Why Do So Many ‘Experts’ Get this Wrong?


I make a valiant effort to read and plus one a good portions of the comments I get on G+.. Contributing to the conversation where i see fit..  I usually die at about 250 of 500 comments… If people take the time to comment I should take the time to acknowledge that. I also respond to most @mentions on twitter.. all tags on facebook and interact on the mentions I manage to actually get on G+… I take time every day to comment on peoples posts on G+ too… Not just major huge posts.. but their " i went to the store today" ones too. It takes me 5 minutes to scroll up and down and add a comment or two to the posts of people I follow. 

The comments reading and plussing take the most amount of time… but all in all I say it takes me less than 1/2 an hour to do all of the above. So why do so many pros at "social media" fail to even +1 your comments on G+? Why do they never bother to come to your page and say Awesome post? G+ more than any other social network I've been on is a two way street. You must talk *with*, not at. Other sites still accept the monologue idea…. but G+ is a passionate community of people who invest time and except you to invest some back in them… At least in SOME way. 

Perhaps because some new people can't be bothered to actually be social is one of the reasons G+ gets the Ghost Town Meme. "But but but my cut and paste sales message that was RT 4 times on Twitter got NOTHING on G+" or the "I got 50 likes from people (but only one sale) on my latest FB fan page post"… when was the last time you saw a brand page comment on your stuff on facebook? Or a major company follow you on twitter and @mention you? This "you have to actually be social" idea is a foreign concept currently  in social media…. But its How G+ works.  And yeah.. sorry media people… it does indeed take some work.

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Why Do So Many 'Experts' Get this Wrong?

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  1. ColiN DeWilde says


  2. Dirk Talamasca says

    only 500? WIMP! 😀

  3. Margie Jordan says

    Love it. It's hard to find those who actually engage anymore.

  4. Amir Abbas says

    I guess it's their Ego, Attitude or they take followers for granted or simply Damn care. They think they are the only special one's.

  5. Jason ON says

    I argue this same point all the time. And when a brand actually posts to me or my comment, Likes one of my posts or +1s I make a point of thanking them. Some are good about commenting back on their own posts I've posted on, but none, to my knowledge, have ever commented on a post unsolicited. Put the social back in social media.

  6. Wayne Johnson says


  7. Shannon Shoffner says

    +100000 I get so frustrated when I read some people talk about how G+ is empty. Most of these people are tech bloggers that don't bother engaging the 99.9% of plussers that are just ordinary folk. They also post and run. So, of course their experience is limited.

  8. miguel mesias-acosta says

    You getting married?? Congrats!

  9. BJ Cardon says

    And, shocking, people CAN disagree and still be engaging and social!

  10. Sy Bernot says

    Take us out of here number one. Engage!

  11. Lars Fosdal says

    It's perhaps a daunting task when you have hundreds of thousands of followers. Then again, some are just here for validation. The more respect to those that actually take part, interact and engage.

  12. pauly hart says


  13. Morgan Murphy says

    I have found that from all of the networks to which I belong, I have felt the most directly connected to the larger companies/individuals via G+. 
    This was most apparent to me early on when + Graham Linehan set up a specific circle to do research. It was a great use of G+ and I think, great use of social media.

  14. Mark McLaughlin says

    We all appreciate that you read and reply to comments Amanda

  15. Kevin Lynch says

    Where do you get the time? :p

  16. Rebecca Johnson says

    I couldn't agree more!

  17. Andrew Weger says

    I'm still on engaging more and posting content other people would want to engage in…man it's kind of a lot of work but also fun. As someone who stutters I love interacting on G+

  18. Matt Burns says

    I'm not one of the big names on G+, but I've been saying this for a year now.  It's why people like Jeri Ryan, Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, and Sergei Brin are so popular, and why I don't bother following people like Hugh Jackman whose posts consist entirely of publicity shots and a quote in quotes.  Generic broadcasting can work on a medium like Twitter, where interaction is limited.  But on G+, you have to spend some time being social and interacting with people if you want them to spend their time on your posts.

  19. Jim Moore says

    It has been my experience that people "hit and run", meaning they stop long enough to see what you're offering and quickly click off somewhere else – as if they are afraid to "engage", as you say. Knowing that we post and wait for responses, chances are when we check our responses, the others aren't online at that time; therefore, monologue. Those of us who stop, offer our comments (hopefully being supportive and constructive), move ahead never really expecting a response and are, quite frankly, taken aback when we get one. Its odd, but that's what seems to happen.

    Do we comment because we appreciate content shared? Do we comment in order to meet someone with an interesting point of view? Do we comment because we feel motivated to do so – perhaps sharing the same thoughts at that given moment? Or do we comment as if to say, "that's nice" and carry on.

    Keep posting as you desire and respond where you desire. I think, if anything, that is the spirit of WWW posting venues. All the best to you and yours. Sincerely,

  20. Shafi Turner says

    I agree, we should get envolved in the conversation. Great Point.

  21. Rafael Barinas says

    Couldn't agree more. The nail is rubbing its noggin cause you hit it square in the head! 🙂

  22. Melody Migas says

    Great post. I need to try harder, both as a circler and a circled. 

  23. Tamara Earnest says

    Totally agree!

  24. Nick Shvelidze says

    They are "Machine men with machine minds and machine hearts" (quote by amazing Charlie Chaplin)

  25. Terry Babij says

    Heard the saying about Twitter being Conversation not Dictation and it carries over to all. Like the Photo:)

  26. Marc Belley says

    Completely agree with everything you've said, Amanda. You are  an example of what drive and a love of technology can do. <3

    Social media is all about bringing people together, and that is your life, so kudos.

  27. Clint Fudge says

    Excellent post, Amanda.
    You are so right, it can be hard work engaging, thinking out suitable replies and generally trying to create a conversation without the aid of gestures and facial expressions.
    Think about many of the men in your personal life who, under the best of circumstances, can barely squeeze out a grunt or two when spoken to – well, this (social media) simply amplifies that by, around, ten, I'd say.
    My understanding is this, most men are on social media sites simply for the entertainment, as such, we sit quietly and let the shit that unfolds on our screens entertain us. Television taught us that, well.
    However, I'm thinking that in ten years time this won't be the case, as the newer generations coming through have been engaging since the moment they could, so it's second nature to them. So, given the fullness of time I'd venture to say that men and women well be equally as engaging on this, and other sites like it.
    Let's hope so, anyway.

  28. Amanda Blain says

    As i mentioned above… i generally set aside half an hour a day to comment up and down the stream or plus one my comments. sometimes it takes an hour… I usually set a timer to keep it under control (You can easily loose track of time in this space) but seriously? i think its worth it… ?

  29. Marc Belley says

    + Clint Fudge that was beautiful bro
    internet allows us to bring all those tv circles and make them interact with the world

    really the internet gives everyone the opportunity to move to a time before technology existed

    beautifully ironic

    do you mind if i share your comment as a post on http://www.spaceking.net ? it's a link to my g+ stream and i would like to put it down in an easily findable history of beautiful words one day

  30. Sean J Connolly says

    Listen to the lil fella with the big head, he is so right "engagement is where its at"

  31. Jack Smith says

    That is an excellent thing to do because I go into any type of thing that involves internet. So I like the tip you just posted. 🙂 Haha I think I will get a timer.  

  32. Pascal Wallisch says

    Path of least resistance. Engagement takes time, broadcasting doesn't really.

  33. Amanda Blain says

    Excellent post + Clint Fudge …. many many things are into play of the "why"… i was hoping with this post to get to the… "meh why ..JUST DO IT!!" 🙂 

  34. Judith Barbosa says

    It ends up being a monologue for the majority of the people who do not have 1000+ followers.

  35. Amanda Blain says

    + Judith Barbosa the answer to that… Show interest in others… focus less on producing content in the start and more on paying attention to others… in time they will pay attention to you.. and THEN you can start broadcasting more…  

    Takes some time.. but not too much 🙂

  36. Jack Smith says

    I agree that is the truth 

  37. Lee Forest says

    Certainly have to show signs of life if you want anyone to know there's life there. I'm deaf, so talking is a challenge, but messages are my strongest conversational means. So G+ works out great that way. Makes communicating much more enjoyable for me.

  38. Jack Smith says

    I feel sorry for you dude but God will watch and help you.

  39. Sean J Connolly says

    Thats just amazing + Lee Forest I guess we take for granted things we can do, great to know that G+ and the internet in general is more than just shopping.

  40. Greg Powers says

    It takes a village! Some or most just do not get it.

  41. Marc Jansen says

    I am one of those guys who can barely string three words together when talking to someone in meatspace. I am, however, able to formulate complete and coherent responses here, and actually be an active participant on the discussion, thanks in large part to the fact that I can actually take the time to do so.

    And I really appreciate the way that + Amanda Blain takes the time to do be an active participant!

  42. Clint Fudge says

    + Marc Belley by all means you may use that posting up there^^ somewhere, on space king. I'd be most pleased.
    I'll check out the site when I get back from work.

  43. melanie slater says

    Ru following me?

  44. Greg Powers says

    + Marc Jansen  you got more then three words in you last comment.

  45. Eli Fennell says

    I was getting very good engagement when I only had a few hundred followers… now I can't keep up, but I do my best to involve myself in other people's stuff, and respond to comments. I didn't come here with a sense of entitlement. This wasn't just another place for me to drop a link.

  46. Waliu Mustapha says

    Very well said + Amanda Blain People should remember this philosophy. We're not saying be active on *EVERYTHING* that occurs on G+, but when people leave comments on posts you've made, do please acknowledge as best you can.

  47. Lee Forest says

    + Sean J Connolly I guess everyone takes something for granted. The internet certainly provides a lot of means for many people.

  48. David Limey Slater says

    Time is fleeting, keeping up on all social sites is almost a job. Wish it paid.
    But sharing knowledge and news in a compact form is still good.
    Learn most NEW news from social media before it hits "mainstream" and that is a good thing, right?

  49. Naren Mangtani says

    I'm well below the 250 mark, so this will be noticed! Yes, G+ is very different. Also, it's rightly called 'stream', and it flows fast. So noobs need to know if they're not getting many responses, it's also because it's not being noticed. Keep engaging – there's a ton of good stuff, it's fun, and in no time you'll lose sleep. Nice post. Reiterating the classic G+ mantra.

  50. Greg Jankowski says

    + Amanda Blain. Every you make a post, it seems there are hundreds of post on your comment. However I agree, people start to dialog not monolog. 🙂 I completely left FB for this very reason and others also. 🙂

  51. Sean J Connolly says

    + Lee Forest  I always love to know that the internet is playing a huge part in people lives, makes developing cool stuff for it, even more worthwhile.

  52. Nobilangelo Ceramalus says

    Yes, plussing is all about plussing. Adding more to what others add.

  53. Amanda Blain says

    Cause ive been doing everything up there for well over a year + Greg Jankowski … people may think its cause im blond or pretty or whatever trashy disgusting remarks they like… but i spend a fair amount of time sharing and building other people up behind the scenes to get the responses i do.. … and i really believe with some time and effort anyone can have G+ be magical 🙂

  54. Cendrine Marrouat says

    Love this post! 

  55. Sean J Connolly says

    One question. where can I buy one of these from, he is so cool and very useful.

  56. Ma. Elizyl Cathy Valenzuela says

    can i make friends here ? please ?

  57. Marc Jansen says

    That was precisely my point, + Greg Powers. If, say, we were all at a cocktail party instead, no one would even know I was in the room. I am a man of few (spoken) words, and the likelihood of my actually saying anything in a social setting decays exponentially with the number of participants.

  58. Michael Brewster says

    let's talk…

  59. Ian Thomas says

    What I fail to understand about G+ is the fact that the "power-users", the celebrities, the "popular crowd"….  they will get the validation and the feedback on posts regardless of  content and/or interaction.  I suppose it is human nature that people want to be noticed by these people and that is why they leave comments, but one would think that after a while people trying get their attention would stop.  But, at least in the photography community on here I don't see that happening.  OK…   I do understand it….  but, it annoys me. 

  60. Alan Lepofsky says

    Because they are not experts.

  61. Sean J Connolly says

    + Ian Thomas I totally agree, celebs really annoy me. I even wrote a blog post about just this thing. http://notjustajax.blogspot.com/2012/06/twitter-celebrities-and-not-following.html

  62. Perry Kahai says

    Stand-up comedians do monologues!

  63. C. Michelle Morgan says

    Hmmm. Point taken! I am going to turn in a.new direction! Plus 1 to u!!

  64. Ian Thomas says

    + Sean J Connolly Great post.  Everything that you say about Twitter is easily applicable to G+ as well.

  65. Paul D Lefebvre says

    Well I do't know if I'll post more now or not, but I will say you express well, and provocatively. Well said. Thank you.

  66. Amanda Blain says

    Your post is my point + Ian Thomas  … yet countless people group me into the same category as "the in crowd"…  I like to think i do things a wee bit different that most of the 'popular crowd'… 

  67. Ariel Pena says

    Great post, + Amanda Blain .   I sincerely appreciate your posts and how you engage with us, the ones who comment on your posts.  🙂

  68. Ann Fauzia says


  69. Jack Smith says

    Same here Paul well I will chat when I can and thanks for giving me a thing to think about Amanda. The best of luck to all of yall. 🙂

  70. Ian Thomas says

    + Amanda Blain ….  true. I guess the point that I was trying to get across is that when it comes to "the in crowd" I am more baffled by those that continue to make comments that will never be responded to than those that complain that G+ is a ghost town.

  71. Gilles-Philippe Morin says

    I'd never find such a great post on Twitter or Facebook. On Google+, we really say the true things.

  72. Brian Wetmore says

    Very deep and insightful.

  73. Danial Hallock says

    Honestly, + Amanda Blain I think it's because once they "get there" they become complacent.  Their readers are gonna keep sharing their content (for a long while at least) without them engaging, so why put forth the effort?

    It's the same reason once your 401k hits your goal you're less likely to do annual reviews, or when you finish your marathon you may not feel like running as often.

    I agree though, good engagement ( http://goo.gl/R1qul) takes a lot of work; I can get behind sometimes and I only have 1 follower per 1,000 of yours 😉

  74. Kirk Rustman says

    What a GREAT post + Amanda Blain ! I couldn't agree more. Gonna share this with my business partner.

  75. Marc Jansen says

    + Amanda Blain also does something virtually none of the other Big Hitters do, which is to share her circles. I always know when she shares her "gamers" circle without even looking, for instance, by the sheer number of new people circling me. The increase is easily 3-4 times what I get on an average day!

  76. Danial Hallock says

    That's something that frustrates me + Marc Jansen.  I search "circle share" and select "from your circles" and there are surprisingly few circles there.  I would love to know where + Mike Elgan draws his sources on Google Plus, or who + Mike Shaw thinks are up and coming photographers.
    That level of transparency would be a game changer on G+.

  77. Amanda Blain says

    After much discussion with many of the heavy hitter on G+… many do not do anything with circle management… They have "following" circle and maybe a few other personal ones…  So they don't really have 'circles to share'.. many also dont want to vouch for the people they circle (its something i get attacked regularly for.. THIS GAMER CIRCLE IS NOT FULL OF PEOPLE WHO POST ABOUT GAMING YOU SUCK AMANDA)  I curate about 20 public circles and have about 200 i privately use for various things.. 

    + Fraser Cain is one of the few i actually see making a really good effort to curate circles and communities…  The other big names i tend to see associate with 'circle shares' have maybe done it twice.  

    All these things really blow my mind.. 🙂

  78. Danial Hallock says

    It is pretty hard to curate circles around topics.  I have yet to run into any profile run by an actual person that sticks to (or mostly posts about) one single topic.

  79. Marc Jansen says

    That is so true, + Danial Hallock! I actually gave up on interest-based circle management when I got up to 110 circles or so (I know + Amanda Blain acually has more!). The biggest problem is, as I see it, is that everyone else is like me, and has more interests than they can shake a stick at. Lol

  80. Chris Huston says

    TL;DR: stop trolling and learn something!

  81. Arturo Rivera says

    I like this, engage

  82. Danial Hallock says

    Exactly, + Marc Jansen.  I'm sure you saw my post a while back about intent-based circle sharing over topical based.  If not, I'll CC you on it to avoid further threadjacking of Amanda's post. 😉

  83. BP Juxt says

    Preach on!

  84. Thelonious Mac says

    We need to recognize that some people earn their living by being extremely prolific on G+. There is a continuous daily flow of posts from these people. They're basically "social butterflies."

  85. Pontus Hammarbäck says

    Think you hit the head on the nail + Amanda Blain .
    One major brand with an active social media policy is + Philips; their black belted social media Jedi + Clive Roach always delivers.

  86. Fraser Cain says

    I think that most gurus and old media stars aren't active on G+ because they're still coasting on their old media momentum. Why engage with your audience when you're still television famous? Some actor or musician can show up on Twitter and instantly get thousands of followers because of their history in traditional media.

    But that old media momentum is going to run out eventually, when those companies go out of business. In the future, there won't be mass media. Individual popularity will depend on your ability to genuinely engage with your audience.

    It's hard to make the change from broadcast to engagement because it feels like the good times are going to last forever. But they won't.

    As + Amanda Blain says, this doesn't require a massive amount of effort. The more popularity and momentum you already have, the less effort you have to make.

  87. Pascal Wallisch says

    + Fraser Cain People generally have a hard time changing if the incentive structure changes. In other words, there is inertia. It will be interesting what kind of culture emerges in 10-20 years. Broadcasting culture? Engagement culture? 

  88. Matt Burns says

    + Danial Hallock has a good point.  I find it hard to curate Circles around topics as well, since most people have multiple interests.  Unless everyone in a Circle have a similar Circle and post on-topic posts directly to it, you get a lot of off-topic posts in a topic-centric Circle. 

    Most of my Circles are therefore organized by types of people.  I have a GeThat way people wouldn't have to be conek Icons Circle containing people like Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day, an Authors Circle containing people like John Scalzi and Cherie Priest, a Tech Icons Circle containing people like Sergei Brin and Linus Torvalds, etc.  Posts in a Circle may not be on a specific topic, but they still tend to be somewhat related because of the type of people in them.

    It's really both a strength and a weakness of G+.  When your ability to organize your contacts is limited, there can be a higher degree of cohesion within those groups.  With the nearly limitless freedom provided by G+, it's much harder to get that kind of cohesion without a concerted effort by that part of the community. 

    That's why I think there should be some kind of "common Circle", for which the membership is consistent for all of the members of the Circle.  If you add the Circle, you're automatically added to the Circle for everyone who added the Circle.  That way there'd be a bit of cohesion within the Circle, and a higher degree of consistency in posts to that Circle.

  89. nicole leary says

    I comment on What Interest My likings, and Also Love the Interaction on G + People Are Much more Social, And Not as Much Competitive,as Other Social Media Net Works . And I Find It Much Friendly on Here If You need Help, Bam ! You Have So many Suggestions . Today ,I didnt Understand a Post of a Picture Someone Shared, I let Her Know, She Responded Immediatly . And I Thanked Her, for Her Fast Response . All, in All, I Have Been Attached To G+ For All The Reasons I Have Mentioned , and Reasons Most of Have Mentioned . And I Plan on Staying "Engaged" w/ G + For The Interaction with People on Here, Its Great ! <3

  90. Steve Etchie says

    Anytime I read a post, I try to think of something I could say that would relate. If I know the person, I try I think of something that would relate and that involves something that person knows about me. People that respond with more than just the usual "lol" are the ones I talk to the most. That's not always a bad thing though. Sometimes all you can do is lol.

  91. Danial Hallock says

    Hell, we're through the looking glass anyways, so here's a cracker to quench your thirst + Marc Jansen & + Matt Burns:

    I actually reduced my circles down to four circles based on intent and my G+ experience has never been better.  People usually post with the entent to teach and inform, entertain, or engage. Very rarely do people cross all three intents, and when they do, they're usually a VIP who I toss into a "ninjas" circle.  🙂 

    You can read about it here:  http://goo.gl/ZObSz


  92. Brian Serviss says

    It's funny how companies refuse to stop the "push" advertising model that clearly won't work in social media.

  93. nicole leary says

    And Thank You+Amanda Bain , For Setting Up This Post For Us to Comment, Interact, and Engage ,With Each other on this Topic .

  94. Jack Smith says

    Not to be nosy  toward you Danial but please explain it better to me because i am only getting a jest of what you said. thanks 🙂 

  95. Matt Burns says

    + nicole leary Humpback Notation Is Awkward To Type And Awkward To Read.  Your comments are intelligent and polite, and AT LEAST YOU'RE NOT SCREAMING, but please type in a way that doesn't make people have to make a special effort to read what you're saying.  Thanks.

  96. Patrick McDaniel says

    WOW OK: My personal take on G+ is a plethora of info tends to get monotonous and seemingly not a good venue for notoriety.like find the chocolate in the candy factory.

  97. Joel Seltmann says

    ….mental intercourse if you will.

  98. Jack Smith says

    Matt why would you say that to Nicole leary. 

  99. Kevin Powell says

    Great info – thanks

  100. Patrick McDaniel says

    But if only you would notice me at the bottom of 250+.

  101. Rob Gravell says

    Interesting post.  I've been trying to get a handle on how I feel about G+, and I honestly view it more like a bulletin board than I do something like FB or twitter.  When I read something on G+ I feel much more compelled to contribute than to passively read, and it is always nice to see the OP's sticking to their topics.

    Is social media still social if it doesn't have a back and forth?

  102. Tim Beauchamp says

    That actually, pretty much gets it right on. Most who don't get it, don't engage.

  103. Robin Michelini says

    I love this post!  I deleted my posts where it seemed to be a monologue due to zero action as they looked lonely on my home page.  Of course I am brand new and probably not exactly doing things correctly to engage.  

  104. nicole leary says

    + Matt Burns , Its late , this is My last post sorry, for any "Awkward humpbacks" ,and making it too Confusing for you to read . My Bad .

  105. Deborah Cain says

    I to read the comments/post to see what is on peoples mind . I will check at a glance some are good , some antagonistic , some just silly , some well …

  106. Matt Burns says

    + Jack Smith Because we're talking about ways to better engage people, and typing in ways that make it hard for people to read your comments is counter-productive.  If someone types in ALL CAPS or l33t or any other way that makes it unnecessarily difficult for others to read your words, then they won't.  In a text-based medium, the only thing people see are your words, so what's the point of trying to obfuscate them?

    As for your question to Danial, I think what he meant is that you have some people that post things like lolcat photos, funny comments, or other things meant to entertain others.  There's no common topic, but all of those posts are meant to amuse.  Then you have people who share informative articles, make thoughtful comments on current events, and otherwise tend to educate.  And finally you have the people whose posts are meant primarily to share their lives and talk with other people.  So instead of having a bunch of different Circles for different topics, you'd have three: one for Entertaining people, one for Informative people, and one for Engaging people.  And then there are Ninjas who cross categories.

  107. Jack Smith says

    Ok Matt thanks then. 

  108. nicole leary says

    + Robin Michelini , I too am kinda new at this, so when I get feed back from such as+Matt Burns . I take it as , reconstructive correcting , not an Insult !

  109. Mitchell Carson says

    Isn't this true about any relationship working?

  110. Ianne Valdez says

    This post is an intelligent reminder for narcissistic netizens.

  111. Jack Smith says

    ok then thanks and so you saying to type in a different way because if so ok Matt and by the way I am new too this. 😀 

  112. SHI Moonmoonbird says

    Care about others is a very great virtue. And I like the person who respect others' moments, for example: YOU. 🙂

  113. Dustin Knittel says

    If companies use G+ right it could be a valuable weapon. It has more ability for dialog than any other social tool to date. In 5 years I think everyone will be amazed at what G+ will be. Just my thoughts, I could be wrong.

  114. Jack Smith says

    Thanks SHI Moonmoonbird 😀

  115. Mimi Mathieu says

    "Social Media" all seems like the pager I used to wear. Short banal statements, sort of like putting on lipstick, or using a Q-tip in your ear.

  116. Gabe Andrews says

    Nice comment + Rob Gravell we cannot have a truly social media if all commentary and posts are singular in direction

  117. ???? ???? says



  118. ???? ???? says



  119. Lance Cozad says

    Yup. I left fb for the very reasons Amanda mentioned. Good riddance to fb and I never gave in to linked in or twitter much at all and haven't used them for months. G+ is for people who actually have LIVES and the desire to interact with others. 😉

  120. Gal Rocabado says

    why did u post that

  121. Osanne Nicephore says

    This is so true, if you want to interact, you can't wait for someone else to engage you, gotta go out and get what you want!!!

  122. Bevan Whitfield says


  123. andrew rail says

    I'm new to the site. but i agree with you but you must take into consideration that facebook was around for many many years before it became what it is. thumbs up to you for taking the time to answer other peoples posts and i will tey and do the same 

  124. Daisy Mcveigh says

    Thx for the information

  125. Gwyneth Jones says

    LOVE. This. 

  126. nicole leary says

    + Jack Smith , and Thank you , for your kindness also. w/ people like Matt around ,we will learn quick ! Gd. nite .

  127. Grahame Turner says

    Also, "Social Media" is what people who want to make money off of it call it. Be a user, refer to it as a social network–or by the specific network's name.

  128. Jack Smith says

    Good night to you too and thanks 🙂

  129. Wendy Merron says

    Amanda – thank you for what you wrote. I've recently decided to put my energy into Google+ even though I've been here for over a year. What I sense from the few interactions I've had is that this is what social media is meant to be.

    One of the Google+ guys is coming to our office next Tues to help answer the rest of our questions. It's a great free service.

    I asked him to help my book become the first book successfully launched on Google+. <grin>.

  130. Ron Crocker says

    You are so right!!!

  131. tucker paulsot says

    😮 finally! someone who understands!

  132. Jack Smith says

    Thanks to those who back me up and i have to say good night may God watch us all talk to yall later 🙂

  133. Gwyneth Jones says

    BTW, is this photo Creative Commons? I'd love to feature it on The Daring Librarian Ed-Tech blog w/ attribution, of course! 

  134. Viz DaVox says

    Well put. Connections mean nothing if you don't connect! Peace and blessings to all. (^_^) /,,

  135. Wei Hsin says

    This is odd, because not too long ago I read a post by someone who was a bit irked that too many people were "+1"-ing and saying "thank you / you're welcome" to comments left by him, because it generated too much notification spam. Although he wanted to socialize and interact, these notifications prevented him from focusing on the important conversations he was involved in. G+ really needs to find a better way for users to customize their notifications for the different ways they're using this very dynamic social network.

  136. Frederick Stephens says

    Egomania perhaps?

  137. evelyn santaniello says


  138. Chandrakant Sutar says

    Excellent!!! It's been only couple of days I have actively started using g+ and I see that everything you mention is soooo true.

  139. Jason Kriewaldt says

    I took the time to +1 this

  140. ALX GZA DE WITT says


  141. Azkha Hassen says

    Yeah, I totally agree !!

  142. Ann Fauzia says

    nothing else better than together.

  143. Dave Shaffer says

    "Experts" are no-things.

  144. jordan rai says


  145. Patrick McDaniel says

    Social network rocket science.Humans what ya gonna do.

  146. Franklin Barnett says

    Brilliant. This is exactly how I think social media accounts should be run. If I want regurgitated news I'll check your website. If I want to discuss on a personal level I'll reply to your post/tweet and see what they think about my opinion.

  147. Veronica Hill says

    How dare you advertise engage engage engage in xxx on social media?!

  148. ajayraj singh says


  149. Nini Chakraborty says

    what rubbish.

  150. Hamzah Bennett says

    who gives a shit?

  151. James Karaganis says

    "Always listen to experts. They'll tell you what can't be done and why. Then do it." — Robert A. Heinlein

  152. Yadial OhHiThere Ketema says


  153. Pankaj Kumar Sinha says

    it's  to funny

  154. valeri bonchev says

    Not according to the conservatives. They just ban anyone that does not agree with them….

  155. Thelonious Mac says

    Odd, that's the same thing I say about liberals.

  156. valeri bonchev says

    My apologies for making this political.

  157. Erik Collett says

    I uncircle after I feel like someone on my Stream is simply using this as a cut and paste billboard. Yeah, it works for some instances, but it isn't engaging if it's just to drum up impressions. I am looking for interesting and relevant things that I can actually leave real comments on… and receive feedback from. If that happens and I am somewhat edified by it in the process, my social media experience comes full circle and I feel complete. 🙂

  158. Douglas Hawks says

    Cut and paste is so yesterday. IFTTT.com FTW.

    Good post by the way!

  159. James Karaganis says

    Number One … Engage!

  160. Subodhkumar Narayan Phadke says


    Is the most accurate and appropriate definition of social media. Cause can be anything. Reason could be any. Event or incident could be any. But being engaged, keeping engaged and inspiring others to get engaged is the key message.

  161. Shamshad Khan says


  162. John Petter says


  163. Curtis Coburn says

    Yes, that is true.

  164. Tkkhual Tkkhual says

    good job

  165. Larry Olson says

    That photo…
    Socialize! <whipcrack!>
    Socialize! <whipcrack!>
    Socialize! <whipcrack!>

    What a marvelous and advanced age we live in, where instead of steering a heavy wooden plow through the mud, you are being harping on to sit in a chair and socialize.

  166. Marie Miller says

    Sometimes you gotta monologue to get a dialogue going.

  167. Rob Palmer says

    I really should do that more. Cheers for the tips!

  168. Jerome Steegmans says

    Or even … a multilogue.
    Or would plurilogue be more proper?
    Multilogue certainly scans better.
    But yes. I agree. Engagement is key.

  169. Mafer Yu says

    Someone spend too much time on social network.

  170. Sam Crims says


  171. Robert W. Berry says

    Great thoughts. I actually just direct messaged a friend tonight who I follow on Twitter. He is the one of the only other social media "conversationalists" I know. I asked him to send me a few names of people like him who actually contribute to dialogue on Twitter etc. Funny I should discover your post on G+! I just followed you in Twitter. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  172. erick munden says

    i couldn't agree more

  173. Harold Thompson says

    Yeah that idea still hasn't taken hold

  174. djanique noel says

    – __-

  175. Ian Thomas says

    + Wei Hsin You bring up a good point about the "+1".  I've always felt that it is a cop-out, much like the "like" feature on Facebook.  I've always seen that as  – I've seen your post and have nothing at all intelligent to say about it. 
    Mind you – that feeling only applies to original posts….   it is nice to see some sort of feedback that people that you have commented on have actually read you responses. 

  176. Andrew Smith says

    That really needed to be said. Well spotted! (Sorry if I'm repeating somebody else's comment, I didn't have time to read them all first either.)

  177. Stephen Ewing says

    I concur + Amanda Blain + Amanda Blain + Amanda Blain 

  178. Gwenette WriterSinclair says

    Social media is the perfect tool to craft your sense of self. If you use it to sell product, brand your company . . .basically flaunt your stuff = +++boring to me.  I am sooooo tired of corporate greed , media grasping & political posturing demanding: LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!  Create yourself anew and you will be seen; share the wonder of your unique perspective . . that is creative humaning.  **Long live the indivdual;-D

  179. Khushi Nanda says

    It will take us time to reach there I guess.. 

  180. Juti Maradi says


  181. Tymn Urban-Greenshoestring says

    Well said! Thank you.

  182. Graeme Duncan says

    Ok dokey

  183. David Shum says

    Yes, but this work with news media?

  184. Matthew Clive says

    Thank you for putting this so brilliantly!

  185. aden num says


  186. Eric Sundstrom says

    Indeed. Probably the primary reason I don't post anything meaningful on facebook anymore. Nice post.

  187. Aakib Malek says


  188. Michael Nast says

    huh? 😉

  189. Efa Kaonain says

    i agree

  190. Samia Elsaid says

    + Amanda Blain ,went through what u wrote,still many of the ppl posting something don t really respond to the community commenting on their posts.still i have to admit that a lot of the comments dont even deserve to be looked at,never to mention ppl commenting on,fighting each other away from the original post.loooool hugs hon

  191. Tanveer Shaikh says

    i totally agree

  192. Phillip Caine says

    Tomes of monologue? I blame the government?

  193. Sehrish Akbar says


  194. Richard Coleman says

    I think there is one way that Google+ could help. At the moment, you can +1 a post that might already have, for example, 350 +1s, but the moment you share it to your wall to spread the word, it all starts again, so you end up with posts in the wild with no idea of hiw well they are doing. It would be better if the original post kept track of all the comments and +1s and any shares then reference the original post. You can still keep track of who shared the post but save on space and see exactly how a post is progressing. IMHO

  195. Richard Coleman says

    Totally agree with what you said, btw 😉

  196. Puati Gaylord says

    Hey Amanda really i do not have any comments but please can you tell me much about you?It will a pleasure to chat with as soon possible.Keep it Up!
    A la prochaine fois.

  197. John S. says

    I couldn't agree more. Anti-social media is definitely a trend. But it kind of makes sense in a society where portable communication technology is HUGE and actual communication is dwindling. How often do you use your phone to make phone calls as opposed to do something else on it?

  198. Jay Mars says

    Yeah, that's one of the reasons I use G+ more often than FB now. Can't deal with the one way conversations. There tends to be no engagement in them.

  199. Sojourner Fathom says

    Thanks for the great advice! Short, and sweet; to the point :-). I'm just a beginner with this stuff, and really need to figure out how to make this stuff work if I can ever make a difference. G-d bless.

  200. Michael Penn says

    Here I am Ms Blain.  Talk to me.

  201. Ryan Blake says

    You're so right! last year I was new to social networks at all, and I started using Twitter. But I soon realized there was not real interaction over there. At least, of the kind I like best, where people actually get to talk to each other. Here on G+ is instead different. Of course, as you point out, it takes a bit of time. But then, I wonder, why do people unwilling to get really involved with others use at all social media? To sell? To advertise what? Their not so (choose an adjective of your convenience) face?

  202. Patrick Tan says

    i completely agree. nice post.

  203. ahmed eesa says

    what is this

  204. Cameron Silva says

    I can spend hours at a time going to peoples streams to post a comment….
    side note: it seems as if G+ has taken it upon itself to once again hide your posts from me in my stream….
    you should tell your Google friends to fix this.

  205. Smith Nacy says

    now that you support dialogues, why we can not post a comment on your post?

  206. Smith Nacy says

    i mean someone

  207. Waseem Manzoor says

    what is mean by some one?

  208. chiromex okpara says

    Better announcement

  209. Riban mawlong says


  210. Zhen Wu says

    Very Good!

  211. Tj Fitzer says

    Would agree

  212. mustazher iqbal says


  213. Joshua Demallistre says

    Thanks for the post, so true.

  214. burak kircaer says


  215. Ayoub Khote says

    Well said, + Amanda Blain, and agreed!

  216. samir goyal says


  217. govinda kandel says


  218. Steve Jackson says

    Never really thought of it that way…. Great post!

  219. Nicole Kucera says

    I totally agree with your assessment about G+. It seems to me it is less interactive than say FB. I enjoy your posts, they are intelligent and thought-provoking.

  220. Joe Glsty says

    The only reason I comment if I like the post and will touch some sensitive nerve that other readers are totally enticed to comment in negative or positive WAY; it is toso much fun.
    I think the person who puts out the post should nevere ever comment back. Period. Otherwise participants will be totally put off, and you endup with Minimum respons like max 50 or 80 instead of full complement of 500 in minimum time.

  221. sifat mahmud says

    frndz,,,have a great day………

  222. Cc Freeman says

    cute person 😀

  223. Holly Hewlett says

    YES YES YES, thank you!!

  225. Lee Smallwood says

    IMHO there are no experts or guru's – at least it's not a badge that you can pin on yourself… 

    This space is forever evolving therefore we must be forever learning – a perpetual student.

    Engagement comes from quality, quality comes from trust and trust comes from giving – not baltent self promotion…

  226. Amanda Blain says

     I am glad this post touched a lot of people.. I think its an important topic 🙂

  227. Patrice Hénin says

    Justice does not judge people, but the facts (principle of Rights)

  228. Rich Miller says

    That's the spirit, + Amanda Blain 

  229. Abel Casanova says

    wise words,

  230. Young Richard says

    Yes know that's

  231. katongole frank says

    ooopps that`s right.

  232. Stephen Monaco says

    Excellent post, Amanda!

  233. neha arora says

    hi whats up doing dr whts up ur profession

  234. Morgan ABBOU says

    + Amanda Blain you are indeed pretty good at +1 posts and at responding to a few interesting comments. You even come to our streams to comment some of our posts. You do what you say and that's why you do have a lot of comments on your posts.

    I agree with you, brands and social media self called gurus don't get it and don't get the results expected.

    I'm not sure people should focus on the direct sales result of a post, it doesn't make any sense. People need time to trust a person, to trust them enough to add them to their circles and then, after a few posts, subscribe to their services.

    Too bad for them, they should definitely open their eyes and follow a few of your advice to guaranteed success.

  235. Michael Q Todd says

    Never "work" is just fun. Well said

  236. Matthew Shepard says

    + Amanda Blain I see you all over the G+ stream, but I have no idea who you are or what you do (with the exception of Girlfriendsocial.com) My go-to info source ( wikipedia.com) turned up nothing. How can one of G+'s cornerstone contributors not have a Wikipage?

    Anyone care to address this situation? 

  237. dorothy jarry says

    nice post… I understand if you are dead and dont comment back…lol

  238. Richard Coleman says

    Further to my previous comment, just spotted something called Ripples which shows how much something has been shared  I guess I need to play with G+ a bit more 🙂

  239. Ramon Bello says

    Awesome! So true… People love to comment what they are doing, but do less engaging.

  240. Dan Zerner says

    + Amanda Blain you are one of the few (<4) on the SUL that I have kept in my circles.  Hanging out with countless random people, sharing your circles.  You are making great use of your position to make G+ more effective for others.  Your posts are a major hub to a wide and varied audience.  Without you, we literally would not be able to have these conversations because you connect us with so many others.

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