Very interesting stats of Facebook Promoted Posts Vs Facebook Ads


Still not sure why anyone is doing either. Blah ROI. 

All the stats here->

Also a nice info graph if your looking to advertising online between Facebook and Adwords..

TLDR – Facebook promoted posts preform worse than facebook ads. Google adwords still out performs on pretty much all fronts though.

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Very interesting stats of Facebook Promoted Posts Vs Facebook Ads

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  1. Cate Russell-Cole says

    My ads did well until they put in timeline. Now it is a complete waste of money and impossible to back read through all posts on a page without agony – then you still don't get all posts. FB can go hang! What a waste.

  2. Amanda Blain says

    FB ads never performed well for me after their very initial launch.  Super high CPC… 😛

  3. Thomas Mims says

    Out of simple curiosity, why did you use the hashtag 'adwords'?
    Regardless – good post and thanks.

  4. Cate Russell-Cole says

    + Amanda Blain I just had them on for a week per month and did well in getting fans – 3 sales though. sigh Am seriously considering Google adwords.

  5. Olav Folland says

    Not really surprised.  You're either talking to people that liked your page but never engage with you, or paying for a bit of advertising in the mess that is the sidebar of Facebook.

  6. Stacy Stutz says

    Not surprised – consumer point of view – they are easy to ignore. Once I realized that 99% were spammy/scammy I stopped looking at them. 

  7. Stacy Stutz says

    Same goes with promoted posts – btw – they feel fake.

  8. Amanda Blain says

    + Thomas Mims last line of the TLDR(which it seems you didnt 🙂 )… google ad words.. and the second link in the article are about Google ad words VS facebook

  9. Amanda Blain says

    + Cate Russell-Cole the one part i learned rather quickly… Facebook fans = more money for facebook .. and not more money for me .. the conversion sales rate from fan page to action on one of my sites was and still is… brutal

  10. Amour d'Ange says

    very informative

  11. thiem luu dang says

    hello. amanda blain

  12. John Ward says

    I wonder if the value of Google AdWords has gone up since the introduction of Google+ and the 175 million regular users who consistently reveal more and more information about themselves to Google allowing them to be even more precise in targeting us with even more relevant ads.

  13. Reg Saddler says

    I can totally see that.

  14. Amanda Blain says

    Im not sure the two have combined yet + John Ward …. but im honestly not against it if they get it right… id rather see ads for zombies and geek things because ive posted about them on plus.. than ads for dating sites cause it says im single (facebook style)

    If i could actually be shown neat new products and stuff i might actually be interested in… why wouldn't i accept that in exchange for free services i use? 

  15. Olav Folland says

    I actually click Adwords sometimes + Amanda Blain, because they're actually relevant.

    Facebook gives me singles sites even though my status is married.

  16. John Ward says

    I agree with your hopes for ads that actually target our interests. The problem is that I'm not really sure how many advertisers who offer those type of products are actively paying for advertising. Of course, maybe that would change if G+ could show them the hordes of people interested in their specific niche.

  17. thurman munson says

    hello amanda if you are there. im pretty knew to all this computer stuff and writing to people i dont know. theres so much i dont know about circles and such. ive been reading a lot of the stuff you write and i enjoy reading it. i think i put you in my circle of friends. is that ok? im not 100% sure i did and if i did i dont even know what it means. well, ive written enough. if you want to just let me know if you have read this, that would be nice. im located in up-state NY, and i wonder if we are near to each other. i dont know where toronto is. im in canton. later. would be my luck that you wont even see this.

  18. Olav Folland says

    Hi + thurman munson circling people is always okay.  Just know that they may not, and sometimes can't always circle you back.  

    I would suggest, when you see posts that you like, to try and say something relevant to the conversation.  People get to know you by your comments, and want to hear your thoughts on what's being discussed.

  19. Amir Raza says

    Woow disynh tuma jight yakman

  20. Amanda Blain says

    Start here + thurman munson

  21. donald hakala says

    Very informative post + Amanda Blain! I am also fairly new to Google Plus + thurman munson. I am really getting to know my way around thanks to the people in my circles, i actually prefer G+ over Facebook but cant seem to get my family to come on over…Maybe someday they too will experience the G+ magic!

  22. Amanda Blain says

    I tend to call my family when i need to communicate + donald hakala 🙂

  23. John Ward says

    + donald hakala Not being able to get family to join is common– almost universal. Once you find the groups and people that interest you, your newsfeed will fill up with wonderful posts about topics that you actually care about and want to read… from strangers.

    That's the challenge for most people. Facebook has all the people you know in real life. On G+ you have to go find new people you've never met who share the same interests and passions as you. It's a daunting task at first, but if you stick with it, you'll be free from posts that start out like, "I want to see who really reads my posts. If you have read this copy/past it as your status… blah, blah, blah".

  24. Olav Folland says

    + John Ward I couldn't agree more.

    Last weekend was a completely G+ weekend for us.  We carpooled with a friend that we met here from Sacramento down to Santa Cruz, to hang out with a bunch of G+ people – and the main reason we all went there was because a G+ friend was coming down to visit from Canada, and stayed at a  G+er that we'd only known through posts and hangouts overnight.  Then we drove back up coast to San Francisco to hang out with more G+ people, and had a lovely day before we headed back home.

  25. donald hakala says

    True… + John Ward + Amanda Blain …Some of my family may have forgotten my number, so they use Facebook to stay in touch 🙂 Which is sad because making phone calls is the least used on smart phones for some. 🙁

  26. Nathaniel Avoures says

    It can be difficult to get people to join..I have a really cool girl I want to join G+ because she's moving to Ohio for a bit.. And I feel G+ would be a fun way to keep in touch! However she's use to FB..I know she'll like this better!

  27. mohamed benabdllah says

    Morning Rose and Jasmineamanda

  28. donald hakala says

    Sorry to get of the subject of the thread + Amanda Blain  . My feeling is that Facebook is getting too cluttered with useless junk i'll never click on, Google just has a cleaner, unobtrusive look to it.

  29. mohamed benabdllah says

    Mercy of the ruthless and shut up and delivers at least good take-it says it is to champion Iathm Aimllk to the age of regret

  30. Nathaniel Avoures says

    Google is more mathamatically organized..I can telll..You can upload videos in a snap instead of that flip the toast and youtubes right a your fingers..It's not like I hate FB..They are just more of a dinoosaur people just don't realise it yet!

  31. Gabriel Obadia says

    Facebook ads are the most effective for driving likes to a page. Calculating the value of a like depends on what step in the purchase funnel your Facebook page is being used for. If it's at the top of the funnel long before the sale, then it can be used as a tool to narrow that funnel and drive towards other mediums that will convert them. The further down the funnel the more focus on conversions and a different strategy must be taken.

    Although Facebook ads do have much lower click through rates than Adwords, they do drive qualified traffic if properly implemented. I would rarely suggest driving that traffic to your site, and would suggest it be sent to a landing tab on your page.

    The reason for the difference between Adwords and Facebook ads is the intent of the viewer. In the case of Adwords, the user is actively looking for a related product, service or site and is in the discovery mode. You are therefore solving their need by providing related content. Facebook ads on the other hand are similar to media buys like banner ads just targeted in a different manner. The user is not in discovery mode yet you have targeted them based on a specific interest or demographic reasons. You are building awareness of your brand/site and trying to pull them towards your brand.

    To sum up, you can't compare Google Ads are better than Facebook ads unless you look at the full purchase pipeline and see where each platform fits. Facebook ads and pages have proved very successful for certain brands I work with. It's a matter of choosing the right channels for each campaign.

  32. Amanda Blain says

    Fair enough + Gabriel Obadia but unless my fulltime job is an SEO, social media marketer (or im going to pay someone to do it) and im going to "funnel and funnel and funnel" I'll stick to the ROI on adwords… 

  33. Amir Raza says

    Hi thanks for talking, i m satisfied with u

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  36. Shane D Stokes says

    yeah ok so FB is no good but your the only 1 posting on G+ …..hmmmm

  37. Amanda Blain says

    + Shane D Stokes you are circling 2 people… trying branching out a bit before you make such ridiculous statements… 

  38. Shane D Stokes says

    well thats not right either ,i just scrolled down a bit on my page & saw 5 other public posters aswell , but it dont matter none to me , so have a good evening 

  39. Tei Djabari says


  40. Debbie Cerda says

    I tried only once to use the "promoted post" for $5, ROI was less than my usual posts. #FAIL #Iwantmytwodollars!

  41. Sojourner Fathom says


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