1. Richard Donoher says

    Sadly I'm a PS3 and PC gamer 🙁 no GOW for me

  2. anthony feliciano says

    Why aren't you playing MW3?

  3. Stuart Duff says

    Played to death, and traded in for something else. Have fun though 🙂

  4. Kendra Trahan says

    I won't be with internet access this evening 🙁 And I don't like Gears of War lol

  5. Warren Stanley says

    sorry, will be playing Batman:AC on my PS3

  6. Sang Lam says

    Which mode you doing? Campaign or Horde?

  7. Aaron Wood says

    I HAVE GoW3… I haven't played it yet though. 🙁

  8. John Fanavans says

    I love playing games on the Internet.

  9. David Bleecher says

    I would love to, but I don't have it. So, I'm on WoW tonight. 🙁

  10. David Tyner says


  11. D Darden says

    I was on my Assassin's creed last night…looking to get rid of Battlefield 3 on the PS3, have only played it twice

  12. Amanda Blain says

    I ? you gamers…. in whatever you are playing.. 🙂

  13. Lord Miles Parker says

    Ps3 here sorry

  14. sergio vanegas says

    gracias……… esta bn por los gamers!!!

  15. Nathaniel Graham says

    What time, I'll help.

  16. D Darden says

    Oh and Amanda I will get on GOW next time your ready for some killing….

  17. jorge vesga says


  18. Paul Garcia says

    + anthony feliciano because she doesn't want to spend $60 on dlc for mw2.5

  19. Nathaniel Graham says

    + Paul Garcia lol

  20. Paul Garcia says

    + Amanda Blain whats next after gears? the halo anniversary?

  21. Tor Ivan Boine says

    sush! Dont have a consol to play on! :p

  22. Sang Lam says

    I love GOW3 because they switch up the multiplayer each week; last week it was "One Shot One Kill," meaning only snipers. Lot of headshots! 😛

  23. Bruce Davis says

    About to start my play in skyrim

  24. Chris Esko says

    Sure, what time?

  25. Wallie Hawkins says

    i kinda got out of playing gow3 and ive been playing skyrim all week….maybe it's time to switch back and play some horde tonight

  26. Guillaume Lefebvre says

    I'm stuck on DC Universe online :]

  27. Steve Sakamoto says

    If I had Gears 3, I'd be in for sure!

    Gears 2 anyone? Anyone? <crickets>

  28. Ryan Vega says

    GOW3? If you want to play 4 player Insane campaign count me in!

  29. Hans Cummings says

    I don't even have GoW3 :p

  30. Ryan Vega says

    + Wallie Hawkins I think there are a lot of gamers who have put all other games on hold for Skyrim, myself included!

  31. Ian Herndon says

    Just starting playing around with MW3 (PC) Single Player this week.

  32. Amanda Blain says

    I will not cave to the Skyrim land… 🙂 but i hear its fabulous… I'm going to boot up now 🙂

  33. Matt DelMastro says

    No GoW for me, I'm a PC gamer. I've got Shadowgun on my phone and that's very much like GoW. Love that game.

  34. Dale Angus says

    I would but I am at work! wah wah wah

  35. Mario Lombardo says

    Would love to play, but I'm on a trip.

  36. Alexander Estefany says

    Ill be on tonight but just for a bit girl ;D

  37. Tim Bates says

    Skyrim = Skycrack and I'm proud to say I'm addicted!!!

  38. Falik Alfonse says

    COD sweetheart… get your the new shish lol

  39. Jonathan Malek says

    Sadly, I am PS3 all the way…

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