1. Amm Mohamed Ariff says

    Hahaha real line

  2. Theo WolF says

    Pretty sure the time on GPS is a maximum, if you're some kinda slacker or something. Maybe regularly play gnomes.

  3. Candra Muliadi says

    hello amanda…???

  4. Jack Smit says

    My food!!!
    Ur friend destroyed the object completely!!

  5. thanh thien thi nguyen says

    OK, play tonight !

  6. Daniel Tulloh says


  7. هانى عمرو says

    thanh thien thi nguyen‏ – OK, play tonight !

  8. Mohammad kausar rashidr says

    This one kinds of making

  9. Jennifer Urquhart says

    Omg I know exactly what you are talking about lol

  10. David Aguilera says

    you got that right!

  11. Michael Kelava says

    Hah.   This is awesome.   

    Sadly, with this mentality, it means people ahead of you are winning.    Where is my blue shell when I need it.

  12. David Brin says

    Nope!  Objects in the mirror have the drop on you!

  13. Amanda Blain says

    Blue or green shell 😉

  14. donald hakala says

    I haven't tried WAZE yet but i hear it is catching on…(WAZE= social GPS app)

    Anyone tried it?
    Oh yea…I ALWAYS beat the arrival time 😛

  15. V Kunjappan says

    Amanda plain, the truth is very plain.

  16. Amanda Blain says

    ummmmmm that's Blain…. 😉

  17. Youil Aushana says

    Keep to the games. #integrity

  18. Andrew A says

    Holy crap that's so true!

  19. Marcus Antonius says

    black coupe, not a 911? yes ? tiptronic lucky girl

  20. Anang Susetyo says

    whats up

  21. Abdul Rohim says


  22. James McBride says


  23. donald hakala says


  24. Joel Arellano says


  25. Ric Regadio says


  26. Sebastião Gazolla Jr says


  27. Rabeet Ahsan says

    I did that once but with a police officer and on a bike.Now he was chasing me for a long time now and i luckily passed through a place whose streets i knew so i immediately entered that area and after about 5 minutes i lost the guy.It was epic being in a police chase and i was feeling like some kind of a secret agent on the run.

  28. Stephan Pire says


  29. chhaarles pix says

    Nice view

  30. Adrian Martin says

    Yellow light means GO FASTER. #AlwaysWinning

  31. Werner Klausen says

    When in college, me and my mates played NFS:HP2 when we wanted a break. I found the music in the game to be quite good, so I got the soundtrack. However, I quickly realized that when I played that music in the car, I got an urge to drive recklessly.

  32. Pete Karas says

    Hi Amanda, this is great …love it

  33. bhawani sharma says


  34. William Rutherford says

    Zoooom! HA! Had to go to driveng school for speeding on line. It was miserable.took 7 and one half hours.

  35. Terry Jugmohan says

    Drive Fast Die Young

  36. Nicholas Schmelzer says

    Losing what?  Life?  A hidden game that is unknown to them?  I nned specification

  37. Terry Jugmohan says

    Driver faster die younger !

  38. john rambo says

    nay…. there's that restart button even if we do. 🙂

  39. fernando valdez says

    + Alex Yescas

  40. Jonathan Moore says

    That's how I am….

  41. Rowel Lirag says

    If you keep looking at your rear view mirror you probably have a "I'm being followed by a stalker" mentality.

  42. melese ayalew says


  43. Cuneyt Karaca says


  44. Rabih Mahmoud says

    Amanda,to be a good gamer: you have see well,hear well and understand well*

  45. Amanda Blain says

    Good thing i do all those things… 🙂

  46. Rabih Mahmoud says

    Amanda,I liked your brightness eyes* amazing,but it's not really you..you
    gooood girl*

  47. Edward Hutchinson says

    Great Pic. lol

  48. Guadalupe Ricketson says

    Oh no darling

  49. Grace Foster says

    Love it!

  50. Ashoke Dissanayake says

    this is a nice one dr

  51. Alantino Benjamin says

    Don't you ever look at the back!

  52. Mosharef Hossain says

    like it

  53. Edwin Harris says

    Tell me all about it! 30 something minutes. Silly GPS! Ha! It is for me to laugh! Lol.

  54. Eyal Herlin says

    Who the hell bothers with the mirrors?

  55. Tim Smith says

    They do get smaller if you step on the gas.

  56. Alantino Benjamin says


  57. shyam goudar says


  58. Laura Wynn says

    OMG I thought that I was the only one who challenged the GPS! Love it!

  59. Alantino Benjamin says


  60. kretto david says

    lol realy,,,and was that a gps or a china 1 that gat frozen? Love it!

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