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*School Shootings Around the World – An Interesting Map*

I usually keep my posts here out of politics and post happy fun things, but today I came across this article showing school shootings around the world since 1996.

Notice anything strange about this world map? Why does all of China, India, Africa  Australia, The Middle East, Most of South America, Most of Europe and Canada NOT have this problem?

It's Time To Wake up America

Yes there was a China knifing today… that injured 22 children… not killed.. Injured. Yes, this map is not complete.. Yes there are more deaths from suicide, murder, drug war lords etc… But the fact remains… There are a heck of a lot of  MORE school related shootings in the USA than anywhere else BY FAR in the whole freaking world.

I'm not posting this for political opinion changing… People have reasons for believing what they do…  I don't fault anyone for their beliefs… 🙂 Maybe someone will see this and think… that's all i posted it for 🙂

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  • A note though: China had a school stabbing today. Something like 22 kids stabbed to death. They had a rash of them last year.

  • If parents were allowed to discipline their children like they once were, we may have avoided a lot of the problems we have had with young people doing stupid $h!t.

  • You should stick to something funny this does nothing for the victims.  I think we know we have a problem.  Do something constructive. More importantly do something that moves us into the right direction.

  • I find it more interesting that it's more on the East coast than anything. It's because our country is full of a over medicated bored country

  • 22 children were stabbed in a classroom in China today.  Maybe this should be updated to portray attacks at schools before guns are to blame.  There is something more sinister going on

  • The one in the UK is Dunblane, Scotland. Unfortunately it's all the town is remembered for these days :o(

  • UK, Austrailia have very strict guns laws... that apparently work. In the UK cops don't even carry guns themselves.

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