Amanda Blain

Business Owner, Super Hero & Geek Girl. Likes Google, Technology, Video Games & Social Media. Over 4 Million followers on GooglePlus. I am the owner of Girlfriend Social the website.

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  1. Adrian Martin

    Adrian Martin    

    Awesome post…haven't played GTAV yet…waiting for Arkham Origins.

  2. Nathan V

    Nathan V    

    Shoot the commander at the beginning of Halo, then tell me that you can defeat an infinite number of opponents.

  3. Kendyl Peebles

    Kendyl Peebles    

    I LOVED Space Invaders and Astroids! (Yes, I'm old enough that I was in my LATE teens when they came out)

  4. Marc Jansen

    Marc Jansen    

    Every time I load-up an old game, it takes me about an hour to re-learn the controls… 😉

  5. George Hayes

    George Hayes    

    If you really want to learn something from a game you should build a game. It will teach you a lot everything from programming, timing, HMI, art… the more complex the game the more you learn. A simple race car game that obeys the laws of physics has a lot of math and physics. There is plenty more to learn.

  6. Attila - Csaba Szabo

    Attila - Csaba Szabo    

    good old Galaxians. Any ZX spectrum fans around here ?

  7. Amanda Blain

    Amanda Blain    

    Thanks.. I can code games though +George Hayes  .. video games are my fun time :)

  8. Kim Wilson

    Kim Wilson    

    Haven't played GTA 5 yet. My favorite games are Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (xbox 360) and Need For Speed (PlayStation). Some games are just better when played on certian systems.

  9. Attila - Csaba Szabo

    Attila - Csaba Szabo    

    +Amanda Blain that's cool; what language do you code in ?

  10. Kostis Mavrommatis

    Kostis Mavrommatis    

    All of that reminded me of Metal Slug at one point or another. Probably because it was my first videogame (was it tough for a 5year old though).

    I have played GTA V for about 30hours lol.Haven't played any other game since I bough it.

  11. Mike Kuwik

    Mike Kuwik    

    Also, locked doors usually lead to better treasure….

  12. Janete Bettencourt

    Janete Bettencourt    

    So true thanks for sharing Amanda

  13. Lee Clarke

    Lee Clarke    

    old games are great.just press everthing when the presure is on and hope for the best!

  14. Rahayu Puji

    Rahayu Puji    

    old games… i never playing this,

  15. Леша Вавилов

    Леша Вавилов    

    У меня нет Xbox  и Playstation 3 =(

  16. Arif Shahzad

    Arif Shahzad    

    Amanda writing font is much slender

  17. Neville Swaby

    Neville Swaby    

    Okay not yet i guest i kneed to see it.

  18. Mark Burhop

    Mark Burhop    

    Not to be nit picky, but the only thing that seems accurate is eating food off the ground :-)

  19. Robert Turner

    Robert Turner    

    Don't forget being able to rewind time, to alter mistakes you've made =D

  20. Samuel Campos

    Samuel Campos    

    nossa seria maravilhoso jogar com vc

  21. roger rabbit

    roger rabbit    

    Yes I have I remmember galactica great shooting game.

  22. Logan Lynn Roberts

    Logan Lynn Roberts    

    Actually I spent like $40 on +WSOPOnline that new Xbox game, Full House poker, you pay as you go & I really wanted this Grecian Goddess outfit…if you have played it, then you understand!

  23. Dan Butler

    Dan Butler    

    We believe that you believe Shepard, that doesn't make it true. I told them to go shove it!

  24. Larry Williams

    Larry Williams    

    I actually learned how to drive playing Gran Turismo with the Mad Katz steering wheel and pedals

  25. roger rabbit

    roger rabbit    

    Yes me too

    Sent from my LG phone

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