This is my Grandfather


He is 91 Years old. He still lives on his own and was seen lately fixing the windows in his house, chopping wood and using email to talk to countless people around the world.

He survived D-Day in France and Years in a World War 2 Prisoner of War camp in Lamsdorf, Germany. His hands were roped and chained from morning to night for over a year. But he Survived. Countless others he fought and lived beside never did. I've lived my life growing up hearing his tales and have huge respect for those who died and lived to make sure we have the freedoms we do today.

I hope you remember too. ♥ you Papa and Thank You.
#RemembranceDay #VeteransDay #Remember

Please feel free to share this…. this is what Nov 11th Is about.

This is my Grandfather

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  1. James Cordeiro says

    Great share + Amanda Blain :)!

  2. Artemis Entreri says

    Give that man a big ol' Hug from the rest of Canada for us.

  3. Michael Anderson says

    His sacrifices are truly appreciated. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. leslie sanders says

    thank you for sharing with all of us, what a special grandfather.

  5. Amber Lovell Boone says

    My dad (paw paw) was also a POW in Germany for 81 days, captured at the Battle of the Bulge. Sadly, he has passed :'(

  6. Mark Spencer says

    Thanks for sharing this! Wish I could hug him.

  7. Vincent Knight says


  8. jeff m says

    Truly the greatest generation

  9. Paul Terry Walhus says

    What a great man. There's so much character in his face. My dad is getting ready to turn 96 and is a vet of WW2.

  10. Cynthia Salmon says

    That was a great and inspiring story 🙂

  11. Ben Helstad says

    Miss Blaine? You tell excellent stories of your family. 🙂

  12. Ryan Hook says

    Thanks for posting this Amanda. I always love spending time with him and hearing all his stories about growing up in Hamilton and his experiences as a firefighter and a soldier & POW in WW II. What he's experienced in 91 years is unbelievable.

    His stories are amazing and inspiring. I only hope that my son (his great grandson) will have an opportunity to hear them firsthand himself.

    A salute to my grandfather and all those who've lived through similar events.

  13. Lisa Bimmerz says

    Beautiful share + Amanda Blain, thank you. =o)

  14. Jim Marsh says

    Excellent post, and a fine tribute. Good on you Amanda

  15. Shannon Carter says

    I appreciate what your grandfather did in service to his country and thank him wholeheartedly. May he have many more rewarding years with his loved ones. Thank you for sharing this with us. My grandfather received the Bronze Star for his actions in WWII passed away two weeks ago and I am glad I could continue his legacy of service.

  16. Amanda Blain says

    Thanks everyone.. I emailed him this post… so he should be able to read your comments himself! 😀

  17. Samantha P says

    Thank you SO very much for sharing + Amanda Blain !
    God bless his soul.

  18. Eulalio Tovar Cardona says

    Tnx for sharing + Amanda Blain

  19. David Hesford says

    Sounds like a top fella

  20. Luiz Antonio Farias says

    This is good, respect for the olders,it's a thing that is disappearing slowly maybe it's the reason why people are becoming more agressive ' – '

  21. Shannan O. Williams says

    Happy Veterans/Rememberance Day, + Amanda Blain 's Grandfather!

  22. Samantha P says

    I agree + Luiz Antonio Farias ..

  23. Larry Amas says

    now I like that! my grand pappy got shot in world war 1 but survived he had a good few medals and alot of his brothers and mates got killed and my gramma's family brothers and all got killed there and they gave their lives for us so we would not be dictated to by idiots ——— so my question is —not denegrating their efforts or loss in any way —- so why are we still governed and dictated to by complete fucking imbecile idiots to this day!!!?!?!?!??????????????????

  24. David Hesford says

    We should remember everyone who took part in the wars. But we should pay more attention to the people still alive, which most of us take for granted

  25. Sharon DiOrio says

    Have you considered interviewing him? Stories like that are dying everyday. 🙁

  26. David Tyner says

    Thank you for your service! God Bless!

  27. Tim Souza says

    Great portrait of a tre hero! Thank you for posting and thank you to all who have served!

  28. Mark Harvey says

    God bless him! And God bless you, too, Amanda! ;_0

  29. jonathan parrish says

    This is wonderful!

  30. Lee Thomas says

    My grandfather was a WWII vet too, forget celebrities and sports stars, these men are the real heroes.

  31. Christopher Carr says

    Now that's a manly man.

  32. Marie Hélène Visconti says

    What a grand-dad

  33. Darrell Hudson says

    Awesome post, thank you for sharing this courageous story about about your Papa. 😀

  34. Brandon Yates says

    Amazing… what a guy

  35. Daniel Ewert says

    Thank you for sharing. And a big thanks to your Grandfather who gave so much.

  36. Joshua Holmes says


  37. Mike Stuart says

    Wow. What a life. God bless him.

  38. Scott LaVie says

    It's a good picture of your great looking grandfather, Amanda. Thank you for sharing!

  39. Vikas Bhatt says

    I'm sure he has many amazing stories and he has took so many pains, that we couldn't think of now. Hats off to u SIR!

  40. Ryan Hook says

    + Sharon DiOrio he's been interviewed by authors and reporters a few times now both in print and video. I have also recorded some of his stories in audio form. I hope to get more from him. They're valuable pieces not only of our family's history, but of the world at that time.

  41. Adam Mcpolin says

    Shared accordingly!

  42. Tate West says

    Thanks for your grandpa for all he did for us.

  43. Scott Kepner says

    God bless your grandpa

  44. Drew Pearson says

    yes .and that is all it will ever be about

  45. rahul varma says

    Well he is certainly an inspiration to all of us

  46. Amanda Blain says

    Wow… touched by the response to this post 😉 Thanks everyone for sharing.

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