1. Fatas Ism says

    Nice .

  2. Bich Giang says

    Là rất tốt

  3. Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran says

    S onic!

  4. Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran says

    P acman!

  5. Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran says

    L ink!

  6. Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran says

    D onky Kong!

  7. mick mochan says

    D donkey Kong ,P pacman ,S sonic

  8. Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran says

    I nky!

  9. Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran says

    Q bert!

  10. Wendell Seace says

    Q bert

  11. CARLOS JAQUE says


  12. Wendell Seace says

    D onkey Kong

  13. Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran says

    E arthworm Jim?

  14. Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran says

    T etris!

  15. John Berger says

    B omberman, D onkey Kong, E arthworm Jim, Gordon F reeman, I nky, L ink, M ario, P ac Man, Q Bert, S onic, T etris, W ario, Y oshi

    Sadly, I recognize many of the others but I don't have the names. 🙁

  16. Joe Gaspar says


  17. Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran says

    Oooooh… Juding from + John Berger's list, there's several of these that are "after my time", so to speak…

  18. Wendell Seace says

    A steroids?

  19. Korinne M Jackman says

    A=looks like space invaders, but could be asteroids; d=donkey kong; P=pacman; Q=qbert; T=tetris

  20. Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran says

    OH! I think you're right on the A, + Wendell Seace; I should have got that one!!

  21. John Berger says

    No, "A" is definitely "Space Invaders". Either those aliens had an actual name that I'm not aware of or whoever made this screwed up with that one. 


    ^^ )

  23. John Berger says

    C hun Li (Street Fighter)

  24. Thomas Junk says

    G uybrush, H onda, K en, Z elda

  25. Joseph Herrera says


  26. John Berger says

    R ockman (known outside of Japan as Mega Man)

  27. Thomas Junk says

    + John Berger oh… Never heard of Rockman 😀 Mega man is way more cooler

  28. pakuerosi buenae says

    I like latter B.

  29. D. Arnold Meaker says

    E is Earthworm Jim

  30. Gerardo Linares says

    M ario!

  31. Chris Brown says

    good latters

  32. Joe Rega says

    + Jarobin Guerra Gilbert should check this post out

  33. Jarobin Guerra Gilbert says

    Um I need this TShirt
    Like now…..

  34. Jarobin Guerra Gilbert says

    Thanks + Joe Rega !

  35. Daniel Diaz says

    Jajaja nice very nice

  36. Gabriela Torrellas says

    P acman
    S onic
    W ario

  37. Gustavo de León says

    F Freeman!!!

  38. Dade Griffith says

    no dig dug

  39. Donagh Reardon says

    K is Ken from street fighter.
    H is Honda from same.

  40. Omar Sayed says

    M mine craft

  41. Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran says

    M is most definitely not Mine Craft. =oP

  42. suan lal says


  43. Gitland Garmes says

    These are the names of the characters. And knew most of the ones mentioned already. But I'm lost at J, N, O, U, V, X.. Guess not that much of a gamer 😛

  44. Kerry Williams says

    A is the ship from asteroid atari, j could be for jax from mortal kombat cause of metal arms

  45. Mike Kuwik says

    Thanks + John Berger! F was stumping me

  46. Jason Passchier says

    a asteroids
    b ?
    c ?
    d donkey kong
    e einstein?
    f ?
    g ?
    h homer?
    i inky
    j ?
    k ken
    l link
    m mario
    n ?
    o opa-opa
    p pac-man
    q bert
    r megaman?
    s sonic
    t tetris
    u wtf?
    v vega?
    w wario
    x men?
    y yoshi
    z zelda

  47. asmui izma Nasution says


  48. Shayzz W. says

    F' Freeman from half life

  49. Mia Jane Rijkenberg says

    Wow. So cool.

  50. 宫经营 says

    kind of nice!

  51. William Simler says

    Alien (space invaders), Bomberman, Chun Li (street fighter),Donkey kong, Earthworm Jim, Freeman Gordon (half life), Guybrush Threepwood (Monkey Island), Honda Edmond (street fighter), Inky (pacman), Josef (machinarium), Ken Masters (street fighter), Link (zelda), Mario, Nemo ( Little Nemo the dream master), Opa Opa (fantasy zone), Pacman, Qbert, Rockman (Megaman), Sonic (Sonic the hedgehog), Tetromino (Tetris), Ursula Fang Leiden (Final Fantasy IV), Valentine Jill (Resident Evil), Wario, Xianghua (Soul Calibur), Yoshi, Zelda.

  52. Johnny Herman Meza Latino says


  53. 原健航 says

    Love Y !

  54. Andy Stewart says

    Earth Worm Jim for 'E' is amazing, just made my day.

  55. milad sabahifard says


  56. mohamed Abbas says


  57. Ahmad Alhsani says


  58. Endup Rongkup says


  59. Riadh Talbi says


  60. rafay malik says

    r m

  61. Orkun Osken says

    Very Clever

  62. Amina Saidumia says

    A:B-Angry Bird

  63. griffin keating says

    l:m- link versus Mario

  64. amani rachdi says

    For you:A .Amanda
    U.Unient comme (W )leurs amour est un (XY) XYlophone qui fleurie des (Z)Zinnia….

  65. Salman Jalil says


  66. benhamed moncef says


  67. davood darbandi says

    Hi Amanda

  68. ibrahim khan says

    so nice

  69. Malick Ban says

    I love you amanda

  70. jonaid yousafi says

    yu r dunce malick……………..hahaha

  71. Ahmed baffa says

    Nice game are you, the who create the game

  72. Timothy Robotham says

    A-lien     -Space Invaders
    B-omberman     -Bomberman games
    C-hun-Li     -Street Fighter games
    D-onkey Kong     -Donkey Kong games
    E-arthworm Jim     -Earthworm Jim games
    F-reeman, Gordon     -Half-Life games
    G-uybrush Threepwood  -Monkey Island games
    H-onda, E.     -Street Fighter games
    I-nky     -Pac-Man games
    J-osef     -Machinarium
    K-en Masters     -Street Fighter games
    L-ink     -Legend of Zelda games
    M-ario     -Super Mario games
    N-emo     -Little Nemo: AIS
    P-ac-Man     -Pac-Man games
    Q-bert     -Q-bert
    R-ockman     -Rockman (Megaman-US) games
    S-onic     -Sonic games
    T-etrimino      -Tetris games
    V-alentine, Jill     -Resident Evil games
    W-ario     -Warioware games
    X-iaoyu, Ling     -Tekken games
    Y-oshi     -Super Mario World & Yoshi's Island
    Z-elda     -Legend of Zelda games

    I do know the answers to O & U, but I had to cheat to get them. Hints: O – Sega game in the mid-80s, U – Popular classic SNES game with a fairly recent sequel.

  73. chris lowe says

    I see, Mario, Warrio, pac Man……

  74. Дмитрий Вронович says


  75. sonya haribi says

    wach 3jebkem a………z!!!!!

  76. aysha aqter says

    U r fine.

  77. Paul Louiseize says

    Nice work Amanda, I can only get about half of them.

  78. Amir Ayyub says


  79. Dawn Hunt says

    i can figure out some of them but not all

  80. faisal ali says


  81. Diontra Tatum says

    Hoe u play that.

  82. Abe Sumalinog says

    That's amazing. It's great for kids to learn the alphabet with more fun!

  83. Fernando Alvarado Picazo says

    Freeman is NOT from classic videogames…

  84. muhammad asif says


  85. muhammad asif says


  86. Assane Hanne says

    li124*879900000i.r."':;+++++++++++++++++++++700…… ..

  87. Assane Hanne says

    i ……. . . .

  88. Rifat Khan says


  89. Ahmed baffa says

    Hello amanda hw u can meet me + Instagram @magajisystem


    K 😉

  91. jimmy cele says

    Popay you

  92. mohamed gaber says


  93. Ahmed baffa says

    Hw are you?

  94. amjad khan says

    lets play


    [image: Images intégrées 1]

  96. Paulo Medina says

    Remember Little Nemo for NES?, great game… that's for de N, but I can't figure oput who the V is?

  97. Dorothy berger says

    Donald. Fyke

  98. Shanet Cadthuz says


  99. Ibe diakite says

    Ge  te  stl  camasava

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