1. Nathan Meyer says

    Pick up my nerf gun and stalk the cats 😀

  2. Maria Bauer-Rowe says

    hmm, read a book? and also scream at the trees.

  3. Drew Northup says

    Realize that I'll have to drive to work to get anything done…

  4. Karl Geiger Jr says

    Reset my modem over and over again, then drink. 🙂

  5. Daf Griffiths says

    Smile at the fact I remembered to install Pocket on my Nexus 7

  6. Elham Hossienabadi says

    Watching a movie perhaps

  7. Heather Morgan says

    Clean 🙂

  8. John Giles says

    Laugh at all the people who think that the Internet could actually be down…  Oh wait, do you mean my specific link to the Internet… 🙂

  9. Jason Long says

    This happened to me last night actually.  I spend the evening grinding quietly for PS3 Offline Trophies.  I was quite relaxing lol

  10. Waliu Mustapha says

    There should be one for *What to do what the power is out*. Cos where I live, we've had a few power outages recently. :/

  11. Lee Pellymounter says

    Go to the pub and hang out with friends 😀

  12. Iza Noela says

    i will stress maybe

  13. giovanni bufalino says


  14. 神圣矛 says

    you really mean go outside???!?!?!?!?!

  15. Charles M says

    Boo Hoo. It Happens To Me Every 2-3 Months

  16. R.J Williams says

    Turn on the Wifi tehter on my Galaxy Nexus.. 😉

  17. David Santy says

    I had a two day long internet blackout last weekend because some doofus was screwing around with the cable box out behind my building. 

    I thought I was going to die.

  18. Mark Joseph says

    Dream of meeting + Amanda Blain 😉

  19. Tara Mulder says

    Read a book, watch Doctor Who, play offline games.  And be annoyed about the internet being down when I was planning to use it!

  20. Megan McGrory says

    + Daf Griffiths what's pocket?

  21. Theo WolF says

    Fire up the DVR!

  22. Hernan Rodriguez says

    Call provider and make muy galaxy 3 hotspot.

  23. Daf Griffiths says

    + Megan McGrory it's an app for saving news articles, websites etc. offline for reading later:  http://goo.gl/Bi6OV

  24. Paula locoteta says

    hahaha lol

  25. Joel Campbell says

    Drive to McDonald's and use their free wifi

  26. Mario Gomez says

    play my guitar 😉

  27. José Catarino Iñiguez Vázquez says

    Read a book, drink a coffee, take a shower, pray a lot…

  28. Theo WolF says

    + José Catarino Iñiguez Vázquez take a shower only applies on Tuesdays, before 1p PST

  29. Nova Roberts says

    Drown my sorrows at a coffee shop with some friends 😉

  30. José Catarino Iñiguez Vázquez says

    +Theo WolF jajajajaja, true

  31. Amanda Blain says

    hahaha + Joel Campbell I have done that 🙂

  32. Joel Campbell says

    I did it the other night lol. My Internet is terrible at best.

  33. Jesus Ivan Hernandez says


  34. Jonathan Moore says

    Get a bag of chips and some alcohol. Pop in a good movie and try to remain calm.

  35. Charles Jefferson II says

    Sadly mine has been down for a few days. Glad though for my android tablet and cell. The need for the fix is gotten 😉

  36. George Hayes says

    90% of the time when I do loose network it is because of the ISP and usually it isn't because of some hardware issue or no fault of their own. It is most the time stupidity involved.

  37. Grant Price says

    I pray to Steve Jobs!!

  38. Miriam Vera says

     I tough was only me hahaha

  39. Enom Guu says

    Take walk with family.

  40. Roys Mahajani says

    I better die, because I could not live without the internet ….!!!!!

  41. Matt Sirrine says

    Start using my phone.

  42. Moe Tousignant says

    Game, what else.

  43. Dharmaraja Karikaad says

    Blood circulation

  44. Michelle Salan says

    funny funny haha

  45. Adrian Martin says

    I've humorously found myself playing guitar, writing a hot blues song about how my internet is out two-timin' me…

  46. Steve Robinson says

    paint a tree…….

  47. Kaitlin Manning says


  48. rodrigo garcía says


  49. Michelle Salan says

    wtf who r u?

  50. Shahy Ishac says

    Luv this pic where did u get it from

  51. Brian Donner says

    Scream at my cable provider and tell them "I pay way too much money for this to happen!!"

  52. Toogii Toogii says

    Rent a deadly romantic movie n get drunk.lol

  53. José Catarino Iñiguez Vázquez says

    I would play too loud my music on the radio…

  54. John Taylor says

    Call 911.

  55. rodrigo garcía says

    I DO NOT

  56. José Catarino Iñiguez Vázquez says

    I could study a PhD degree…

  57. azna lina says

    to be silent

  58. José Catarino Iñiguez Vázquez says

    Save a cat on a tree

  59. rodrigo garcía says


  60. José Catarino Iñiguez Vázquez says

    Excuse me pal, ¿what do you don't understand?

  61. faeeza sabir says


  62. José Catarino Iñiguez Vázquez says

    We're playing about the posible and funny situations when we have lost the internet signal.

  63. David Beach says

    Roll 1 up & get laid! !!

  64. Mari Draper says


  65. John Brueggeman says

    Grab my laptop and goto my pool deck to steal/piggyback the neighbors wifi. Works all the time. 😀

  66. Sadira Mohammed says

    Look with all due respect(if I have any) I have a LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Gordon Wallace says

    There's enough room in that infographic for a "Blame Rogers;" couple

    thank you for providing free-wifi at Pearson, I can't totally hate you

  68. Eddie Diaz says

    This is awesome and surprisingly accurate!

  69. Jon Furner says

    Happened today at work. We can't do anything without internet access since all our work is remote. So we used a phone with a data plan for music streaming, created a batch file to endlessly ping (even while the domain couldn't be resolved), and played a bit of Minesweeper. Then someone called the tech guy who messed up our network and he fixed it. It was the first time in my life that I was disappointed to have internet access re-enabled.

  70. tessa o'dell says

    LOL awsome

  71. amethyst harper says

    Wow that's been me before but with Tv.

  72. Gwendell Parsons says


  73. Gwendell Parsons says

    gotta share this one..lol

  74. Henson Sturgill says

    Oh, first world problems..

  75. WoMar Tomski says

    Einer der besten windows-Hinweise in solchen Fällen ist, wenn das Internet nicht (mehr) funktioniert: "Hilfe im Internet suchen?"

  76. Chloe Castillo says

    i will do dat

  77. Yumi Machfudz says

    Read my newspapers or book + Amanda Blain 😉

  78. Steve Allard Jr. says

    LOL, Gagew gikendan gegoo endaso giizhig

  79. Mark Wolfskehl says

    Had that happen last weekend. I opened up an Android Wifi analyzer app, found a channel that wasn't crowded and configured the router on that channel. All better. One of the rare times when I was able to actually do something about it.

  80. Sarah W. says

    Watch tv 🙂

  81. Mary M. Hanna says

    haha 🙂

  82. morgan haney says

    cus saunt uot

  83. Chloe Castillo says


  84. Steve Allard Jr. says

    lol, Zaagi  idig Zhaweningdig!

  85. Yumi Machfudz says

    Hiking if it happen during weekend & the weather permit me to do so :)))

  86. Kassie Wolford says


  87. yejin jang says

    i start flipping my computer

  88. Senia S says


  89. Adrian Baggett says

    i think i would do all those things then jump off the roof out of boredom, then hope the hospital you go to does have internet

  90. Ian Kelly says

    play board games – maybe a game of crib – or crazy 8's  🙂

  91. zoya khan says

    Its ausm

  92. monet lighty says

    I would say use my Wii or Phone or just watch TV yeah

  93. Debbie Smith says

    Where's sex? That should always be at the very top of the list!

  94. Ana Taylor says

    Yell at the computer, then do something else, lik reading

  95. lahcene ferdi says

    je joue avec mon chaton!

  96. Amanda Medina says

    what the heck some one said something weird yet gross

  97. Katie Landis says

    this is funny LOL

  98. Carly Jones says

    Cute. <3

  99. awesomebuttercake miller says


  100. KATIE LEIGH says

    ask god why me

  101. Carol Duong says

    Lol "Paint your feelings." That painting is epic. :]

  102. Regina cal says

    go outside and breathe some air lol

  103. Katherine D says

    Yell at my ISP!

  104. Amber Collins says

    lol "WHY ME!!!!!!"

  105. Danna Kat says

    Scream and throw a tantrum ( so not my age. I know ) then calm down and realize I have my iPod 🙂

  106. lahcene ferdi says

     a little dance

  107. Michelle Salan says

    wtf y does it have to go on me now, y god

  108. juliana silldorff says


  109. Ryan Miller says

    True story

  110. Jane Drinkwater says


  111. Kayla Sopher says

    lol so true I shall share this post

  112. Caroline Hallmark says

    So true.

  113. My Huynh says

    Repeatedly click refresh ;-]

  114. Avalon Montgomery says

    lol true especially about the donuts 😛

  115. Debbie Berger says

    Haha that's a good one! Got to share this for sure.

  116. Cierra Coder says


  117. Deirdre Carey says

    Yell At my computer and throw any nearby objects at it

  118. Sean Dawson says

    Go crazy

  119. Elizabeth Martinez says

    Too funny. 😀

  120. Emili Lizbeth says

    sit at your computer clicking the "find new networks" button and then get ticked off when the only "networks" that come up are locked….
    stupid people and their passwords..    😛

  121. Mina Mohammed says

    True That!

  122. Ian Vandenhazel says

    What the TV show, Revolution is about.

  123. Bethany Snyder says

    Reason not to do homework 😉

  124. Anime Chan says

    xD Got me laughing.

  125. Amira Abdiaziz says

    Yeah your right

  126. Erica Fuller says

    What's sad is that I know most of us have done at least two of these… Smh. We are a sad generation.

  127. AJA BROOKS says


  128. Stéphane Tsacas says

    I usually run  tracert -d 18.9.x.y  (an MIT address) repeatedly.

  129. Noelle Marchbanks says

    I vote donuts

  130. Veema Jhagru says

    keep pressing the on/off button on the modem til i get so frustrated i break it

  131. Stephanie Morales says

    i think ive done all of these,nah just kidding i probaly havent done 2 or 3 of them

  132. Kelly Wags says

    Wow! Ironic, I just got my internet back today!

  133. shyann malik says


  134. Winter Jewel says

    i ask god why me, hum, and click refresh

  135. Ashlyn Masterson says

    Hate technology

  136. B. J. Smith says

    be human again

  137. Richard Lincoln says

    Throw my phone at my wife for not paying the friken bill on time, drag the kids outside and force em to pull some weeds, kick the dog, slap my mother-n-law, spit on the neighbor, throw poop at the passing cars…..oh wait, sorry….flashback.

  138. Hannah Tang says

    haha thts meee! the one where u keep clicking refresh…

  139. Jay Royal says

    Funny! But it's not that series!

  140. Lawrence Grodecki says

    I'd probably wind up googling for a list of Top 10 bloggers who are experts on the subject.

  141. laura watkins says

    straight to donuts

  142. Rukmani Sharma says


  143. Faridedin Adel says

    Or go to the gym and workout because you've been siting behind that PC/Mac shit for toooooo looong!!!
    Oh here is another option, fuck social network! go ahead and have a real social life!?!? Ha?! Don't you agree?
    You should be happy about!
    Then stop nagging and read a fucking book!
    Book: something that you can read and you don't need to charge it every fucking eight hours!!!
    Happy now?!
    No need to thank me….

  144. Thomas Cogan says

    What is the app you use to Tether with your Galaxy Nexus? I was using Fox Fi but with Jelly Bean OTA Sprint update does not work anymore:-( .

  145. K.C. Taylor says

    Oh yes :/

  146. April Mckeen says


  147. battle ship says

    fix it  if you have the no how hehehhehe 🙂
    or always have a dongle at hand 😛

  148. Libby Larson says

    Lol that's funny. I just yell at it like an idiot and I'm like what the crap I payed lots for this to work and its not!!!!!!

  149. liz villanueva says

    Learn to live without it. We have survived before without the web…

  150. Krysten Palmer says

    I nervously pace, click refresh a lot and go eat and watch tv

  151. Vangie Felipe says

    i clean up my room..tidy up all the mess help my mom at the kitchen do something better while my internet connection back..

  152. Mahendra patel says


  153. tammyTammy Morgan says

    Gtunes music

  154. breno brito says

    Yep gal

  155. Láyná Násh says

    Scribble on paint over and over again. OR PLAY MINECRAFT! :OOO

  156. Kate Edwards says


  157. waddah EL-salawi says

    I say : thank god it's down, now I'm free


  158. Gilbert Beilschmidt says

    (( I pace back and forth, sit in fetal position and humming quietly,paint my feelings,click refresh repeatedlly and EAT DOUGHNUTS …..I do to much of this))

  159. Jillian Bloch says

    This is my life!

  160. Phillip Ryan says

    Read a book

  161. Kelly Cook says

    now i am embrassed

  162. Mattie Lilac says

    Id say the refresh button

  163. giabella deparasis says

    haha that hilarious

  164. Ronnie toribio says

    me too,,,

  165. Sara Rae says

    seriously people are wasting there lives in front of these stupid screens

  166. nimisha soman says

    yah!something like this

  167. chris belcher says

    Nothing… I do absolutely nothing! One time in '05 I lost network, some jerkoff suggested working out but that made My armpits wet (not doing that again) so I just sit and imagine how many wireless reps I'll punch in the throat until I'm up and running.

  168. Sabrina Delgadillo says

    + Sara Rae Then why are you on here too? I would ask myself the same question, but besides this and Facebook (for reasons due to my decaying family) I use the internet for school, job applications, and art inspiration for my art class.

  169. Clare J. Murphy says


  170. Zachary Price says

    hey sara rae: you have one to so you be a nice person a close your hole

  171. sosofina kimkifaga says

    actually i slip……lol

  172. Ceci ceci says


  173. Siti Rahmah Abdul Mutalip says

    Did some of it too..hahahaha

  174. Rajeev Ranjan says

    ohoo very good

  175. Sachin Vishwakarma says

    Read – "Mitt Romney Comics"

  176. Vianca Alvarez says

    thats true lol!!!!!!!

  177. Phil Nolan says

    I've been known to just go to sleep and hope it's back up later. If not sleep some more.

  178. Fredderica K. says

    my only question is what if it's off ONLY on the one website you use most because your papa is taking all the bandwith by playing Lord of the Rings online?

  179. Anna Ma says

    Where's the 'sleeping' part?

  180. Cerah Harper says

    God, this made me way more happy then it should have :3

  181. Zack Jenkins says

    That covers just about everything

  182. janette bato says

    back to snail mail…

  183. Cassandra Scheer says


  184. Nila Babbloo says


  185. Rhianna Benson says

    Read "Internet for Dummies."

  186. Alexis Morrison says

    Oh my god haha

  187. Reese Vines says

    TOO CUTE!! XD BTW I have done most of those things XD

  188. Raghu N says

    Nice idea

  189. Dulmini Nisara says


  190. Misha p.m says


  191. Mark Galan says

    I thought it was a sequence of events leading to a happy ending but instead it's a solution in every figure of its own. Cool thx.

  192. Panimalar T says


  193. Natalie King says

    U forgot "Proceed to killing yourself"… S'pose 2 be rite after the donuts…

  194. ninjas areawesome says


  195. Reese Vines says

    go get my dad to just sit next to my lap-top and it starts working LOL XD

  196. chinzz anu says

    ha ha….i too do some of these things wen internet goes down

  197. Jazzy Mata says

    sometimes that's what i do

  198. john rambo says

    Everything but paint my fellings!…. Coz i can't paint shit! 😀

  199. 吴天敖 says

    climb mountains

  200. Mya Dev says

    me too

  201. Mary-Spinella Zia says


  202. Kathleen Malcolm says

    I do something out of the ordinary – THINK!

  203. Jessica Matthews says

    Personally, I just take out my Kindle and let the evening roll by 😉 nothing can compare to a good book in the end.

  204. Rod Harris says

    Turn it off and on again..

  205. Jyotsna Gokhale says

    Or just go read a book waiting for sleep that is elusive.

  206. stefi clament says


  207. Amira Ragab says

    I read! and restart my computer of possible:)

  208. kriti Sharma says

    lol…but there are several gud things u can do…lyk listen to songs on ur ipod…or talking to frnds…or reading a book…and most importantly spending tym wid ur family..loveliest option i guess…but i am sure even after all this the frustration wud go no where..luv the virtual world

  209. Kelsie Gesink says

    I will start texting my friends, watch tv, or play games on my NOOK

  210. Shar Hardiman says

    True true true add me

  211. Sinobomi Njiva says

    Just make yourself a cup of Coffee.

  212. heather brown says

    go walk or text some of my friends add me

  213. Michael Chuba says

    Pickup my phone

  214. noureen tabassum says

     i start writing on paper

  215. Tala Adi says


  216. Huda A. Al-Modalal says

    OMG.I' working in an Internet provider company…:)) really it is out of our hands and we have nothing to do with it…personally I did some of these things..):

  217. Swathy t nair says

    i will sleep

  218. liz baunach says


  219. ZayZay Idris says

    Lololololololol XDDDDD TRUEE DATT!

  220. Kenzie Lovesbrownies says

    go to starbucks with your ipad and go on the internet there while sipping and iced mocha….=)

  221. Corinne Bailey says

    donuts, and humming nervously….

  222. Integra Eriya says

    I'd start calling people up out of boredom, go shopping for groceries/window shop, play games, write poetry, or sleep lmao

  223. Gino Venegas says

    I have done almost all of those things when the web internet connection is down.

  224. Cristina Villalba says

    I just play video games or read XD

  225. Cassandra Scheer says

    When the internet is down…..the UNTHINKABLE happens….

  226. Nicole Whisper says

    XD thats funny "yell at your internet provider"

  227. Nicole Whisper says

    XD rofl very funny

  228. shakthi ramalaxmi says


  229. Azzrinna Kadri says

    you read!! or look at your cat..

  230. JENISHA ADLENE says

    yeah……….thats what i do exactly 😀

  231. Amruta Mulay says

    d stupidity v always do……

  232. Rashed Saleh says


  233. Sareen Bains says

    i like the donuts one cuz that always happens to me 🙂

  234. SUNITA KHARADE says

    I am talkative, I will be On Phone to talk with my Sister or mother.
    either reading books, or study my Tally, MS – CIT,

  235. rully Fajar Pratama says

    oh no..

  236. Rachna Rathore says

    Hehehe its good:)

  237. Jamie Davis says


  238. Cara Spencer says

    watch a good Horror movie

  239. Ellis Pineda says

    Last resort: tether your laptop to your phone and resume surfing le interwebs

  240. Xatolos Wired says

    Trade the donuts for bacon

  241. Jasumati Patel says

    exercise !

  242. Sarah Lewis says

    Clean your house!?!?!?!

  243. Lea Pidgeon says

    flip channels remembering why I stopped watching TV.

  244. Brent Gorshe says


  245. Jason Cavett says

    When my internet went down, I switched to FiOS. Haven't looked back.

  246. amtu salam says

    i just ask why me…..ahaha

  247. Aishwarya vathy says

    YES it is CORRECT

  248. Hoda Meftahpour says

    sleep and do nothing

  249. Sanchita Gupta says

    Love it.. ask God, " why me"

  250. Tahinga winiana says

    things to do when internets up
    1: subscribe to Mumbo Man's Youtube account

  251. wulandari murti says

    Turn my head to the right, to the left, take a deep breath…. find something to eat,,,,sleep

  252. Motahare Rajabi Rise says

    Crying 🙁

  253. Maddison Tumlinson says

    yell at the computer breath then go read a book

  254. Mishka MyAnimal says


  255. Tammy Tamtam says

    hahaha. i really liked it. I love the donut part. ^__^

  256. Boh Duang Sey says

    nice! 🙂

  257. Rica gayle Chua says


  258. maya subba says


  259. iman cochu says


  260. Benito Salinas says

    Grow up, lif eis more than the internet

  261. Bob Bergerson says

    many things to do

  262. Nicole Goossens says


  263. marcela sandy says


  264. Laiqua Ahmed says

    repeatedly press refresh…
    n get irritated…

  265. Sarah Preston says

    Hysterical……. I love 'paint your feelings'…..very Woody Allen

  266. Bob Griffith says

    Read books about leadership topics

  267. Sugra Sehra says

    one thing i do is….refreshing….and restarting…lol

  268. Nagma Seher says


  269. Faizan Hassan says

    haha good

  270. Ruthvik s Shellikeri says

    Ill go to play out or in the room ! But ill not touch a book

  271. Reshi De Silva says

    Yell at my brother saying its his fault

  272. Xheanine Bacho says

    chatting with my friends!

  273. Elizabeth Loh says


  274. Deboshree Ghosh says


  275. Rosi Ibarra says


  276. Donna Bulramaya says

    hmm..i think its a nice idea!!!

  277. Dave Tobias says

    When the internet goes down, I have my girlfriend go down too!

  278. Bhavya Sharma says

    realise that there is a lot more in the world than only internet

  279. Abdullah Hosam says

    Play some video games.

  280. Aryll Bee says

    confused and disoriented by real life xD lol XD

  281. Ravi Fahsa says

    Play solitaire and click refresh every few minute

  282. Allington Tsambai says

    Not a gud idea

  283. Allington Tsambai says

    Not a gud idea

  284. james g says

    Pray it be down permanently

  285. Iniobong Obong says

    ha its funny!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  286. Heba Abdelhamid says

    Search for any available wifi network

  287. sunshine alba says

    CALL ISP first….. Then call CISCO…. They have the best tech support!… 😀

  288. Putri Wulandari says

    reading novel in my tab…

  289. Ibtesam Khan Yousafzai says

    LOL… I do that, weird how they know so much about the world..

  290. Lawrence Grodecki says

    I guess I'd switch from ISP to my ESP.

  291. Preet Uzlain says

    I do d same.. 🙂

  292. Myra Sendlak says

    haha! i would do that too!

  293. Fredrik Hammarström says

    Haha, repeatedly clicking refresh is true on me 🙂 Well, until I remember the WiFi hotspot on my phone!

  294. sumaiya khan says

    ROFL 😛

  295. Asad Jany says


  296. Shilove Haramu says

    That's right!!!!!

  297. Nicole Pasia says

    I click refresh….and then shut the computer off in frustration

  298. Catherine Wieseke says

    I click refresh a few times and when that doesn't work I restart my comp and if that doesn't work I completely shut down my comp and if even that doesn't work then… I shut it down completely once more and let it rest for a while… meanwhile I read or something then go back to it later… something in there usually works

  299. SAMMY MANN says

    Spidet soliter

  300. Josie Cresenci says

    Watcheng movie and live show lovesong. .

  301. SAMMY MANN says


  302. Enrique Delarosa says


  303. Tehseen Shaikh says


  304. SAMMY MANN says


  305. Kelle Clay says

    Ya I play xbox or ride my bike like normal people do why the hell would you scream at trees or get a nerf ball and chase a frickin cat with it wow you people need to get out more

  306. Madhukar Prasad says

    yes i go fora walk dosomeyogas ets

  307. Alokparna Sen says

    ask God "why me?!"

  308. Ehsan Alaei says


  309. Mind Reader says

    repeatedly click refresh 😛

  310. sebenzani dube sebzplayboy says

    yes we ask God why? and the other thing is that communication goes down too.

  311. SYAHZ CUTEZ says


  312. sebenzani dube sebzplayboy says

    yes we ask God why? and the other thing is that communication goes down too,so we end up playing silly games.

  313. Ashley Garcia says

    Ask God "why me"

  314. Preston Edwards says

    Anyone else notice at the, "Paint your feelings" part, there's a rage face?

  315. asp gautham says

    Due to overload of download n browsers

  316. Alex M says

    Clean your house, go for a walk, get back to work… that's what they pay you for….

  317. Norazian Othman says


  318. Jordan Dawson says

    Grounded so…………

  319. Rosy Breez says

    hahhahahahaa i do the same WHY ME???

  320. Aseelo Al-yahya says

    immm ..maybe ill cry a lettle bit :p

  321. Aiza Flores says

    Do some other stuff,like reading books play with my siblings 🙂

  322. Billy Pfaff says

    I go for a hike

  323. Rollete Cabigon says


  324. rosley abu says

    not the end of the world…….just read a nice book

  325. klaudia posumah says


  326. Joshua Allasas says

    Hahahahaha True Story

  327. Bells Thorne says

    Lol ✌

  328. Suvechha Chowdhury says

    absolutely true!!!!!!!!

  329. C Charifa says

    <3 pocket! Best way to read articles and blogs on the go!

  330. lily eve says


  331. Chandu Maurya says

    i dont know

  332. Charles Eye says

    "My WiFi's down!" picks up phone. turns on wireless tether "All better. Damn, 4G is fast!" logs into cable account. cancels home broadband

  333. Stephanie Qwentan says

    Absolutely nathang………….so sleep  I guess.

  334. Erica hyunniee says

    I'll be lost @[email protected]

  335. Liv Rook says

    I actually and surprisingly did all of those the over day when the internet was down…………

  336. Neha Chatterjee says

    feel bore

  337. Pragya Mishra says

    i dont do either of these thingz.

  338. aarsi sharma says

    Gr8…. what a awsome idea…. i m definetly gonna try dem out…….

  339. UJ Baloch says

    Try to decode neighbors wifi lock……
    Or if could not go to a hotspot….;-)

  340. Shahidul Alam says

    Have sex

  341. Mohd Azudin says

    Lastly pay the bill.

  342. Shelby Perera says

    this is soo trueee!!!
    i do some of them!!!!
    i dont cry in the mirror and shout at the  internet provider or etc..

  343. Danny Alvens says

    make sure your neighbor,has paid their bill….

  344. Daniela Gomez says

    I acually need these steps

  345. zinduna mustafa says

    thank you

  346. Meng Beh says

    Hibernate… Until the world works again

  347. Karina Lin says

    Good one!

  348. Nadiya n says

    is tiny!

  349. Lillianne John says

    Repeatedly click refresh, thinking, "Why me?!" 😛

  350. Chitra Khilnani says

    U forget u will fuck your mother that will be your first option bastard

  351. Revathi Bhaskaran says

    ha ha ha…its nice nd true

  352. maddy hoff says

    Go to sleep. :zzzzZZZZZ

  353. Isak Swahn says

    + Nathan Meyer Or an AirZooka perhaps?

  354. anshul thakur says


  355. Gary Wakerley says

    Phone BT call centre. That's always good for filling a few hours 🙂

  356. Karen Carlton says

    I do love this thing!

  357. Isak Swahn says

    + Hernan Rodriguez Haha, I did that this week at my parents' house (for the n'th time). However, this lead me to find out that they now have 4G coverage at a price lower than their current ADSL subscription.

  358. mariam siddiqui says

    apsulutely write

  359. Ciara Jona says

    thats stupid to cry in a mirrior painting ure fellings is good!!

  360. Rishi Mahecha says

    sooo…. true

  361. Claire Cuthill says

    ok??? odd……….my internet is allways on

  362. Rucha patil says

    this never happens with me

  363. Sloan Malae says

    that happened to me last month…

  364. W Norra says

    eat and sleep..

  365. Desiree Monterozo says

    do the house hold chores…

  366. shaira anadon says

    heavy rain!sucks!

  367. Dansoy G. Rosario says

    Stays cool and have a break for a while!

  368. Anna Corbett says

    Get frustrated

  369. Karen Castillo says

    the internet is never down… thankfully!

  370. tharshi Rathawardhan says

    I always get pissed off when internet is down!!!!!

  371. Angela Campbell says


  372. Vidit Parab says


  373. Erica Veitch-Nancekivell says


  374. Alison Murphy says

    Don't forget you can go sit at free wi-fi parking spots like McDonald's or Starbucks!!But eventually they may ask you to go for loitering ha ha ha …

  375. Tafadzwa Gundu says

    go visit friends i have bn talking to bt havent seen in a long tym

  376. Jessica Fair says

    repeatedly click refresh

  377. nirin pol says


  378. rocky jawahar says

    kick my C.P.U…:-P

  379. Vidyashri Kolur says

    wat a risk

  380. Sophia Beh says

    probs the donuts!!

  381. shilpa sivaraj says

    go out and hang out with friends…………….

  382. Lauren James says


  383. Riya Jha says

    hehe all true!

  384. Riya Jha says

    mostly all..

  385. Angelica Duran says


  386. Salome Njobvu says

    i wud go out for a drink..

  387. Stacia Oz says

    lol that just happened to me :p

  388. Charlotte Mason says

    Thats brilliant! <3

  389. Kasey Tait says

    ha ha ha

  390. Nofil Siddiqui says

    good idea,
    my internet probably goes down every weak

  391. faye busby says

    To funny

  392. Neha Devaru says


  393. Kate Batan says

    ha ha!!!!!

  394. Bandido Bandit says


  395. Dallas McMillan says

    Make threatening calls to ISP
    Call back begging
    Go to a cafe

  396. Larry Brown says


  397. Issy Mark says


  398. lily luna says

    i want an donut
    eu quero um donut

  399. Grace Tabucal says

    Clean your apartment because you never have the time when there is internet 🙂

  400. Eden Iyaji says

    Go for à long walk and kick stones

  401. Kanika Dhuppad says


  402. Supiah Ahmad says

    All THe above. ..

  403. Ruthy Casiano says

    Its Sexy Time! 🙂

  404. Christopher Eugene says

    yes I always yell at my Internet provider always.

  405. Raja Amer Khan says

    ..Realize that computer is nothing without internet.

  406. Sandrine L says

    Read, or do the work I've been procrastinating.

  407. Lakshmi Narayan says

    except crying all the above

  408. pragati nagrani says


  409. Britt Rosen says

    Read a book

  410. Meagan Vasquez says

    along with walking around aimlessly outside for 2 minutes then coming back expecting to be suprised by a working computer. that and numerous pointless bathroom breaks.

  411. Niranjana c.m says

    will not cry, but will goes on refreshing

  412. Priya Das says

    nervously pace back and forth!

  413. Abby Charlton says

    yeah last three ive done

  414. Hannah Blue says


  415. Florybelle Lagura says

    Live life without internet,…… We lived for how many years in the past without internet, why can't we live without it for days?,,… Enjoy every life's situation,….

  416. Sharlene Esoothas says

    of course borin withtout internet…

  417. Elise McArdle says


  418. Elise McArdle says

    Lyrics mumfords n sons

  419. Yat keow Peng says

    Just say hai

  420. Linda Glass says

    Lay on my bed and look at my feet.

  421. Khan Jan says


  422. shaffali valecha says

    really hahahahahaha

  423. Abbie potter says

    Ask god " why me" I always do that whenever something goes wrong

  424. Qasim Hussain says

    Fill a jug of water and stare at it 😉

  425. Shin Gi says

    Watch cool comedy. At least that will at least that will make u laugh.

  426. Florybelle Lagura says


  427. Marilyn Ellis says

    yell out why!! and then stare at ur computer..then after that meltdown drag out the video games

  428. Aishwarya Sud says


  429. Joe Contreras says

    I get on my knees an scream at the top of my lungs. WHY ME!!!……then I go to the kitchen grab my box Oreo's and a glass of milk, pop a movie on my DVD…… Then pause, check if the Internet returned….scream again,then go to the living room and press play, while the movie cuts are playing. I pause…check for Internet….. Oh well heck!…….;(

  430. H Beulah Ben-Adam says

    Have a long bath.

  431. Urvi Shah says

    i THE EXPERIENCED when internet is down

  432. Denise Garcia says

    Hehehe… 🙂

  433. Obunila Priya says

    i'll have a gud sleep!!!!

  434. Jocelyn Degree says


  435. Sophie Hafner says


  436. Randa Salem says

    play game in my mobile

  437. priya choudhary says


  438. Sharon McGurk says

    ok, I can paint and I do paint but I can't get away from my lab top, is this an addiction??? I like to watch cable tv too, so sometimes when the internet goes out I lose everything, the tv, the phone, have a cell, thank God! OH! I live in Florida and I love to swim and sun tan some! Soooooo, maybe I am ok when it goes out, maybe not!!

  439. Estose LeAnn says


  440. Vidisha Kumar says

    Or you can imagine your hardware to be the head of the local service provider and kick it violently.

  441. Zoe Cameron says

    hahaha rofl!!

  442. Didi Damsyik says

    i pretend not having a computer in the house,…then i open my laptop. (pretending the error doesn't effected the laptop)..hehhehe..lol

  443. Batool Megdad says

    Hahahaha have bad feeling !!

  444. Natasha Perrottet says

    hahhahha so true!!! happens a lot!

  445. MJ Ricard says

    Read a book!

  446. ranjan kumar says

    nice photo

  447. tash gumbley says

    Like the donut idea xxx

  448. Tyler Benton says


  449. Tanishqa Sheth says

    watch wwe or extreme makeover or eng songs

  450. Deeksha Tiwari says

    ask god "why server is down when i have need of it"

  451. Alexander sabigirl says

    throw up..

  452. Nandini Kathuria says

    well, I usually yell at the internet provider, repeatedly click refresh, paint aliens and ask god "Why only me always? Have I done any bad to you?" and soon after go to my friends house after which we go out to the market to have chips…

  453. Devika Anand says

    wwe champion

  454. monique jenkins says

    doughnuts method all the way!

  455. Rebekah Burleson says

    What going ? with everyone this one. anyone haveing aany fun?

  456. Theresa Robinson says

    Go for a walk at the park or go to the movie

  457. Issy Ellerker says

    there is more to life than the internet

  458. Natalie McGuire says

    Play solitaire

  459. Tina wool says

    Yell at dad to fix it n he always does

  460. Afra Aga says


  461. Keianna KeeKeeAllNatural says

    I watch TV lol

  462. Bernald Joseph says

    So true

  463. BT Onedem says

    all of these symptoms show that you have internet addiction.

  464. mahesh yadav says

    enjoy with friends rock n roll

  465. Kyo Kuza says

    True – if only i have work, that is.

  466. roselyn victor michael baltazar says

    how nice

  467. Akshaya Murali says


  468. jessica taylor says

    run around the house screaming i see dead peoples

  469. Mohammad Jan Khan says

    lololol 😀 damn true !

  470. Setrin setro says

    i watch TV and moves

  471. tom taylor says


  472. Kia Jones says

    Eat a bunch of sweettarts until i blow chucks 🙂

  473. Kanishka Upadhyay says


  474. Wada Ayaka says

    Play tic tack toe if that happens

  475. abeer alsayedomar says


  476. Irisremonah Iris says


  477. David wilson says

    Clean out the junk from my computer,old software ect.

  478. Wada Ayaka says

    Lol run around screaming will only scare your person who live next door

  479. Kia Jones says

    Eat lots of candy and watch "The Lion King" love dat movie!!

  480. Imaan Kibria says

    What? Stagger into the real world? No. The internet is my real world.

  481. Audrey Vanni says

    what's the world??? oh!!!! it's that spinny thing right?

  482. Juhi Anshu says

    i don't  agree with paint your feelings

  483. cian ryan walshe says

    that is funey.i will do that now

  484. Caitlin O' Sullivan says


  485. Betty Liem says


  486. Catherine Wroclawski says

    the donut one, definitly

  487. phil hughes says

    Drop a duece..

  488. vidushi Sharma says

    oh i don't get it………

  489. Kongminkiong Kiong says

    Just sleeping,and the fill up my brain memory with stuff that have sence of humor,

  490. just jody says

    Haha love this, thats me

  491. Ayla Severance says

    i alwase get frusterated an cry

  492. Brey Fox says

    My Internet will never go down… I'll just steal my neighbors wifi lol.

  493. Harwant Kaur Chhachhia says

    Just forget about it for the time being, there are many things left unattended to at home, so carry on with the house hold chores.

  494. Sawim Osman says

    last comment

  495. Nadia Uhlenahker says

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Sleep

  496. Nadia Uhlenahker says

    Comments closed!

  497. Abby Lewis says

    I would TOTALY do all of those!

  498. Isaiah Rodriguez says

    Try to find some thing else you like to do

  499. Naomi Kay Sutton says

    If u r that addicted to Internet it is time get some exercise u canv live without Internet & TV-find an elderly person who needs some help w shopping-get out of self & into others-I have lived 5 years wo TV- I refuse to pay for things that were once free & if it has a Satanic symbol in the logo I will never support that business

  500. Naomi Kay Sutton says

    If u r that addicted to Internet it is time get some exercise u canv live without Internet & TV-find an elderly person who needs some help w shopping-get out of self & into others-I have lived 5 years wo TV- I refuse to pay for things that were once free & if it has a Satanic symbol in the logo I will never support that business

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