History Of St Patricks Day – Green Beer and SaintsHistory Of St Patricks Day – Green Beer and Saints

History Of St Patricks Day – Green Beer and Saints

Happy Green Beer and Being Irish Day Internet,  but what exactly is the history of st patricks day? I clearly…

8 years ago

Facebook Affiliate Scams are Now Appearing As Sponsored Posts

Facebook affiliate scams are now appearing on the network to "produce revenue" as sponsored posts  Why is Facebook changing the…

9 years ago

Awesome Dice Coffee Table For Your Living Room

The D&D gamer girl in me thinks these are pretty neat... maybe for a gaming room at least... What say…

9 years ago

Coffee Inforgraphic

Or something like that.. heheheh :) MORNING! (or night)

10 years ago

Coffee.. It's What's For Breakfast

Early start for me today! Hope your weekend is fabulous Internet, regardless of its morning or night. :)#coffee 

10 years ago

Mornings Are Too Early

Sooo much running around to do today. Good Morning/Night/Afternoon G+#morning #coffee #inspiration

10 years ago

You know it's early.. .when even your coffee is surprised

Morning/Night G+ :)Rock on +PopcornU

10 years ago

Nothing Says Good Morning .. Like Coffee Art

No sound is needed for this 3 minute "latte art" video to see how all those amazing coffee pictures get…

10 years ago