insanity when you tell them it.
    My one is The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension. A movie about a top neurosurgeon, particle physicist, race car driver, rock star and comic book hero saving the earth from a race of aliens all named John (yes, it really was a actual movie.) and another one about about alien and elephant snot, but this could be a false memory bought about by the additives they put in food back them.

  81. Lauren Riopel says

    last comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Donagh Reardon says

    + Lauren Riopel what d'ya mean?

  83. Michehe Conner says

    My daughter first saw this movie when she was six and fell in love with Bowie. She collected a bunch of his CD's. She is 21 now ,still watches the movie,not crazy over Bowie any longer.

  84. Lynne Jaworski says

    i love that movie!

  85. David Aguilera says

    Sooo, Jennifer Connely was Waldo's sister? What do we call her, "Waldina"?

  86. Maria Gonzalez says

    Lol good one

  87. talash niazi says

    very very nice.

  88. John Barnes says

    David Bowie – also the nearest anyone has been to being a real anime character

  89. Rob Slesser says

    I never was a Bowie fan.

  90. Luis Elias says

    This is the first movie i ever watched in theater

  91. Hannah Davies says

    love this film watched it last week reminded me so much of my childhood 🙂 x

  92. Sydney Sierra says


  93. jp melko says

    wow, truly ahead of his time, maaaaybe "waldo" was just promoting his arrival in advance

  94. Hannah Davies says

    + Sydney Sierra yes u are 

  95. Mark Evans says

    + Donagh Reardon Buckaroo Banzai was/is an awesome flick. Why not add in Remo Williams?

  96. Darren Hawkins says

    or you are NOT a child of the 90's if you also recall the David Bowie reference in "The Young Ones" where "Neil" says " … oh, I thought you were Australian like David Bow-we" (and yes I DO KNOW that Bowie is not from Australia!!)

  97. Robert Palmer says

    Labyrinth is on Netflix! Awesome movie! I'm a huge Jim Henson fan. He is sadly missed.

  98. Hannah Davies says

    hoggle was best lol 

  99. Darren Hawkins says

    but an all round cool film … you kinda forget about the "muppets" and just immerse in the movie!!!

  100. Donagh Reardon says

    + Mark Evans  Remo Unarmed and Dangerous. Saw that too. But i just wanted to know if anyone else saw Buckaroo Banzai.

  101. Shelly Cain says

    OMG…I loved that movie when it came out in the 80's…LABYRINTH

  102. Darren Hawkins says


  103. Darren Hawkins says

    Bring it on for all us "sad little children of the 80's" !!!   yeee harrr !!!   🙂

  104. gilia hager says

    Okk I'm was born in 1999 and I've seen that movie it pretty good.

  105. Cendrine Marrouat says

    Labyrinth haunted me for years! I still remember the scene where the girl walks in a corridor full of mirrors (and women speaking when she passes them).  

  106. Richard Lincoln says


    "Slap that baby and him bleed"!

  107. john rambo says

    Yea…i'll watch it now. BETTER LEAVE A SPOT COZ I'LL BE BACK!!… 🙂

  108. Lynn Hettrick says

    + Brian Driscoll Yep, we watched it with our sons on Netflix too! Along with The Last Starfighter, Princess Bride, War Games, and the original Star Trek.

  109. Nomeneta Saili says

    I so love Jennifer in this movie

  110. max meza says

    very good

  111. steven paul says

    wow that bring's back memory's from that movie lol

  112. Brandi Butcher says

    I got a Fushigi for Christmas in hopes that I could emulate Bowie's anti-gravity crystal ball moves…waaay harder than it looks. David Bowie, you rule!!!

  113. R.j. Brown says

    OK I did my review and here is my comment. The search result I came up with states the movie sucked it did poorly at the box office. Idk I never watched it???

  114. Brandi Butcher says

    + Cendrine Marrouat , that movie gave me nightmares when I was a kid (first saw it when I was 3 or 4). I thought the goblins were under MY bed!!

  115. Kennedy Waite says

    ive seen the movie but i dont quite understand the pic.

  116. Simon Skiles says

    Cc: + Bailey Skiles 

  117. tyler lane says

    "power of the babe, babe with the power"

  118. Stan Siba says


  119. Kristina Pittman says

    "…the power of voodoo, who do? you do, do what…."

  120. Cecilia Patterson says

    wish i were there

  121. Helbert Balangeg says


  122. Daniel Patterson says

    One of my childhood favorites!

  123. Hiroshi Hasebe says

    Boy with David brought quite a celebrity 80s.



  125. Mohamed Sadam says

    I love ur face….

  126. keshav krishan says


  127. Nurfifie Hasmin says

    is that jiraya holding naruto on his arm? ;P

  128. ???? ???? says


  129. Lance Cozad says

    reminds me of the babe…

  130. rona cristiana says


  131. Vera Wolf says

    great….now Im humming "Magic Dance" ……..dance…dance magic dance la la la la ;P

  132. Eric James says

    Ahhh i remember labyrinth the video game based off the movie. An amazing game for its time. Precursor to the scumm engine used in many successful luasfilm games.

  133. Matthew Kent-Baldwin says

    One if my favourite films ever, love it

  134. zeynep öztürk says


  135. Maharini Chintya says

    darn! David Bowie must've known where's Waldo now!!

  136. grayson cross says

    Love that movie

  137. Jeremy Dickinson says

    Where's Wally now (the one in the photo) ?

  138. zachee kenne says

    belle photo tre jolie

  139. Justin White says

    You remind me of the Babe….

  140. Amy Rose says

    Why does David Bowie looks like a member from the old Montely cue band

  141. Amy Rose says

    Why does David Bowie looks like a member from the old Montely cue band

  142. stephen meinhold says

    no please i am still recovering from the last time i watched it in the 80s my children are growm up and they still have nighmares…….no david noooo stick to singing.

  143. ??? says

    Mother is the storongest on earth for me.

  144. Kelly Barnes says

    It's streaming on Netflix.  There is no excuse.

  145. Teresa Hammond says

    Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered I have fought my through to the castle beyond the goblin city. For  My will is as strong as yours and my Kingdome as great.  You have no power over me

  146. Armando Vázquez says

    I like this movie!!

  147. thomas donehoo says

    jump baby jump…

  148. Sven Heydorn says

    Super Film !!! Jim Henson

  149. Robert E. Obrikat jr. says


  150. Daniel Mackay says


  151. ciro silva says


  152. ciro silva says

    Very good

  153. Morgan Macon says

    oh, now I get it,

  154. Kendall Shack says


  155. Abubakar muhammad says

    that is good

  156. Gunjan Bharti says

    nice darling

  157. voninho alves says

    Vc e muuto lina bom dia pra vc e pra sua beleza

  158. voninho alves says

    Que pena que nao conheco vc pessoalmente

  159. Giovanni Argento says

    grande david, grande film, meravigliosa   Jennifer Connelly ^_^

  160. angela devlin says

    This was a good movie!

  161. Adam razak says


  162. Mike Mckinney says

    Bowie is the man!

  163. Cacciatore Moonrock says

    What really makes thanks that it will make no sense? and why did u choose the children from the 80s?


    beutiful  like u

  165. Mtzir Attaran says


  166. Kaitlyn Buckley says

    i was born in the nineties and i know this movie well. I never get tired of fantasy stuff. Who else knows that David Bowie has one blue and one brown eye?

  167. krish kargo says

    i am amit nehra from Indian i known Hindi belong from Haryana  125 comments my mobile no. is 9717055070 please contact me  

  168. Dave Beaudry says


  169. umesh n c says


  170. Ika Mery says

    funny but scary

  171. Jim Stepp says

    i've oned this one for years, 2 copies in fact

  172. Tyler Beesinger says


  173. ernesto damian ramirez says

    muy buen look

  174. Marianne van der Zaag says

    thanks  – One of the best movies of my youth, I was so intrigued by the figure Bowie played (or: I might have been intrigued by Bowie anyway so much those days and wanted to be Sarah but then more independent :0)

  175. Joaquim Aquino says

    Is Good!!

  176. Jade Sweeney says

    I'm not a child of the 80s but my teacher made me watch that movie in school

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