*Hangout With RPG Videogame Designers – Hero-U*

In a few moments Lori and Corey Cole who created the Sierra Gaming Classic Quest for Glory.. will be doing a live G+ hangout for their latest kickstarter +Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption …. Very excited about this! Join in and ask questions to them live… 

Get in on the kickstarter (20 hrs left!) –> http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1878147873/hero-u-rogue-to-redemption

Watch/chat with the Hangout –> https://plus.google.com/116882836190048839120/posts/TdLFp9E1epA  Ask questions THERE… GO!

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*Hangout With RPG Videogame Designers - Hero-U*

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  1. Bob Gower says

    I love Quest for Glory!!!!

  2. Joe Rochinski says

    Why did the steal the logo from + Rogue Ales & Spirits ? Looks so very similar…

  3. Danial Hallock says

    Thanks for the notify, but unfortunately, I'm at work. 🙁

  4. Adam Boenig says

    Would love to join you but rather doubt I will be available

  5. Adrian Baggett says

    sounds just like dishonored

  6. Anthony Blaine says

    Great series… but I think they're asking for too much.

  7. Amanda Blain says

    Cause its the same word + Joe Rochinski ? the font logo isnt the same at all…

  8. cristian ramon silva says

    muy lindo

  9. Joe Rochinski says

    Upon closer inspection, no, it's not the same font. But the tall squared off style of lettering certainly bears a resemblence, and I immediately thought of beer when i saw the logo. Then again, I'm usually always thinking of beer… mmmm… beer… brb.

  10. fajar Khadafi says

    Morning amanda.

  11. Amanda Blain says

    Any questions + Adam Boenig + Bob Gower ?

  12. Neto John says

    Estou muinto feliz 🙂 bom trabalho

  13. Adam Boenig says

    Why would I have questions?

  14. arun joseph v h says

    good morning

  15. Vinoth Kumar says

    hi good morning

  16. Claro Olunan says

    good day..

  17. Luke Tinker says

    damn wish i could join but im about to go into an exam >.<

  18. deepak prajapati says




  20. eta macdona says

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  21. فرید مه says

    hi amanda

  22. Edson Anjos says


  23. Mukesh Mankani says


  24. Edson Anjos says

    Ola Amanda, eu sou do Brazil, tudo bem com vc?

  25. eta macdona says

    hi how are you

  26. Edson Anjos says

    onde fica cameroon

  27. meraj khan says


  28. unegbu austine says

    what's up

  29. kasik tau g'ea says

    wow funky

  30. Krutik Patel says

    whhat; s up

  31. Amaning Benjamin says

    What's all these about? Tell me.

  32. nguyen loi says

    can you send for me your gmail ?

  33. unegbu austine says

    + nguyen loi [email protected]

  34. unegbu austine says

    + nguyen loi [email protected]

  35. Ernesto Peñafiel Rizzo says

    Hola que mas se cuents

  36. Joao Serafim says

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    Je veut un bon job

  38. Dimorais rezende says

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