People Influenced By Video Games?

I had to laugh at this one… Do you still play farmville or have you converted to Candy crush, temple run, or draw something? The world we live in and its mindless entertainments I tell you.

I must go.. .I have to kill zombies in Black Ops while I get the last achievements. 😉 

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People Influenced By Video Games?

  1. Luiz Petherson says


  2. Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran says

    I don't facebook much, but I did play Skyrim heavily for a while there. In keeping with the observation offered in the OP, I'll note that I never once took an arrow to the knee. =o)

  3. bartolomeu silva says


  4. Stephen Firestone says

    Oh, that's just hilarious!!! 😀

  5. Mike Hendrickson says

    Or working at Hershey to crush candy.

  6. J Schippnick says

    What is this Facebook that everyone keeps talking about?

  7. Lee Smallwood says

    + Amanda Blain I thought most FB users were farmers 😀

  8. Chris Lau says

    Not for long + Amanda Blain – Zynga and FB had a falling out, so the game will eventually disappear from that site…and i suppose replaced by lots of instagram pics of food.

  9. Stephan Hovnanian says

    I love Temple Run (Oz). But that's about it these days. Went through a Words with friends kick for  a while, but never directly on the social networks.

  10. George Miller says

    L.O.L very true!!!!

  11. Alfonso Suárez says

    I love Osmos 🙂

  12. Chris Lau says

    + J Schippnick it's where all the blue heads (profiles with no pics) on google+ came from.

  13. Richie Garcia says


  14. Rose Johnson says

    If video games influenced me I'd wander into people's houses and take anything not nailed down.

  15. Lee Clarke says

    big worms fan myself before now,facebook games have an already retro theme about them as soon as come out what does that say

  16. John Stierheim says

    "Reality is for those that cannot handle fantasy.." Author unknown

  17. Ron Roberts says

    *at least one person would be a farmer by now

  18. Robert Pruitt says

    or Mafia…

  19. kasem milan says

    Ciao ma perche mandi sms

  20. Atein Riggins says

    I'm stuck on level 30 of Candy Crush.  Started last week and I  can't stop playing it.  They should have named this game Crack Crush.



  22. G.Waleed Kavalec says

    If Pacman influenced people we would have droves of them listening to repetitive music and swallowing lots of mysterious pills.


  23. Curlen Middleton says

    Classic Material right here

  24. Helene Torrinha says

    Lol 😀

  25. Helene Torrinha says

    My soon will not like to know… he is on the top of the games!!! GAMESMANCHILD 🙂

  26. MICK JARMAN says

    yes i have done that Amanda

  27. Katey Springle Lempka says

    What a fabulous sentiment.

  28. Cliff Roth says

    Well I did start that year and I do think of Farmville when I do….

  29. Nidal Sadeq says

    Good one + Amanda Blain  :))

  30. Mike Hendrickson says

    + Atein Riggins be prepared to get stuck over and over. I was on 147 for three weeks and am now in my 2nd day of 155. It is Crack Candy Crush for sure.

  31. Marisa Goudy says

    I skipped but this post at first + Amanda Blain because I was thinking video game related stuff doesn't apply to me. Then I remembered just last month when I lost a week of being-present parenting and overall productivity when I let myself download Candy Crush on the phone and the iPad. I was losing my ability to be social, but I wasn't craving jelly beans…

  32. Neville Swaby says

    I played Farmville once but i don't have the time to continue playing even though i have been invited so many times.

  33. Phillip Ryan says

    I would be a goblin and sneak around all the time pickpocketing.

  34. Donagh Reardon says

    But do we know how many people out there are trying to knock buildings down by catapulting flightless birds at them?

  35. nick miles says

    I played pong when I was a kid. I have never beaten the hell out of someone with a tennis racket..not yet at least

  36. jonathan irizarry says


  37. Tony Jean McGuffie says

    Nice one how true.

  38. Patrick Dumas says

    So right

  39. Alucai Vivorvel says

    I block every single Facebook game I get invited to. I go on there to socialize with friends, not play crappy games. That's what my Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, Wii, GameCube, and Steam are for.

  40. Scott Townley says


  41. Mouloud Benlalli says

    Ahah true

  42. Arooba Baloch says

    Lol 😀

  43. Sara Pak says


  44. Marcus Thompson says

    I have already been one

  45. nabil amagour says

    fallout3 thats what you need

  46. Asher Hunibal says

    Hope so.

  47. Kimberley Blaine says

    Her hee

  48. Robert Dunn says

    I see candy crush everywhere. Driving me nuts hearing "tasty, devine" now temple run is ok but I'm sure next time I see a monkey at a zoo I'll be jumping.

  49. Bruce Williams says


  50. Michael Winkler says

    if influence by video games would be direct and immediate, then mankind wouldnt exist any more.

  51. Trevor Butcher says

    All those wasted hours of my youth playing patience with a pack of cards….

  52. Engr Syed Haroon ali shah says

    yup u r right + Trevor Butcher

  53. Billy Tan Tan says

    Lol I don't any games at all

  54. kabuleeta kenneth says

    its true

  55. sanjay saini says


  56. Shanees elly says


  57. Bruce Dobson says

    + Alucai Vivorvel
    Here, here (with a sarcastic wink)!
     We have almost all of those. The only one that's really mine is the Nintendo 64, and that's only because my wife bought it "for me" (for the family). What a debacle that turned out to be.  When I had to make a choice between Farmville, what ever that other Farmthing was and Island Paradise or my family and friends there was really no choice to be made. Family and friends win hands down.
    It seems to me that the more we throw our lives away playing video games the more zombie-like we become, thereby making something that's otherwise impossible an absolute reality. Someone (above) said that reality is for those who can't handle fantasy. I've heard that from so many people, but usually only those who don't know what an original thought is.
    Regardless of his intention, I believe Marshall McLuhan said it best when he said, "The Medium is The Massage". I think he was talking about us zombies when he said that. If you think I'm being cynical and paranoid, about this you're right. If not me then who?
    Have an interesting day.

  58. Alucai Vivorvel says

    Lol I think you just accidentally the verb, + Billy Tan Tan

  59. Wiliam Bennett says

    That's includes my wife too

  60. alexandru nicu says


  61. Wilberto Ortiz says

    I have a rooster and hen, working on getting together a small patch of tomatoes and peppers.:)

  62. Abhay Singh says


  63. Janardan Sharma says


  64. Amanda Ncobo says


  65. Mary Mckenzie says


  66. Susmita Bhowmik says


  67. Daniel Ubon says

    wow!! true

  68. happy travelmakers says


  69. Bhu Sin says

    ya very nicce

  70. Alan Kellogg says

    Considering the variety of games we play on line, farmers with battle suits battling zombies as they attempt to maximize the profit on their crop of some strange plant.

  71. nlc samte says

    that would be great.

  72. Joe Brum says

         I do agree with 100%. Two real visions !!!!!!

  73. Lietz Dev says

    I agree!

  74. Dalip Negi says

    hi h r u.

  75. Bernhard Racz says

    people who play these games have little interesting in their lives

  76. John Thomson says

    Can somebody send me a tractor?

  77. Ernest Ayiah says

    wow you are gr8t

  78. happy travelmakers says


  79. John Thomson says

    I need a tractor….

  80. Mohamed Agourram says


  81. Arun Meena says


  82. boudiaf fares says


  83. Ernest Ayiah says


  84. muhammad atif says


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