What Headset do you use?

Hello Gamers…. I have the garbage standard mic that comes with xbox… and have decided its time to upgrade. Most have suggested a Turtle Beach.

Wireless or not? Are these Call Of Duty/MW limited additions types worthwhile? Lets say less than $150.. but hopefully less than $100… 🙂

What do you game with and suggest?

What Headset do you use?

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  1. Howard Suissa says

    Steel series 5H V2 with integrated mic. the mic slides into the headset when you don't want it in the way. nice and comfortable for long gaming, but they are corded.

  2. Kevin Brower says

    Worthwhile if you're addicted. I am, but not paying the cash. I use my ps3 headset or my beats by dre solo hd with my control talk cable installed…

  3. Jonathon Barton says

    Depends on your application. I recently got the TB Earforce Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound for the XBox. I quite like them, and they do dual duty with the PC as regular headphones – though there is an adapter you can buy separately to use them with the DSS box without the optical SPDIF connector on the PC. (My ASUS laptop supports digital audio via SPDIF, but only with the adapter.)

    Like + Bryan Comstock recommends. Mine's the X11 with SPDIF adapter included.

  4. Daniel Fontaine says

    I am told by my clanmates that all the turtle beach headsets are all solid. Don't have one yet but planning on getting one.

  5. Bryan Comstock says

    + Amanda Blain I have the TurtleBeach X11 (I think that's the model). It has a USB cable which helps to save on batteries. I like it alot for the cost/value factor.

  6. Chris Gachot says

    beyerdynamic – http://north-america.beyerdynamic.com/shop/hah/headphones-and-headsets/gaming.html

  7. George Hawirko says

    Link to PIC – http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTX52gJbh27NCcAMLMiCr9iKRIIPbDSzq-Yh_mvOfdgJUMHP486

  8. Angela McBain says

    Wireless Turtle Beach Ear Force. Tried Xbox 360 Wireless Headset, it gets uncomfortable.

  9. Joshua Biddle says

    If you're anything like me, you've already went through 3-6 20$ cheapie sets. I've found this one works nice http://www.amazon.com/Logitech-ClearChat-Pro-USB-Headset/dp/B000TG4AGU — it works fine, has a mute button for the mic, and the best part about it is the fact that it's nearly indestructable. I've stepped on and sat on this set countless times and it's flexible plastic frame always holds up (the mic extension is also flexible). So yeah it works out.

  10. Anthony Curry says

    Sound Blaster World of Warcraft Wireless Headset, Probably a bit over priced but the sound quality is great and they are one of the more comfortable headsets I've owned. http://au.store.creative.com/headphones-headsets/sound-blaster-world-of-warcraft-wireless-headset/437-19068.aspx (pc only..sorry didn't catch the console part)

  11. Paul Garcia says

    Ok + Amanda Blain

    I Currently Use The Turtle Beach Ear Force DPX 21 and I LOVE EM.

    However It Is A LOT of wiring and can get annoying.

    I did some research on the wireless turtle beach headsets and found that most people preferred the wired ones due to sound being better on those.

    Another Headset For Gaming I LIke Is Tritton AX Pro reviews for these are great and although i don't own a pair I have had a chance to use them and they sound amazing as well.

    Really depends on what your budget for a gaming headset is

  12. Amanda Blain says

    Uh oh.. there is no consensus! Damn it.. this will likely require more research.

  13. Yas Mean says

    I don't online game. no co op for me. however i have t have noise cancellers for work. skull candy because i'm cheap and they were easy.

  14. Chris Gachot says

    you need to give a price point. Beyer makes pro studio headphones, and they are now making gaming headsets, but they are expensive. you get what you pay for.

  15. Dharamjit Rihal says

    I hear good things about Turtle Beach.

  16. Angela McBain says

    I've had no prob with the sound from the wireless Turtle Beach X41. But, they are pricey.

  17. Jessica Archer says

    I've never used or tried out the COD/MW headphones. I use the Razer Piranha headset that I've had about a year or so. They are reasonable price, very comfy and fantastic in game audio.

  18. Amanda Blain says

    Yeah i looked at those Beyer.. and thats a bit more pro than i need to be… 😉 lets say less than $150.. but hopefully less than $100… 🙂

  19. Jessica Archer says

    + Mike P I've heard awesome things about steelseries

  20. Gary Beason says

    I'm looking at headphones myself, and I really wanted wireless. But my 360 uses wifi, and the RF wireless interferes. (I've noticed the Xbox wifi adapters are much more susceptible to interference than other devices–including the Wii.)

    Then, I started reading about the SteelSeries, and I'm probably getting the 4xb for a couple of reasons:

    – I consistently read that the SteelSeries headphones are lighter and more comfortable than the Earforce headsets.

    – The braided cord on the 5xb is nice, but it's not worth the extra money.

    – The sound quality difference between 4xb and 5xb isn't that significant.

    – The SteelSeries has a better grip on its wires, compared to the wired Earforce ones.

    – Looks. I know this is superficial, but I love that the SteelSeries mic tucks away, and they don't look too weird or ugly.

  21. Angela McBain says

    + Gary Beason , I'd have to agree with you on the wi-fi interference, when using the XBox BlueTooth Wireless ones we defiantly had issues. Had to run an ethernet cable

  22. Dale Poole says

    I've used Plantronics' PC Gaming headsets for about 10-12 years now. They never come with game branding (that I've seen), which tends to jack the price, so you might miss that. They last 3-4 years. Comfie big cans, solid mic boom that easily swings up out of the way and they have a volume and on/off switch in line. Price, generally in the 35-50 range.

  23. Scotty Brown says

    Turtle Beach Ear Force X4's here.. Wireless, 5.1, great sound. I can wear them fit hours with no fatigue.

  24. Steve Sakamoto says

    After being berated for sucking at virtually every public game I played, I changed up my MO to play muted unless I'm playing with friends…in which case, I just use the Microsoft wireless earpiece.

  25. Scotty Brown says

    Gary: IR over RF dude.

  26. Gary Beason says

    + Scotty Brown All the wireless TurtleBeach in my price range were RF. 🙁

    Also, one more plus about the SteelSeries is that they are open ear, like my Grado's, which make them even more comfortable.

  27. Richard Donoher says

    Want the best of the best? http://www.razerzone.com/tiamat/en Razer Tiamet 7.1, pricey tho 😛

  28. Brett Bjornsen says

    I like Logitich stuff… not sure if that works for your xbox gaming though…

  29. Sal Ciampa says

    Amanda, i think Futureshop or Best Buy has a promo on Turtle Beach headset….but can't find the link!

  30. Mario Lombardo says

    I have a turtle beach earforce dx11 (the one that comes with the dss box). It's wired. Audio and voice is good, but i don't know if it's just me my microphone is sesitive.

  31. Dan Glass says

    Turtle Beach X11 FTFW! The highs, lows, are great and group chat sounds good. Boom mic is a little strong but it's super flexible so I just push it away from my big mouth.

    I don't like wireless gaming headphones… it sounds tinny and slightly delayed to me.

  32. Dan Glass says

    + Wesley Regitz I've had my TB X11 for two years now without a single issue. No wear and tear issues anywhere. I guess YMMV.

  33. Ryan Vega says

    While I am not by any means an audiophile, I would border on the cusp of being one. I have owned Turtle Beach PX21s and while they "did the job", the difference in sound quality between them and a pair of dedicated headphones is considerable IMHO.

    For your price point and application though, I guess you can be safe with TB?

  34. Ryan Vega says

    + Wesley Regitz None at all, and I was far from careful with them.

    There is one issue to note though, there is feedback when using them with wired controllers or when you have a Play 'n' Charge plugged in.

  35. Aric Whiting says

    Turtle beach earforces… Good cheap and they work

  36. Mario Lombardo says

    + Ryan Vega , that's what ny setup is. Wired controller + the tb headset. Is there any way to change that?

  37. Ryan Vega says

    + Mario Lombardo Are you receiving the feedback as well? Unfortunately I'm not sure on a remedy sorry.

  38. Mario Lombardo says

    No, i don't hear ot myself. The biggest complaint people give me is that they can hear a fan that i have in the room and my voice comes in too loud sometimes. So, i turn the fan off and put the mic away from my face. Lol

  39. Ryan Vega says

    I received the same complaints. Use a wireless controller, and ask the same people if the "too loud" problem still exists.

  40. Josh Froehlich says

    I use Astro A40's for gaming. But they are on the pricey side if you are shooting for sub $100, these wont be them.

    Heard lots of good things on the turtle beach cans. Give them a looky loo

    P.S. Tritton is garbage.

  41. Wizards ofZen says

    for a few years i was using $20 sony headphones from walmart, i loved them so much that the cushions are gone, and i have made 1 repair on the wires… i've since retired them for Sennheisser HD 480s to A/B music mastering & a green set of WESC Bass headphones for club DJ'ing

  42. Alexander Estefany says

    turtle beaches x11 :3

  43. Andrij Harasewych says

    I have a $6 headset that works perfectly and feels comfy that I found at a yard sale. Expensive headphones to hear people yell "noob" and "pwned" isn't really necessary. I don't want to block out the epic sound of my 7.1 surround.

  44. Amanda Blain says

    Went with Turtle Beach X12 X11 has been discontinued…. purchased.. BRING IT. 😉 + Alexander Estefany + Alejandro Lopez

  45. Mario Lombardo says

    Nice. Can you reshare your gamers circle? I made a page about xbox players to meet up and a g+ gaming night in bf3/mw3/gow3. If any one is interested lemme know to send you the link.

  46. Andrij Harasewych says

    + Gamer

  47. William Marcum says

    Depending on your budget, I use the Astro A40's which are pretty solid, they also make your mic louder than everyone else. For some people that's a con.. for me that's a plus!

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