Google Handles 25 Percent of North America's Web Traffic

"…It means that with so many consumer devices connecting to Google each day, it's bigger than Facebook, Netflix, and Instagram combined." … Oh and this lovely one…  "more than 62 percent of the smartphones, laptops, video streamers, and other devices that tap into the internet from throughout North America connect to Google at least once a day."

And the backbone of all that wonderfulness? Google+ 

Stay Plussing my friends… Google knows what's what.. ♥

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Google Handles 25 Percent of North America's Web Traffic

  1. John Chiege Idenyi says

    google thank you oooo

  2. Kevin Phillips says

    For a second, I thought I was looking at inner workings of the LHC.

  3. Jeff Angcanan says


  4. Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran says

    Google is mother. Google is father. All hail teh Google.

  5. Epado Dotti says


  6. Shannon Adelson says

    "Resistance is futile!"
    Google+ is here to stay!

  7. Tony Harriss says


  8. Rendhy San Andreas says


  9. Anthony Gordon says


  10. Rustam Ali Shah says


  11. Javier Barberena says


  12. Tony Harriss says


  13. W Walker says

    How much of the #Global #Market  [email protected]?"

  14. Will Grace says

    The US Government loves this, Google sells them the data cheaper than Facebook does. Don't forget when you comment on Google+ to say hello to that nice NSA guy who has been assigned to watch you. Hi Dave!

  15. Epado Dotti says

    GOOGLE+ expetiment is fucking over..You ll see;(

  16. W Walker says

    #GOGoogle  + Google+  #LifeTalks

  17. shakil ali says


  18. Tex Nolan says

    my data comes in on the Blue line!

  19. Danny Rhodehamel says

    25% is what they might tell the government, but it is actually 70%.  I have been in the SEO market for 12 years now.  When an online company's Google marketing goes down they loose 70% of their business.  Bing and Yahoo only make up 10%.  They are actually brilliant at what they do.

  20. Okorie Samuel Kanayo says

    What a marine world.

  21. Will Chase says

    If you comment on a public post there's no need to ask Google for the data. Its available publicly + Will Grace

  22. Will Grace says

    + Will Chase Very true, but I like to say Hi to him anyway. He's a nice guy you know.

  23. Иван Буряк says

    I believe that Russia will soon move to G+

  24. Dylan Currier says

  25. Neville Swaby says

    + Neville Swaby its no secret now that Google is the nucleus  or in other words the largest staple center of the net world.Just one problem Google need to solve to be self sufficient now.Google need to acquire or build its own net Services no dependency on Verizon or any other for that juice.

  26. Eric Aultman says

    So is + Google+ not a graveyard anymore?

    + Mashable pls respond.

  27. Will Chase says

    + Eric Aultman you might like this article by + Dustin W. Stout, debunking the ghost town bloggers:

  28. Oscar Curiel says

    Mabie is running with real blood.

  29. Cole Rayne says

    I like the look of that.

  30. Scott Hamilton says

    I'd really like a high res version of this picture to set as my wallpaper!

  31. Scott Hamilton says

    Found it!

  32. Syed Rizwan says

    Thank u Google cause of u v can make friends all over the world

  33. Stephen Beres says

    I'd love to see one of their main Data Pumps in action.
    Even their Bit Bucket is the size of an Olympic Pool and needs its own cooling tower.

  34. Phillip Ryan says

    Pretty colors

  35. Sindre Joa Sømme says check out this interesting game on Kickstarter i think you would love it + Amanda Blain

  36. Alan Switzer says

    + Иван Буряк: Unless of course Putin passes laws against G+ because there is freedom on it.

  37. Steve Morris says

    OMG! That looks like my favorite screensaver. 😉

  38. Zainab Wazir says

    Interesting and incredible

  39. Nick Deuel says

    You really think the backbone is Google+? I love google plus but I dont think thats the case at all

  40. Stephen Beres says

    I've known about Googol, the math term, long before I heard about Google, when a friend of mine who seemed manic about it, implored me to try it. I wasn't expecting much, but…Wow! I've been a Googlin' Fool forever after.

  41. Mouna Elzamlout says


  42. Stephen Beres says

    A googol is a large number equal to 10 to the 100th power,
    (i.e., a 1 with 100 zeros following it). Written out explicitly,


    The term was coined in 1938 by 9-year-old Milton Sirotta.

  43. Dani Danneels says


  44. Peni Duzit says

    "Aeeeeemate Aeee.

  45. Greg Loar says

    62% wow.

  46. Donald Ray Edrington says

    Well, I do love Google. Gotta love somebody who has given me all kinds of free tools and services over the years and who sends me a check every month.

  47. Ruben Diaz says


  48. Peter Serven says


  49. M A Shariful Amin says

    Blain … What is this????

  50. daitian ou says


  51. Edward Ferguson says

    Yes and if they keep funneling their taxes through Ireland and the Caymans, they may be a rich as Apple some day.  I love Google, but the tax loopholes need to be closed.

  52. Pranil Pakdhare says

    wwwoowww….I like

  53. Gagan Raj says

    Wt is dis….?

  54. Pedro Sanchez says

    Ayyy Yayaiii, Caramba Caramba, Google keeps Gowing and growing. Arriva Arriva, Caray Caray.,

  55. Muhammad Gulzar says

    wow amazing

  56. mitesh bhalerao says

    Nice job Google+ team

  57. ousmane mané says

    c'est difficile de vivre sans ami je veut trouver amis pour échanger des idée.

  58. Stuart Ikin says

    Google+ is a plus!

  59. ray banger says

    thanks for that wonderful information about Google….. 🙂

  60. Augustine Iniodu says

    It's true google is the highest in all respect on the world wide web!

  61. Muhammad javed says


  62. DAVID BURNELL says

    GREAT! LOVE IT! Looks like the your typical intertwined intestines miss- mash of the human brain. LOL! geequudavid "THE CREATURES" Classic Rock With Edge! 7:26:13

  63. baba ouss says

    Wonderful coloring of pipes very neat and tidy, I liked that place.

  64. Subbraju Raj says


  65. Stuart Ikin says

    In North America all P & ID's are color coded to aid in identification.There are now some very pretty installations especially where PVC is used.

  66. chioma chukwani says


  67. Keyara Davis says

    Hey r u on here now look at my oost a coment on it my brother is wretsling

  68. Kasra Kasooli says


  69. asim javed says


  70. Shakir Mohammad says

    Who r u

  71. Dhiman Pitu says

    Hello friends

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