1. Shar Banning says

    Dungeon Siege on PC!!  Any of them would do really but the first one was really fun for me.

  2. Firepancakes says


  3. Vanessa C says

    Perfect Dark, classic on the 64. 😀

  4. Firepancakes says

    Or battle field

  5. Michael O'Reilly says

    Borderlands 2 on the PC

  6. Shah Khan says


  7. Miguel Juarez says

    This is fantastic, Amanda!

  8. Jeremy Cioppa says

    Right now dark souls. A month ago skyrim. Most memorable is super mario 64

  9. Jermaine Harbor says


  10. Richard Winsett says

    God of War

  11. Tim Welsh says

    Batman Arkham City followed closely by Knights of the Old Republic 2

  12. Luis Manuel Cepeda says

    Diablo 3

  13. Franklin C says

    Have to go with the classic Super mario.

  14. Diego Salgado says

    ''Ghosts & Goblins'', do you know?

  15. Steve Douglas says

    Overall, it's got to be the old classic PC game, Tex Murphy: the Pandora Directive. That said, so far I'm really enjoying the new installment, Tesla Effect: one part dark, dystopian sci-fi, one part complex noir, one part comedy – like a good Tex Murphy game should be.

  16. Timi Cee says

    Maybe SNES Super Mario World or NES Punch Out!!

  17. Christopher Yost says

    Kingdom Hearts.

  18. Brent Merasty says

    Aha The Saboteur…. 

  19. Mara Mascaro says

    Shadow of the Colossus :3

  20. andrew escobedo says

    World Of Warcraft for Pc!!!!

  21. toni Lindsey says

    Mortal Kombat Armageddon.

  22. Gregg Sakauye says

    Civilization 1 blew my mind when I first played it.

  23. Philip Edmondson says

    Sid Meiers: Pirates for SNES.  Loved playing it because there was so much to it.  There were story lines I never completed.  Played it for hours and hours. (days, weeks)

  24. Michael McGuyer says

    Medieval Total War

  25. Franklin Joseph Ambo says

    It has to be Rival Schools for the playstation. Loved the tag team element

  26. Lupe Rodriguez says

    I would have to say Resident Evil 4. I've played it on Gamecube, Wii, PS2 and PS3.

  27. Nayroz Kabboudi says

    good friend

  28. Mbaye Diop says

    Amanda e fantastico

  29. Bwana Sarah Slack says

    Zork Trillogy, Dungeon Master, The Art of War, Fallout 2 & 3, Unreal Tournament, Planescape Torment, Oblivion.

  30. Sándor R.Farkas says

    Amanda,mi közös ismerősök vagyunk??

  31. Bwana Sarah Slack says

    I can't choose one.

  32. chad holcomb says

    metal gear solid for sure

  33. Chris Perez says

    My all time favorite game is Dragon Warrior for NES. I can still play and enjoy it in all its pixelated glory 🙂

  34. Ron Fowler says

    Panzer General for PC.  
    A coin flip decided the matter, over HalfLife

  35. joey waxel says

    ridick and mortal kombat and gods of war and all pokemon games

  36. Jaani Tuali says

    I still love old school Mario, and I'm not sure if I'll say the same about the games I love now in 20 years

  37. Randy Sagoo says

    NONE… Gamers are losers!!

  38. Adrian Wells says

    That's a tricky one.  Probably one of the Metal Gear Solid games…  possibly MGS1.

  39. Patrick Ryan says

    Oh god … I can't pick

  40. Richard OHearn says

    SW Battlefront: classic.

  41. E Blake says

    Diablo – all the incarnations

  42. joey waxel says

    same here for super mario all of them

  43. Damion Elson says


  44. Chandra Pederson says

    Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo

  45. Dominique Noah says

    I'm going to go with Mass Effect 2 and Assassin's Creed 2

  46. Stephen Firestone says

    Starsiege Tribes

  47. MyFunnyBrianShow says

    Epic Mickey

  48. Rainer Kulow says

    375 Aeon lol
    . to be precise, ego shooter they speeded up the bots because they where to slow for me. MMO they needed to much bots. Love the single player games, its just to entertain and replace the stupid tv.
    remember me

  49. Richard Nicholl says


  50. Steve Uhlman says

    WoW…. but Gears of War is a very close second!

  51. Andy Pardue says

    Team Fortress 2 on PC

  52. Jason Mitchell says


  53. Jason E. Query says

    This was a tough one for the fact of galaga zelda mario and then some though I must say I liked the God of war series.

  54. Glen Power says

    I'd say Resident Evil 2. First time I played it, it gave me the willies.

  55. Tamara Wiens says

    I always loved Galaga (or was it Galaxian?), you know, the one with alien spaceships coming in from the top of the screen, and whirling into formation, and you have to defeat wave after wave with your lone fighter? I used to play that exclusively back in the early '80's

  56. Rainer Kulow says

    + Tamara Wiens

  57. abdul siddiquee says

    Probably Metal Gear Solid though I lost many hours to Speedball 2 when I was younger.

  58. Madeline Muñoz-Bustamante says

    Street Fighter 😀

  59. Randy Dyck says

    Any of the lego series 🙂 all fairness because my son plays them I've come to enjoy them as well.

  60. jessi roman says

    Favorite game ever: Chrono Cross

  61. Julian Hickman says

    I could play injustice and Monster Hunter forever

  62. John Johnson says

    Battlefield 4

  63. Jake Luk says

    Mario Kart for the game cube. That was literally the best game ever.

  64. Ed Guzman says

    Street Fighter 4 hyper-fighting turbo edition

  65. Rainer Kulow says

    + abdul siddiquee
    speedball was cool, all the bitmap brother games where great, loved gods

  66. Andrew Coffman says


  67. Daniel Fontaine says

    Socom 2. Period.

  68. Sasha Shmurak says

    All fake

  69. Jeremy Jones says

    Command and Conquer: Red Alert

  70. Rainer Kulow says

    + Sasha Shmurak
    like real life lol

  71. mick mochan says

    Any of the Far Cry series or half life 2 ,but love battlefield series all on pc , + Tamara Wiens it was Galaxian ,all those screaming aliens swooping down 😉 all this could change in two weeks when I get watchdogs tho

  72. gem enoch says


  73. Tony Love says

    Minecraft, infinitely moddable. Always changing.

  74. Rainer Kulow says

    + mick mochan
    many different implementations…

  75. Ricardo Ubieta Palazzi says

    There are 4 games I can play anytime, any day and enjoy them the same as the first time.

    World Of Warcraft – PC
    Neverwinter Nights – PC
    Final Fantasy VIII – PC
    Ocarina of Time – N64

  76. Adrian Rodriguez says

    Battlefield 4

  77. Gwyn Bennett-Williams says

    I actually like Dead Rising 3 on XBox One in smaller doses
    I can blame you + Amanda Blain for getting me looking for zombies in the shadows when I go to bed haha ! ;*)

    rats, lost my spiked mace >.<

  78. Martin Burke says


  79. Dmitriy Vishnevsky says

    all fake

  80. Oliver Hamilton says

    bubble bobble

  81. Jonathan Moore says

    Metal Gear Solid. Loved that game….

  82. Christopher Wagner says

    Legend of Zelda (I like all of them, but the original on NES never gets old)

  83. bobby knight says

    Gyrus..because that's the only one I didn't finish..

  84. Nicolai Imset says

    Star wars galaxies.

  85. Charles Cortes says

    I'm a Call Of Duty and Left 4 Dead player. PC gaming rules.

  86. Rainer Kulow says

    haha, larry leisure

  87. Michelle Harris says

    of course it has to be Final Fantasy #arealmreborn  

  88. Frank Merchant says

    Mass Effect trilogy, Halo and Star Wars Battlefront I & II.

  89. Charles Cortes says

    I read most of the comments after I commented and am shocked to see I am the only one who mentioned Call Of Duty seeing how popular the series is. I loved the Legend of Zelda series but COD got more of my attention.

  90. Slant/Fin Corporation says

    So many good games out there… so hard to choose…. but Red Dead Redemption goes into my top 10 list for sure.

  91. Michael Anderson says

    Mass Effect trilogy. I still keep replaying these – doing it right now, in fact!

  92. Darin R. McClure says

    Battlefield all the way,

  93. Sergio Robles says

    Right now I can't get enough of Dark Souls 2

  94. Gus Park says

    Bad Dudes!  "I'm BAD!"  LOL lots of classic arcades in here.  Thanks for sharing.

  95. Jeff Pettorino says

    Maybe the original Wasteland? Hard to decide…

  96. James Stansell says


  97. keith carey says

    Half life

  98. Grym Thor says

    Currently it's Rust(alpha).

  99. Gérald LE BESCO says


  100. Aaron Applegate says

    NES's Metroid is a classic that IMHO still holds up against a lot of games today.

  101. Javad Ataiy says


  102. Hans Brauer says

    Assetto Corsa

  103. Andy Gonzales says

    is bordlands 2 and 1 r ther call of duty 2

  104. Nasser Lalagui says

    Dowhill domination

  105. Vincenzo Merlin says


  106. Daniel Hernández says


  107. Rose Johnson says

    Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days on the PSP

  108. Andy Gonzales says

    i found  bord lands 2 and 1

  109. Brayden Barton says

    Halo 3 , halo wars, halo 4

  110. David Gomez says

    Double Dragon ALL of them.

  111. James Carter says

    I'm stuck between 3 choices.

    Pokémon, as I've been playing it since release and still continue to do so until this day.
    Sonic, as I remember spending way too much time on the Sega MegaDrive playing it as a kid.
    DOOM, as it was a great game from the Atari days and always managed to scare me, one way or another.

    Even though I can't choose out of those 3, they're all great games and I've spent a lot of time playing each one to the maximum 🙂

  112. David Gomez says

    + Rainer Kulow I snuck up my dad playing Leisure Suit Larry 3 over 25 years ago! Still a hilarious game

  113. Chris Bridges says

    Asteroids circa the 80's

  114. Isaac Smith says


  115. Rainer Kulow says

    + David Gomez
    was just great fun for me as little kid;)
     played a lot amiga games, was great time for games, some made more fun then the games today

  116. Sam McKeown says

    Monkey Island 1 2 & 3, Frontier: Elite II and Dune (the very first one, but needs to be the CDROM version).

  117. Alberto Quintero says


  118. Robin Paterson says

    Hyper sports or Hyper Olympics as it may have been known. With Moon Crests there as well. MK, Need for… Asphalt 8 airbourne, Summer Games, Spelunker. Oh you said one, oops!

  119. Amanda Blain says

    Lots of awesome games in here 🙂 I'd pick.. Maniac Mansion, Left 4 dead, Gears of War or …. a final fantasy which i can't pick… and sorry.. i broke my own rules but.. COME ON.. so many good games 😀

  120. Michael A. Mota says

    Shenmue and Rez

  121. Timmothy Courey says

    With over 20 playthroughs on multiple consoles; I'll have to go with Final Fantasy VII.

  122. Matt Fussell says

    Fallout 3

  123. Robin Paterson says

    Super sprint, Temple of Apshai, DallasQuest, Pitstop, Karateka, Armin, Had Kung Fun, Spiders, Lento, Turrican2, Another World, Galaxian, Formula One Grand Prix(original)EA,Xevious, Green Beret, Afterburner, Tekken

  124. Jeff Angcanan says

    NBA 2k series on PS 🙂

  125. David Omar Torres says


  126. Rainer Kulow says

    nobody mentioned lemmings, woho

  127. Charles Murray says

    Of all time – Chrono Trigger

  128. Kenneth Cheeks says

    SHIZZZ!!! NEO-GEO gold system / or Arcade cab of "Samurai Showdown" Jubei FTW

  129. Dave Sloat says

    Runescape! No matter how many times I quit I always go back!

  130. Khalid Al Marri says

    Final Fantasy VI on SNES is the best game I have ever played to date.

  131. Robin Paterson says

    Vanguard, Stinger, Zaxxon, LoadRunner, Daytona. Sorry

  132. Gregg Wilson says

    Classic arcade game…  way before people had them in their houses…  without a doubt…

    Dragon's Lair!  (the rest of you all can now go home)  😛

  133. Hans Brauer says

    And lunar lander

  134. Steve Gundill says

    Any game i can get people to play multiplayer with me. Its hard to find reliable good games for games when you are housebound/bedbound most of the time. 

  135. Barry Stewart says

    Super Off Road – NES

  136. Kyle Salewski says

    Tekken 3

  137. Christopher Nelson says

    Splinter cells series!

  138. Rainer Kulow says

    + Steve Gundill
    well i guess the game is not that problem then finding nice people. All Multiplayer full of
    Police, Spys, Sharks, Blackhats and criminals, thats making open multiplayer difficult same as internet. Best is find some community and make a closed server for friends. (sorry but true)

  139. Thew Raslletem says

    Unreal, unreal tournament series. Muting post…

  140. Stephen Firestone says


  141. Bruce Rick says

    Elder Scrolls Online right now, but before that it was SWTOR and I was a WoW addict for years. I think I may finally be burning out of MMO's lol

  142. Michael van Rij says

    Golden Eye comes to mind.

  143. Troy White says

    Fallout 2 or 3

  144. Joel Richard says

    Guildwars 2
    aka: GW2

  145. Phillip Hagger says

    Tough one. Battlefield 3… Only since I haven't checked out 4 yet.

  146. LostTree TreeRoaming says

    many strategy games, but i don't do war, i had enough of that when i was in the military, its not "Killing Is Cool, Yeah America:

  147. Raymond Jaeger says

    Any Splinter Cell or Assassins Creed.

  148. Phyrra Nyx says

    Wow, Monster Rancher 4 – Playstation 2.

  149. Ernesto A. Jimenez says

    Tie Fighter for DOS PC by LucasArts. 

  150. Žiga Pirih says

    I'm surprised nobody mentioned Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

  151. mick mochan says

    + Steve Gundill join a clan mate it's the best way especially in squad based games like BF or arma etc

  152. Ross Coyle says


  153. Saad Sheikh says

    (Original) Red Alert

  154. Khamis Salhi says

    the money I didn't Spend On Video Games.

  155. Victor Minichiello says

    You're awesome + Charles Murray. Definitely going to put Chrono Trigger, and then Diablo 2 and  Super Smash Brothers Melee for Gamecube.

  156. Danni Naeil says

    Mass Effect. Of course.

  157. Sima T says

    Resident evil

  158. J Robert Smith says

    007 Golden eye Nintendo 64

  159. Forough k says

    The sims….all version.from 2002 till now

  160. Yeti Wakes says

    Exile on the BBC Micro

  161. Ross Coyle says


  162. Daniel Puiatti says

    I spy a Dr. Gordon Freeman from the Anomalous Materials department.

  163. Umair Re says

    Call of duty

  164. Timothy J. Holloway says

    Fieldrunners, HTML5 (Chrome browser). Or it used to be. Seems the sound's not working as well, but I'm still addicted to the action!

  165. Lee Clarke says

    battlefield 4 x box 1 nuff said

  166. khalil tunisien says

    transformers woc

  167. Naim Hasan says

    hey im new 😀

  168. Jacob Cameron says

    Armored core 2!

  169. Armaghan Dastgeer says

    Red Alert 2 🙂

  170. Zac Rand says

    Assassins creed series all the way

  171. Jeff Trocchio says

    Need for Speed. The original.

  172. James McBride says

    Has to by ES V Skyrim.   Its probably the ultimate example for providing that feeling you are immersed in the game world.  There is a lot that I would change, but given the option to only get 1 game I'd pick this one because of the extensive modding support to build in just about anything that can be imagined.

  173. Nick Clarke says

    Defender arcade machine

  174. Ross Coyle says


  175. stephen carr says


  176. Ajmal Shah says

    care res

  177. Thomas Link says

    i cant choose 

  178. Benhardt Construction & Remodeling says


  179. Annabelle Salamanca says

    Beyond Good and Evil

  180. David Burmeister says

    Gran Tourismo

  181. Jeffrey Cobb says

    Redneck Rampage…

  182. Chris Foote says

    + Project M, a mod of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

  183. Chris Foote says

    Also, awesome call on Maniac Mansion, + Amanda Blain!

  184. Jawann Michie says

    Where can I get this poster?!

  185. Sandra M Gay says

    WIZARD 101

  186. Maria B-R says


    Oh wait I hate that game. 

  187. Bettie Page says

    Oooo, such a hard decision. I want to pick two, no three. Dangit!

    Ok, Since I can only pick one I'll go with Watch Dogs on the PS4 :).

    In case you were wondering the other two, Project CARS and Assassins Creed Unity both on PS4.

  188. tony salinas says

    addiction level? WoW and Diablo 1, 2 and 3… my adult life doesn't let me have my addiction as i loved too, but, you do what you can 😀

  189. André Félix says


  190. Theron Preston Washington says

    Please remove Amanda blain as friend.

  191. Scott Perkins says

    Deus ex

  192. Emma Harlan says

    battle royale

  193. David Akers says

    Star Control II

  194. Yusuph Abuubakr says

    Fifa 14

  195. Rodney Thomas says

    Rockstar  Max Payne-3/Prey-2

  196. Rodney Thomas says

    Max Payne/The Agony and the Ecstasy.

  197. Steve Carter says

    Very first civilisation on commodore 64.

  198. Javier Rodelgo says

    gears of war ……of course…

  199. Marlon Sevilla says

    I would say, all of Castlevania . Lol foe show

  200. Darnell Hamilton says

    The Mass Effect franchise

  201. Angela Moore says

    Mario kart and call of duty

  202. Anthony Scudiero says

    I don't see Vivi…

  203. Jan Alrik Philipsen says


  204. Dean Pook says

    Tempest 2000 on the Atari Jaguar by + Jeff Minter

  205. Samuel Aujour says

    Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

  206. Cristian Gonzales says

    Dota 😀

  207. chrys kouadio says

    do you  likes play mario

  208. Joshua Hernandez says

    I can't find Mega Man =(
    any version of him =/

  209. Josue Rp says

    Buenisimo pero no veo a superman

  210. Jason Curl says

    Speedball 2 and the original lemmings on amiga 500

  211. Brym Stone says

    n64 killer instinct gold. used to do mad damage with spinal until i switched out to jago. ultras all day long!

  212. Dustin Riley says

    When I was a kid, it was Moon Patrol for the 2600.
    Now it is probably Uncharted 2 for the PS3.

  213. Oswaldo Alvarez says

    Sonic 2 from Sega Genesis

  214. Sione Manu says


  215. The M Cluster says


  216. Sebastiaan Johnson says


  217. Neson Bajracharya says

    KOF old school

  218. JOSE MANUEL Lopez says

    para conocedores

  219. Aaron McLin says


  220. Justin White says


  221. Ashton Graham says

    Sonic Heroes

  222. Christine DeGraff says

    Legend of Zelda

  223. patrice dilla says

    Street fighters

  224. Jim Barr says

    Road Blaster arcade version. I could regularly get the high score.

  225. fred crumpton says

    lego lord of the rings on the xbox

  226. Jeff Thompson says

    Tecmo/Super Tecmo Bowl on the Sega Genesis.

  227. Isaac Giron says

    Resident Evil 2 on N64

  228. Jay Castane says

    Growing up, pacman & Tetris…. 20+ yrs later any of the Medal of Honor PS2 games. fast forward several yrs later ( 2010 – the present) uhhh don't play anything, just watch my daughters at times play games lol

  229. Mycroft Holmes says

    Tekken whatever version is the latest. I'm all about the asshwhip(extra h was purposely included)

  230. Muhammadreza Haddad says

    Agent 47-Dante

  231. Alain Favre says

    Brood war

  232. Basit Mirza says

    KOF, Hitman, Max Payne

  233. Konny Zurcher says

    Total War series, Max Payne, Command & Conquer

  234. Bryan Scott says


  235. Michael Butler says


  236. Center Deal says

    Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2

  237. Marius Smit says

    Tekken 6 PS

  238. phil woods says

    I would go for Sonic, for old times sake! Killed a lot of time playing that as a kid.

  239. Denise PVBoutique says

    Pacman or Atari anyone? 

  240. Edward Dingman says

    Mass effect. Hands down best game ever

  241. Christian taylor says

    family basic on the famicom spent hours on that thing

  242. Nidal Sadeq says

    Galaga !

  243. Daniel Graves says

    Dead Space Trilogy

  244. Ted Johnson says


  245. Marla Neogra says

    This is like a thousand "Where's Waldo" images just popped out of a blender! 

  246. William Bishop says

    The Last of Us- PS3/PS4

  247. Sonam Rinzin says

    this is r all duplicate


  248. gregory mathy says


  249. Anas FakENoT says

    CoD , RE,AlanWake,Silenthell,Outlast,…..

  250. Aaron Oliver says

    Tradewars 2002, on the old BBSs back in the 90s…

  251. Fabi P. says


  252. Tim Barrington says

    Phantasy star IV for genesis

  253. Muhammadreza Haddad says

    Command and conquer

  254. Abbas Naqvi says

    super mario 

  255. Rugal Bernstien says

    King of fighters

  256. Warren K Smith says


  257. Tommi Kurtti says


  258. Ole Albers says

    Meanwhile I like the “not so gamish” – games most:
    Heavy Rain, Shadow of Colossus, Journey

    Those are all games that made me think about them even after I played them.

  259. Ole Albers says

    That’s why I learned the english language at the first place! While the others at school only knew “Peter is sitting in the kitchen” I already knew what a lubber is! 🙂

  260. James Orcutt says

    Fallout. no Oblivion.
    ps1 -alone in the dark
    ps2 -ace combat
    xbox -desert storm
    x360 – mass effect

  261. James Orcutt says

    nes metroid ,hands down

  262. Jacob Woolner says

    Total War Rome 2 on PC

  263. Idika Alexander says


  264. Aaron Applegate says


  265. Bbminister says

    I love the Tomb Raider series

  266. Marla Neogra says

    Unfortunately I am hooked on Farmville 2. 

  267. Deni Setiawan says


  268. Harshi Kumari says


  269. 徐序 says

    wa oh

  270. mia Miskolczy says

    + Franklin C   Ooh…I hear ya! Had many sleepless nights

  271. Kuki Sanban says


  272. Daniel Hatfield says

    Skyrim for solo play, definitely, but my wife would probably pick ffx or diablo3

  273. David Burtwistle says

    Hi how are you my name is David burtwistle I hope your day went good mis

  274. Beach Bum says

    dynasty warriors

  275. Brian Miller says

    Final Fantasy 7

  276. luisagny roxana perez naveda says

    q bueno y chevere

  277. Harshi Kumari says

    i like gti game

  278. David Burtwistle says

    resident evil

  279. Yuen Chik says

    Super Mario Land

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