1. Kevin Tofel says

    Have an awesome birthday! 🙂

  2. kidus tefera says

    happy birthday 

  3. Michael Riemer says

    Happy level up. 🙂

  4. Alessandro Verdini says

    Happy level up dear friend.

  5. Oscar Parzon says

    No te deseare un feliz cumpleaños porque no fui yo quien lo recordo por lo que asumo que olvide algo que me parece recordar nunca supe.

  6. Colin Jones (Ponder - FUHA) says

    Hippo Birdie Amanda 😀

  7. Hemant Jain says

    U see my post amanda… I wish image share 4 your birthday… Happy Birthday.. Amanda blain..

  8. M.S.S. Smith says


  9. Aarav singh says

    happy birthday .

  10. Rony Chakraborty says

    Happy birthday

  11. Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran says


  12. Viet Toan says

    Happy birthday to you.

  13. Vivek Tiwari says

    Happy Birthday dear :), God bless you 🙂

  14. Kai pluseins says

    Happy B-Day

  15. dady chafik says

    joyeux anniversaire pour vous meilleur veoux:):)

  16. Addidis     no says

    lol no worries i think we meant to bury you under well wishes.

  17. José BaldaLeón says

    Muchas felicidades que mi Dios te bendiga y te proteja besos

  18. William Eberle says

    Happy birthday, + Amanda Blain!  I love that graphic 🙂  Have a wonderful day!

  19. Sengikhathele Holy Ndebele says

    Great wish you many more

  20. Rene Polanco says


  21. Eric Deeter says

    Happy birthday!

  22. John Ducharme says

    We both are going up a level….I received a virtual cake as well want a slice

  23. Edwin A. says

    Happy birthday + Amanda Blain​ 😉

  24. devkumar khatri says

    Wish you a very HAPPY Many Many Returns Of the Day's

  25. Jeff Trocchio says

    Happy Birthday!

  26. Miki Abb says

    Happy berdey

  27. Chad Haney says

    Happy birthday + Amanda Blain, I mean congratulations on another level.

  28. Dušan Chocina says

    Všetko najlepšie ..

  29. Reyad Hs says

    happy birthday to you…

  30. Siya Sharan says

    Beautiful day beautiful shine
    beautiful birth smile is fine
    very happy birthday happy smile

  31. Martin Jones says

    Well, happy birthday + Amanda Blain​!

  32. Lee DeCoske says

    Time flies!  Have a great one :-*

  33. Dharamjit Rihal says

    Happy Birthday!

  34. Kevin Bragdon says

    Have a great day!

  35. Kenny Beane says

    Happy Birthday

  36. Todd MacLeod says

    Wishing yourself happy birthday?  Kind of tacky.

  37. Mamadoudian Diallo says

    This is a verry nice

  38. joão Moreno says

    Happy Birthday

  39. Abdul Al Sudais says

    happy birthday Ms Amanda Blain…many happy returns..

  40. Akshay Patel says

    Wish you many many returns of the day….

    Happy birthday to you dear…

  41. Brian Bridges says

    You should have birthdays, they are very good for your health. It's been scientifically proven that the more birthdays you have, the longer you live.

  42. Ruben Roa says

    happy b-day for you

  43. Alan “Magic Al” Landucci-Ruiz says

    You'll never beat my level!

  44. DJ Jacky says

    Happy birthday!

  45. S Sanchez says

    Felicitaciones!, Amanda   muaaax!

  46. Arun bhatnagar says

    Happy birthday dear

  47. Manny Brum says

    + Amanda Blain​ Gratz!

  48. Matthew Thornhill says

    Happy birthday!

  49. Rick Hawley says

    Happy Birthday manda

  50. Christie Jam F says

    Happy Birthday!

  51. Rodrigues Oliveira says

    meus parabéns feliz aniversário muita paz saúde amor felicidades beijos

  52. Rene Rodriguez says

    Happy birthday my friend

  53. Trevor Sharp says

    Happy birthday Amanda.

  54. Joe Grine says

    Happy B-Day + Amanda Blain, have fun and all the best!

  55. Aseel Golla says

    Happy birthday

  56. David Hartley says

     Happy Birthday +Amanda Blain!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!

  57. Rocky Redinger says

    Happy birthday beautiful! Hope you get to spend time with friends,family,whoever!

  58. md kamal says


  59. fati ben says

    happy birthday 

  60. Rollin Croskey says

    Interesting concept.  In general I like the idea; as a gamer I love it!!!

  61. siddharth pauhal says

    Happy Level Up 🙂

  62. jhorleins ruiz says

    feliz cumple pasala genial en thu dia

  63. Abhi Pd. says

    Happy bornday..god bless!!

  64. shahand alavian says

    Happy birthday!!

  65. Jules Beuck says

    HBTY! Hope it is great!

  66. Moosafeer Nazeeda Bibi says

    Happy Amandazzz day…

  67. samuel rios says

    feliz cumpleaños bonita

  68. Manouchehr M says

    Happy birthday my dear friend

  69. Raymond Acevedo says

    Happy Birthday

  70. Adelso miguel Reverol says

    Feliz cumpleaños mamita

  71. Craig Chen says

    Happy Birthday Amanda!

  72. Khamis Salhi says

    what is your Current level?

  73. Sandy Heath says

    Have a wonderful birthday Amanda!

  74. Kendra Cheatham says

    Happy bday

  75. Ametre Holmes says

    Have an amazing day!!!

  76. alex steffy says

    Happy Birthday

  77. John Biscoe says

    Happy birthday

  78. Ritu Sagar says

    Happy birthday to u!

  79. Raul Zelaya says

    Hope you have the best leveling up ever!!

  80. Janice Mansfield says

    awesome way to celebrate! have a great day + Amanda Blain 🙂

  81. Oneil Andrews says

    Happy Birthday Amanda

  82. Michael O'Reilly says

    Happy birthday, + Amanda Blain!

  83. Silvia Velasquez says

    Have a great day Amanda!!

  84. Julio Verne kitsiduaño says


  85. Carlos Rodriguez says

    Happy B-Day

  86. Lions maw says

    Happy birthday!! Drink beer time!!

  87. Shane Goodwin says

    Happy birthday, + Amanda Blain ! Level up with style. Spend those skill points wisely.

  88. Tim Reed says

    Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to you my name tim

  89. mbayehabib seck says

    Nice post and happy birthday.

  90. Carlos Checo says


  91. William Durham (Ansetekh) says

    Level up!

  92. Jorge Longo says

    Happy birthday Amanda !!!

  93. Troy Davidson says

    Hope you have a fun birthday, Amanda!!

  94. roberto lynch says

    Happy b day to the queen of Google+

  95. Umer azeemi says

    happy birthday

  96. Fran Galdós says

    Happy birthday! 

  97. atefeh ashianie says

    HBD honey ^_^

  98. Rodney Jones says

    The sun is up and so are we, so lets go and have fun….  Have a Fantastic, Stupendous,  Magnificent, Unbelievable,Better than ever Birthday.

  99. doug briggs says

    Make it a great one! Happy birthday!

  100. Yassine Mankour says

    Happy birthday to you amanda

  101. Amir.h Kh says

    Happy birthday 🙂

  102. Mell Rivera says

    HBD even tho I dont know u. Have a blessed day.

  103. nhari abdel says

    Happy birthay woman!

  104. ankeet gogoi says

    Be lated happy birthday

  105. Joe Martinez says

    Happy Belated Birthday + Amanda Blain! 🙂

  106. Jeffrey Cobb says

    Does this mean I'm more powerful than you?

  107. Jany Rouanne-Valentin says

    + Amanda Blain​ Bonsoir Amanda. Vous avez tant d'amis qui vous ont souhaité Happy Birthday vous devez être happy!! Quant a moi je vous ai envoyé un message PRIVÉ mais je m'aperçois que vous ne l'avez pas encore vu… J'espère que vous allez le trouver bientôt
    Joy and Happy for you my Dear Friend Amanda Tenderness. Sweet Kiss

  108. Laurie Leal says

    Happy Birthday

  109. angel ortiz says

    Happy birthday!

  110. CRUZ CHAGO says

    Happy birthday sexy hot mamacita

  111. Amina K says

    Happy birthday Amanda

  112. Athbert Munuwa says

    Happy birthday! Wish you many more healthy years to cme.

  113. young mallang says

    Happy birthday

  114. sajid ali says

    HHS dear

  115. hamid abedi says

    amanda happy birthday

  116. Keith Miller says


  117. Tommi K says

    hei, onneksi olkoon..;)) neiti

  118. Alice F (Peachez) says

    Happy belated birthday

  119. faith richardson says

    Happy Birthday

  120. MUHAMMAD Sabir SHAFIQUE says

    Happy birthday Amanda

  121. Kevin Otieno says

    Happy birthday

  122. Ram Chandra Pandey says

    happy birday 2u

  123. Natu Gamji (Adarawa) says

    Happy birthday Amanda

  124. dev patel says

    happy birthday 2 u

  125. David Gohlke says

    Happy Birthday To you and many more

  126. Amanda Blain says


  127. Dennis Yator says

    Hbd miss

  128. William C. Wolske says

    Happy birthday

  129. Robert Fernandes says

    happy late birthday 

  130. Muhammad Ali says

    Happy Birthday to you..

  131. Amar Guemouz says

    Happy birthday

  132. David Gohlke says

    Happy Birthday and many more and one to grow on

  133. Felipe Garcia says

    Happy birthday! Amanda

  134. Abrham Tesfaye says

    Happy Birthday Amanda! 

  135. aguibou soumah says

    joyeux anniversair ma charmante ma miss amadan je vous love

  136. Ariel Garay says

    Happy birthday

  137. harpreet preet says

    Happy birthday

  138. alseny sylla says

    Happy birthday

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