Decay And Fall Of Guest Blogging For SEO

 If you own a website and do any part of guest blogging as part of your strategy, it's a must read. If not you have a lovely Yoda photo 🙂

Recently +Matt Cutts put out a lovely posting talking about how for back link SEO for your website is a practice that… "Ultimately, this is why we can’t have nice things in the SEO space"… Which to me is spot on and made me had to share it.

Check out the full post here.

I own many websites and ever day get requests from content farms, spammers and scammers asking to write me  "a high quality post… for a back link or two"… What do Glasses, bridal shops, or coffee stores  websites have to do with my geeky tech girl stuff? Nothing, but they assure me they will write me quality content for my audience. :/ I am glad to see Google stepping up to deal with this practice.

Also mentioned was how there is a time and place for this. Regardless of Google Search ranking bumps.. I've used quality guest posts to get PR and Branding leadership in my industries and that practice won't change. There is a use for guest posting, but not mass posting. I think there is a valid distinction.

Do you do guest posts?  Do you get these spammy emails?  What are your thoughts on Google Stepping up on the matter?

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Decay And Fall Of Guest Blogging For SEO

  1. Ryan Moore says

    I dunno… I'm not much for 'guest blogging'… not that i have a big following, but it would be weird to have someone else interjected in our space that's not me (or my other regular writers).

  2. Chawrlie Fontana says


  3. Derrick Dyer says

    Thank you very much Amanda!!!!

  4. Evan Kopelson says

    Great post and commentary + Amanda Blain I saw that from + Matt Cutts last week and it's a welcome move for exactly the same reasons you say. Go ahead and put me in your notify circle that would be great. Thanks!

  5. hiroyuki tsuji says

    Hello 🙂 matter understand do Japanese same i never and future Japanese invitation not

  6. hiroyuki tsuji says

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  7. Lori Friedrich says

    + Amanda Blain please put me in the notify circle for your #socialmediamonday  posts. Thanks! 

  8. Alyissa Grant says

    Put me in da notify circle plzz

  9. Edwin Eder says

    charlatan idea is aware of links which is a powerful tools, the more he blog the more he has link. let me prove this, in automation 85% people reading blog in america alone they are reader and writer how other planet,now sending a email , one email = i person the ratio is 1=10 "Deepmind"

  10. Amanda Blain says


  11. Lisa Marie says

    + Amanda Blain Thank you Amanda and hopefully things will get better. I agree have much to do and appreciate your effort. I am sorry #apology#dismay#sharing

  12. Ryan Moore says

    ''Deep Thought''

  13. Tema Frank says

    I've noticed that I'm getting a lot of those spammy guest post requests lately. I attribute it to the fact that all the "gurus" (including some who I actually do respect, like Jon Morrow) are giving courses right now about using guest blogging to grow your profile. 

    I'm now asking to see the full article before I'll even consider a guest post, and then I'll also check out their website and credibility elsewhere before agreeing. 

    That said, I'd LOVE to write a guest post for you Amanda! 🙂

  14. Kitsune Hazard says

    Guest blogging can be a weird thing. If someone approached me about doing a piece for them, maybe, if I knew them well enough or something. That said, I don't think I'd take unsolicited requests from anyone without knowing them.

    Then again I'm with + Ryan Moore, taking postings from someone else outside of myself or the occasional other writer on my own just seems odd and strange to do.

  15. Robert Rees says

    + Amanda Blain please to be kept in your loops are an inspiring and welcome addition my interest in my personal blogging growth.. through your insight and invites.
    Thanks #socialmediamonday

  16. Amaya Marcelin says

    That is so ugly

  17. Jeff Mueller says

    + Amanda Blain I get requests occasionally… I have only had one that came from someone who was in a similar niche though. It's the only guest post I've ever accepted.

    I have written a couple guest posts myself, and may do so again in the future but it's going to be a rarity.

    For me, there always seems to be a disparity in quality/quantity… I'm in no stretch of the imagination a great writer, but my articles for my site ( are usually pretty indepth (1200 – 1600 words) and I find that most people wanting to share content use 500 word articles as currency.

    That just doesn't work for me.

  18. Qamar Abbas says

    what is this ??????

  19. معصوم پاشایی says

    [image: تصویر درون برنامه‌ای 1]

  20. Edwin Eder says

    I'm not s guest blogger i have link long before i push my work on the air and they know me, that i have subscribe in the begining if you ask me again i'm coppblogger i send my email add. I'm viral blogger i send my email add to them to i have my own style i didn't do what they are doing

  21. Grant Ford says

    I would love to hear more about this.

  22. eskandar hasanpoor says

    آدم کور بشه ولی انگلیسی بلد باشه

  23. Annemarie,Hope Gore says

    I would love to learn more about this topic. Thanks, + Amanda Blain

  24. John Fanavans says

    What do bridal shops have to do with you… :(. I miss you Blain. I hope you're well.

  25. Bradley Hennen says

    As just a simple reader and noobie to Google+, I just like good content and interesting subjects that enrich my life, mind, business and learning. It would seem obvious to me that  there is no substitute for good, original, interesting content regardless of what the Google Gods do.

  26. Wardell Latham says

    I think guest posting can still be done if publishers and content producers actually focus on quality content and not just links, unfortunately that's not the case most of the time

  27. Video Traffic Adrenaline says

    Yes I would agree, if the intent is to get a link then the quality of the guest post would in general suffer. However if the focus is on quality, then I believe you can have both interested readers and a link that provides good link juice.

  28. C.S. MacCath says

    It's common for writers to do blog tours and to feature one another on their blogs. I've guest blogged in a couple of places for that reason, and I've invited others to guest blog in my space.

  29. Brym Stone says

    i'll take those updates please, amanda. thanks!

  30. akash Shameem says

    Thanks a lot amanda,put me notify circle for uor #s.m posts.again thanks….

  31. Connor McMahon says

    Correction, Take those updates Amanda i will . Thanks. lol

  32. abdelhamid debabeche says

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  33. Mohamed Messabih says


  34. Chadwick Halse says

    Great post + Amanda Blain, would love to be in your notification circle! 

  35. Randy Hilarski says

    I have never allowed a guest post on my site. My opinion only!

  36. Katherine Tattersfield says

    I own my sites, not Matt Cutts. If Google can't tell a quality post from spam based on a single followed link in a guest author's bio, then they fail as a search engine. We all know the difference between genuine contributions and spam. Some of the best, most popular articles on my site came from other authors. I'm not about to insult them and their hard work simply to appease Google.

  37. hammed adigun says


  38. Taufiqul azam Shafin says


  39. salvador gonzalez prieto says

    nos os vurleis,es un amigomio…

  40. Charles Kabue says

    _so no guest posting? but it has its advantages

  41. Donnie Washington says

    I would like to be put on ur social media

  42. Alfonso Ramirez says

    Yoda always teach the deepest truth, althoug it could be umpleasant to him.

  43. Stephen Welton says

    Humans they spread great stories, products and services … Let the right people be discovered in the network. Google is picking up on it. Love it

  44. George Zarogiannis says

    I think it's ok to have a guest blogger that will benefit your readers. Obviously writing about what your demographic is interested about. The linking part became the end in itself and went out of control. My opinion:
    Guest blogging is fine but back link not necessary.

  45. Veronica Ciambra says

    Your readers might be interested in my vlog (youtube video blog) YIKES! Am I Invisible?

  46. Angela Lang says

    I have been home having babies .. When I left my career a few years ago, digital billboards were the latest in marketing… Now that I'm back in the work force ,online advertising, sem, re marketing, and seos and how all of my social media ties it all together is blowing my mind! slowly so new to all of this.. I would love to be a part of your circle .. Thanks for your post… I'm not certain I understand all of the esoteric language .. But I am determined to learn!

  47. Tema Frank says

    Good luck to you +Angela Lang! There's a lot to learn, but it is do-able!

  48. Lisa Wells says

    Please add me to your notify circle. Thanks!

  49. tkxel says

    Yeah, if do guest blogging for link purpose man that gonna hurt you bad, but if you're doing for writing stuff and share and thats a "okay" up to my studies. I never understand why to guest blog ? if you want to blog than do it on your own blog and use social media as a tool to spread your words to people who are interested in your topic.

  50. James Corey says

    Great post + Amanda Blain so yes, please keep me notified;) thanks!

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  52. Clayton Pehrson says

    Thats definetly the most awesome thing i've seen all day!! Thanks you made my day!

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