*Is There Anything Better Than Airport Hugs?*

People are so happy at airports…. that hug when you see someone you haven't seen in awhile… frozen in a moment… shown here below in this youtube I found.. are priceless…. 🙂

If you need a warm smiley feeling… watch below… The song is pretty awesomesauce too.

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  1. sid sing says

    romantic n sexy as well !

  2. Darryl Griffith says

    great vid to watch as I am hording an outlet in the airport like Gollum and his precious.

  3. Scott Armstrong says

    The I missed you so much hugs are the best!

  4. Andrew Konietzky says

    The reason behind this is you SURVIVED the flight. You never see this with other forms of travel… except the Old West when there was dysentery. 😉

  5. Aomar barache says

    miss you so hug …and

  6. joachim welker says

    If you like this you should watch "Love Actually" there in the sequel just scenes like these in the video are captured (and the movie is great as well 🙂

  7. Rojer Peterson says


  8. Tony Booth says

    EasyJet B737 Take-Off from London Luton – Nice effects – THIS is cool also…

  9. Fred Fernando says

    a hug from + Amanda Blain 🙂

  10. Abdul Panganting says

    + joachim welker I was just gonna say that, actually. The intro and outro is a mashup of airport videos narrated by Hugh Grant.

  11. Ahmed Rashidi says

    :)* امر عظيم

  12. agha sumair says

    never forget my love hug on airport last year love u ….

  13. Toni San says

    may be the last….

  14. Slavo Herman says

    'Sure there is. Bedroom hugs.'

    (this is an answer to original Amanda's question)

  15. Gert Sønderby says

    My wife an I had a long distance relationship across the Atlantic before she moved over here and we married. There were a number of this kind of hug involved, since we'd both travel back and forth across the Atlantic to see each other. 🙂

  16. Danielle Uskovic says

    + Amanda Blain a hug from Ryan Gosling may just beat it 😉

  17. Hannah Roberts says

    Is there a "world hug day?"
    If there isn't, there should be!

  18. JEREMY TABB says

    Arrival hug better than a departure hug  as it mean's the safe return of a loved one

  19. Hannah Roberts says

    + JEREMY TABB , I break my heart seeing departure hugs even if it they are strangers to me!!

    I'm a soppy cow haha.

  20. جثير العطواني says

    المعروف  عن العناق العناق في حلتين للوداع والاقبال ماعدا عناق النوم

  21. John Souza says

    Now, I need a hug… :'(

  22. Igor DeCamps says

    Yes my hugs! 🙂

  23. Phillip Ryan says

    I do not know from personal experience but they look nice.

  24. Sebastian Wehr says

    gonna hug my mum and stepdad, my stepsis and a lot of friends this weekend 🙂 <3 xmas visits…  soo excited

  25. niloy chy says

    nice communication

  26. dashayah espinoza says

    very and excellent communication

  27. Asma Haroon says


  28. Maria Vega says

    omg so cute

  29. Maddy Perennity says

    Except for when it's TSA, I guess.

  30. John Souza says

    + Maddy Perennity that is a different form of "affection"

  31. Cole Cummings says

    When I came back from the war my wife was there to greet me.  I hugged her, she tolerated me.  It was a horrible experience.  Apparently while I was away she had fallen in love with someone else.  Now Airport hugs just remind me of that moment.

  32. Sebastian Wehr says

    + Cole Cummings sorry to hear that 🙁 some women…. not all, just some… but then again there are men who cheat too and 60% of marriage these days dont hold… hope you find a new love if you still want that

  33. Murphty Aggrey says

    really cute

  34. Ryan Hare says

    Awesome sauce? Is that a canadian term? Being in the military you experience that "airport hug" a good bit

  35. Jake Kern says

    Back in the pre 9/11 days, we would wait at the gate. In Vail, we'd have college kids come from around the US to help our church in the summer. None of us would have met the college kid before, but we'd wait for that student to arrive (almost always carrying a guitar case) and we'd go rush him & fall to the floor in a hug pile. (Yeah, we tended to not rush at the gals.) Tons of laughter & smiles from not just our group & the new college student but other people in the terminal.

    Best. Ice-Breaker. Ever!

  36. Sharon Ross says

    Total Awesomesauce! I can't wait to get my 'airport' hug this Christmas.  =)

  37. J.C. Stierheim says

    Only the hello variety.. not fond of the goodbye ones 🙂

  38. ТаХХА Ли says

    Да,так затрагивает это

  39. Ryan Ng says

    Nothing beats a hug once in a while.

  40. Timothy Cullen says

    Not that I know of— Hugs and Kisses for All are the best!!!

  41. Vic Loignon says

    I could give you a big   hug even if we are not in the airport, bye.

  42. Jason Ritenour says

    Having been involved in many of these recently, I am very touched by this video.  Thank you.

  43. Robert Clark says

    being huged by someone who loves you

  44. Mohamed Fouad says


  45. Michael Pana says

    There is. Costless hug can have an effect on…..

  46. J.C. Stierheim says

    I have a theory, hugs are an energy transfer. It feels that way anyways 🙂

  47. Raheal Asare says

    My dear i really luv this picture

  48. Victor de la isla says


  49. Michael Vaughan says

    I tried this once…and promptly got arrested. Maybe its better if you know the person your hugging first no?

  50. nani nana says

    ca va

  51. Roy Maharaj says


  52. Jehad Akashe says

    Yes, to be with in the airport

  53. 李海鹏 says


  54. Robert Stigler says

    Airport bj!

  55. Mustafa DALKILIÇ says


  56. Raheal Asare says

    I can't really tell

  57. Roy Maharaj says

    yes real love

  58. Osama Al-shadiadah says


  59. Michael Pana says

    Showing their deep expression on missing someone for longer period of time…. Isn't it?

  60. Shafiur Rehman says

    h r u

  61. kelly cristina says


  62. Yaya Konate says

    Bonjour Amanda je veux être ami avec toi mes je parlle que français bonne et heureuse années 2013

  63. Roy Maharaj says

    no comments no time to waste

  64. MrLeif lindeman says

    Is this best

  65. joe Aganu says

    Your allways looknig wow,i love your pic's.

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