Canada Remembers Dieppe


Today is the actual anniversary of Dieppe… So for those who might have missed this post, I’m sharing it again… I’ve updated the post With additional news stories….

You can see him in the videos on most of these articles 🙂

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Reshared post from +Amanda Blain

*Very Proud Of My 92 Year Old Grandfather Who Is Off to Dieppe Today*

My 92 year old grandfather, Fred Engelbrecht,  is for the 5th time in his life flying back to Dieppe, France for a World War 2 Veteran’s Memorial Ceremony.

Dieppe is a major battle in WW2  that happened August 19, 1942. The majority were Canadians, including my grandfather. It was a massacre.  A total of 3,623 of the 6,086 men (almost 60%) who made it ashore were either killed, wounded, or captured. He was one of the ‘lucky ones’ taken as a Prisoner of War.. where he spent the next 3 years, often with his hands shackled and living in unthinkable for most of us conditions.

I grew up listening to these stories from the bravest man I know. The hardships and horrors that war brings, creative thinking to keep yourself alive and never giving up, always finding a way. It has had an obvious impact on my life.

My grandfather has always been a wonder to me, still living alone, still having his drivers license, still living life, despite his age. He embraces technology,  has a cell phone,  watches You tube often… and will definitely read this article and the comments.

I try not to share too much personal stuff on the Internet, but I am very proud that he made this trip on the 70th anniversary of Dieppe.

♥ Thank you to all veteran for all you do/did for your countries. ♥

News Articles –>–aging-dieppe-veterans-feted-as-heroes-in-french-coastal-town–rileys-veteran-returns-to-scene-of-6-hours-of-hell-at-dieppe

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Canada Remembers Dieppe
  1. Mark Ryan says

    A true Hero!

  2. grant marlenee says

    A respectful salute from an American Vet.

  3. Ian Thomas says

    I thought of our post yesterday while at the Warrior Day parade for vets at the CNE (my dad was marching as a cold-war Navy vet).
    I am glad you reshared this again today on the anniversary. Again, many thanks to your grandfather and the rest of the men who made the sacrifice then to provide us with the life we live now.

  4. John Butterill says

    Did anyone see the Tv special amazing new info on the raid.

  5. Ian Thomas says

    + John Butterill – I had just finished watching that when this post went up.

  6. Aleta Curry says

    Good for him, that's wonderful. And awe-inspiring.

  7. James Pitcher says

    I Seen a Gentleman on a show CBC done a couple nights ago but I'm not sure if it was Him? Is He from Hamilton + Amanda Blain ?

  8. Mohammed Islam says

    I am fine. I just see your Grant father is war vetern

  9. dauz aze says

    its cool, 

  10. Tony Ninni says

    That man is a true hero! yes sir

  11. Uzman Abid says


  12. Amanda Blain says

    Yes + James Pitcher he is indeed.

  13. Dejan Majcen says

    KDOsi ti pusssy

  14. Victor Annas says

    Hello Amanda.  WWII history has been a life long hobby of mine.  Your grandfather is a true hero.  The battle of Dieppe has sadly been largely forgotten by popular history especially here in the USA.  Yet it paved the way for the later success of D-Day.  Dieppe and the Canadian liberation of Holland were remarkable feats that should never be forgotten.

  15. James Pitcher says

    Ok Thank You + Amanda Blain :~)
    I wasn't sure because of His last name.
    I thought it was Him though because The Gentleman is 92. Take Care

  16. Benjamin Rice says

    May God bless all those heros.

  17. Talal Aldwaikat says

    Honorable man! You should be proud, and he looks really good for a 90 year old 🙂

  18. Raza Ahmad says

    Wish you live long life, with Health & wealth. Good looking in 90years. 

  19. Banimibo-ofori Jack says


  20. Rashid Anwar says

     i salute your grand father

  21. SAMUEL BOGERE says

    Your father looks a great man i would love to associate with so as to learn more from him. bye

  22. Fayaz Shaikh says

    hello friends hru…….

  23. Ninel Maksimova says

    I wish your grandfather long life and good health!

  24. Sanjay Wagh says

    I sincerely wish your GRANDPA a very very LONG AND HEALTHY life, forever..  Being in the same FRANTENITY, (being army soldier),, I must take this opportunity to wish his well beings.  Thanks Amanda.  Bye and plz take care..

  25. Omar Abdelrahim says


  26. Airat Youmadil says

    ???????! ??????? ????? ?????!!

  27. Matt Mann says

    Thank your grandfather for his service during WWII.

  28. antonio yalanda says


  29. Fayaz Shaikh says


  30. Mark O'Kane says

    I have so much admiration and respect for anyone who fought in the world wars. Total respect to your Grandfather.

  31. Fayaz Shaikh says

    same to you dear

  32. Banimibo-ofori Jack says

    True talk

  33. Med Larbi Dkhili says

    qe Dieu les accepte dans ses paradis

  34. seth williams says

    dude your grandpa is the shit wish i had grandfather like that or that i was i was like man. tell him i said thanks please.

  35. angga lesmana Putra says

    hallo amanda

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