1. Scott Anderson says

    I wish I was artistic 🙁

  2. rocio palma says

    tats just soo cool :O

  3. Jeff Bermingham says

    that is awesome.

  4. julio artemio valles pinedo says

    wow it´s amazing !!! i like the pacman world and now on 3D 🙂

  5. Bekah Morales says

    so cool how do you do that

  6. Kirk shelton says

    This stuff making a comeback

  7. Brett Prokop says

    These sidewalk artists are so amazingly talented. I am a bit awestruck at their visualization skills. Their ability to see the image from a different perspective than they are drawing from is quite impressive.

  8. Mark Koschwitz says

    When I lived in Myrtle Beach, SC someone did a Frogger chalk drawing on a street.  Probably not the safest thing… but it was pretty cool nonetheless 😛

  9. Ricky Anderson jr says

    That's kool

  10. George Fabian says

    that is amazing

  11. Jonathan Cayton says

    Who ever done that has some good shading

  12. Jonathan Cayton says

    Nice work..

  13. Jorge Hernandez says


  14. said nabeel says

    + Amanda Blain .The 3D ARTS are getting more publicity nowadays …….i think you guys are helping through the social media to spread over the world.

    Yeah. You did it.

  15. Jesús Efrén Astorga Rodríguez says

    AmaZing,,,  jejejje

  16. Pappukumar Maurya says


  17. Madeline Ford says

    that is epic.

  18. nabil izem says


  19. Travis Kaufman says


  20. Chris Del Grande says


  21. Amanda Blain says

    Nom nom nom Indeed + Travis Kaufman 

  22. eboni barnes says


  23. Jonathan Cayton says

    Nice way of putting it..

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  24. Bernardino Fuentes says

    Muy buena

  25. Dbright Umesi says


  26. Jonathan Cayton says

    Some people get numb as well is cold hearted…

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  27. Glory Abde says

    nice photo 🙂

  28. Sam Sayer says

    That's nice.

  29. Cameron Silva says

    cool beans

  30. Rich Webster says

    Those were the days, though I don't believe I ever got past 12 keys.

  31. Miriam Rhodes says

    That's cool. Is it real

  32. malasa kaloshi says


  33. Jessica Seal says


  34. Layla Swearingen says

    that is amost scary!

  35. ??? says

    OH~my god~ so beautiful,but Taiwan have no work like this!Too bad

  36. Brian Wetmore says

    It's amazing how creative people can be and how a simple line can become more than a line. Tons of respect goes out to all who have the ability to create these.

  37. Jêsïcä Aß says

    amazing!! how forget this video game

  38. Loriann Cordero says

    Very, very cool!!

  39. Edixon Galue says

    Puro talento original

  40. Dan Liddy says

    Fantastic – amazing ingenuity

  41. Myriad HandyManServices says


  42. prem kumar says

    super !!!

  43. Kinzie Jalali says

    i love stuff like that

  44. Haylee Almirol says


  45. Elizabeth Municchi says


  46. Lee Pellymounter says

    So cool. I want to plug in and play.

  47. Ricardo Gutierrez says


  48. Dan Liddy says

    The 3D of Amanda herself is also stunning

  49. Matthew Benesh says

    awsome and cartoony plus ghost looks wierd 🙂

  50. Melissa Ramirez says

    awesome its 3D 

  51. Marnie Fielstra says

    This is so cool!

  52. Layba Zaman says

    that is so cool

  53. Andres Daniel Suarez says


  54. ??? says


  55. Zach Gillen says

    I see CHERRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Lubern Cabantug says

    the best 🙂

  57. Jason Martz says

    Hello rocio! Looking for friends. I'm new here..

  58. Nanda Linn Aung says


  59. Arc Chigozie James O says

    Gal growup lolz

  60. ??? says


  61. Sandy Dimension says

    that's cool men !! ,,,
    where is that road??

  62. Accuyy maunk'lana says


  63. Drew Almy says


  64. Tang Juan says

    wow~ good job~ http://www.rqsulfates.com

  65. Anubhab Sarkar says

    you should try it yourself!

  66. James Burkett says

    geradezu erstaunlich!

  67. Joseph Bodden says


  68. Mike Warren says

    That's cool! It looks real.


    Nice work…

  70. Jaylen Wilkins says

    SO AWESOME!!!!

  71. Saad Alee says

    So want that at my place!

  72. Laura Ventura says


  73. jesus leiva says


  74. Ezequiel Paez says

    que bueno

  75. jesus leiva says

    esta de pana el juego sdsdds

  76. Troy Hacker says

    That's really well done… cool!

  77. jakye nunley says

    well done

  78. Kevin Powers says

    soo cool

  79. ruben sharma says

    sad, makes me wanna cry that you gotta pay to play classic game like pacman.come on now! who else is crying ?

  80. Haven Chace says

    what?!? r u serious + ruben sharma ?

  81. Elisa Barnes says

    i would want to be a pacman to eat those little dots

  82. waleed Principle says

    Beautiful love beautiful

  83. Abdul Gofur says


  84. Elisa Barnes says

    I love pacman #CLASSICGAME  

  85. Mike Walton says

    Great talent!

  86. Frank Shannon says

    That is awesome!!

  87. Galen Morgigno says

    Way cool! Amazing how they do that!

  88. zeeshan ali says


  89. Cheyann Morris says

    Were are u

  90. Jeanette Reynolds says

    I am also a big fan of street art…cant get enough of it!!!

  91. Quang Ngoc Cao says


  92. Ebrima sowe says

    hi amanda pls send me your email

  93. Dane Fillingim says

    Haha sweet. Were is the controller?.

  94. Kevin Jones says

    + Scott Anderson I just thinking the same thing 🙁

  95. ??? says

    Reminds me of a kid who thought the game ..

  96. Ebrima sowe says

    very nice

  97. jam khan keerio says

    so beautifull i like him

  98. Cheyann Morris says


  99. Nandita Roy says

    wow! love to play it that way

  100. Cheyann Morris says

    Did a cat mouth

  101. Ashleen Nunez says

    One word to describe the person that did this and that word is: AMAZING!!!

  102. Nisa Adzlan says

    haha cool!!!

  103. farhana baig says

    i like this game

  104. Melissa Ramirez says

    how come people do that ,there REALLY talented 😛

  105. Juan Velez says

    Cool 3d art

  106. Brian Healy says

    There awesome

  107. Duane Lassiter says

    That is awesome

  108. Sreegesh Somanath says

    Awesome 😉

  109. rohit tripathi says


  110. Kris Jackson says

    Freakin Awsome

  111. David Sutcliffe says

    That is so cool.

  112. m.jacob Jk says

    amazing art  must appreciate

  113. Matt Bleifer says

    The talent some people posses is truly just astonishing sometimes.

  114. KUNAL ROY says

    Looks so real. Great not

  115. Razor Jack says


  116. oscar heros says

    excelente obra urbana, muy buena

  117. atilio cedillo says

    Cool but what's up with all this 3d stuff. I thought it was dead already. Now 4d is where it's at.

  118. john yang says

    That is so cool.

  119. Sonny Kirkendall says

    Now that is stellar work. Cool by any definition.

  120. Levi Burton says

    Love it!
    Excellent artist

  121. Andrew D says

    Very awesome!

  122. Ahmad Safuan says


  123. judith akeyo says

    i really love it.congrats

  124. Ignatius Tembo says


  125. Grace Poni says

    I wish I was in this game hope you write back a comment. Love you.

  126. james jacobin says

    Why do we allow people to draw on walls and streets,
    But grafitti is a different matter?
    All art, on walls and streets, is either art,
    Or grafitti!

  127. Jul Huang says

    cute ghost

  128. Kyla Trout says

    I love street art especially 3-D

  129. Rhys Bowen says

    Now that is cool

  130. Keiran Simpson says

    Just great artists

  131. Erika Gonzalez says

    Tht is awesome!!!!(:

  132. kenneth grice says

    we age ourselves by remembering pac man

  133. Elmo Rulz says

    Awsome as pie 

  134. Rama Jatwal says

    so preettttttyyyy.

  135. prashant kumar says


  136. Bea von E says


  137. Swachhal G says

    Coolest game of all time.

  138. Deyjah Peppers says

    Awesome addictive game 3D sidewalk art awesome thumbs up

  139. Rajul Ray says

    what the F it is,  a kindergarden game……….

  140. Sandeep Dhiman says

    i lke this games very much

  141. Khairull Annuar says

    Amazing,I like it!

  142. Mel Shine says

    i want to play it.. =))

  143. Prince Aadi says

    It Remembers me a lot of things thanks ….. !!!

  144. sachi jain says

    the moment I saw it I want to play it

  145. hamada elhoseny says

    Very beautiful

  146. Akankshya Dash says

    it looks so playful
     i wanna play. is there a game like this 

  147. nelson salcedo says

    lo maximo

  148. Pravin Thombre says


  149. Binty Kennedy says

    the cherry is in the wrong place

  150. Patrick Gaido says

    That is so cool. I love the artwork these people do on the roads and sidewalks. They are so talented!

  151. Tracker Frost says

    Impressive, I'd be lucky to draw pac-man as a flat drawing!  lol

  152. pim gundlach says

    i like it

  153. Ale Murga says


  154. Pappukumar Maurya says

    I like it…….

  155. Janakiraman Shanmugam says

    brilliant work

  156. Jackie Giles says

    that is so cool

  157. Gary Andrews says

    That is a very skilled picture

  158. Joseaugusto Pepe says

    ke loookkkoo

  159. Christina Jones says


  160. Fallen Angel says

    beautiful i love art but im more of a singer lol tht didnt really make anything go together lol im silly but cool pic

  161. akanni abiodun oluwasegun says

    Who want to start relationship with me?

  162. Bihao Cai says


  163. mohd Anwar says


  164. Mahdi heydarzadeh says


  165. Cartoonist Murugu says

    very nice

  166. Maha Rajan says


  167. Maryam Shahrayini says


  168. Refaat Al Haleess says


  169. mhdey khan says

    so nice………….

  170. Eric Nguessan says

    i like it .

  171. ???? ??????? says


  172. michael mbaha says

    hi can we be good friends skype michael.mbaha1 cell  +264812262048 but u must be a born again or a christian pls cors i need peoples that will talk about his Name

  173. Jason Derloux says

    That would trip me in the street

  174. Helly Belly says


  175. Den Itel says

    Pretty cool 🙂

  176. ???? says

    SOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  177. erickryon tank says


  178. Deepu Vuppala says

    pac man

  179. Meredith Basham says

    i wanna play

  180. jawed eqbal says


  181. Shaheed Haynes says

    Thats hot.

  182. nahdya reyna says

    that is cool, did u make it ,amanda

  183. Markuz Jon Barrios says

    I love it!
    Esta rifada la foto 😀

  184. Ebrima sowe says


  185. Abraham Mwale says

    oo! I love it.its nice to know each other in this World.How is everything  there? Here in africa all is fine.

  186. JAIME FLORES says

    Es un montaje, pero excelente… me gusta jugar pacman, desde la epoca del colegio (school).. good.

  187. preetham preethu says


  188. Zlatko Atanasovski says


  189. Ali Bokhari says

    pacman , its my favorite e -game , the possibilities are endless the enjoyment sublime. 

  190. Grace Poni says

    Cool 3d pacman

  191. bhavesh sahu says


  192. amina meneer says

    can i play

  193. Pappukumar Maurya says

    very nice ……….

  194. DICKSON NALAMI says

    I wish it were in KENYA

  195. DICKSON NALAMI says

     i lov it

  196. Herschel Krustowsky says

    Off the chain! What a great blast from the past!

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