Want To See The Magic of Google Plus – Version 5


New to Google Plus? Not quite sure you 'get it' yet? Use other networks like Twitter or Facebook? Make a commitment to spend 15 minutes that you would spend on those sites, here on Gplus for 2 weeks. In those 15 minutes do these following 4 steps. Anyone who actually does these things will love it here and can never say "it's dead". Try it. I Dare you. 

1. Create Yourself – Fully Complete your Profile. Post a photo of yourself, people like talking to other people. Decide which interests you would like to focus on, on G+. Pick some Hobbies, Work, General Categories etc. Think things like Photography, Geek, Tech, Android Fan, Tv shows you like, Your Career(Real estate agent, Tech Support, Business Owner), Art, Gaming, Wine Lover, Cat person Or the City You Live In. People can quickly scan and determain that you might have some stuff in common and then easily circle you back. Spend a few moments on this. Seriously. 

2. Create Public Posts Often – Those interests you picked in Step 1? Post about them daily. Make sure the post are Public and not limited to your circles, otherwise no one will see it. Find interesting articles to share, you tube videos, pictures and make posts about them. Make sure some is 'your own' not just reshares of others. Use pictures. Google Images is a good source. G+ likes pictures. 

3. Follow Others – Find other people who have similar interest as you and circle them first. Go up to the search bar and type in those interests you picked in step 1. Game of thrones, Web development, wine, zombies, Michael Jackson. People here are fans and they are talking about it. Circle up at least 500 People. 1000 is still golden. Look for some circle shares to add groups of people easily. There are tons of circle shared linked in my profiles about section(http://goo.gl/eFcal). These people you are circling will likely all be strangers. Get over that. You do NOT need to know people in real life to talk about Iphones or Cooking, but you can have a great conversation. Perhaps even better than with local 'real life friends'. Try it.

4. Engage others – Go up and down your stream right now and Reshare neat things, comment, click the link, read the story, comment on other peoples comments or mention others who might like that post. +1s generally mean you read it and agree. Do that too.. but most prefer to you to comment on their post in some way. Try and make comments better than "lol" but engage other people in some way. Remember to mute the post if the conversation is not interesting to you anymore with the drop down arrow at the top right of every post.

Rinse and Repeat steps 2, 3, 4 daily for best results. This will take some time to get started, but its fun. But do it regularly with those 15 minutes and You can make connections that will completely change your life. Google Plus is a truly amazing website if you follow these steps. Make it yours.


*The people who tend to not 'get' Google Plus*
1) Don't have a completed public profile
2) Post once every 2 weeks (what would your Twitter look like if you tweeted once every 2 weeks?) You don't need to stop using the other sites you use, but you DO need to spend some time here, regularly.
3) Broadcast only – Never talk to anyone else here and expect people to be clicking their stories and commenting on their stuff when there is a HUGE stream of information going by.

Gplus is VERY give and take. Spend a few moments developing relationships with the above steps and you WILL have people visiting your blog without you asking/self promoting. Promise.


Please share with your circles and new friends on G+.

  1. Rob Michael says

    I get it.

  2. Liz ?uilty says

    Reshared, great post 🙂

  3. Robert McGee says

    I'm still learning, we all are because it's constantly changing.

  4. Bearman Cartoons says

    5. Don't treat it like Facebook.  Don't be offended if someone who you don't know follows you.  It's part of the thing

  5. ayman nader says

    Amanda. You Queen Google Plus 4.0 undisputed. Google's most popular. You are a princess of Canada and Toronto

  6. Art Solanes says

    My whole family is on it and everyone loves it.  It's really a matter of spending a little time on it.  I'm hoping more friends will join in.

  7. Henry A. Otero says

    Thank you thank you… Reshared!

  8. Jo Anne Thomas says

    Ty!!! Great post for ALL!! 🙂

  9. Frank Rockenfeller says

    This great. I´m here since about 2 weeks, and reduced my facebook to 5 minutes/day. It´s simply more interessting on google+ and definitly a better place for me. I spend a lot of time here.

  10. Hayes Starns says

    Time to step up the game a notch…while being here even longer I feel like I could start branching out more. I did add your musicians circle, but quickly left it because it filled my stream with too many new people and was confusing. So, I guess this time around I could add a few here and there to understand who they are and not just jump head first into a scary moshpit of people. (they wasn't scary, but the stream was)

  11. Chris D says

    Love it, reshare it

  12. Alona Austin says

    Re-shared your post 🙂

  13. Mathew Hanley says

    I've done very well on here, even if I don't have a huge amount of followers people with huge followings interact with me regularly  

  14. Bill Mckim says

    Cant search anymore since the "upgrade" on the iPad

  15. Jordan Oram says

    Well said! Be authentic, engage, discover, explore 😀 So much is possible 🙂

  16. Rahel Teka says

    Very damn true. It's one of those lesser known social networking sites. Hell, Facebook and Twitter copy off of it!

  17. Michael Anderson says

    Best advice for newbies there is, and very very well stated. 

  18. ??? says


  19. David Andrews says

    Way to be Amanda. Great share.

    Cultivate your stream.
    What you are doing is configuring a flow of information that interests you.
    We have all been at the mercy of mass media and what they choose to feed us. This changes everything. Now you are in charge of the information you fill your consciousness with.

    There are a lot of awesome people that populate G+. Millions of them that cover every interest

  20. Joseph Lee says

    It's too late, I've given it all up for G+!

  21. Stuart Dyckhoff says

    Nice post Amanda – found this via  – only thing I'd add is to state that G+ is all about the giving as in I as an individual have to give of my time to comment intelligently on others posts to get any return.

  22. Brandon Higbee says

    Thank you

  23. Brian Aldrich says

    Good advice as always, Amanda.

  24. Elaine Lindsay says

      my tagline is -Engage Engage Engage!!  

  25. Frank Loveras says

    Good information..

  26. Daniel Ely Rankin says

    solid stuff as always.

  27. Marc Miller says

    I was just going to +1 but then thought I'd better make the effort.

  28. casmir emeka says

    hi amanda,u're a genius.

  29. Craig TD says

    Thanks for the tips. I'm trying! 

  30. Kaspars Goba says

    is there any FAQs or smth? At least for me its not an User friendly interface cause i cant replace/move some suggested things (as for example i cant link direct links to my interested songs/artists/artist chanels etc… so im looking forward for some faqs about organizing it at all 😉 Sorry for my english. It isnt my native  so forgive if got some mistakes and so on 😉

  31. Marvin Ruppert says

    Nice, thank you very much! I just reactivated my G+ account last week because I wanted to leave Flickr somewhere. I wish I would have stumbled upon that (or a similar) post then, instead I "had to" work those things out myself. But I still feel I get G+ better after reading it now.

  32. Miskinak Periwinkle says

    I'm learning…. gradually… I'll get there..

  33. Christine Lange says

    Tolles Bild .

  34. Shaun McLane says

    Solid advice! If I could offer one more suggestion: Bacon. Greatness will happen. Plus all the stuff Amanda said.

  35. David Andrews says

    No need to apologize for your broken English. That tells me you speak at least 1 more language than I do.

  36. Andrew Macintyre says

    Thanks Amanda,You have pointed out with explanation of something I should already be understanding but haven't as yet.Good on You !

  37. Zzarchov Kowolski says


    Avoid public posts.  Unless you are already a celebrity most people only want to hear about a few things from you.

    The most potent part about Google + is circles.  You post politics to those who want to hear your politics, you post about your family life to your family, about work to your co-workers, about fitness to those involved in fitness and Polynesian naval history to fellow buffs of those fields.

    Otherwise you end up Facebook where you are flooded with news about your Aunt's political ravings, you bosses kid's bowel movements, and new dieting fads you care zip about.

    With circles you can filter incoming content as well, but only if others do the same diligence in posting the right content to the right circles.  People who post everything public tend to either get uncircled, or more commonly moved into a circle that doesn't show incoming posts (meaning they will spam you, but never see anything you say).

    Have a very obvious "about" section, and have a public post asking others what they would like to hear about rather than assuming everyone is interested in everything.

  38. Kaspars Goba says

    im speaking 2 fluent and english is just a need-2-do thing cause im working with PCs all the time but that was something different for me 😉

  39. Kaspars Goba says

    sry- i didnt knew its public 😀

  40. Kaspars Goba says

    Zzarchov. Im just thinking is there a way to get directly to disscusion or i can always recieve the only upcoming ones and so on. Im absolutely noob on Gplus and wanted to get some rules/faqs etc to b more informed on how to/why not to and so on 😉 And ure absolutely right… U get your surrounding ppl just from your choice not cause u have 2 🙂 U both r right but it doesnt matters…

  41. Zzarchov Kowolski says

     few people tend to use google+ only.  It is easy to find people who are famous from other avenues and circle them on google+, from there your circles grow organically.

    Again, this is simply a different way to use Google+, if you are happy with your current method I wish you well and I am glad you are having success.  But many of us do aggressively manage circles and public posters tend to get moved into "outgoing messages only" circles,  several apps to completely filter out public posts are also being worked on by third parties.  

    Again just an FYI, it may not matter to you in the slightest (these are people you may not wish to reach).

    either way, I wish you the best of luck and just wanted to be a good neighbour and you let you know how the "hidden majority" live on google+,  it is quite a booming place and far from dead.

  42. Shaun McLane says

     Hidden majority? I agree there are a lot of people that stay hidden, but I don't believe for a second it's the majority. 

    Posting publicly about topics that interest you brings people to you that you otherwise wouldn't meet. I have roughly a dozen people on g+ that I've become very close with through shared interests – all discovered through public posts.

  43. Kaspars Goba says

    sry guys and lady for such a trouble just about me- I'll still b here anyway- its not a reason 2 make some civil wars 😀 There is a sentence in russian: "If No mom or axe will help, then its time to read instruction…" 😀

  44. Shaun McLane says

     I don't think it's making a civil war…just discussion about different ways people behave on here.

  45. Zzarchov Kowolski says

     Very little is posted publicly (perhaps this has changed in the last 6 months, it very well may have).  But even Facebook is still mostly private.

    This was why people kept calling Google+ dead in the first place.  It is not dead, never has been.

    Either way,  you seem to have the hang of using Google+,  I was just popping in to be neighbourly.

  46. Shaun McLane says

     I just can't seem to grasp why you're saying little is posted publicly. In relation to what? If you haven't been on in 6 months, then maybe that's why you feel that way, but I just looked through my stream (celebrities and others), and 99.9% are public

  47. Zzarchov Kowolski says

     I am a daily user, what you would call a heavy user.  But 99.9% of my posts are private, as are 99.9% of my incoming posts from everyone in my circles.  The 6 months is from the last time I read someone lamenting about google+ being dead and why.

    Its a small sample size to be sure (I paired down quite a bit),  but its still significant enough (412 in my incoming circle) to draw meaningful stats (nearing +/-5% 19/20) from it assuming there is no weird population make up of my circles.

  48. Christine A. smith says

    I'm even going to join the Girlfriend social site! Its such a nice idea:)

  49. ana eman says

    hi amanda

  50. Donagh Reardon says

    Thanks for the advice
    Those who are anti-social (like myself) always are always endlessly fascinated by the mechanics of been social.
    I can't say I'll be able to do it, but I'll try to try (this attitude is why Yoda kicked my mick arse out of the Jedi order).
    {You left out Star Wars references as a means of getting noticed}
    It does seem like a lot of effort.

  51. peter donovan says

    I blame my kids for all of this.

  52. bill lisleman says

    I use it completely differently than FB.  Engage – very important – a small comment goes a long way

  53. Mary Long says

    Thank you for the post. I've been on here for a few weeks and I really like it! However, I need help moving forward. I will do your step and see what happens!

  54. Hivo Del says

    Great tips. I am Brazilian and I love the G+

  55. emily kast says

    lol magic 

  56. Frank Feather says

    Great article +Amanda Blain . I am sharing this gem. 🙂

  57. PJ Ammidon says

    Excellent post +Amanda Blain 🙂 Will share this!

  58. Jeffrey Welther says

    Well said message +Amanda Blain about Google Plus. In my personal opinion, Google plus is far superior to Face Book but then again this is my opinion.

  59. Amanda Blain says

    Thats the point i like stressing to 'others'… No need to GIVE UP Facebook or Twitter… just spend some time daily here. Those who give it a go I find tend to make a post once every 2 weeks and say.. "It's not working Amanda"… Regular interactions here are important.

  60. Mathew Hanley says

    +Amanda Blain  I have to agree I interact on others posts and always try to reply to comments on my photography etc, furthermore I run my own page, help run another and also help people out on here and run interactive things on here I'm doing rather well thank you very much! 🙂

  61. Jake Croston says

    Good job +Amanda Blain 🙂

  62. Larry Fournillier says

    Thanks +Amanda Blain I'll spread the word!

  63. Mathew Hanley says

    +Amanda Blain  pm me please

  64. Arleen Boyd says

    All good stuff +Amanda Blain!

  65. Amanda Blain says

    Someday my real posts will hit what's hot… 🙂

  66. Elaine Lindsay says

       and +Amanda Blain  excellent post!!

  67. Andy Goldman says

    Good points. Shared.

  68. Daryn Raines says

    +Amanda Blain You are awesome.

  69. Luis Valencia says

    Excellent points +Amanda Blain . Also always remember to engage, engage, and engage some more.

  70. Amanda Blain says

     Don't agree. If you have nothing/little public in your profile.. and none of your real life friends are here… you wont see a point to Gplus. This is the number 1 complaint i hear. If you post public topic targeted content… people will FIND you.. and you can form relationships based on interests… Otherwise.. you have a blank empty profile and are circling 10 friends who also post and do nothing. 

  71. Zzarchov Kowolski says

    +Amanda Blain I am not saying you shouldn't go out and circle people,  but Google+ works WAY better non-public.  It is very easy to find a few "famous" people on google+ and follow them,  you can then organically add in those who comment on their posts and post interesting opinions.  Your circles will swell to hundreds and (if you let it and don't trim back) thousands of folks within a month or two, all of them only talking about what you want to hear about, easily sorted for you to also talk to them about what they want to hear about.

    What will happen with public posts (and happened to me a year and change ago) is that your stream becomes flooded with posts you don't care about.   Most people get moved to "outgoing" circles that are send only, never receive.

    Posting everything publicaly often means you miss great conversations as people no longer read your posts (the person who loves your knitting patterns may not love your thoughts on politics)

    Your mileage may vary,  but Google+ in its circles offers a totally different experience from Facebook if you let it.

    Example:  I no longer post anything public (and removed almost everything public I posted, as well as nearly gutting my circles) about a year ago.  But I still had you get added to my circles though circle sharing from other people whom I read (in this case RPG's) so you were moved with 100 other folks into a temporary circle as I read your posts for a few days  and sort people based on how much they will be filling my stream with things I am interested with, versus things I am not (as a non-american I have zero interest in American politics for instance)

  72. Brian Kirby says

     +Amanda Blain It's a catch 22 here.  How can you get people into the right circles and how do they get you into the right circles?  The only solution is to post publicly (unless its people you know IRL, then only post specific things to them).

  73. Amanda Blain says

    The beauty is you make Gplus your own… This post is specifically addressing those who find the site "dead"… If you make limited circle share posts, circle a few people with a million followers,  circle people who comment on other stuff from celebrities and have nothing in your profile.. People will likely not circle you back and therefore.. never have your posts appear in the stream. No interaction ever. It will continue to be dead.  If you are more familiar with how it works here you can adapt to circle specific styles like you are mentioning.. but a brand new newbie… posting public is the best way to start seeing "the magic" instead of "its dead"…. It will likely get to "too much".. and then you develop your strategy for usage like you have mentioned.  

  74. Karl Annang says

    Being on +Twitter provides me with a whole lot of current news. But +Google+ always surprises me with exciting and creative things. I grow in knowledge and in humour each time I come on to G+. It feels like you are on and in the wide wide web and that makes it much more social.

  75. Amanda Blain says

     Tas nav tev … M?s apspriežam citu t?mu. M??iniet mekl?t "Google plus tips" par atbildes uz saviem jaut?jumiem.

  76. Christine A. smith says

    Great post +Amanda Blain it really helps.  I'm still feeling my way around +Google+  for me and my business.  Still haven't been able to get any followers for my company.  Is there a different way that you need to work your Business page +5thElementDesign as opposed to a personal page?

  77. Shaun McLane says

    +Christine A. smith I've had the same struggles with my business page. The problem is not being able to circle people without them circling you first. Best thing I've found is to ask your followers to circle your page, then start interacting as your page. Also, if you see something trending that fits your business, you can do a public post with that hashtag or topic, and it brings new people in.

  78. Amanda Blain says

    Business is harder here.. because people don't want to be sold to. Most people are use to using social media to talk about their business and sell sell sell… That being said.. You can still develop relationships in the same manner above..  With 1.9 million people I talk about   maybe once a month. If you look at the page you will also notice its not PUSH PUSH PUSH GO TO MY PAGE. Talk about other things besides just business.. and people will go without you asking. Develop community. That is social media true powers.

  79. Christine A. smith says

     Great idea.  I just really wish they would allow you to circle people with your business page.  I don't really know my circle people well yet to ask them to really do that.  I'm going to check out your business page and see how you interact.  Thank you:)   +Google+ +Google+ Your Community  +Women of Google+ +5thElementDesign 

  80. Shaun McLane says

    +Christine A. smith I have about 6 of them, and haven't been very active with them lately, so I wouldn't use mine as examples. Try looking up ford or some of the other larger pages. There are a lot of businesses doing it right on here

  81. Christine A. smith says

    +Amanda Blain not only are you adorable, but you are helpful too!  Thank you so much!  I'm going to check out your  site as well! 🙂  

  82. Amanda Blain says

    ^^^ See.. thats how it works hehehe 🙂  You can't 'fan people' on FB without them liking you either… it would be spam central around here if you could. 🙂

  83. Hark Nijjar says

    Sound advise +Amanda Blain. I signed up about a year ago and only had about 50 flowers up until the end of June before I joined the G+ anniversary photo walk. Since then, I've been interacting with others on their posts, asking questions and slowly but surely staring to build an audience. It takes time and as you said, you get what you put into it so go have some conversations, people will drop by to hear what you have to say.

  84. Randolph Manlapig says

    +1'd and reshared! Awesome info +Amanda Blain 

  85. jambo gopi says

    I started a hangout to discuss this post. plus.google.com/hangouts/_/213cfa52476f4a9246839cda691a4e3a96d869aa?hft=1&hti=z13stlqbrwvnvrnoe04cjv0izz2exp340pw0k

  86. Dharamjit Rihal says

    Great post, +Amanda Blain! Reshared!

  87. Qui Vuong - Empowermentalist says

    Resharing this. Thanks for the insight and inspiration, +Amanda Blain . You rock, everybody!

  88. Damian Sanchez says

    So I'm going down my stream +1-ing everyone's reshare of this post because I'm in 100% agreement with all of the pointers listed. I had posted a "G+ Manifesto" just yesterday and thought this would be a great follow up to that post.


    …I'm promptly sharing this!

    Thank you +Amanda Blain for this golden nugget of G+ awesomeness!

  89. George Rahal says

    Golden stuff, +Amanda Blain , thank you! 🙂

  90. Cameron Silva says

    now… if I could only get those hour+ G+ sessions down to 15 minute sessions… hehe.

  91. Michele Smorgon says

    Thanks Amanda 

  92. Lisa Bimmerz says

    Spot on as usual +Amanda Blain – good write up! =)

  93. Melissa Parker says

    Great advice as always +Amanda Blain 

  94. ademola adeyale says

    I dont understand dis site. can anyone explain to me?

  95. Jennifer Barr says

    Just saw this – In all day meetings about social media at work yesterday, so no time to do personal social media :>). This is good! Will reshare right now. thanks

  96. Benoit Flippen says

    Ha! Of course, all the people I know who don't get G+ already left, and won't see this post.

  97. Dirk Talamasca says

    I'm Magically Delicious 😀

  98. Denis Labelle says

    +Amanda Blain : great post.

    Time for a 2nd cycle of sharing.

  99. Belinda Dubber says

    Only just started but I think G+ is fantastic and I'm trying to get more of our family and team on G+ but it's hard. I think it's mainly because they're all so disenchanted with FB.

    We're spread around a bit and I really want to try the hangouts thing with them.

  100. Jennifer Barr says

    Good luck on Google+  

  101. Belinda Dubber says

    Thank you , that's very kind.

  102. Joe Husted says

    I'm new and starting to like it better and better than Facebook thanks for the info.

  103. Mike Lowrie says

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    great stuff +Amanda Blain. you are pretty smart.

  105. Sherman Smith says

    +Amanda Blain you have it all right.. What worked a year ago still works today, but even better with all the plugins & new features. Thanks for trying to educate those who don't know and want to know. 🙂

  106. Scott Warren says

    Thank you Amanda for the leason. Great info. I like learning on the internet machine.

  107. Martha Nabadda says

    absolutely right! Way to go guys…

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