1. Yifat Cohen says

    + Simon Mainwaring calls it the reverse elevator speech 🙂

  2. Neil J Schwab says

    gots to make it your own – not turn it into something just fun, turn it into something FUN That YOU OWN or better yest that a demigrafoc OWNS…  slightly diff but way bigger impact…

    like AXE – we have shampoo but do we use AXE,? and why not.?

    .cause it's teenagers stuff..

    Exactly PPL <— I coined it!  i know it, do you get it?

    You cant know the dealeo w/o knowing the neileo!

    this is my brand label…handle and catch phrase, what do you guys think, Honestly?

    I am sales person, of course

    N 2 the O and D to the EO

    chow for now<– doggy chow brandline

  3. Stuart Duff says

    This I really want to see.  I love it when Companies stick both feet in it online.

  4. Joel C says

    + Amanda Blain 

    + Optus is very active on Facebook and Twitter but flat out refuses to communicate with its customers here on g+. They continue to syndicate posts here though.

    This gives the impression that they are active. But hundreds of tags, comments and quite a few complaints go unanswered.

    This is Australia's second largest communication company. 

    If they wont actively use the network, their page should remain dormant and content less.

    Other examples of this are + Dodo (another "communications" company) and until recently + Kogan .

    + Telstra is an example of a company who does it right. Very quick, casual but professional interaction with its customers. No surprise they are our number one communications company.

    There is a fake parody account called + drOptus "Customer Care" (pronounced dropped us) and they provide better customer service than the real guys…

  5. Telstra says

    Thanks + Joel C! He's right, we love a chat! Come over and say hello anytime 🙂

    – Jamie

  6. Ryan Moore says

    Funny, didn't we just have this conversation the other day + Amanda Blain ?

  7. Amanda Blain says

    Oooo Look at that Hi + Telstra 😀 #doingitright

  8. Rory S says

    + T-Mobile 's social media team is top notch.. Just look at their responses and posts on G+ ..

  9. Amanda Blain says

    Let's see who i can summon… 🙂 Your thoughts on your company on the internet folks?  + Toronto Police Service  + TekSavvy Solutions Inc. + CircleCount + Cadbury UK + Nightmares Fear Factory + Sea Shepherd Conservation Society + cruise.com + Veterans United + Samsung Canada

  10. T-Mobile says

    + Rory S Thanks for the support!! We greatly appreciate it!!! + Amanda Blain We like to think we're in the "AWESOME" category!! 😉 – Terrence

  11. Joel C says

    + Telstra meet + T-Mobile

  12. Ryan Moore says

    To chime in… I'm thinking some of the 'bad' (I could discuss terrible like Amy's Baking Company in Scotsdale, but I'd rather not tattle)… is companies like + Endomondo which are just empty shells posting and not listening

    Companies doing it right I think are not just the PR folks behind the social media account, but guys like + Punit Soni from + Motorola Mobility … I feel somewhat awestruck and fanboyish when he posts and I comment on it and HE ACTUALLY REPLIES

    That's done right!

  13. CircleCount says

    Our thoughts about our company + Amanda Blain ?
    I think we're awesome 😀

    Seriously, being a small brand and in the same time normal Google+ users makes it easier to try to catch every mention. And we'll continue trying to do this, since in our case the user feedback is the only way to improve our service.

    Thanks for the mention in this context!

  14. Nightmares Fear Factory says

    + Amanda Blain thanks for the shout out! we have a lot of fun entertaining the internets. particularly with photo's of terrified thrill seekers trying to survive 😉

  15. Amanda Blain says

    I love your stuff + Nightmares Fear Factory  🙂 good to see you.. .

  16. Bianca C says

    I think companies that have cultivated a voice or personality tend to do sm "right” — like the southwest airlines and chipoltes of the world.

  17. Amanda Blain says

    Let's see what some opinionated cool people have to say about this… + Jennifer Barr + Bobbi Jo Woods + Stephanie Van Pelt + Shaun McLane + Hermine Ngnomire + Sean Cowen + Ayoub Khote + Al Ebnereza + Robert Pitt + Jake Kern + Jake Gove + Phyrra Nyx + Derek Ross + Scott Lewis + Johnny Roquemore + Daniel Fontaine + Jordan Oram + Amy Vernon … off the top of my head.. 🙂

  18. Shaun McLane says

    Doing it right: + T-Mobile 
    Doing it wrong: + Verizon Wireless

  19. Derek Ross says

    + T-Mobile as already mentioned does an amazing job on social. + Verizon Wireless doesn't even respond on their own posts. They do however seem to +1 posts if I mention them.

  20. Amanda Blain says


  21. The M Cluster says

    How about Cable companies? Or Dell?

  22. Mycroft Holmes says

    so how does a brand hint at the customer to spread a brand conducive to the image the company wants to portray? + Amanda Blain

  23. Shaun McLane says

    + Ford Motor Company and + Scott Monty (with Ford) were the first company I saw embrace social media, and they've been nailing it ever since.

  24. T-Mobile says

    + Shaun McLane We couldn't agree more! 😉 – Terrence

  25. Shaun McLane says

    + Google Plus Daily is also pretty awesome if you're looking for a small (new) brand.

  26. Jordan Oram says

    The company I have the most Social Media experience with is Guayaki (yerba mate) as they're one of my product sponsors. That said, I think they do a great job. Heck.. they have product sponsors. They have a person hired for the position who responds and reposts on twitter, shares images and content that is pertinent to the support base (green intiatives, fair trade, etc) and they run contests that have value to their fanbase.

    And after being in touch with their social media person for over the year I've been sponsored, when I was stuck in LA with no place to stay after a ticketing snafu, I totally slept on their couch 😉 lol

    I think they do social media right, by sharing good content and knowing their support base.

  27. Shaun McLane says

    Also, + Maria Quiban deserves some love. She seems to be the face of Good Day LA to all of us on the plus.

  28. Bobbi Jo Woods says

    + ZAGAT

  29. Jordan Oram says

    And it feels authentic and not like they're trying to trick people into engagement etc. ICK. That drives me bonkers and totally gives me the 'no' feeling. Anytime there's a hint of social engineering to solicit engagement it totally turns me off.

  30. Amanda Blain says

    + Guayaki Yerba Mate  These guys + Jordan Oram ?

  31. Shaun McLane says

    And last, but not least – + Amanda Blain 

    The genius of this post is that the TOP social media using companies will be tagged here, bringing awareness to Amanda's brand if they didn't already know it. Brilliant! (And I'm being totally serious)

  32. Amy Vernon says

    I think NBC/Universal is astoundingly good at using social – not as sure on the corporate level, but some of their networks – Bravo, SyFy and USA tops among them – have some of the best campaigns/social interactions going. 

    G.E. and IBM have terrific, and unusual, presences on Instagram and Tumblr, along with great outreach and engagement on other platforms.

  33. Stephanie Van Pelt says

    To be honest, I don't follow many brands on social media. I was rather impressed when + Eric Aultman posted and tagged a pic of our kids at + Weeki Wachee Springs State Park and they responded.

    I'd agree that most don't do it right…. If they did I might actually follow some of them. I'd like to see them react when tagged, but also post useful information or articles that isn't solely to support their sales. Why should I give them my valuable attention? What do I get from that?

    Also, I wish the local businesses around here noticed that I review every one I visit on Google, TripAdvisor and Yelp. Every single one.

  34. Jordan Oram says

    Yep those guys + Amanda Blain 🙂 The reason I didn't tag them in is that I've been in touch with their social media person and they've not yet rolled out much of a G+ initiative. They're more focused and active on FB and twitter but we've shared some ideas about the potential of hangouts etc and how G+ could be helpful for them.

  35. Scott Kingery says

    I've had + UPS help me on Twitter. + Friends+Me is always responsive here on the Plus.
    The trick is to figure out when someone is talking about you or your niche and not specifically tagging you.

  36. Allison Cutler says

    How come no one has mentioned + Starbucks Coffee yet? I think they do an amazing job on their social media channels! They also make great coffee … so bonus 😉

  37. Johnny Roquemore says

    + Allison Cutler – + Starbucks Coffee is generally horrible at interaction. I know. + Always Do A Bux 

    As for companies killing it in social interaction? Easily + Eat24. Their entire site is built around social. Check it out. 

    I'd have more opinions if I wasn't ending out a 20 hour work day….

  38. Maxx Daymon says

    Brands have always been what consumers have told each other. In 1963, Harley Davidson attempted to introduce golf carts, consumers told them that's not who they were. History is full of brands being told who they are by their customers (and the most successful ones go with it.)

    Organizations can provide the behavior, attitude, and execution that contributes to the consumer's opinion of that brand, but the power has always been in the hands of the people. Brands can take action to earn a position in the mind of a customer, but they can't force it.

    I will agree that the speed, efficiency, and power of people sharing their opinions on a brand is higher and greater than ever, but it's always been true, and word-of-mouth has always been the strongest reinforcement of brands.

  39. Bobbi Jo Woods says

    I really (really) want + America's Test Kitchen to do well, but they don't. They just push out posts and either they don't know HOW to get much engagement, or they fail to if they try.  I added them because what they do right is get reshares, somehow.  But no actual conversations. Same with + LinkedIn's page.

  40. Amanda Blain says

    ughhh… brands … brands brands brands

  41. Allison Cutler says

    + Johnny Roquemore Really? I've only ever had positive experiences with  + Starbucks Coffee – they were very quick to respond to any customer issues I had (and have done the same for others that I know)

  42. Bobbi Jo Woods says

    Energizer was great to me on FB back when I bought a portable phone charger and it didn't work, they sent me a new one right away ($30 value) no charge just because I had a (very) minor complaint.  Back then, that was a hunk of change.  There was no such thing as Android phones yet.  I'd like to also say that + PBDragon LLC does a great job here and on Twitter.

  43. Eric Aultman says

    I try and mention brands whenever I can. Outside of + T-Mobile and + Weeki Wachee Springs State Park, most don't do anything. Tmo even respond if I'm being critical! What brand does that? They're awesome for their embracing of social media.

    I've tried to get + Tijuana Flats to respond since we organize a lot of + Tampa HIRL 's, but no luck. I mention my local zoo, but again, nada. + City of Jacksonville, Florida has a Page and they sometimes use it. + Taco Bueno has responded and if I make it to Texas to do a HIRL, it's gonna be there!
    I constantly tell small brands…GET IN NOW! Build your g+ base while it's a "small pond." There are a ton of opportunities but these companies that are using social media marketing companies to consult, are truly missing a great opportunity.

  44. Mukesh Nagra says

    Yes you r right.

  45. Shaun McLane says

    + Eric Aultman Actually, + Tijuana Flats is great at responding on Twitter.

  46. Eric Aultman says

    + Shaun McLane hmmm, +Twitter pls respond.

  47. Shaun McLane says
  48. James Washburn says


  49. Sisenando Palma says

    + Amanda Blain before they were bought/sold/can't recall, the devs who created the app Astrid Task Manager, they were hilarious on twitter when talking about their apps features. It was between me and them, so idk if they were the same elsewhere, but that's a winner in my book.

  50. Shaun McLane says

    + Sisenando Palma another company who is hysterical is + Shifty Jelly – not sure how great they are on SM, but their changelogs are some of the best in the industry.

  51. Veterans United says

    + Amanda Blain we're honored to be a part of this list! I think we echo what some others are saying! We're trying to keep our content relevant to our audience and give them a one stop shop on issues they care about. Mix in some humor, the help of awesome support — we try our best to get in the awesome group!!

  52. Gordon Wallace says

    I'm curious, more or less, as to whether or not the average person would think that social media is the "proper" medium to be conducting customer service through.

    Btw, I typically play devils advocate so take what I type with a grain of salt.

    There was one comment regarding a company not responding to complaints, and yes I'm paraphrasing, to items brought up via social media. I would agree that social media allows one to be more publicly vocal about praises and displeasures alike but in both those types of instances I don't know that I, if I were the one providing the commentary, would want or expect a reply. Maybe I'm different and other people might, but that's really what piques my curiosity.

    Anyway + Amanda Blain, you know I could rant but I would be willing to debate a brands ability to conduct customer service via social media as a reflection of how well they "get" social media.

    Though I will end by saying that I'm sure you get social media much better than I 😉

  53. Ryan Biddulph says

    Hi Amanda,

    Western Union gets a thumbs up!


  54. aman preet says


  55. Hermine Ngnomire says

    thank you kindly + Amanda Blain for the plus into this conversation.  I would recommend three smaller organizations that seem to have their fingers on the pulse from the listening, posting and engaging perspectives and they include: + SIP Certified Sustainable Vineyards & Wines , + All American Johnny's Pizza and + Breckenridge Brewery!!!

    I too have also heard and seen some great things from + T-Mobile as + Rory S mentioned and + Whole Foods Market .  

    + Larry Fournillier do you have any thoughts?

  56. Larry Fournillier says

    I think you mentioned them all + Hermine Ngnomire.  Those brands do get social media!

  57. Grant Ballard-Tremeer says

    + Micro Scooters Ltd is doing all the right things in SM in my opinion, but in spite of that they seem to get limited interaction over here on G+

  58. Jennifer Barr says

    Hi +Amanda. Good question. I notice there is a big difference between social media use for B2C companies and B2B. I think companies who don't "get" social media as you put it, probably don't understand social media for communication and brand building vs service.

  59. Neil J Schwab says

    was that


     Miss Blaine Shot from her electrical manifestation of herself on this thread.. at those Brand-slamming Arse-sphincters

    WOW i would not have believed it if I did not read it..

  60. Friends+Me says

    Thank you + Scott Kingery and you're absolutely right, it is really challenging to identify conversations addressing problems your product can solve. That's service I would definitely pay for 🙂

  61. Cloris Fang says


  62. Julia Sydnor says

    + EE's 'customer service' via social media is shocking. 5+ days to get a response via Twitter or Facebook, in which they ask the person to send a private message. Then it takes another 5+ days for them to respond to the private message. Something's wrong when you get a faster response by mailing an actual letter than using social media!


    Nice one

  64. cruise.com says

    It's hugely important to interact with both positive and negative posts on any social media platform.  +Cruise.com is thrilled  when our friends "like", "+1", etc… We REALLY LOVE it when they comment and we can respond and interact.    It's important that they know we are aware of how valuable their time and input are and appreciate, respect and value their comments/thoughts/ideas/likes/+1's.  In addition, I approach social media from the perspective of what I, the consumer, want to see.  A company that ignores me must not need me.  A company that interacts with followers, attempts to resolve issues and doesn't "hide" has my attention and I am happy to share them with others.

  65. cruise.com says

    + Amanda Blain It's hugely important to interact with both positive and negative posts on any social media platform.  Cruise.com is thrilled  when our friends "like", "+1", etc… We REALLY LOVE it when they comment and we can respond and interact.    It's important visitors to our various social media pages know we are aware of how valuable their time and input are and appreciate, respect and value their comments/thoughts/ideas/likes/+1's.  In addition, we approach social media from the perspective of what we, the consumer, want to see.  A company that ignores us must not need us.  A company that interacts with followers, attempts to resolve issues and doesn't "hide" has our attention and we are happy to share them with others.  Ultimately, it's the basic concept of being social!

  66. SIP Certified Sustainable Vineyards & Wines says

    + Hermine Ngnomire , I really appreciate the mention!! I would have responded sooner but I was at a concert last night. 🙂 I/ we love the online/ digital space and are constantly trying to stay on top of things. I personally have been involved in social media for about 5 years and LOVE it.

  67. TekSavvy Solutions Inc. says

    Great post + Amanda Blain  

    TekSavvy is proud to have a dedicated Social Media team for Google+ and other social media channels. We know our customers are everywhere and we want to be accessible to them 24/7.  

    We love representing our brand because it is fun and different. Feedback is very important to us because we want to provide the best customer service via social media.

  68. miguel dettloff says

    how do i fall in love with someone

  69. Lee Clarke says

    once a brand can sell to consumers by name only and not the quality of the product,they have made it and we have failed,as individuals we put up with it, but on mass we could change it,so why dont we? everybody knows certain food and soft drinks manufacturers make unhealthy mass produced crap but we still buy it!regardless of the advert media

  70. Scott Lewis says

    One brand that I think did/does a phenomenal job is + Camilla Corona. This social media maven was absolutely glorious when she was working with the Solar Dynamics Observatory. Now that she's flying solo (which I'm sure has helped her from getting her wings clipped during this government shutdown), she's still doing an absolutely wonderful job advocating for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics for students of all ages (0-120 y/o). 

    Camilla and her team do an astonishing job bringing science and space to the public. Plus, she's a pretty good kisser. 😉

  71. ib lucky says

    i love you amanda

  72. Adrian Smith says

    Hi Amanda this is Adrian smith. I am here Google Headquarters in Mountain view, Ca.
    I have questions and concerns about Google services. Can I make an appointment to discuss business matters.

  73. RYAN MENGES says

    Cause they have been branded, sold, corralled, ectera ectera

  74. Cadbury UK says

    + Amanda Blain summoned… but a little bit slow… not an example of great customer service or truly bad customer service, so I guess we've landed somewhere in the middle 😉

  75. Amanda Blain says

    i dont expect immediate anything… Businesses have businesses to run.. but… you fine folks came.. Thank you for proving the point all of you <3

  76. Kenneth Kolås says

    You strike me as a very bright er young lady indeed Amanda, branding, as the beast is called is all about money, about MAKING you WANT to buy that perticular dress or the phone you cradle like an enfant in your hands, I wasted seven years on mercantile education and I exelled at it as well, then I realized what we were doing were infact no different than theft, so I gave it all up that very day and educated myself to be a deep-sea diver og saturation-diver, one of the most det difficult and dangerous jobs that there is, and do you know what?, I get scared, even panicy sometimes when I'm like 160meters below the surface of the sea but I can think to myself "at least I am no thief in a suit", I see great ahead for you, pretty and very smart too!, I am sure a lot of boys are very intimidated by your prescence Amanda, I salute you and wish your growth and prosperity in your life.and lasting love for you and whoever you allow yourself to love…, life is yours for the taking, have fun! KK. Norway

  77. James Washburn says

    Kudos….snafu….best scrabble word this week

  78. reza sisi says

    hi amanda.i love for you.i from iran Tehran.i love word.i happy for you.

  79. Kamlesh Singh says


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