1. donald hakala says

    Didn't see it in any of the big presentations?

  2. Tony Macchione says

    Same here

  3. Judy Rooks Wilder says

    I hate zombies. They are the worst creatures ever made up by our society. My only hope is that they will disappear.

  4. donald hakala says

    Found some game play.. Looks promising 😀

    Dying Light Open World Gameplay – E3 2014: http://youtu.be/eD_qMcHB4H0

  5. Amanda Blain says

    And lots more really neat stuff not shown in that play through…. Fun stuff + donald hakala

  6. donald hakala says

    Awesome + Amanda Blain!… I wish game streaming services like OnLive would demo E3 games… For people who can't make it to E3

  7. Stephen Dillon says

    Isnt that Hilery Clintons 2016 campain poster ?

  8. Tony Macchione says

    You're all alone + Judy Rooks Wilder

  9. Bwana Sarah Slack says

    that looks brilliant.

  10. Ronald Stepp says

    Oh God, another Zombie thing?  facepalm.

  11. Ibrahim Sannoh says

    U ar frind of my

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  13. Felix Ribeiro says

    que bater uma homenagem Amanda Blain vc tem cara de puta mesmo

  14. Jawann Michie says

    + donald hakala that would be great if they did…

  15. Richard Keith Leasure says

    What are thinking girl????????

  16. alisee ngono says


  17. Adamou salifou Mouhamed says


  18. Marsha Williams says

    Nice…I love horrors and the games are awesome..

  19. reza hasani says

    hello Amanda

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