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*What Are You Best Ingress Tips?*

If you've already gotten your Ingress Invite… You should have had a bit to get out and play now… What have YOU found are the best tips for playing, leveling etc… 

What I've found is neat about this game.. is once you hit about level 2… you start really getting into it… You get hooked! My local area has all developed communities here on Google Plus… and even though most of these people are not "using gplus"… most of them are super active in these groups.. and now starting to USE google plus. They are also planning get together HIRLS with strangers to coordinate portal hunting and take downs…  And I think that is pretty freaking neat.  

What are your tips for playing thus far? 🙂


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  • Love the game. Hack every portal you can. Plan your links and fields, don't make it just because you can. Once you link two portals you lose the key and have to go back to farming for another.

  • I don't know what it is about Ingress but i've completely avoided it. And you know me! I'm all about alternative gaming! but there's just something gross to me about the invite frenzie.

  • I won't give away my secrets in public. All I can say is join the resistance! I also recently joined a private G+ community in our area to share tips and coordinate attacks. These communities will be an integral part of successful Ingressing, I think.

  • Friendly portals are way more generous to "farm." I have dozens of portal keys, but I do better to stock up if I just keep doing circles in a smaller area to hack rather than go to the remote ones. 
    Also, working together with a couple of people to break and takeover a portal seems to get more AP for everyone involved. My team lets those with the lowest levels do the linking.

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