1. Tony Cacaccio says

    I always liked being on the bottom, great pic!

  2. Richard Oatham says

    Takes me back a few years

  3. Paul Meechan says

    Played and loved them all 🙂

  4. Danial Hallock says

    For pioneering and ingenuity, it's all about the Nintendo and Wii.  For pure, unadulterated, nostalgic enjoyment?  Super Nintendo.

    The other two can suck it.

  5. Joel Schmitzelheimer says

    Snes = super nintendo

  6. Pocket Raphael says

    So many years of memory in that one picture

  7. Richard Weatherholtz says

    Wii u is awesome I've played zombie u beat game now
    working on Lego city undercover love my Wii u

  8. Danial Hallock says

    Lol, I knew that, + Joel Schmitzelheimer.

    Freudian slip.

  9. Paul Darr says

    I just don't have the cash or time now to mess with the Wii U. I still have my Wii for group games and I have my old NES for nostalgia. Though the Zapper doesn't work on HD TV's.

    I replaced the 76 pin connector on the NES several years back and it works like new. I only wish I still had an N64 for some good old GoldenEye fun.

  10. Damon Mak says

    It's missing the red and white console. Can't forget that one.

  11. Big Paul Tu'ivai says

    + Paul Darr Man Golden Eye is only best on Nintendo!!! We had hours of tournaments on it….almost forgot we weren't agents…lol

  12. manuel Stubb says

    Very cool'

  13. Mike Morelli says

    + Damon Mak Famicom.

  14. Sami Rasheed says


  15. Hobie Henning says

    Wii U is pretty cool. I am holding off until E3 though. I'll probably buy one when Super Smash Bros. is announced.

  16. obinna agwuncha says

    I have it check out my pic

  17. Gregory Shepherd says

    The U is fantastic.  NSMBU is great, of course, and the pack-in Nintendo land is great fun with another person.  Shame Rayman Legends got delayed.

  18. Rudy M says

    I'm proud to say that at one time I owned every system (except the Wii U).

  19. Yas Mean says

    I want a Wii U so bad damnit but that's because I will always be a Nintendo kid

  20. John Berger says

    We have the Wii U.  We've all been playing "LEGO City Undercover" on it.  It's actually a really nice system and considering how big the controller is, it's actually really comfortable to hold.  If you ever get one, get one of those Nyko USB charging cables.  The battery only lasts a few hours.

  21. Andrew A says

    This post has some interesting timing, as I've been recently looking online to buy some Super Famicom controllers for my original SNES.

  22. Brian Grantham says

    I saw an interesting little tidbet on the net about NES cartridges. Blowing in them actually didnt do anything and could actually cause them to rust due to moisture, what actually fixed them is when you kept pulling them out and putting them back in.

  23. Travis Blair says

    I played Wii Fit on my Wii U, and broke my GamePad!

  24. James Rush says

    snes or n64?

  25. Nomeneta Saili says

    Where is  the Wii-U?

  26. Jesse Molinar says


  27. Robson Lemes says

    Hey Amanda, I ever know your country, see photos, videos and marvel.

  28. Gary Lu says

    + chris james Go to "Explore" on the bar on the right. At the top of the page, there should be a slider for how much content you want showing up.

  29. domingo guillen says

    Still have my Super Nintendo connected ….my son prefers Super Street Fighter over any modern SF game lol

  30. Richard Remer says

    I can't believe people didn't know that blowing into cartridges was a bad idea.

  31. Alejandro Alvarez says

    You forgot the wii u

  32. Adrian Martin says

    I'm sorry to say that I'm missing out. Without asking me to go "Google It," lol, what is the hot spots of Wii U, + Amanda Blain …sounds like that Zombie game is fun!

  33. Jonah Matthews says

    Ehem. Virtual Boy

  34. Randy Rodriguez Cabezas says

    gamevolution!! What about gameboy!!!! haha

  35. Cristhian Vega says

    + Randy Rodriguez Cabezas
    Gameboy is "portable". Gameboy, Gameboy pocket, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance (SP) and Game Boy Micro are in other branch. Nintendo DS and 3DS too.
    VIrtual Boy is the black sheep… i think so.

  36. damien marras says

    Played and can still play all of them. Good times….

  37. Matthew Fowler says

    Talk about darwinian natural selection…

  38. Amanda Blain says

    Zombie U is pretty good… i died a lot when i first started… but was pretty fun when i got into it 🙂

  39. Amanda Blain says

    right + Benedict Corpuz ? 🙂

  40. Benedict Corpuz says

    ZombiU is super fun!

  41. Gustavo Coronado says

    I still have my NES.

  42. Ram Dionio says

    how can i get that.

  43. Phil B says

    I got the Wii an the GameCube. Wish I still had the 64 🙁

  44. Phil B says

    Goldeneye was what call of duty is today. Loved it

  45. Phil B says

    Love my street fighter. Idk thought. Sf4 my shit

  46. Phil B says

    No spitting into the cartridge was a bad idea. Not blowing

  47. Pedro Cabrera says

    As soon as the gamecube came out, nintendo went from the coolest thing to the worst nightmare for a gamer kid (the story of my life).

  48. Jonathan Concha says

    The bottom 3 are the best.

  49. Ray R says

    started from the bottom now we're here

  50. niko porter says

    Started from the bottom now we're here!

  51. John Chance says

    snes was the best

  52. Piero Lecca says

    Nintendo, Super Nintendo & Nintendo 64 were the best

  53. Adam Wolf says

    I had a GameCube once

  54. Jordan Butcher says

    Wow it hasn't changed!

  55. Omar Zapata Valdez says

    My childhood… Oh my god.. <3

  56. Stan Kaminski says

    That is awesome!

  57. Gerank Fok says

    where's the wii U, gameboy, and all the ds'es

  58. Hal Leo says

    I have all of that

  59. Nanda Raj says


  60. Michael Jones says

    I would sure love to have that poster

  61. David Martinez says

    New Scribblenuats game is awesome. If you got a Wii U go and grab yourself a copy

  62. Omar Yanouri says

    I likes the 64


    looking good

  64. Jesus Acosta says

    Nintendo is the best

  65. S Vanzant says


  66. Johnathan Rodriguez says

    Why is there a geek hashtag?

  67. Tion Dailey says

    I like

  68. Amanda Blain says

    why not + Johnathan Rodriguez … it categorizes my posts

  69. Johnathan Rodriguez says

    I just don't get why a bunch of Nintendo consoles is…'geeky'.

  70. Amanda Blain says

    Good thing about that is…. you don't have to… it's not your page .. its mine 🙂

  71. Blake Kruger says

    nintendo sucks.

  72. Tony Helmbolt says

    Embrace your inner geek, + Johnathan Rodriguez

  73. Benedict Corpuz says

    + Blake Kruger what is your basis for Nintendo sucking? No one is making you play their games. They happen to make high quality first party games. There are many great third party games as well including the aforementioned ZombiU which is only available on the WiiU.

  74. Antonio H. says

    Love them all T.T

  75. David Chamberlain Jr says

    Wii U is not evolution

  76. Stanley Hart says

    Come on guys. Seriously. Wii was a gimmick. Wii U is dead. (I'm just starting facts so i'll apologize first if you are offended. )

  77. Eddie Diaz says

    "Started from the bottom, now we're here."

  78. Joseph Martinez says

    when is Nintendo going to stop being a-holes and make Super Mario Bros available on android or iphone, I mean come on they are losing the console war and they keep barffing up 3D Mario games (exclude Mario cart from the barf)

  79. Derrick Denley says

    Yeh I played a Wii U, it was just meh, Nintendo hasn't made a good console since the GameCube.

  80. Jonathan Altamirano says

    The wii U is my first console. I play sometimes on it skylanders, finished Super Mario this game was why I decided to buy the console…. now there have been 3 weeks I don't play on it… I'm a PC Hardcore Gamer…

  81. skoti brendel says

    that's actually adaptation but ok if you say so

  82. naseeb malik says

    love them all T.T

  83. Matt Vincent says

    I have and play every one of them.

  84. Jim Mulholland says

    Was considering a Wii U . Then I read about programmers saying it's cpu is too slow. Saving my money for PS4 now.

  85. Adeleke Tunde dammy says

    Waec s nw aproach

  86. Sam Spence says

    And slam a ps4 on top

  87. Joe Bloggs says

    Devolving for years.

  88. Jamal Williams says

    ZombiU is an awesome game! The Wii U has an increasingly amount of growth!

  89. jacob law says

    Wonder if anyone noticed thorr is a system missing lol most dont remember that nintendo had a responce to the Atari and calico lol

  90. Travis Millard says

    1st and 3rd please

  91. Alexander Liptak says

    They can all be stacked on top of each other…

  92. Mustafa Yilmaz says

    Merhaba arkadaslar iyi hahtalar

  93. Dean Hall says

    Yep Nintendo have had it good but sales for the Wii U just aren't kicking off (not as hoped) which means Nintendo are still in a struggle. Sad days ahead but thanks Nintendo for some cool hours (days) of fun. 1up. 😀

  94. Ayoub Khote says

    Deus Ex Human Revolution – Director's Cut is making me want a Wii-U

  95. Dwinanto Budi Prakoso says

    I had one. Last at the bottom

  96. Lars Fosdal says

    I have a Wii and an XBox360.  Honestly, the Wii is collecting dust, while the XBox sees some mileage.  In the light of the new XBox720 and PS4, and the fact that some game publishers have said that Wii-U won't get their games, I am unlikely to get another Nintendo.

  97. Shaukat Ali says

    he friend

  98. Dean Hall says

    + Lars Fosdal which proves my point exactly. + Amanda Blain we are all #geeks in some way lol :-p

  99. sampah benjamin says

    thats evolution

  100. Larry Phillips says

    obviously the picture does not tell the whole story, what about the satellite snes add on that was early 90s and provided real time internet play, many people still think Nintendo was late on the internet scene. The virtual boy and 64 disk drive don't feature either. ok, some only released in Japan, but it shows that.Nintendo is never afraid to offer untested innovation, and certainly does not copy or care less about what the other consoles do…. that's the true evolution if Nintendo.

  101. Cristhian Vega says

    While nintendo has "Metroid", "Fire Emblem", "The Legend of Zelda", "Mario (included spin offs). It's alive. It doesn't matter if its new hardware is not too powerfull than others or The new zelda is not too deep and good than before… but "those names", "those trademarks" will sell anyways.

    I'm sorry if I made mistakes, my english skills are not too good

  102. Mark Koschwitz says

    My NES broke 🙁 Still have my Super and 64 though. Actually, just beak A Link to the Past for the 100th time not too long ago lol

    I must say I play Zombies Ate My Neighbors more than anything else on it. Love that game.

  103. James Jewhurst says

    I haz NES,SNES,N64, and I still play them lol. Consoles now are garbage and too expensive. I say go PC, comparable in price over time, cheaper better games, and Steam even has a console looking piece on it's way. Hopefully that will ruin console. Console is the reason for shitty under-developed games being mass produced and sold cough Call of Duty(which when it was a PC game was awesome, then went to console and became garbage).

  104. Mark Koschwitz says

    Actually, consumers are what is driving "shitty under-developed" games. I wouldn't put that blame on a piece of hardware.

  105. Grant Ruhoff says

    + Mark Koschwitz true but why are those consumers there when they never used to be? consoles are part of that answer.

  106. Mark Koschwitz says

    That is still blaming the wrong thing and limiting options in the marketplace to fit your preference is never the answer. If PC gaming was really superior in the eyes of the majority, console gaming wouldn't be the giant that it is today.

    I'm not saying I prefer one or the other, because I like both, but you can't blame something for being popular… you can only blame the other for not being what it needs to be to fully succeed with more gamers.

  107. James Jewhurst says

    + Mark Koschwitz PC is superior, graphics, playability, pricing over time(i know people who have paid for 3-4 xbox/ps3 units). Consoles are running equipment that is 8-10 years old at this point. How does this not affect quality of games. If the developer has to make sure it runs nicely on console, how can it reach potential. Bohemia Interactive is one of the last remaining companies who put time and quality effort into producing stellar titles that not only run great, but are great. 
    Consoles dumb down what games could be. Console consumers ensure that it happens by buying the broken games over and over and over each year. I say it all the time, and I'll say it now. Console is Dead.

  108. Amanda Blain says

    Strange how a nintendo system picture switched to console wars… 🙂 and also the definition of evolution…. on a piece of hardware …. lol Internet 🙂

  109. Benedict Corpuz says

    Any true gamer would not discriminate on what system they play on. Sure we have preferences, but I'm in it for the game. Graphics shouldn't matter much if the game is fun.

  110. James Jewhurst says

    + Amanda Blain We love our games!!! This is internet evolution…so far it has been a discussion. No trolling lol

  111. Mark Koschwitz says

    I think you're overestimating how much consumers truly care about graphics, especially the younger gamers. Plus, at some point graphics will get so good that it'll level the playing field a bit more between PC and consoles.  

    As for price, I've only bought one PS3 and largely buy used games, which I believe is quite common these days. Now that consoles are tossing around Steam-type ideas, more might change down the road.

    I'm going out on a limb here, but I would bet both will be large players in gaming until computers change. Maybe a PC designed more like a console to hook up directly to a TV with a ton of inputs. People do this now of course, but it's not dumbed down in user friendliness.

  112. Larry Phillips says

    + James Jewhurst consoles running equipment that is 8-10 years old? Wii U was released less than a year ago. But even then your argument still does not stand as many people would have brought their home PC's 5 or 6 years ago and are now unable to play the latest games fluently because their specs don't quite meet the recommended games specs. I actually brought Ghostbusters for my laptop a few years ago, laptop was very good, only a few years old at that point, wasn't good enough to run the game fluently though. And just to top things off, I had 1 NES, 1 SNES (that needed 1 repair), 1 N64, 1 Gamecube, 1 Wii and now 1 Wii U…. never had to buy a second console for any of those. A console is a 1 of payment of less than £400 which would last 5-8 years, a PC, a good PC that would cope with all the latest game and future games (+3 or 4 years maybe) would be £1000 or more.

  113. Mark Koschwitz says

    + Amanda Blain It's what makes the internet fun! haha

    Until the argument gets political or religious, I'm all good 😛

  114. James Jewhurst says

    + Mark Koschwitz haha yeah, then it's messy

  115. Adrian H Quintero. says

    Viejos tiempos con el Nintendo…

  116. Grant Ruhoff says

    + Mark Koschwitz thats just it mark consoles are dumbed down for user friendliness.  Just pop the game in.  No installing or management of anything.  i never said consoles were the only reason but they are part of it.  People who never had the time or desire to mess around with computers.  are now in the target audience because of consoles.
    You don't have to upgrade hardware or make sure drivers are up to date.  Or that your games are patched. everything is literally done for you on a console.
    + Larry Phillips your argument is entirely invalid.  Laptops are not gaming computers they are not designed for this so that is no suprise that the game had troubles.
    Also 5-6 years old? maybe, my computer is about 3 (and it wasn't even the newest and greatest for specs when i put it together) and the first game i had problems with was tomb raider even then it was nearly full settings for graphics.  A new graphics card would probably solve it.
    agreed it is a little more money, but the things i get out of it are outweigh the cost.  Things like morrowind and the like.  Mods extend the life of some of my all time favorite games.  Something you can't enjoy on a console.
    also you have to remember most people probably have a xbox and a pc… so you may spend 400 or whatever on the xbox and at least 500 on the pc.  ok well i have a pc that plays games and i can surf internet and do homework on for about the same price.
    Wii U is new but uses outdated hardware 3 core 1.24ghz cpu 550 MHZ gpu… my phone is at least on par benchmark wise as this thing.

  117. Mark Koschwitz says

    + Grant Ruhoff Exactly. I completely agree with you. Everything is getting dumbed-down/user-friendly these days… even PCs compared to years ago. 

    If game developers had a greater incentive to make 2 separate versions of a game (One optimized for PC and the other for consoles. They do this now, but I mean to a larger extent.) it might be better for everyone.

  118. James Jewhurst says

    + Mark Koschwitz Why I love Bohemia Ineractive. Quality before sales! Well put

  119. Grant Ruhoff says

    + Mark Koschwitz i agree with you there people seem to optimize for consoles and then add on pc compatibility.
    One of the reasons i am excited for Star Citizen it will be a pc game and only a pc game. The things that game is aiming to do is AMAZING!  physics based movement.  emphasis on scale.  If something is so big on the inside it is also so big on the inside.  Move from inside a ship to outside no loading screen.  yada yada… i could keep going on.  I hope game makers watch that closely.  They actually took it to game studios and got shot down.  they crowdsource funded it and raised over 8.5 million dollars as of this moment.  shows how much game publishers know what we the gamers want…

    + James Jewhurst I actually have never tried there games though i am always tempted to just never jumped on it yet.

  120. James Jewhurst says

    + Grant Ruhoff It's not just gaming. It's an experience!

  121. John Enfield says

    There are a few games for the Wii that I really enjoy such as Marble Madness and Links Crossbow Training. But for the most part, I still prefer playing games on the SNES.  Discs were a really bad idea as a media for console games anyway.  They are not very durable and get finger prints and scratches on them too easily. The devices that run them are too delicate too. 

    I think the next console generation should use USB flash drives as the physical media for games.  Some of the set ups for downloading games are okay, but I don't like the idea of being reliant on a network server somewhere in the world in order to play my game.

    USB tech has the durability and ease of use of the old cartridges while having a much bigger datat capacity.  It's also become so inexpensive now that it makes much more sense than continuing to print games on CDs and DVDs.

  122. Mark Koschwitz says

    Just an after thought: I've heard that same argument from people with PS3s for years. The popularity of Xbox overshadowed PS3, and so the better hardware in the PS3s never got fully-utilized until recently.  It seems Playstation is ditching the better hardware route and going cheaper this time around… the consumers have spoken.

  123. Grant Ruhoff says

    + John Enfield They are already doing this a little for things like the ps vita.  The problem with this kind of technology is that usb actually has a limit to the number of times it can be plugged in/unplugged before the connection doesn't work as well/at all anymore.  cds/dvd if kept in decent condition will work forever.

    as for things like steam.  i actually used to hate steam with a passion.  But i have come to love it. i like that all my games are available in one spot.  My only issue is i wish i could download and make a backup in cd/dvd form.

  124. James Jewhurst says

    + Grant Ruhoff I love Steam too, I just wish that Steam doesn't have to work to play the games. If they go down, so do your games, not all but most….

  125. Christopher Fortin says

    NES and N64 were great systems. GameCube and SNES and battery-munching Wii not so much.

  126. Grant Ruhoff says

    + Christopher Fortin I kind of agree although i didn't mind some games on the gamecube and alot of snes games were great games.  (not nintendo but)Dreamcast though was a console ahead of its times…

  127. Raymond Wolfe says

    No no no, + Christopher Fortin , you've got it wrong. SNES and Wii are amazingly awesome systems, the Gamecube and 64 are the terrible red-headed stepchildren that should have been aborted in a fire.

  128. Grant Ruhoff says

    the n64 had some awesome games, what are you talking about…

  129. adil khan says

    okk xxxx

  130. Robert Richards says

    Its funny how the consoles became smaller and the controllers got bigger.

  131. alka kapoor says

    Very funny

  132. Robert Hicks says

    Lol, I have all of these!


    i m search  in ur frofession


  134. San Fard says

    Still have the 1st Nintendo w/super mario, street fighter, and zelda. But i do remeber Atari

  135. San Fard says


  136. Chris Wellman says

    Now they just need to add a smart phone/tablet/etc. running any one of the classics via (insert favorite emulator here) :-]

  137. Christopher Fortin says

    I bought all the Wii and accessories. Played it at least few weeks.

  138. Christopher Powell says

    Goldeneye definitely made the N64 system what it was. I was the man in that game. We need more titles like Goldeneye…. Let's not forget about Mario Kart nor Super Smash Brothers.

  139. Ethan Meckola says

    Bring yhe 64 back…..such a great machine….durrable great games….starwars rogue squadron! !!

  140. Robert Hicks says

    I have a perfectly working N64 I just came across plugged in and played today with a few games and two controllers


    u ply

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