1. yanibel paulino says

    Waiting for #ResidentEvil5 :D<33

  2. Waliu Mustapha says

    How appropriate as just this second I finished watching #Apocalypse. Still got #Extinction  and #Afterlife  left before #Retribution is released here in the UK on Sept 28th 🙂

  3. Rob Steadman says

    Amanda , u love books and zombies and your not american , dream woman ? 

  4. Agustin Ayala says

    bella muy bella.

  5. Edward Caro says

    I love residents evil games and movies 😉

  6. Rich Smith says


  7. Amy Bewersdorf says

    Went to see RE5 last night.  Awesome!

  8. Chad Tolbert says

    + Amanda Blain , you need this  http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/b4e7/?srp=7

  9. Seb Fichaux says


  10. Agustin Cavazos says

    I saw the show earlier today.  it's freaky creatures.

  11. Rich Smith says

    Mila Jovitch (spelt wrong or right makes no diference)

    yup, MILA, right here, right now… and moving forward….

    I think I become dangerous after about 22.51 pm….



  12. Lars Fosdal says

    Applerella Corporation
    "Our products are bigger than life itself"

  13. Amanda Blain says

    hahaha + Lars Fosdal 

  14. Aida Hull says


  15. Slily Joseph says

    I love Zombies movie too

  16. Aida Hull says

    I love zombie movies

  17. Aida Hull says

    Can't wait to watch resident evil the 5th movie that came out, Friday

  18. Joe Dean says

    Nothing is bigger than the Samsung Note though.

  19. eric abramov says

    the resident evil movies suck ass i rather stick with the resident evil games

  20. Joe Dean says

    I saw #retribution yesterday. The action scenes are always good but the storyline was meh!! Seeing Milla run in that outfit looked painful. The shoes she had on definitely weren't made for running. she's still a hottie though 🙂

  21. Aida Hull says

    Oh, wow!! so its not worth watching, then??

  22. Joe Dean says

    It was just ok. Don't see it in 3D. No need. Not enough scenes to warrant the extra price. If you're a fan of the movies then go see it.

  23. Bazinga Noon says

    + Silvana Araújo. 

  24. Michael Cummings says

    Amanda are you a real person or an avatar?

  25. Aida Hull says

    Cool!!! 😀

  26. David Aguilera says

    I want to work there. I heard they have an excellen retirement plan. Some place called Raccoon City…

  27. Aida Hull says


  28. Aida Hull says


  29. Amanda Blain says

    why on earth would i not be a real person… Google random people… you concern me sometimes

  30. ayman nader says

    I love Resident Evil all parts in PC . FIFA Game and Need for Speed top gsme . Amanda I love PS3 & PSP no XBOX . Thanks

  31. Aida Hull says

    Hey Amanda, what did you think of the movie??

  32. eric abramov says

    response to michael :
    this account is real and not fake amanda blain is a real person not avatar

  33. Sean Beaulac says

    Oooooohhhh yeaaaaahhhh 🙂 #Excited

  34. jose becerra says

    Can't wait!!

  35. mary mafara says

    this not smething like good staff

  36. Pacuto Yosiah says

    Ok nice

  37. Trent Miller says

    Im a big fan as well Amanda maybe we can catch the new one together what do you think

  38. arron parker says

    love this was thinking of filming a rez evil type zombie trick in london town would freak them out any ideas?

  39. Wander Scofield says


  40. Ruben Morales says

    I love this series of movies it is the most best awesome movie well movie series i have seen…..EVER!

  41. Jacob Young says

    The games are better than the films.

  42. Roland Mendoza says

    saw the premiere awesome ,awesome,awesome actually saw all the premeres gotta love my resident evil with a perfect circle music thats a win win no doubt 🙂

  43. john stewart says

    Evil has gone global!

  44. eric abramov says

    evil has been watered down to movie box office fucking shit

  45. Ernesto Laracuente says

    Resident Evil Retribution the biggest the baddest

  46. hector estremera says

    R the movies good

  47. eric abramov says

    no they all suck

  48. Yan Glz says

    i like movie… =)

  49. Lance Lee says


  50. Kaveon Moorer says

    best movie ever without question

  51. eric abramov says

    if you wanna see a good horror film that would literally scare the shit out of you watch a nightmare on elm st 3 past midnight with the lights turned off

  52. Kaveon Moorer says

    true true

  53. Dominic Collantes says

    It is going to completely suck

  54. Nicole Lock says

    I was slightly disappointed with the movie….the whole beginning made it worth seeing in 3d.

  55. Camilo Santos says


  56. Billy Goley says

    Just saw this in IMAX 3D tonight. Do yourself a favor and pay the extra money for 3D, it's worth every penny on this one. 

  57. Dain Laguna says

    + Amanda Blain eh….lemme know when they actually make a good flick. Re films=nonsensical in every way. Maybe if they were even REMOTELY like the games they were based on?

  58. ????? says


  59. ????? says



    You are very beautiful

  61. Emmanuel Asanga says

    amanda blain, y do u luv dese sort of movies?

  62. Jennifer Neill says

    I liked the first and third movies, the 2nd was garbage, and I didn't know there had been a fourth. Ha. This looks alright though.

  63. ????? says


  64. Cheryl Hung says

    Umbrella (in Biohazard) = Monsanto (in real life)  

  65. Hussain Al-Haddad says

    the movie ruined the game.. especially Milla Jovovich

  66. ban parthi says

    you and me zombies.!!

  67. ????? says


  68. ban parthi says

    good company for world people.

  69. ????? says


  70. ????? says

    2012. 9. 16. ?? 1:20? "?????" <******@****>?? ??:

    > Yes

  71. Justin Ellenbecker says

    Was putting a new roof on my house this weekend but I will be trying to make some time to go see the new one ASAP.

  72. TheFamily Buys says

    I'm dying to see this new one,I really loved ALL the previous films.

  73. ????? says


  74. Bunm Jyo says


  75. Gala Rarebirdie says

    Saw the film yesterday

  76. Robin Paterson says

    oh, too many must repy posts at me. RezEvil!!! Best Female heroine of all. Ars kicker, face wrecker, life incinerating zombie flesh spitting woman of mass outrage. Best 3d action flick(prev RezEvil) full stop. insane director and composite collaberation. lol, took off the head of  my nephew and his mate that dont dig zombie karma and the like but didnt know what hit them. icant say enough about it. I waz a zombie stomp of a horror film fan from the film intro of zombie fictional background to re~lities:of cellular experiments gone off the chart. To thhe memorable game intro of the first encounter with a feasting zombie. oh,,yea, Playstation rockes it then. zombie graphic movement engine component programming.,like i said , i could write an undead obituary but i would just reanimate it. no more zombies, till the flick

  77. eric abramov says

    the resident evil films seem more fucking appealing to little wwe pg self centered spoiled little cena munsters than actual adults who grew up watching horror movies.

  78. TheFamily Buys says


  79. William Martin says

    I'm 68 yrs old and I like them just fine, and I grew up with the other type of horror films.

  80. ????? says


  81. jason tremblay says

    just watched the new one it was good.

  82. Graziela Silva says


  83. ????? says


  84. Mario Kesovija says

    danas idem gledati film

  85. budi santosa says

    Resident evil go…

  86. jadon diamond says

    re rocks best movie series ever

  87. jamesarchie maligon says

    risedent evil niice movie./.

  88. Andrew Macintyre says

    Fan ! Some of the Best Movies are Res.Evil ,keep em coming' !

  89. GSM Terra says

    This would look great on my desktop…

  90. arron parker says

    The original rez evil for ps1 what a classic

  91. Erol Hoffmeister says

    Surely I will watch this movie next weekend ….
    We should always give Zombies a chance of a second death.

  92. Nicholas Watson says

    Does anyone else remember how scary Nemesis was? Haha

  93. Eryl Talbot says

    If an island dedicated to the medical practice happened to exist…

  94. Nicholas Watson says

    Shutter Island Lol

  95. Mathew Hanley says

    + Amanda Blain  I think you probably single handedly set this trending

  96. friki jaime izquierdo says

    amo esta imagen

  97. Ernie Donerstag says

    Umbrella sake

  98. Bunm Jyo says

    umbrella;where can be buy this umbrella ~it's so cool

  99. arron parker says

    you cant its a rez evil logo its represents the lab anti virus corporation in game terms but no doubt they will sell a parasol or umbrella featuring this popular design

  100. Zulham Ertanto says

    Want to work for Umbrella Corporation, where do i have to sign ? Anyone?

  101. Arnon Jesus Moreira says


  102. Shinu thomas says

    please give me a reference

  103. Amanda Blain says

    Resident evil.. is the reference

  104. kyabo caleb says

    If a dream is to come true, i would love to see my self working for Umbrella Corp.

  105. Hani Abdul Wahab says

    hi amanda  how are you

  106. Albert Peace says


  107. adam Fisher says

    That was definitely my background bout a month ago lol

  108. patrick tablon says

    is it an organization ?

  109. ryan goimarac says

    Retribution was terrible!

  110. jamesarchie maligon says

    nice movie…

  111. Sam Hulme says

    the newest movie is terrible

  112. Darion Holmes says

    love this genre that last Resident Evil was the bomb 5 star rating

  113. arron parker says

    Just watched rez retribution absolutly awesome as usual worth thetrip to the cinema

  114. Henry Batres says

    ya desarro el virus

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