Should Famous People Do Their Own Social Media?

Recently it was revealed that +George Takei does not do all his social media, but in fact has a team of people creating content and sharing things out for him.I know many many many(most?) social media “big names” do the same thing. They hire an intern or an assistant that does all the posting for them… and except very rarely, they personally would hardly know they have an account on the platform.

I partly understand why. The backlash you get as a ‘popular poster’ can sometimes be as depressing as reading tabloids about yourself and often show the worst parts of humanity….

But I personally still read it all. All the comments, all the mentions, all @ replied on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+.  I still find posts to create, add my own thoughts and share them on multiple platforms every day. I still plus one comments that people take the time to write, hangout publicly, Retweet others and follow back any person who makes any kind of effort.  It doesn’t take as long as you would think it would…. Some others do too…  +Chris Pirillo , +Robert Scoble ,  and +Mike Elgan  are some names that come to mind that still  “take the time” even with huge audiences.

I really do think its sad that so many ‘famous people’ hire teams of people and still somehow can’t mention names directly, interact with you directly anywhere or follow you back on say Twitter. What are these teams doing all day long? If you are famous and you don’t have the time, get your PR teams to at least PRETEND to interact as you with say… an odd facebook like eh?

What do you think? Do you care if the “famous person” is really there or its just an intern / PR person? 🙂

Read more about the Takei Ghost Writer –

Should Famous People Do Their Own Social Media?
  1. Steve Berry says

    i don't know any famous people to ask.

  2. Tony Harriss says

    i no it

  3. Maria B-R says

    I would prefer if the person would actually make the posts and interact with their fans and stuff. But I understand that they're busy doing something, and they probably don't have the time to do it.

  4. Steve Berry says

    people who are curating social media posts tend to deliver content, instead of simple conversation. – it's not so bad if that's what you enjoy.

  5. Bryan Fuselier says

    I quickly drop those accounts once I detect fake PR teams.

    You're still here 🙂

  6. Steve Berry says

    amanda blain is famous the old school way. by being herself. not a team of social media experts curating her posts.

  7. Vic Gundotra says

    I don't have a team of people posting for me. I think you need to be real and authentic on social media if you want sustainable audiences.

  8. Marcos Rivera says

    And + Vic Gundotra just won the internet right now with that comment.

  9. julio zelaye says

    ..or fake being real good…or real fake being good ..huh ! Pretty señorita ;)…. don't know

  10. Rupert Wood says

    I kinda accept most celebs don't interact and have interns doing the work. those that I follow I follow for news on them, not to connect with them and accept they're just using social media to broadcast their message.
    tho it's great seeing celebs who do get it and do interact. my faves are on twitter Bruce Campbell & Stephen Fry who both make good efforts to engage with their audience as well as providing fun content.

  11. Steve Berry says

    I'll be honest, i don't really want to have a conversation with britany spears. i doubt she and I would get along 😛

  12. Eddie Mohan says

    + Amanda Blain, to me it's the difference between whether I'm interacting with a real person or just their ad agency…

  13. Aaron McLin says

    I have to say that I don't really care. It would be cool if people did their own social media work, but I also understand the risks in not having everything vetted by PR and Legal before it goes live. So as much as I think that people should do this for themselves, it's the expectations of the broader society that I think get in the way.

  14. Helena Smith says

    engage and participate or go away, that is what I would say to any celebrity… fame may make a celebrity but it does not make them think and it doesn't necessitate that we have to respect someone just because they are famous, if anything, these days we tend to think the reverse, however,  now if they have something original and interesting to say… all ears…

  15. Scot Duke says

    Would rather the Real person post in their space. Why are they here if they going to fake it?

  16. Ben Zaitz says

    I believe they should, in a perfect world. But tbh, I don't care too much about celebs on social media.

  17. Chris Yates says

    If they don't interact directly with their fans what's the point?! Fans don't want to talk with an intern!

    I understand screening the massive replies but have someone filter them and pick some to interact with.

    It's not that hard to be human.

  18. Amanda Blain says

    + Vic Gundotra you are another fabulous example of a super busy person with a huge audience who still takes the time ♥

  19. Stephan Hovnanian says

    those of "celebrity" status (including non-entertainment folk) need to treat themselves just like a brand. If they're going to hire a team, then that team needs to understand how to respond to [legitimate] criticism, and reward those who share and praise. If anything, the person behind the brand should be the one most involved in engaging with their audience, while the team coordinates everything else. I feel like that would be as authentic as you could get, should you need more hands than your own two to manage your social media footprint. My two cents.

  20. Scott Serres says

    Takei posts are boring he need a new team. I agree with you on + Mike Elgan his posts seem genuine and intelligent a pleasure to follow as are you + Amanda Blain  keep up the good work and thank you.

  21. Eustace James says

    I prefer not to follow a famous person's entourage. If you're not going to bother being present (even on a minimal basis), why bother?

  22. Liz Quilty says

    bit disappointing about Takai to be honest, though he does a good part of it it seems  :/
    Others are obviously ghost writers, and not overly good ones either.
    I write for myself – even when sick 🙂

  23. Gareth Cook says

    I'd be interested in a rich people's social media. Maybe with a below 55 age too.

  24. Jake Kern says

    It's usually part of the deal + Amanda Blain

    I don't like the George Takei profile, but I don't hold it against him. I still enjoy his cameos. I just don't care about his social media presence.

    However, I have so much respect for + Jeri Ryan because it's her, she takes the time to interact, and she's down to earth. Recently she popped into one of the posts from + Carrie Canup & we all pretty much squealed with delight.

    Celebrities can't be everywhere & do everything, but those who actually take the effort get so much respect from me.

  25. Chris Lau says

    + Vic Gundotra has great taste in music. Not only does he interact with his users when he can, but when you read his song picks he explains why he posted it.

  26. John-Paul Craig says

    Yes, I don't care at all what a persons publicist has to say. I only follow a person because I am interested in that person particularly.

  27. gerd friedrich engelbrecht-hempelmann says

    In the end…Idc too much…I follow Kirk Douglas on MySpace and feel it is just a privilege to be on the same planet with this 95 yo guy…

  28. Amanda Blain says

    She's another good one + Jake Kern  It's always a good day when + Jeri Ryan stops by for a comment… 🙂 

    But i do find it sad that we have a handful of names really that we can mention here out of "all the famous people in the world"… 🙂

  29. Robert Scoble says

    Yup, I am the only one who writes or responds or reads under my name online. I don't have a team. But, this is a pretty hard lifestyle for some if they have other parts of their life they want to focus on. I realize it's not for everyone and I realize that many just treat it as a business. I don't.

  30. Ann Druce says

    I think it's part of the celebrity life – like being seen at the "right" places or parties, they feel they have to be "seen" on social media, even if you aren't really interested.

    But for people who appear to have opinions on issues or content, it would be nice to believe it was their own opinion, and not some spin they didn't even know about.

  31. Rick Doyle says

    Is George Takei a famous person?

  32. Robert Misner says

    + Ben Zaitz Is it possible that you'd care more about celebs on social media if you actually believed you were dealing with a human being that just happened to be promoting some of their work?

    Even Reddit AMA's stink of PR firms. Something that seemed "authentic and cool" when it was new has turned into some celebrities assistant doing their "research" and writing studio-approved answers. Right before a movie release, of course.

    I don't follow anyone that I think is a PR firm, but I also don't look up commercials when I'm on YouTube or go outside just to find billboards to watch.

  33. Jake Kern says

    I find it special, actually. =)

    When I get upset is when there are "social media famous" people who are too important to interact.

    + Amanda Blain one of the biggest reasons you made it is because you've been interacting & working the public hangouts from the beginning. That's the way it should be…and I'm not going to tag the obvious offenders. ;]

  34. Scott Serres says

    Sweet Post i just found all the good people to circle Thanks! Everyone

  35. Peter Scott says

    Sometimes I think my comments make me sound like I'm someone else, like I'm perhaps trying to be cooler or sound more knowledgable than I really am. I guess in a sense I sometimes create my own internet assistant. Maybe that's as fake as the "famous" people!

  36. kat Folland says

    I expect "famous" people to use assistants, but if they never do their own stuff, then it's like US magazine or something (a publication that utterly bewilders me lol). I appreciate people like you + Amanda Blain that have a very real presence.

  37. Ben Zaitz says

    Ha + Robert Misner well said. Also it is possible, I spose. Though not a definite.

  38. Mark Sabalauskas says

    I could imagine that it might be useful for a busy celebrity to have an intern read the majority of  comment threads and pick out messages to respond to.  Esp. if they were the type of celebrity who was often going to attract hateful or lewd comments.

    Other than that, it's not clear why you wouldn't want to be social on social media.

  39. Sean Murray says

    I let the NSA hack into my computer and do all my social media. Much easier.

  40. Garrett Nicholas says

    Well I didn't read the rest of the comments but you don't have to be famous to be fake. You just have to be someone who considers other peoples opinions important.

  41. Stephan Hovnanian says

    + Mark Sabalauskas that's more of what I was referring to in my earlier comment. Just managing the activity but leaving engagement to the real person.

  42. Michael Molash says

    If I somehow became famous, I would maintain my own pages and be myself.  Since I have no idea how involved it can be at different levels of fame, I cannot guarantee it would stay that way.  Or, I would do AMA's and stuff when I had time.  I can't imagine what fame is like to have from my perspective.  It is refreshing on this side to see people we admire and value take the time to do things themselves.  It seems more genuine.

  43. Chris Yates says

    + Vic Gundotra is more famous than + Paris Hilton & he responds better 🙂
    + Amanda Blain

  44. shadow joseph says

    I think if you can't personally write Why bother letting someone else write who is to say what they could write

  45. Laurel Lawson says

    That's what happens when you start considering corporations as people and people as brands…

  46. Calvin Lee says

    + Amanda Blain I knew it! Zulu wasn't legit. I'm probably the only legit one left 🙂

  47. miguel maldonado toro says

    Be who it may be, to each its own!

  48. Stephanie Van Pelt says

    It can be pretty obvious when celebs manage their own accounts. Yes, we can enjoy the accounts managed by an intern if they're clever, but we truly engage with the ones that answer things themselves. And they get a reward from us, true interaction from their fans.

    You can see the differences every time there's a reddit AMA. Ethan Hawke recently did an outstanding effort and + William Shatner delivered in his flybys. It must be fun for them too when they get the genuine give and take with their fans.

  49. Wanda Tatum says

    Yes .. So very true .. Great quote & I totally agree ..

  50. Amanda Blain says

    + Mark Sabalauskas + Stephan Hovnanian … I am Tooootally cool with this idea of an internet person going through it and saying  take a look at this and respond… Or something in that train of thought…  but thats not what goes on usually… Usually they don't respond or look at interactions ever… they are just producing content as ghost writers pretending to be the "important" person… 

    Its the lack of interaction i find most disturbing…

  51. Shannon Adelson says

    Fabulous post! + Amanda Blain You can't fake authenticity, and it is so refreshing when G+ superstars embrace the genuine value of community participation and engagement. This is such an exciting place for social media, and it just keeps getting better all the time!

  52. Olav Folland says

    I know some others – + Jessi June does all her own postings.  We've had some wonderful conversations about cheeseburgers.  + Richard Branson almost certainly does, judging by his posts – they're definitely not written by PR people.  April Summers (the Playboy model…mostly.  It's pretty apparent.  She seems to be mostly posting herself these days though.  Anne Geddes, unfortunately, definitely does not.  It's a pity, too.I think she'd enjoy the photography community if she'd take the time (I'll probably drop her soon for it too).  Rose McGowan posts, but I don't know that she even reads them….

    Anyway, I do care if it's the person vs. a PR team, especially on G+.  If I wanted to hear hi-jinx,  I'd grab the copy of Us Magazine that some sick m-fer signed Kat up for (I suspect my dad, but I haven't asked.  It's still kinda funny).  As a general rule, I simply don't circle people with PR teams.  I only circled + Anne Geddes to see if she'd make a presence here.

  53. Rory Swan says

    I could careless. I have 0 celebrities circled

  54. Stephan Hovnanian says

    + Amanda Blain well if I'm ever famous, this is how I plan to run my shop 🙂

  55. Ed Bachan says

    I can personally attest to this, as I am the social media consultant for Weird Al Yankovich: Celebrities have been employing teams of consultants to do their posting for years and I don't see it stopping anytime soon. Is it appropriate? Hell-to-the-naw! But what can anyone do about it? Not a damn thing! Now, I will play Devil's advocate and say that + Morgan Freeman gets a pass. I mean, after all, we have been using his voice and likeness in memes all this time. And anyone who can smooth over finding your pregnant wife's severed head in a box gets props from me.

  56. Wendy Donaghey says

    havent a clue about # tag lol 😀 and why fake it coz thats what there good at i say playing with our feelings ttt shame oin them

  57. Ben Zaitz says

    + Rory Swan *care less

  58. Yifat Cohen says

    I can't remember who it was, but one of the Japanese movie stars actually auctioned that role to some super fan based on their own influence…

  59. Yifat Cohen says

    I was also super disappointed with + Tony Robbins' first Hangout (that was all staged and filtered) and the fact that he, too, doesn't engage himself.
    For someone who calls for authenticity and engagement, he could really benefit from walking his talk..

  60. Robert Misner says

    and also saying that you could care less is sort of like saying that you care a little bit but you'd accept caring less as though you are slightly hung up on the issue but you're not completely sure that you should be

  61. Ed Bachan says

    Pat Morita, + Yifat Cohen 😉 #SarcasmFont

  62. Chris Yates says

    My entourage doesn't post for me. Not that I've got one but if I did I'd still post my own stuff.

  63. Pam Lokker says

    I would think that a good many of them would not have the time to post on their own social media and would hire a virtual assistant to take of it for them and route those important ones for personal handling – a fact that + Borlok VA appreciates.

  64. Olav Folland says

    I just think interesting people are interesting.  Their PR firms, not so much.

  65. Rafi Kharman says

    I didn't beleive he had time to have so much output on his own.

  66. John Davis says

    I can under stand where they are coming from. From a corporate view it makes good sense. But the flip side is its not organic, it dose not have that personal touch.

  67. aha aty says


  68. Michael McIntyre says

    Sometimes the person is the product.  Then, they're on "social" not so much for true, meaningful interaction, but for access to a marketing platform. The worst is when on Twitter they start pimping products: "Hey, I just shot this with my new GoPro! It'll change your world!" Bleeeeccccchhhhhhh!!!

  69. Olav Folland says

    + John Davis just as I am as a photographer, or you are at your stuff… We are all products here.  I hope (at least) that people follow me because I'm engaging (when I'm not neurotic) and post things that people like to look at or read.  It may be simplistic, but I expect the same from everyone else.

    I circled + Amanda Blain way back when because she posted cool, interesting, and sometimes funny stuff.  Not because she hosts one of the better women-oriented websites in the world and had someone else talking about how cool she was.

  70. Earl Parker says

    I NEVER thought it was them! I comment on the ones that matter to me and don't care if they read them or I get a reply back. I don't put out there what I don't want seen and if it touches or affects someone personally, that's great but I am under no illusions that I matter one iota to that person. Besides, the people that matter in my life know and I know back!

  71. James Dyson says

    and everyone is all of the above

  72. John Piercy says

    fake it till ya make it 😉

  73. Brian Aldrich says

    I prefer the real deal to a faux celeb anyday. I'm sure some celebs or their handlers have reasons for having a presence here or elsewhere, but if they're not interacting personally (and regularly), they might as well just buy billboard space.

  74. Kevin Mullett says

    That is really good thing to say!  I know it must be hard to keep up with everything!  You have some really good posts.  Keep up the good work!!!

  75. Olav Folland says

    Exactly + Brian Aldrich.  + Emma Watson is a great example.  I'm sure she's smart and witty, but 100% PR people.  It's like they don't understand social media.

  76. Krystyn Chong says

    I don't follow any famous people closely enough that it matters. But yes, if I tried to talk to them and was ignored time and time again bc the ghost writer didn't know better I would be annoyed.

    If you post for someone famous give the followers the respect by adapting that persons personality and respond to questions so you don't get a bunch if haters who see right through you. Looking at @TomCruise on twitter. (A blog post I wrote a few years back chiding whoever it was acting as him. something I assumed). they posted links as long as 140 characters.

    get some They looked extremely lame tweeting that way so I called him out and they cleaned up and followed me back.

  77. Rory Swan says

    If you guys think Vic makes all his posts himself I have a bridge to sell you.

  78. Ernest Burnett says

    Depends on the intentions. Being in the public eye, celebrities are prone to a lot of attention – there's nothing wrong with a handler and at times, a need to carefully guard what and how things are said. At the same time, even celebrities want a venue to hangout with their fans and vice versa. At the end of the day, social media is best encapsulated in your "strategy", what platforms you tap off, how you integrate, how you campaign, how you use – the only "absolute must" is to have a plan, which in George's case would be letting web dev handle his social media accounts, maybe tossing them a few bones, and going back to doing George so he doesn't have to worry about the billions of potential social media venues he could or should possibly be looking into. Robert is a whole different genre. You can pass tweets for celebrities but you can't get into the mind of Robert (little different scenario) and build all the correlations of why things matter, what leads to follow, building the clouds and trends that all exist in the head – he'd need to be supervising a team 24/7.

  79. Nicole Gugliucci says

    While speaking at a con, William Shatner admitted that he doesn't really know what tweeting is. He says something and then says, "Hey, that should be a tweet!" And then someone tweets it for him. Apparently.

  80. Bentley V says

    I get it. I'm ok with famous people using "ghosts". As long as its interesting and its not promotional. If its the latter I'm out.

  81. Krystyn Chong says

    I think it's ok if someone posts for you if you're a busy famous person. There isn't enough time to cover all bases well if that's what you're known for if you do other things like write books and have a job.

  82. Lorne Hammond says

    as soon as I find out someone isn't a real person who i thought it was, they're off my list.. if they can't be bothered to interact with people then I find someone else.. the two most real celebrities right now that I interact with are Maryim "Monti" Carlo and Juliette Danielle who played Lisa on The Room. Two absolutely honest and wonderful people.

  83. Omar Todd says

    I do all of + Sea Shepherd Conservation Society And my own social media still and pride myself in answering everyone. I even do abit of the new Australian Wikileaks Political Party too which I am apart of. 🙂

  84. Jeremy Paddock says

    I know a few famous people that actually do their own "stunts". Most are Christian songwriters and music groups. And you can really tell it's them. There are a lot of others, mostly Christian, that I have noticed take the time to actually respond to their audience with their own words. +Building 429, +Danen Kane and many others.

  85. Mark Bozzelli says

    I think in social media and other outlets you have to be honest to who you are taking to and be honest to whom you are if not your fake does any one agree

  86. Ted Dumbauld says

    + Guy Kawasaki has set a good balance. He is upfront and honest about who does what for him in sm. AND he still personally interacts on G+, the one network where only he and not his ghostwriters contributes.

  87. Vic Gundotra says

    + Rory Swan I do make all my posts myself. What is this bridge you speak of? Lol

  88. Amanda Blain says

    Kawasaki uses ghost writers here and many other places + Ted Dumbauld … he said as much at a conference not long ago…  I honestly don't think he's commented on one of my GPlus posts ever… and i've never seen him in a hangout….  I know he comments sometimes… and I know he's a busy guy.. but he definitely falls into the "assistant" category… and not "doing it himself"…

  89. Johnny Polk says

    I know 🙁 Right

  90. Olav Folland says

    + Vic Gundotra I think most of us know that.  The comment about the Youtube timing thing earlier was an excellent example.

  91. Rafael Santos says

    I just had this conversation with some recently. If I wanted to hear from a "team" or handlers I'd listen to the mainstream media. On a social site we expect a direct link albeit limited.

  92. Abdul Moiz Khan says

    your right about that.

  93. Muhammad Ali says

    such real with confident ,,,

  94. Ted Dumbauld says

    I didn't hear his speech + Amanda Blain, but in a recent article he was very clear that on G+ – and only G+ – he is always himself. But you are right. He does only seem to interact on his posts, not others'.

  95. Mark Bozzelli says

    I have a question Brittney Spears is on g+ is it her or a assistant just asking

  96. James McBride says

    This post summarizes how I feel about most pop music. Its not designed to be authentic. Its designed to be mass consumed. Its not for me. I'd rather see one or two authentic posts every once in awhile than seeing frequent posts by proxy. I believe you'll find the ones that do truly support social media do so because they actually value it. Meanwhile the others see it as an ends to a mean.

  97. Mark Bozzelli says

    Amanda to answer your question YES take care

  98. Brian Workman says

    Social media can be a very humanising affair. While not on plus, + Jenny Lawson (the bloggess) definitely interacts with her audience on twitter (and i hear Facebook) and I've had interactions with author + Kevin Hearne (The Iron Druid Chronicles) both on twitter and here. While some may be too busy I think actually engaging with your audience directly shows that the love is bidirectional.

  99. Ben Helstad says

    Interaction should be key and paramount in order for social media presence to work. If said person hire's a team of people to do social media, they better DO social media. 

    To each his own on how much they personally read though. For some, I imagine it's way too much.

  100. Marc Jansen says

    You're a keeper, + Amanda Blain!  😉

  101. Amanda Blain says

    interesting post + Ted Dumbauld … good to know it is indeed him  here.. i must have misheard what he said or he's changed his methods. would be good to see him "out in the wild more" if that is the case…  🙂 I know he heavily automates posts with + Do Share … 

    I'm pretty sure even though she circles me… it's not + Britney Spears here + Mark Bozzelli

  102. Jenifer Lamug says


  103. Fabio Iacuz says

    So Logic

  104. Mark Bozzelli says

    thank you Amanda I thought something wrong when she wanted to be my friend or add me to her circles

  105. Trevor Nace says

    Thanks + Amanda Blain for this post. Something I've recently had to advise people on. I'm ok with people guest posting, but it comes with a few caveats. The famous person should be on it every once in while to know how their team and others are interacting with them. The second and one of the most important things is to have the team starting conversations as opposed to simply dumping updates twice a day. Conversations with real people go much further to build brand engagement and trust. Thanks for continuing to put so much time on here. I've always enjoyed your posts.

  106. Billy Tan Tan says

    Hehe what to do as long as u do enjoyed it then just let it be + Amanda Blain

  107. Benjamin Meissner says


  108. Zykerria Clark says


  109. Muhammad Ali says

    Iam little good little bad but why ?

  110. Saghar Hussain says


  111. Sebastian Wehr says

    i hope you find more of the real and good people since its not quite easy

  112. Rajesh Maharjan says

    People or Mens

  113. Megan Turner says

    I know it may sound a little entitled to think that celebrities should take time out of their day specifically to talk to people on social media, however it's a bit like going to your favourite band's concert only to find out that the songs will be sung by the local tribute act. The interaction, while on the surface may sound or look the same, has an ersatz quality. We reach out to a celebrity for a variety of reasons, and when a staffmember replies, virtually none of those reasons are fulfilled.

  114. Pingali Sivasehubabu says


  115. Steve Thomas says

    They should but they won't.

  116. Garry Davenport says

    It would be nice. I know of a few of the newer names do or a least try. But the longer there in it seems the further away from us they go.

  117. Robert Scoble says

    If you read it from me it's always only from me. Totally agree with + Vic Gundotra above.

  118. Abimison Agunji says

    is this possible

  119. Ericsen Gonda says

    How true !!!!

  120. Mouh London says


  121. Carlos Balderas says

    Do I have someone that's an intern and posts for me? Let me check — nope! What you see and hear is the real McCoy. 😉

    Honestly, it would really make the interactions feel more genuine, if I were actually reading posts and comments from the actual person, and not someone doing the commenting for him/her. I do realize that there are professionals that have no time to spend on social media. The PR stuff — I'm not a big fan of that at all.

  122. William Mims says

    I have never really been able to determine what a 'fake person' is…
    …if someone cultivates an image, then they are really that type of a person. So, not being their most comfortable self, would put them in a fake facade of their normally facade wearing real self.

    It's all jut too confusing… be simple;
    Accept people as real at their face value, and don't be more gullible than you're capable of avoiding.

  123. Wolfgang Rizzitano says

    Right! One of my very personal and loved aphorism is: There's no better liar than whom doesn't realize the bullshit let out!
     BHAW (Bear Hugs As Usual) Wolf! Wolf!

  124. PRITAM THAKOR says

    u think

  125. Ross Nicoll says

    I much prefer someone I can genuinely interact with, over a big name, personally.

  126. Helene Torrinha says

    Yes, its normal that they need a team but a VIP should also interact with his public/fans, to show them the apreciation and respect. At the end we are all the same: human behings!

  127. sultan arefin says


  128. Peter Munyao says


  129. Ravinder Malhotra says

    especially non-virgin brides.

  130. Alain Lortie says

    Thats so thru

  131. Marissa Gerona says

    so true

  132. Chris Fox says

    I see the need for famous people using social media. It is a free and easy method to connect with fans and followers and to keep them informed. With that being said I feel that from my perspective if they are not posting for themselves then their pages or sites should represent that and just be informative. If they could only post a few times a year due to scheduling or what have you, it would mean more to the people following them than having someone pretend to be them.

  133. Eileen O'Duffy says

    Sorry to be such a dreadful cynic here (!) but I start with the assumption that social media agencies are managing all the ‘celeb’ accounts. There are just tons of them here on G+ that are so easy to spot: posts sent at the exact same time each day, usually a one line silly question or fill in the blanks… It is so refreshing to see real live humans like you Amanda, like Vic and like Micheal Dell .Thanks for being a real human 🙂

  134. Stephen Prager says

    I think people who understand social media understand that celebrities most likely won't be posting their own stuff.

  135. Avi Newmark says

    Totally agree. What about companies? Is it better to have a company Facebook page or twitter account and all the other social forms of e-expression? Or should individuals within those companies be the face of the companies social media efforts? Ever since really starting to use Google + and getting my head around creating circles, I keep asking myself why I waste time with everything else. Here I can post what I want and have the flexibility to share it with whichever circle I want. It seems to me thats it's better to create the individuals within a company as the face of the companies social campaigns as apposed to 1 page run by one person. The flow of information etc would be that much greater if spread by not just one page but multiple pages. Your employees are your work force in the office that allows the ship to run. It just kind seems to me that a company would get a much stronger and deeper social interaction if it was spread by everyone in a company from CEO and on.

    Thoughts anyone?

  136. Loreilly Brown says

    I agree they should post themselves.  It is them we follow, not their hirelings.

  137. Brian Shea says

    Most of the examples of the "real" people posting are in the field of Social Media, or the digital world is some way. + Robert Scoble + Mike Elgan + Guy Kawasaki + Amanda Blain – this is, in a way, their job. Of course it's them, and it should be them.  
    I read Guy's article about his way of handling it, where he makes sure he is real in at least one place. And that is the only way it can really be managed, even for someone in this digital world.

    When you look at entertainment people, how do you expect them to socialize with you when they are busy with their jobs?  Imagine 'normal' people with normal jobs… a bus driver, taxi driver, machinists, skyscraper window cleaner, cop, ditch digger…  would any of them be able to do Social Media the way it is 'expected'?   These normal people can be extremely interesting and fascinating, but their jobs and lives are time consuming.

    Let us not judge those with fans/followings on whether they are 'real' or not. It should come down to whether you are getting anything from following them… even if it is a PR team.

  138. Brian Shea says

    Too often, us in geek land forget that others are not in this social media world fulltime.  They don't have these hundreds of posts flowing in their stream.

    And those that we interact with often on G+ and other sites are the digital citizens. Remember to accept our analog neighbors as they communicate with us in our own language/platform.  Be grateful they are making the effort to learn.

    hmmmm, I should probably post this as a post for myself, rather than a comment.  + Vic Gundotra , I could really use a way to promote a comment to Post level.  🙂

  139. Phillip Ryan says

    "I yam what I yam and tha's all what I yam." ~Popeye the Sailor

  140. Rachel Abapo says


  141. michelle rosemarie flynn says

    ya think ?

  142. Amanda Blain says

    I really really really don't agree with the idea that 'famous people are more busy'…  sure during a movie shoot someone might not have enough time to post…. but the rest of the time? They have the exact same amount of time in their day as everyone else does….

    I once heard a social media strategist tell someone… have a look at your accounts when you poop every day…. Although kinda odd… everyone does.. everyone takes a few minutes for that everyday.. and everyone could post an update or too… 😛 Everyone ….

    We all have full time jobs (well most of us)… It honestly comes down to.. they don't care, legal issues, and too many idiots going insane and posting their own social media insanities… much more than "not enough time"….

  143. Eileen O'Duffy says

    There may also be an element of ego and an ‘it’s beneath me’ attitude with some celebs. I once heard a minor celeb remark that he had no time to talk to his followers, that’s why he preferred Twitter where he could just post status updates for everybody to read and retweet. Yes, a minor celeb and he will stay minor with an ego like that !

  144. Amanda Blain says

    If working mom's  with 3 kids… still make time to post on Google+ and other sites on a regular basis.. im pretty sure it's not a "time issue" we are dealing with….but Priority… and like you mentioned + Eileen O'Duffy .. ego… and being advised not to.. so you don't post naked photos or tweet insane drunk thoughts you have… 🙂

    But that tends to be why I dont follow many celebs anymore… Or brands… If your just going to sell me how great your are all the time.. I can watch your TV commercials… 

    This idea needs to change in social media… It really really does.

  145. Eileen O'Duffy says

    I have started using #AntiSocialMedia to describe the upsurge of behaviour like this in social media. It is anything but social with brands and businesses screaming to be liked and reshared and ego heads broadcasting at the top of their voices. Oh and as you pointed out, using social media agencies / interns to broadcast and shout for them. 🙁

  146. Michael Musto says

    I agree!  Especially for celebrities that people follow.  They want to hear from them directly.  That's the reason they follow them.

  147. Chris Yates says

    + Amanda Blain I totally agree about the hours.

    But for celebs or athletes its about the amount of replies, comments & requests from fans. I think that is where they need the most help. Filtering through all the messages and once that is done they should be interacting.

  148. Scot Duke says

    + Chris Yates BINGO!

  149. Roy Nouneh says

    Excuse my OCD, but rather than being bothered by this obvious and rampant marketing tool, what really irks me here is your complete disregard for proper typography. Some people aren't real good at being fake…

  150. Amanda Blain says

    Sure… and im totally for a PR team helping with that… and a PR team helping coach a person on 'what to do and what not to do' just like they would for tv interviews, dealing with fans and how to take proper photos….. I dont expect some basketball star or actor to spend 40 hours a week commenting and interacting as much as me who works online most of the time… but they COULD take 15 minutes a day .. respond back or +1 a comment while waiting at the airport, before bed, or when standing in line somewhere at some point…. and make that fan's day… 

    Would that fan not be SO excited… tell EVERYONE they know? Maybe even brag about it for MONTHS later? ?"Omg Famous Person X just +1'd me!… It was AWESOME…" From this post alone i've seen + Jeri Ryan 's name mentioned everywhere and sideways because she commented on someones post like 15 months ago…. How much positive press could someone like Britney get for +1ing someone who mentioned them's cat picture? Is this not the best branding you could ask for? and it took what… 15 minutes to plus some comments? They don't need to do it for everyone… but sometimes? Once a week even? Come on. It's SOCIAL media… 

    I should open a PR agency… 😛 Really..  maybe it will be my next project.. :p

  151. Marc Jansen says

    From 15 months ago to 15 days ago….  She's still going strong….

  152. Mike Elgan says

    I think it's really a matter of creative people vs celebrities. Creative people would be nuts to not do their own social media, because it's the greatest way ever to develop as a creative person. What's the benefit of being out of touch with your audience? For celebrities who have nothing to say to the world except "look at me!," however, it doesn't matter. For people who are merely in it for the fame, by all means have a flunky represent you.

  153. Deborah Hudson says

    Eileen O'Duffey. I so agree w/ you. I couldn't have said it better. I just might add.. I'm not selling anything. ha.

  154. Darcy Zalewski says

    I generally assume there's a team helping, but I like to think they are actually involved a majority of the time.

    I think it also depends on how they post… It's it mostly newsy updates or seemingly heartfelt or witty comments. Some interaction or none. Just filtered or just managed. Do they let you know right away there's a team or constantly try to appear like it's them when it's not…

  155. Helene Torrinha says

    Even if they are busy the minimum that they can do its to say thanks the time in times! Without public no success, no glory! And they are one's that don't deserve ther glory.

  156. Junaid Ahmed says


  157. Karen C says

    I often wonder about that.

  158. Maria Teresa Apolencia says

    that is a fact…

  159. Monica Sherman says

    Unbelievably true

  160. Jessica Memo says


  161. Matt Burns says

    + Wil Wheaton + Jeri Ryan and + John Scalzi all do their own social media. Their fans love them for it, and it draws more people to their fan base. While we all feel like we sort of know celebrities in a way, if you've actually had a two-way conversation with the person, however short, you have a personal investment in that celebrity (hopefully in an "It was cool that he replied to my comment, so I think I'll watch that show he's in" rather than a creepy stalker way).

    George Takei can get away with it because he's George Takei. And it seems like his team does a good job of getting his input on things. But then there are people like Hugh Jackman. I see no reason to follow someone who's just going to have their publicist constantly post headshots. And it makes me feel less connected and emotionally invested in him, and less interested in seeing his movies.

    So yeah. Celebrities should do their own social media. Unless they're George Takei.

  162. Deborah Hudson says

    I always sign my own autographs.

  163. Paul Kurtyka says

    amanda.would you take the time to respond to my private message when u find time please? its just a normal business type question.thanks in advance for your time, keep doing what you do

  164. Manjinder Singh Hanjra says

    they can't do bcoz of their busy life … however it'd be nice to have a direct talk with them

  165. Terry I says

    Living in the Limelight,
    The universal dream
    For those who wish to seem.
    Those who wish to be
    Must put aside the alienation,
    Get on with the fascination,
    The real relation,
    The underlying theme

    Lyrics Limelight by Rush
    Songwriters: LEE, SHIH SHIONG / WU, XIONG

  166. Deborah Hudson says

    If any of you could talk to one famous person, who would it be?

  167. Harry rodriguez says

    Jenifer Austin i got a big crush on her.

  168. Jessica Memo says

    should I care at all?

  169. Señor Smith says

    I don't know but I'm pretty sure Kim Jong Un and Chuck Norris are not paying all those nerds that have fake profiles of them.

  170. Zykerria Clark says


  171. Kongminkiong Kiong says

    What's goods here, ha, Amanda blain, really, really, really, fake, ha, and the really goods, really really really, real, ha, but the you Amanda blain, that's you only interace with people you recognize but the what's about people that's new, in gplusser, that's just joint the conversation, and the an interrupted here, I did mean, it, you are the mostly fake here, online I did found out, ha, ha, don't, be fake unless you interact , even from people you do not recognize , ha that's theirs status, from, celebrity, are consider out of date, who cares,

  172. Zykerria Clark says


  173. Jeri Ryan says

    + Nicole Gugliucci Nope. Bill tweets for himself. He's a good guy. 🙂

  174. Leonard Sultana says

    Real, fake, personal, teams… If I find a blog entertaining, amusing, informative, ultimately distracting, I stick around. (That's why I Circled you, + Amanda Blain!) The second a feed stops being those things, I hang up. I'm the audience and I choose whether to listen or not, that's my prerogative, surely. I'd expect the same of anybody who follows my posts – the moment I stop being interesting to them, then I deserve to not get their attention.

  175. Leonard Sultana says

    I think, out of the celebs I do follow, + Hugh Jackman and + Michael Douglas are the ones that define what I personally expect for someone on social media – more than likely being posted by an intern but interesting enough to stick around, especially Michael's pics from his long and distinguished career. Ultimately, I agree: if a social media is being used to pimp someone's wares, under the guise of personal interaction, then that's marketing. Now, I have no problem with being marketed at… So long as that person is being upfront about it in the first place. (It's why I absolutely detest that junk mail that looks like its been hand-written, personally for you. Evil, evil shit.)

  176. Vineet Semwal says

    if somebody can please send all the lovely celebrities ,self proclaimed celebrities,wannabe celebrities and their lovely fans to mars .
    people will then stop wondering about existence of "intelligent" life in a planet other that earth 😉

  177. Lee Noble says

    I don't think it's up to anyone to dictate how somebody else may use their social media profiles. Personally, I can't help but snigger when I come across the timelines of people on Twitter who seem to spend their entire day requesting the same retweet from every celebrity account they can find. Or asking to be followed – for what?
    And I completely fail to comprehend those people who I see on the Google+ nearby stream who's posts seem to consist entirely of little yellow blobs displaying various emotions, or checking in to places with banal detail.
    I'm not going to go and tell them how they and their friends should be doing it though. I'll just ignore them and get on with the way I use it.

  178. Amanda Blain says

    For those who missed it + Jeri Ryan weighed in on the issue on her own profile here… … 🙂 (of course she did!)

  179. Glenn Ferrell says

    For me it depends on how/what people are sharing.

    + George Takei mostly shares humorous posts found online. Whether he or an assistant posts it doesn't matter. He may be aware of what is posted, but may not have time to monitor the replies across the social platforms. That, to me, is fine. I never assumed all his posts were really by his hand.

    Other celebrities have social media presence that is all in third person. "Madonna is doing this today." That to me is fine, as well. It's honest, and fans can keep up without being "fooled." Even better when the tagline or profile description says it's from the person's team.

    But I don't like anyone having someone post personal, first person content for them. If that's the best you can do, don't bother. I also think it's silly if people are in the business of social media/internet/technology and can't post for themselves. What would be the point?

  180. Ron Spilker says

    What's wrong with only posting for yourself when you have time? Not that a lot of the posts aren't funny; but, I think the world might survive if George only posted a few times a week.

  181. Capt Masat says


  182. matthew rappaport says

    + Vic Gundotra and + Bradley Horowitz post for me. They really keep that Rappaport spirit! They go above and beyond while I'm busy hanging out and other. Merci Beaucoup Gents!

  183. Zykerria Clark says


  184. Sarah P says

    Ghost writers are nothing new

  185. Zykerria Clark says

    Yea not really

  186. Heather Mitchell says

    + Glenn Ferrell + Amanda Blain I think it is fairly okay if someone else tweets for you so long as it's disclosed or pretty obvious like, "George is going to…" rather than "I watched Man of Steel today, awesome film."

  187. Zykerria Clark says


  188. Glenn Ferrell says

    + Heather Mitchell Exactly!

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