Web Design in the 90s

For those who forgot how totally ugly the internet use to be.. please take a look at these official movie websites left online for some ridiculous reason… You seriously need to take a few seconds to check these out… Cringe

Battlefield Earth – http://battlefieldearth.warnerbros.com/00_site.html
You've Got Mail – http://youvegotmail.warnerbros.com/cmp/0frameset.html
Wild Wild West – http://wildwildwest.warnerbros.com/cmp/frameset.html
Lost World – http://www.lost-world.com/ingen/index.html
Space jam – http://www2.warnerbros.com/spacejam/movie/jam.htm
Major League – http://majorleague3.warnerbros.com

I forgive you for making me troubleshoot IE CSS… I really do.
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Web Design in the 90s

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  1. Sergio Corrales says


  2. Gerald Kaszuba says

    These are excellent! Great inspiration for your own design work.

  3. Craig Luecke says


  4. Rob Gough says


  5. Amanda Blain says

    Wild west with the 'click through' to the main site.. is a personal fav… but that green star background on spacejam! WOO FRAMES I LOVE FRAMES! O_o

  6. Kostas Stergiannis says

    Oh god, why?! My eyes!

  7. Tony Samuels says

    The web was in it's infancy and this was actually state of the art coding – LOL

  8. Jeff Pettorino says

    What has been seen, cannot be unseen.

  9. Conor Klecker says

    How small the resolution used to be!

  10. Jeff Pettorino says

    The Lost World is already gone.

  11. Kevin Mullett says

    Oh why have you thrust these evil, vile, unspeakable travesties upon us? I was just beginning to be able to sleep at night again.

    For more nightmares pull up the http://www.archive.org/. (don't do it)

  12. Lynette Young says

    Old gaudy websites is my hobby. I love to look at them…. and listen to the melodic midi music…..

    PS – Let's bring back Microsoft Frontpage DAMMIT!

  13. Chris Shuler says

    If I remember right from my HTML class from way back when…the idea was to make the page as simple as possible so it could load on anything. Remember back then we had the 486 processor floating around still. It does make you appreciate web pages so much more now tho.

  14. Conor Klecker says

    The resolution! I get six and two halves baseball diamonds on the Major League site full screened!

  15. Sherman Smith says

    + Amanda Blain I miss the Hamster Dance web page that would eventually crash your browser. I was fortunate enough to get involved in the pre-Internet BBS systems in 1984 via 125 baud modem, and got to see how thing grew up. It was pretty ugly for a long time.

  16. Justin Ormont says

    Man, I was making way better sites than those back then.

  17. Amanda Blain says

    I fixed some of the links.. sorry about that.. all better.. 🙂

  18. Jamey Harvey says

    Using an ingenious invention called "Quicktime", we have managed to present for you a wonderful assortment of moving picture clips! Select below.

  19. Annette Holland says

    I wonder if there are any other studios that have old movie sites up. And you gotta admit – games for kids on Space Jam was pretty innovative.

  20. Sang Lam says

    Website best viewed with Internet Explorer or Netscape eyes gouged out!

  21. Arleen Boyd says

    LOL!!! I agree with + Sherman Smith I too miss the Hamster Dance! I did my first web page with Frontpage and Publisher… it looked like a comic book.

  22. Annette Holland says

    + Jamey Harvey well, WWW was about #steampunk.

  23. Brendan Farrell says

    Too funny, this is like the internet being spotlighted in "awkward family photos"

  24. Dharamjit Rihal says

    Ah! My eyes!

  25. Alex Jimenez says

    I want the dancing bears back….NOT!

  26. Dano Hart says

    http://ihatetables.com Sooooo much. But we need an internet Retro day….make ours sites look like this for one day

  27. Daryl Fritz says

    I hereby submit the Battlefield Earth movie site as evidence as to why Flash needs to go.

  28. Seth Moon says

    Warner Bros never fails to disappoint

  29. Roberto Inetti says

    haha, this is great. I remember when websites loved to use the <marquee> tag. Thanks + Amanda Blain

  30. Lee Clarke says

    Oh I would love to find some with blinking text and scrolling marques..

  31. Matthew Graybosch says

    I remember how ugly the WWW used to be, thanks to + Tom Anderson. MySpace wasn't that long ago. 🙂

  32. Karen Thomas says

    you would be surprised how many people still love blinky text lol

  33. Matthew Graybosch says

    + Karen Thomas, you'd be surprised at just how cynical about people and their taste (or lack thereof) I am. I do this shit for a living, though I work for different clients than + Amanda Blain. 🙂

  34. Dean Reimer says

    Oh come on, who here doesn't miss web pages designed and built in MS Word?

  35. Alex Jimenez says

    + Dean Reimer you mean they don't still do that? /delete word

  36. Brian McDonald says

    Ugly? You mean awesome! Bring back scrolling marquees and under construction graphics :p

  37. Andreas Stassivik says

    Funny story. I just installed FrontPage 2003 last night. Thanks to Microsoft, the world was much different back then.

  38. Karen Thomas says

    I did it for a living as well internally at a financial institution. It was ridiculous how cartoonish some business partners wanted to make their websites that would be customer facing. If I had a nickel for every time I said, 'I really don't think your financial customers want to see websites with blinky text and scrolly banners'

  39. Jonathan Wright says

    I actually remember using the Space Jam site way back. Or, I think I do. It's entirely possible that stellar design was used on multiple sites.

    Luckily, IE6 is down to 8.3%! (Get it together, China!) – http://www.ie6countdown.com/

  40. Karen Thomas says

    warm up the time machine 🙂

  41. Michael Knight says

    90's designs are coming back, HTML 5 style. Just kidding. But it is fun to still see loads of sites that were designed in the 90's from the likes of GeoCities (Now Yahoo) that are still active. Especially if your a Sci-Fi fan.

    My first ever page was on a BBS then real HTML came out to the masses and I designed 1 long page with everything on it, no menu's just a single page and I was proud of it. Looked great on Internet Explorer 1.

    Back to present day though, people new to design still make pages like 90's sites. Thank god that Microsoft, and I hate to say it, got rid of Frontpage. Actually, I don't hate to say it. It was crap.

  42. Christopher Calvert says

    <wax type=nostalgic>I used to teach a basic HTML course in the 90s so I feel at least somewhat responsible for upping the ugly level of the interwebs</wax>

  43. Alex Bruce says

    forgot your quotes lol. xD

  44. Karen Thomas says

    LOL + Tristan Johnson I guess we have to find a DeLorean and a flux capacitor.

  45. Gary Beason says

    Oh, the coding is now more robust, but the results are pretty much the same: http://www.cowboysandaliensmovie.com/splash.php

  46. Rick Bjarnason says

    Ha Ha ! Great find…

  47. Rich Lane says

    To be fair, the Battlefield Earth site is superior to the movie or book that spawned it.

  48. Tristan Johnson says

    I'm having comment and posting problems

  49. Steve Tose says

    + Amanda Blain do you know where I can get a player to watch the Wild Wild West video interviews? Something called "Real Audio Player is required. kidding. At least there weren't any Liquid Audio files.

  50. Jeff Pettorino says

    + Arleen Boyd my web pages STILL look like comic books. That's why I'm an infosec wonk. 😉

  51. David Holman says

    God I love these old websites but I promise I can find worse ones with the Way Back Machine!

  52. Anthony Gallo says

    i like how some of those pages have areas that are still "in development"

  53. God says

    We gave you http://www.zombo.com ; but you didn't listen.

  54. Marcel Tirado says

    Ummmm… after looking at a couple of these I lost vision in my right eye….

  55. Thomas DiStefano says

    I look forward to 13 years from now, when we are reminiscing about the outdated sites of 2011….'remember when the web was all 2 Dimensional and people had to look at it on phones? Remember mice and keyboards?' …My first site from 1997 still lives on in some site that scraped Geocities and keeps it alive. Bring-it-on futureweb.

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