Android Vs Apple – The War Continues

What phone are you playing with these days? Just finished rooting my Samsung S4 Google Edition… 🙂 Have also been played with the MotoX, MotoG, Nexus 5 and .. they all so pretty… 🙂 Each phone has some strengths and weaknesses … It really depends what you are are looking for, but lots of great Android Choices on the market right now…

 And all in good phone fun, the phone you end up using is whatever one works best for you… Be that Blackberry, Windows, Apple or Android. 🙂
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Android Vs Apple - The War Continues

  1. Donagh Reardon says

    What do you think of windows phones?

  2. holly foss says

    I have iPhone 5s. I like it, but it scratches soooo easily.

  3. Tony Harris says

    Good morning have a lovely Monday be lucky

  4. Ryan Moore says

    I'd say, but I'm pretty sure you know my answer.

  5. Richelle Cruz says

    android still!

  6. Kevin Bowie says

    I love my multi Window on my Note 3 :). Android for life.

  7. Vanessa C says

    Nexus 5, but of course

  8. Khan Hannan says

    #iPhone all the way!!


    Good morning my dear friend

  10. Vanessa Mouton says

    The #Samsung  is calling to me but I've been an #Iphone  user for a while now and wonder if I can handle the change…

  11. Robert Behm Lopez says

    LG G2 awesome phone

  12. Candice Hanlon says

    Ditched my iPhone 5. Got a Note 3. Never been happier!

  13. Zack Shenkle says

    I want to hear some solid opinions about #windowsphone , as a developer for that platform I must say its API doesn't provide as much functionality as that of Android/IOS.

  14. Patrick Hill says

    I own and switch between the HTC One(converted to GPE) , Nexus 5 and Moto X.

  15. Derek Ross says

    Moto X FTW!

  16. Randy Hoopes says

    iPhone rules!

  17. Mathieu Le François says

    Love my Nexus 5

  18. Robert Beier says

    Nexus 4… bought used on eBay and love it!

  19. Tiffany Henry says

    I want the Sony Xperia Z so bad

  20. Jr. Ramos says

    I love my Nexus 5 😉

  21. Lawrence Sauter says

    I am more shocked by how often so many people change their phones, to get the latest and greatest….

  22. Trevor Penwarden says

    I'm rocking the Note 3, loving the huge screen and powerful processor.
    I've put it in an otterbox case to give it some protection… My precious!

  23. Scott Sawyer says

    Ha, rocking Toro on Carbon. Old school.

  24. Eustace James says

    iPhone 4S and a rooted Samsung Galaxy S3.

  25. keith carey says

    galaxy blaze but fixing to get the nexus 5

  26. Harpak h.khani says

    How about xperia z? I like it&I think perfect

  27. Stephanie McNabb says

    Galaxy S3 🙂

  28. Lyndon Johnson says

    An S3 but eyeing a Nexus 5

  29. Liz Eberhardt says

    HTC ONE. Very happy with this phone.

  30. Kazem Edmond says

    Moto X

  31. keith carey says

    what can any one tell me about the nexus 5

  32. Craig McAnuff says

    Still loving my N4!!

  33. Phillip Sugg says

    + Amanda Blain how about you send a couple of those phones my way when you're doing messing with them? lol I have a year old Atrix HD, it's been great, finally on the supported device list for Cyanogenmod.

  34. Robert Manurung says

    Forever until satisfyingly.

  35. Amanda Blain says

    I have a nokia lumia 1020… And I love the camera on the phone. It really does take amazing pictures and has awesome functionality.. That being said… Minimal apps (not even a G+ app) means I cant use this as my go to day to day phone…  I like the idea of Windows phones.. I like how it interacts with my Xbox…. I dont like lack of apps.. and ultimately regardless of hardware or battery life… Lack of Apps much like Blackberry, will probably cause its downfall. + Zack Shenkle + Donagh Reardon

  36. Daniel Kuciel says

    Nexus 5, all the way + Amanda Blain 🙂

  37. Phillip Ryan says

    Galaxy s3 with a cracked scree.

  38. Dillon Richard says

    Was rolling with the S4 for a few months. Sold that and upgraded to the 5s to test out the camera. After about a month and a half I switched it for a note 3. The note 2 spoiled me with the big screen back when I owned one. Besides the camera, Apple is still limiting themselves way to much. The A7 chip is such a beast but there's no where to really show it. It's like being stuck driving through a school zone with a Ferrari

  39. Roberto Reynoso-Delin says

    I thought iPhone ruled but after tried Galaxy S4 I realized how blind I was. Never looked back, Android FTW.

  40. Raheen Holmes says

    Nexus 5 baby!!!!!!

  41. shuaib kazi says

    Samsung galaxy s4 mini duos. That's my work horse.

  42. Mark Koschwitz says

    Went from an iPhone 5 to current S4 and might go to a Windows phone when this one croaks. I'm not very brand loyal, so I just float from one to the next. I get bored.

  43. Nestor Nieves says

    Android babyy!!!

  44. Chris Lugo says

    IOS is too restrictive
    Windows is not as intuitive

  45. Bryan Sinclair says

    Nexus 5


    I love my RAZR HD because works hard

  47. Juan J Guerrero says


  48. Jeremy Mayse says

    I replaced my burnt up laptop with a nexus 10 and blue tooth keyboard, im impressed with the picture and sound quality. Still haven't rooted it yet but will at a future point in time. As for phone I can't upgrade from s3 yet but have been eyeing the latest note for quite some time. Apple products may be simple to use but I like android prices and the ability to customize and tune (so to speak)

  49. Mike Cosmi says

    I went back to a 5s as my primary after a few months of Moto x and nexus 5. I still love the Moto x…it's just I prefer iOS.

    It's nice to be back.

  50. Luigi Cusano says

    iPhone 4S

  51. marshall williams says

    Moto X sgs4 my daily driver's

  52. Johnny van Vlimmeren says

    + Candice Hanlon working for Verizon I can't tell you how many people have done this. It seems to be a trend that is gaining momentum.

  53. Henry Osborne says

    Just got myself the Moto G to complement my Xperia J

  54. Robert Nissenbaum says

    Motorola RAZR MAXX HD, 8.2 and 10.1 Motorola tablets. Multiple HD docks controlling media, house and mobile office.

  55. Mike Minor says

    I can't put my Samsung Note 3 down… Am on it now….

  56. Doug Holdridge says

    LG motion 4G-my only link to the net so I appreciate it

  57. Justin Dufrene says

    Android is freedom.

  58. Javier Rosario says

    Galaxy Note 3 This baby is a beats and the battery oh God I love the battey life on this phone 🙂

  59. naishadh badheka says

    Nexus 5

  60. Yazvirus Yaaz says

    Fuck the Android !!!!

  61. Alfredo Tigolo says

    Fudge the Apple !!!!

  62. Johnny Zed says

    Rocking my Nexus 5, which has been pretty solid for me, especially since the 4.4.2 update.  (Still have my Nexus 4, too, and even it seems a bit happier with 4.4, even though it's really only a backup phone at this point).

  63. naishadh badheka says

    Apple very poor.

  64. Matt Kiener says

    Love my S4. I installed Next Launcher, and love the new look and feel it gives.

  65. marshall williams says

    Why can't we all just get along it's just a phone

  66. Ron Hosking says

    My good computer is still crashed. I'm working off this tablet, it is
    still confusing me. Sorry for mistakes., friend, RON

    played with the MotoX, MotoG, Nexus 5 and .. they all so pretty… 🙂 Each
    phone has some strengths and weaknesses … It really depends what you are
    are looking for, but lots of great Android Choices…
    phone you end up using is whatever one works best for you… Be that
    Blackberry, Windows, Apple or Android. 🙂
    you had subscribed to.
    On Dec 15, 2013 9:32 PM, "Amanda Blain (Google+)" <reply
    ****@**> wrote:
    played with the MotoX, MotoG, Nexus 5 and .. they all so pretty… 🙂 Each
    phone has some strengths and weaknesses … It really depends what you are
    are looking for, but lots of great Android Choices…
    phone you end up using is whatever one works best for you… Be that
    Blackberry, Windows, Apple or Android. 🙂
    you had subscribed to.

  67. Rafael Lopez says

    HTC One converted to Google Edition 🙂

  68. Chris Schaeuble says

    Android all the way!

  69. Jim Ellis says

    Balmer (ms ceo) was right about 1 thing. Developers.
    15 years ago ms made it easy for developers to get the tools to make windows programs, and windows "ruled" because that was the platform used for programs.
    Over time it became m$, and developers started looking elsewhere.
    On top of that the win8 release that was hated by so many.
    IMHO these are some major reasons ms is fading away and is not relevant any more.

    Apple was innovative. They were responsible for the smart phones really taking off.
    However, many feel that iStuff is too overpriced.
    And then comes the issue that amazes me, especially in the US.
    This issue is the control that Apple exerts over the entire system.
    They make the decisions about what programs the users are allowed to use.
    And Apple decided what size phone people could have.

    As to developers, having to pay apple every year just for the privilege of getting to use their platform rubs me the wrong way.
    Not having the ability to install a custom app rubs me the wrong way. Not every app needs to go through the app store. Such as if I create an app just for a small group of people.
    And the way apple set the fee structure for apps is another thing that rubs me the wrong way.
    IMHO while Apple has been a big success, the above things have hindered them and allowed Android to take the lead.

    So we get to Android. The tools are easy to get and use. Also the release of golang is a major step forward.for developers.

    Then there is the plethora of different devices that run Android. Most apps go through the play store, but you also have the ability to directly install an app without going through the play store.

    So for me Android is much better for consumers and developers.
    No, it is not perfect, and has some issues. I feel it is far better than the other 2.

    Oh, as to me, I got 2 years of reliable use or of a Motorola electrify, and when I got a new phone earlier this year it was this note 2, which I am very happy with.

  70. Jodie Wren says

    Moto X is my favorite phone to date. It's been said by many, now, but the specs on the average phone aren't going to make a difference to must users and the Moto X has offered me the best experience, so far.

  71. Rafael Lopez says

    + Jim Ellis DROID is a Verizon brand. Please don't be like ifans who call Android…DROID.

  72. Peter G McDermott says

    My Galaxy S III is still going strong!

  73. Asif Iqbal says

    Nexus 5

  74. Jim Ellis says

    + Rafael Lopez my bad. Fixed it.

  75. Rafael Lopez says

    + Jim Ellis very cool of you 🙂

  76. J Schippnick says

    Moto X > Every other phone on the market. I've been working in the mobile industry for over eight years and it is the best phone I've ever worked with, period. + Motorola Mobility has a winner.

  77. Edward Range says

    Like beauty an r a meal

  78. Jerry James Stone says

    Love my iPhone, but hate the war.

  79. Taylor Mauceri says

    Nexus 5

  80. Felix Santiago says

    Well I'm samsung product I'm still loving and rocking my note 2 😉

  81. Craig Fifield says

    once you use android you can't go back

  82. Benjamin Roethig says

    Android's greatest strength:  being open
    Android's greatest weakness: being open

    Its a dream for those who want choice and the ability to load custom ROMs. but you're not guaranteed so much as a security update on Non-Nexus or Play Edition devices and Google Play makes it far too easy to make fake or malicious apps.  I wouldn't trust it for anyone who isn't a very informed user.

  83. J Schippnick says

    + Craig Fifield Not true. I've seen over 200 people. in person, go from Android to iOS… stupidly so. I tried to talk each of them out of it, but they all went to the iPhone 4S or the iPhone 5S. Some people just want iPhone simply for the name.

  84. micheal washington says

    + Zack Shenkle, really love windows phone it a smooth solid os, love the social intergration, my only problem is apps, it just doesn't have enough quality apps to keep it supported, apps are the only thing that's keeps it from being my daily driver.

  85. Braxton McNeill says


  86. Randy Walker Sr. says

    Note 2

  87. Bryan Rogers says

    Got my G2 last month

  88. Craig Fifield says

    + J Schippnick if they want something just for the name, they're not my kind of people so I don't care what phone they use 🙂

  89. Nick Castillo says

    Samsung Galaxy S3, soon to get a Samsung Galaxy S5!!!!

  90. sean williams says

    HTC one

  91. Izhar Arshad says

    Tab 3 samsung

  92. Greg Fuller says

    Droid Maxx !!!

  93. Kory Cox says

    The war will always be there, and hopefully so….. As phones have developed from sophisticated communication devices to all-in-one computer/multimedia devices, this so-called war helps bring users the latest and greatest innovations to the market. Yes we have Apple to thank for its explosive introduction of the iPhone as a true smart phone, and Android for its Tron-like "fight for the users" customization and control. Without the two sides we would still be stuck at Motorola's RAZR days of horrid mobile browsing (which was awesome when it came out…. Don't lie, you had one…). I'm saying that for what we need them for – a mobile phone, all four major platforms still leave us with a useful communicator. Preference is determined by what you wish to do with it beyond that…

  94. Josh Bryson says

    Still rocking my trusty nexus 4. 🙂

  95. Ganesh Venkat says

    S Note III

  96. Nitin Mac says

    S note 3

  97. Rav Phoon says

    Rooted Samsung galaxy s2.

  98. Sidharth Dassani says

    Finally someone makes sense. Use the phone that works for you. No need to badmouth the other platforms. 🙂

  99. James Simmons says

    I'm pretty sure the picture sums it up. The war does not continue unfortunately, as android continues to steadily carve away at Apple's market share. Apple is pretty much finished in the mobile industry unless they make radical changes, much more radical than a paint job (iOS 7 anyone?). It will be gradual, but it's happening. After all, did BlackBerry fall in a day?

  100. Michael Gaines says

    The image screams "link bait".

  101. Matthew Lucas says


  102. v.m. R. Menjivar says

    Well….? to play it's always fun. Thanks.

  103. David Phiri says


  104. Jhoseizi Matsuo says

    i dont play anymore coz someone stole my phone .. huhu pity on me ;(

  105. sourabh mokhasi says

    Nexus for life!

  106. Ken Torri says

    Nexus 5. Specs : Experience : Price cannot be beat!

  107. Douglas Wake says

    I'm using a Droid Mini right now, but I'm waiting on my Moto X to arrive on or before Saturday. So very excited!

    Also, can't wait for Project Ara to pick up steam.

  108. Sotirios Georgiou says

    Note 3

  109. Thomas Hall says

    I have theLG G2 its a power house, a freak of nature. I'm also rocking an EVO LTE also. Not a fan of the galaxy or plain Jane android like the Nexus line.

  110. Kevin X says

    Note 3

  111. Reg Bell says

    Note 3

  112. Peter Wobacz says

    Oppo find 5.

  113. Trease Shine says


  114. ralph caton says

    HTC One!!!!!

  115. Cameron Johnson says

    This Nexus 5 will wipe the floor with anything on the market in its class in regards to performance, balance, battery & price. This isn't a great phone for $350, it's a great phone period.

  116. Thuta Aein says

    The phone fucking your asshole grate is playing with these days…….

  117. Boutros Assad says


  118. Derrick Simmons says

    Rooted note 2, running jedi rom. 🙂

  119. Tongam Pardomuan says

    Yup agree on staying longer on whichever work better for you. Still using i4s on the 3rd year.

  120. Hart TakAda says

    + Lawrence Sauter we are generation of lust.. Lust for Android hahha…

  121. mahery rakoto says

    Note 2!!! Apple's trying to catch up to all the Android goodies but has an edge hardware wise have a good day

  122. Efrain Martinez says

    Nexus 5!

  123. Ross Pendleton says

    Nexus 4, with lovely KitKat. But I've already decided on my next phone… The Motorola Ara!

  124. Lance K says

    Is it even a war? 🙂

  125. Isak Dombestein says

    + Lawrence Sauter yea. pepole do often change their phone. I mean, i have not had this phone for a year, but i still need to change to probably gaøaxy S4 beacause this is full of errors…

  126. Hart TakAda says

    + Lance K it's a war but with a winner already hahah

  127. Ashish Tahiliani says

    In relationship with Note 2

  128. Martyn Oakley says

    Had my HTC one Max for a couple of weeks now and really loving it. So fast and a great battery life.

  129. Wayon Shaw says

    Nexus 4, Go Android Go

  130. Stuart Ikin says

    It's sad that apple is loosing ground after being so innovative!

  131. Walid Heriche says

    thats true!!!

  132. Hart TakAda says

    + Stuart Ikin i dont think apple are innovative but i do admit they are a great designer.

  133. Ashish Tahiliani says

    If only Apple starts making 5 inch iphones

  134. Azhar khan says


  135. Hhaijun Huang says

    wo do you say why?  i down not

  136. Hart TakAda says

    + Ashish Tahiliani apple are being greedy or they just admit they already lost the game.

  137. Marie Amigo says

    Xperia v easy and lights

  138. Manlossi Fummi says

    android for life – Xperia S

  139. Ko Kyaw says

    Ipad jxd'

  140. Pascal Chauvy says

    LG G2 on Cyanogenmod 11…the top:-D

  141. Serafín Vázquez says

    ¡Qué mas da! Basura al fin y al cabo. Yo, un pobre, pobre de verdad, tengo tres móviles, uno un Iphone ¡Y no llaman ni para insujtar! ¡Si, para pedir favores! Favores que nunca agradecen y no digamos pedirles tu uno a [email protected] Las personas son comodonas, cínicas y egoistas hasta decir basta.

  142. Jameeil Bashir says

    Android all the way

  143. Cesar Gonzalez says

    Note 3+Galaxy Gear Running stock

  144. Ian-Devon Lewis says

    the OP of this post made me love my iPhone even more. i liked how she pointed out all the other models of android phones, vaguely but truthfully stated they all have strengths and weakness. then i look down at my iPhone… what can i actually say about it? nothing… just sit back wonder what other great features the next iPhone model or iOS will bring to the table that i can count as an upgrade.

  145. Adrian Martin says

    Moto X. Love it because it's not a plaque in size, isn't spec'd out to the point of ridiculousness and simply does what it says it will do…well.

  146. Tugsbayar Bat-Ulzii says

    Go Android

  147. Jonathan Scruggs says

    + Amanda Blain I use a Moto X, so naturally I put the phone on the table and do a series of touchless control sessions with it to demonstrate. It leaves people speechless. They ask what the battery life is like and I just don't tell them, but show them the battery monitor and their mouthes hit the floor. One is an iPhone fan and he says that Apple will definitely do this in the next iPhone. So I reply, "you admit that Apple steals everyone else's ideas and passes it off as their own then?" He shuts up. But I do kinda agree and wouldn't be surprised if Apple did this in a future phone. It's such a useful feature especially when driving to hear text messages and be able to reply back without taking your eyes off the road. I love the features of Moto X!

  148. Wares Anwary says

    All hail samsung!!!!!

  149. James Campbell says

    Who thinks Apple should just give up in smartphone and tablets and everyone just use Android?

  150. Eric Giles says

    Still rocking my droid bionic, but on 4.4 now. Which is why I prefer android. Its openness allows this old phone to still be relevant.

  151. Jeremy Decker says

    I have tried so many android phones from the S3 to the droid mini, but I can't seem to give up my iPhone 5. I think people sometimes forget how well the iPhone does just about everything. The iPhone might not be the best at any one category but for lack of a better term it "just works". I have tried so hard to retire the iPhone and just can't seem to do it.

  152. Adrian Ciubotariu says

    + Jeremy Decker it's cause you're emotionally attached to it. that's why they allow themselves to overprice them. that's why the nexus is so damn cheap and good. it does the job awesomely while still being "just a smartphone".

  153. Joshua Talley says

    Just got a Moto X and enjoying it more than the Nexus 4 it replaced.

  154. Keyur Negi says

    android is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!
    better than aple

  155. hance kaulu says

    iphone 5 in note 3

  156. michael holden says

    Gs3 but getting a moto x next march and getting a nexus 7 for Christmas

  157. Ken McGonigal says


  158. Maikeru Tenshi says

    jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaaj! What War???

  159. Trevor Henry says

    iPhone 5s and Nexus 5.. I like both, but I prefer the iPhone 5.

  160. KERWIN LEBLANC says

    This android vs apple thing is becoming like a religion…to mush people are being divided by stupid belief of which one is better…is not about which one is better is about which one is best for you,

  161. Lawrence Hare says

    HTC One,awesome phone,superb build quality,beautiful design,amazing spec and the screens hardly ever break too!

  162. Jari Huomo says

    The best Phone is the phone that is best for you.

    I just switched from HTC One to iPhone 5s.

  163. Marshall Grande says

    My nexus 5 root

  164. zeal shah says

    Samsung galaxy tab 2….

  165. Boris Spek says

    Nexus 5 😉

  166. Felix Abakpa says


  167. Hailyuzairi Yusoff says

    Nokia 3310

  168. Butch Champ says

    Rocking a Moto x , had a Galaxy s3 , touch wiz seems old and bogs down the phone in every aspect .also lumina 920 for a minute but like everyone else the lack of apps is a deal breaker, the . windows phone hardware wise is nice tho IMHO …

  169. Devara Gian says

    Nexus and Moto !!! All hail #StockAndroid

  170. Fredrik Dahlberg says

    Once you go Nexus, you never go back.

  171. lee zhen hong says

    Definitely not Shamesung GALAXY phones. Nexus all the way.

  172. Aziz Bzioui says

    Galaxy s3

  173. Arabadzhiev Georgi FR says

    vagh vagh…

  174. Shahid Saeed says

    I love to use my galaxy note3 because android is best software as compare to iPhone software

  175. Anthony Hopkins says

    Note 3 simply the best……..

  176. aref md says

    It's fulse.

  177. Nirav Mahant says


  178. Tod Leamon says

    Love Nexus 5..

  179. Luigie Gonzalez says

    Still rocking my Nexus 4!!! 🙂

  180. James Campbell says

    Who wants Apple out of business so that we all use Android instead? Is iPhone for people who got money and android is for people who have less money? Is it a rich and poor issue or common sense issue? And why all the Apple hate? Does everyone want iPhones to cost like $200?

  181. JoAnn Brereton says

    Still using my Samsung Galaxy S3 but envious of my husband's Moto X.

  182. Seoras Mackay says

    Got my Note 3 HOX+ and N4

  183. Daryn Lowe says

    N5 Love the android experience although there is always room for improvement.

  184. Andre Cleroux says

    Nexus 5 for sure!

  185. Miguel Romero says

    Windows is pretty good

  186. Leslie Johnson says

    Nexus 4 + iPad = heaven can't do all android or all iOS gotta switch it up.

  187. Vaquero Conciente says

    Note 3

  188. Daniel Rajat Ale says

    Nexus 5

  189. Lukasz Balicki says

    HTC One

  190. ارسلان خوش اواز says


  191. Gwyn Bennett-Williams says

    iPhone 4  + nexus 7

  192. Roderic Green says

    Moto X, Nexus 5 & my trusty LG G2 for awesome photos.

  193. Mark Murphy says

    S3 running CyanogenMod, yo.

  194. jeff linduska says

    HTC One Developer Edition and Nexus 5

  195. Adam Boyd says

    Just switched from HTC One to the iPhone 5s. I regret nothing.

  196. Z Soran says

    HTC One…. I rooted that son of a b***h and made it an original pure Google version with OTA

  197. Walter Bedsole says

    Got the s4 Google play & nexus 5… love both. But I have never rooted, should I?? Proud, con's??

  198. Walter Bedsole says

    + Vanessa Mouton once you get used to it you'll never go back..

  199. dorio x says

    xperia Z

  200. Matthew Summers says

    I have the Galaxy S3, so far so good. I'm thinking of the S4 or Note3 when I'm ready for the upgrade. Two of my kids have iPhone's & 1 has the Note2.

  201. Carlos Navarrete says

    HTC One (M7) rooted

  202. Julie francis says

    I like da image

  203. Amir Shah says

    Yesterday I send facebook on request why didn't you except it

  204. Hans Lenon says

    Nexus 5 as daily driver and Ipad mini as tablet… i know i know.. apple product alert.. im just a hybrid and im un biased over the 2 because they both offer awsome products

    but android for my phone ( recently owned an Iphone 4s)
    and iOS for my tablet

  205. Mufeez Lebbé says

    Simple but mighty Nexus 5

  206. Shane Rooney says

    LG G2 all the way. Battery life is the best out of all Android phones as of now 🙂

  207. Teaxs Longhorns says

    Iphone 5 c

    For The Colorful

  208. Ross Fraser says
  209. Isai De Jesus says

    Have HTC One and waiting for my Moto X to be shipped to my house xD. So excited 😀

  210. Rob Blaich says

    I can't put my Moto X down. Love this phone.

  211. Kern Mx says

    love htc one

  212. Nicholas Costa says

    + Vanessa Moutonif you are thinking about making the switch look into the moto x. It is much nicer in the hand than any Samsung, the user interface is much nicer, and they gave a program that will copy over all of your contacts messages and other things. You can also customize it to any color you like and even put a signature on the back! Best phone I've ever owned and I've had everything

  213. israel R says

    I love my nexus 5!!! Go android!!

  214. Andy Basinger says

    Galaxy s4 (rooted running AOKP) and a Moto x on the way.

  215. Isai De Jesus says

    House the battery life with the Moto X? I'm a moderate to heavy user. Use my phone for music quite a bit

  216. Grant Heckman says

    Love my iPhone and fingerprint sensor

  217. fadi aboona says

    Note 3.

  218. Khurram Liaqat says

    + Jim Ellis I hadn't heard of Golang up till now. Thanks : )

  219. Anijekwu Charles says

    Android is incomparable…simply the best,amanda blain if u need any instructions or solutions to any problem u encounter in your phone simply get me inform,I'm an android geek..and how much is s4 over there?its kinda expensive here

  220. Amaury Reynoso says

    I'm doing with my Sony Xperia L, Android of course!

  221. fadi aboona says

    + Anijekwu Charles how to get rid of bloatware on note 3 to save more ram?

  222. Shawn Shubert says

    I have the Samsung galaxy note 3

  223. Nicholas Costa says

    + Isai De Jesus Best overall phone I've ever used. Not going to beat powerhouses like the note 3 and G2 in battery life but you will get through a full day with moderate to heavy use. I get 18-22 hours with 3.5 to 4.5 hours of screen on time along with streaming music and other services. If you're looking for an amazing overall experience it's the phone to go with. iPhone users stick with Apple because the experience is pleasant and straightforward. This is the first Android phone that gives you that experience along with all the advantages of android.

  224. Cliff Kirby says

    + fadi aboona the only way is to root your phone, otherwise you can't.

  225. fadi aboona says

    + Cliff Kirby ok thanks. I will look into.

  226. Chris Fox says

    Sony xperia j. Not cutting edge and the camera could be better but still would choose it again over IPhone.

  227. George White says

    Nexus 4 but wanting a nexus 5 and a Sony experia z ultra.

  228. Cliff Kirby says

    + fadi aboona if you do root your phone, you will lose any guarantee you have in your phone, so think first before you do.

  229. Hulmeman E.T. says

    Note 2, but hoping for the Note 4 by the time my contract is up.

  230. Cliff Kirby says

    + Hulmeman E.T. Exactly the same here.

  231. Vanessa Mouton says

    + Nicholas Costa Thanks!  It wasn't even on my radar of consideration.  Sounds great!

  232. Hugh McVea says

    Always Android! Nexus 5, Sony Xperia Z1, HTC One to name a few.

  233. mir bipu says

    Always i feel the taste of sony xperia™ⓩ

  234. KAY ATCHISON says

    Android Android Android htc one vx

  235. David Hanifin says

    Moto X does everything I want a phone to do.

  236. queen cherry says

    i like apple very much

  237. Brian Lamb says

    Nexus 5,but I still have my iphone 5.

  238. Tulsi Ezhilan says

    Android…. what else?? Is there anything else in the market that's worth it?

  239. Dar Ren says

    Sitting in the Android boat right now. Loving my Note 3. I will prolly be going back to WP though sooner or later. I miss the fluidity and live tiles.

  240. Roberto Reynoso-Delin says

    + Serafín Vázquezno comprendo lo que quieres decir. 🙂

  241. Mike Tunac says

    Running with the LG G2 I like customization out of the box as I use a Kit Kat theme that's not a launcher.

  242. Craig Chamberlin says

    I'm a fan of both, depending on the user and the situation + Amanda Blain 😀 I love that there is something for everyone now!

  243. Ramses Rodrigo Mantilla says

    I´m a Mac User but it seems  this year Mac has the goal to sink "Itself"….. crap IOS 7 crap OS Mavericks, crap RETINA screens …..

  244. Bali Arif says

    Nexus 4 & loving it

  245. Ernesto Neyra says

    Android of course!

  246. Svein Arild Hagnæss says

    Nexus 5!

  247. DatDude Mtl says

    Android, far better products!

  248. simonas c. says


  249. prajjwal porwal says

    Using the best mid-ranger…….
    The Xperia SP

  250. Sal R says

    I would rather use the first iphone over any android powered anything!

  251. Avin R says

    + Donagh Reardon if windows phone had a better app store it'd be great. Right now it's terrible imo

  252. Nishesh Manaktala says

    Nexus 5

  253. Jan van wyck says

    Using galaxy skyrocket… had my hands on iphones and others …will never leave my skyrocket!

  254. Pedro Sanchez says

    I believe Droid cell phones are more easy to manage, and I think older people liens on Droid tech, on the other hand, buy made on USA products is a win option.

  255. Moilim Yacoub says

    Just Rooted & installed CM11 4.4.2 in my Old GNexus and it's rocking rolling. Still a great phone to be honest. Love the shape & how it feels in the hands. Of course specs are a bit behind but heading ot get the Moto X for this Xmas 🙂

  256. Attila Panti says

    + Liz Eberhardt
    One is the best ever!!!

  257. Chris Lugo says

    + Moilim Yacoub whoa my man why not the N5? Trust me you will not be disappointed. I'm telling you once you go nexus nothing else ever feels right 😉

  258. Martin T says

    Still rocking my Samsung Galaxy S3 🙂

  259. Ahmad Nizami says

    Love my Note 3, but still thinks that Galaxy S 3 rocks..

  260. Eddie Bombay says

    Can't stop apple when it comes to fluidity. Their keyboard needs Swype though! Only thing I miss about my Galaxy Mega 6.3

  261. Adam Taliaferro says

    My 32g black HTC One is my phone for the next two years.

  262. Adam Taliaferro says

    + Sal R *facedesk*
    Keep your Apple stuff, I don't want it…

  263. Jesus I. C. S. says

    Moto X farawell HTC


    Of course N5, N4, N7, N10 and HP chromebook, white version

  265. Sumer Dutt Dangi says

    Nexus 4….I love that…

  266. ilyas gungor says

    Sony experia z1

  267. Corey Lindley says

    Samsung galaxy S4

  268. Tania Damianova says

    HTC One, I love that phone.

  269. Abel Fenley says

    The Starship Enterprise S4 😉

  270. alexander cunningham says

    Should be called "biting the hand that feeds you"

  271. Dalton Wilson says

    I'm loving my black HTC One! Just got it about 4 days ago and I've already converted it into a GPE.

  272. Eddie Gutowski says

    Nexus 5.

  273. Trey Miller says

    I'm still rocking the galaxy s3 and love it. If I could choose a different one though, I'd go with the note 3 or new nexus.

  274. James Rutland says

    Samsung GS3, and I just compiled my own personal version of Android 4.4.2 from CM11 source. Can you do that with your iPhone?!

  275. Bruno Vassalo says

    Sony Xperia Z 😉

  276. ahmed emad says

    iphone 5s
    its so so good

  277. muamur khalel says


  278. Barry Jordan says

    Rocking my trusty Galaxy S4


    IPhone is great phone in the world

  280. Don russ says

    Only reason I would switch from my beloved nexus 4 is a better camera… But as of right now I'm very happy with it.. Super fast and smooth with 4.4.2 and ART enabled.

  281. Richard Garcia says

    Nexus 4, with Android 4.4.2. It's a new phone all over again.

  282. richard clarkson says

    you must have alot of money then + Amanda Blain

  283. Don russ says

    Yes it is + Richard Garcia is even better with ART as the runtime!

  284. Henrik Swennergren says

    Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE+

  285. Antonio Portolesi says

    just got a Sony xperia z1, I'm very pleased with it…the speed, beauty of design and camera all best even my wife's iPhone 5s. I previously had a nexus 4…thinking of a nexus 5 but couldn't take another phone with a not so great camera

  286. Frady Giglio says

    That is an image of insecurity.

  287. Chetan Choudhary says

    Love my nexus5

  288. Leo Best says

    Nexus 4

  289. Ivan Yglesia says

    I have the beast Galaxy S4 from AT&T. Apple is no competition Google has over %80 market share.

  290. nigel brett says

    Galaxy S3 well chuffed with it. One of the best by far.

  291. Franklin Nwankwo says

    Nokia N900 is still a cut above the rest …..4 years on!!

  292. Matt lamb says

    Xperia Z and Z1, thinking about trading the Z1 for a G2….

  293. Karim Leo says

    Note 3…. no need to look at another phone.

  294. otis ellis says

    Nexus 5 "It's simply the best."

  295. Damion Walters says

    Android of course its the best

  296. Bram Ruttens says

    Oppo Find 5, Android in general.

  297. Big Bru says

    DDDRRRRROOOOOIIIIIIDDDDD MAXX!!! Beast of a phone and 2 day battery life on heavy usage!

  298. Brandon Jackson says

    On my iPhone 4 upgrading to the iPhone 5S.

  299. Mghty Mse says

    Bang for buck…speed…and all the KitKat yumminess…Nexus 5

  300. Kem Alimole says

    Nexus 5. I love this phone!!!

  301. carlos thomas says

    HTC max one is the shit

  302. Ahmad Samkari says

    My phone Samsung galaxy 3

  303. Calvin Kelly says

    LG G2!

  304. Reinaldo Rivera-Nieves Jr. says

    Moto x it took vanilla android and made it better

  305. Carmen A says

    Galaxy S3 still works for me.

  306. Tremayne Singh says

    + Dillon Richard, well that's good because no one wants to get killed by a Ferrari.


  307. Spiros Lorentzos says

    nexus 5…. charge it 2_3 times per day can't leave it off my hands

  308. J Carlos Aguilar says

    Amazing how the google nexus line is growing. Nexus 4 here!
    Sent from my nexus 10

  309. Toni T says

    Droid Razr – Good phone – so far has survived my daughter and grand daughter (16 mos)……hahaha

  310. Randy Ammerman says

    I have a hp touchpad running jellybean and my phone is lg optimus rooted running gingerbread.

  311. Bradley Leyten says

    Love my Note 3! It's a powerhouse with an amazing camera!! I also have the Galaxy Gear which I love as well!

  312. Nic B says

    IPhone 5, Nexus 5 and a Lumia 925. They all have their merits, and they all have their shortcomings. Nexus 5 is my primary device due to well…less shortcomings

  313. Dragan Djuric says

    Iphone 5s and Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

  314. Johnathan Heath says

    LG Optimus g pro

  315. Caleb Smith says


  316. Ariel Cohen says

    Nexus 4 , you can say it an old phone by now , but still it my favorite after nexus 5

  317. Michael Harmon says

    Nothing is better than communication and messaging than blackberry with that said, I'm rocking HTC one

  318. Wilfred Noel says

    S4 with CM11

  319. Leon McDaniels says

    I have an iPhone from my job and an Android for personal use… I prefer the Android. Only thing I like about iPhone is iTunes.

  320. Carlesious Davis says

    Note 2

  321. Kevin Vongsouvanh says

    Nexus 5 all the way. I have the iPhone 5s but gave that to my mom.

  322. Jason Ferguson says

    Nexus 5

  323. DHEERAJ SAINI says


  324. fadi aboona says

    + Bradley Leyten How long are you charging the watch? also can you answer incoming calls via watch?

  325. Alexander Spinelli says

    Love my moto x!

  326. Bradley Leyten says

    + fadi aboona I charge the watch every night while I sleep so I'm not really sure on how long it would last till completely dead but I'm sure it would last a solid 24 hours with average use. Yes you can answer, and make, calls using the watch. No need to hold it real close to your face to be heard or hear the caller either.

  327. CORY MILLARD says

    Samsung galaxy note 3 I love it.

  328. fadi aboona says

    + Bradley Leyten what do you think of sony smart watch 2? better?

  329. dexter williams says

    G Note 3

  330. Ryan Blake says

    Loving my s3 running cm11

  331. Mike Fadamiro says

    Nexus 4 and Galaxy S4

  332. Bradley Leyten says

    + fadi aboona I never tried the SW2 hands on but I did read up on it before I went with the Galaxy Gear. I guess it would depend on what features you want. The SW2 didn't have a camera which killed it for me. The GG takes surprisingly good pics too!! They transfer immediately to the phone. Plus i like the look of the GG better. The only upside I saw with the SW2 is that it will work out of the box with any Android phone. The GG can be rooted and made to do it if you're so inclined!

  333. FeatherNwind Eldorado says

    Android til the wheels fall off. Lol.

  334. Suzanne Carneiro says

    Android works better with Glass

  335. Marsha HT says

    Samsung S4

  336. Wisam Nima says


  337. Randy Milanovic says

    Is that droid's head coming off?! 😉

  338. Chad Gibson says

    I'm using the HTC One, I love this phone it's so versatile

  339. Redouane Badr says

    I'm using the HTC One X, it's super nice in touch, so I like the Android system and specially in HTC 😉

  340. J Angelo Lamborghini Argueta says

    My first iPhone was the 4S
    What a piece of crap…. It kept acting up when I took it for repair they wanted $200.00 to exchange it for another crappy 4S! I smashed it right there in their store and bought myself a Galaxy instead Never again! Apple…
    I should try a Blackberry next time…

  341. Kin Da Keang says

    I have both phone , Galaxy Note and Iphone 5s !

    I love them both, never understand the wars between both phone.

  342. Randy Milanovic says

    J D… Is a bot. 1 follower, no engagement. Ignore.

  343. Zohaib Mustafa says

    I hve used apple and i have used andriod but the best i like is nokia 3310.u can use this fone in two ways for talking and in fight as well. Lol…only kiddin. I like more andriod then ios.i know ios is easy to use but amdriod have mpree functions and its faster then apple.i wud recommend andriod to every single persomr in the world.peace…

  344. Muhammad Xein says

    hhhhhhhhhh       we are using here phones like GT NOKYA I-POD  all this a Chinese phones and you can't make comparison between them .
    of course a prices a strong reason to unget a good pphone .

  345. momo mawya says


  346. Krasimir Kolev says


  347. jacob odeke says

    am with sum' pocket

  348. PASTOR BUNDI says

    im with nokia touch

  349. Veronica Guzman Hays says

    iPhone user for 4 years. Switched to Note 3 – LOVE IT!

  350. ارسلان خوش اواز says


  351. Chris White says

    Galaxy Note 2 for me, had an iphone 4s but was too basic and restrictive for a nerd like me.

  352. souleymane magassouba says

    i my love

  353. Steven Foster says

    I was very happy with my SIMI until the latest Android ios update. Anyone else having glitches?

  354. Jon logan Reynolds says

    + keith carey everything.

  355. Min.Terence Grier says

    In in the mist of adversity we must look to God to fix or solve any crisis…

  356. Aviral Singh Chauhan says

    I lun mY note 2

  357. Jefferson Greenidge says

    Samsung galaxy s2

  358. Alan Bates says

    Just got a.Sony Xperia Z1.. It's awesome 🙂

  359. Juber Tinco says

    Just having fun with MotoX, eating some apples and blackberries.
    How about you?

  360. J Kuecker says

    I've owned and still own apple products. What ever it is that floats your boat, run it. I just switched from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and cannot be happier. In our day an age technology is changing progressively faster and faster as time goes on. If you want to keep up with the pace then you better re-up with whatever pleases your needs along with all the new features that are brought before us.

  361. javaid bhat says


  362. Phil Joost says

    I have the day off Motorola Maxx with Android I like it works well for me.

  363. Lala Fifi says


  364. Tomas Carrillo says

    Hi girl

  365. carlos mario muñoz martinez says

    Estas muy crazy

  366. salar rahbarsaadat says


  367. Ron Adams says

    Loving my Samsung Galaxy S4

  368. Amarateca Gomez says

    Hola Amanda,feliz año nuevo 2014

  369. Amarateca Gomez says

    Hola Amanda,feliz año nuevo 2014

  370. FERMIN X says

    if looking for more or better encryption, the choices is blackberry.

  371. Rui Bastos says

    I think the big factories well-known giants are gradually over…new rulers are born. Bought a WIKO Darkfull, and I am very happy. For half the price SAMS, APPLES, LG and company usually offer. Reliability and quality, and all the Android Market in your hands. Wait a little more, watch it happening. Sony will have to put prices lower, or face extiction!

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