*What Are You Best Ingress Tips?*

If you've already gotten your Ingress Invite… You should have had a bit to get out and play now… What have YOU found are the best tips for playing, leveling etc… 

What I've found is neat about this game.. is once you hit about level 2… you start really getting into it… You get hooked! My local area has all developed communities here on Google Plus… and even though most of these people are not "using gplus"… most of them are super active in these groups.. and now starting to USE google plus. They are also planning get together HIRLS with strangers to coordinate portal hunting and take downs…  And I think that is pretty freaking neat.  

What are your tips for playing thus far? 🙂

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*What Are You Best Ingress Tips?*

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  1. Crystal Black says

    Hack. Everything.

  2. James Fletcher says

    don't play it.  LOL…  I just got my invite.   To late I am butt hurt.

  3. Kevin Reedy says

    Love the game. Hack every portal you can. Plan your links and fields, don't make it just because you can. Once you link two portals you lose the key and have to go back to farming for another.

  4. Brett Bjornsen says

    A Strange Game. The Only Winning Move is Not to Play.

  5. Yas Mean says

    I don't know what it is about Ingress but i've completely avoided it. And you know me! I'm all about alternative gaming! but there's just something gross to me about the invite frenzie.

  6. Phillip Ryan says

    live in an urban area and hack everything

  7. Edward Smith says

    Right on + James Fletcher , 3 tanks of gas and 5 battery charges late.

  8. Roberto Inetti says

    + Amanda Blain, every time I see a Ingres's post I hate myself for having an iPhone 🙁

  9. John Taylor says

    I won't give away my secrets in public. All I can say is join the resistance! I also recently joined a private G+ community in our area to share tips and coordinate attacks. These communities will be an integral part of successful Ingressing, I think.

  10. Scott Schultz says

    Tip #1 – USE THE MAP

    Sure, linking portals gets you experience points, but think before you link. Once you draw a line, other lines cannot cross it. If you draw a line between two level five portals twenty miles apart, you are cutting the areas on either side off from each other.

    If you care about "winning" as opposed to just leveling up, then draw sensible connections between portals and try to establish control fields. Don't just make random connections because you can. You could end up screwing up all kinds of potential control fields that other players could create by hooking up those portals that you've cut of from each other.

  11. Daniel Wilson says

    I got an invite, but I think it was wasted on me at this point.  No time and winter……

  12. Taylor Hunt says

    Friendly portals are way more generous to "farm." I have dozens of portal keys, but I do better to stock up if I just keep doing circles in a smaller area to hack rather than go to the remote ones. 
    Also, working together with a couple of people to break and takeover a portal seems to get more AP for everyone involved. My team lets those with the lowest levels do the linking.

  13. Steve Djadoenath says

    I'd say: Interact as much as possible with the other players of your own fraction in the area(s) in which you play. Playing on your own is nice enough, but playing with others is so much more fun for me. 

    (oh, and charge your phone battery…a lot…)

  14. Rob B. says

    Biggest tip for Ingress
    Step 1 uninstall….you'll thank me for it
    Crashy map. I don't get why google earth, maps, local, and field trip work exponentially better… 
    2nd- if you must play get to know your local college kid. They're passing codes in order to be logged in everywhere at all times. helps when you're trying to attack a portal and only have 1 person there. now you have 20 or 30. 
    3rd and final. Don't get out of your car….you don't have to. You can attack portals pretty easily at 25-30 mph. Just carpool

  15. Jakub Kozel says

    download iOS version? when?

  16. Shane Pitre says

    Don't recharge low level resonators, replace them and save your XM.

  17. John E. Bredehoft says

    + Scott Schultz, I have been burned when my attempt to link two nearby portals was delayed by a long-distance link that crossed between the two.

    To save my sanity and gas bill, I'm concentrating on maintaining portals in a few limited geographic areas. Sure I'll hack and attack all over the place, but in terms of portal maintenance I've narrowed down to a list of less than a dozen portals that I will maintain. I dumped the keys for the other portals at various locations – debris for someone to pick up, I guess.

    This becomes especially critical as portals increase in level, since more and more XM is required to recharge higher level portals. I'm conserving my XM to recharge these portals, and not worrying about every other Resistance portal in the universe.

  18. Aric Whiting says

    Pro Tips: form a community, NEVER GO ALONE (seriously me and a buddy took half my town in an hour last night) have some one who knows to how find codes, have a good car, use a 4g phone, use your intel map BEFORE you go out, become friends with Joe and Brandon they'll give you free stuff!!!

  19. Kira Kroger says

    I agree with + Steve Djadoenath .  In Seattle we've now had 3 Resistance meetups and we've had a blast.  I've learned new tricks, leveled up and I've gotten to help lower level players and had a lot of fun.   There is nothing better than lunch with a group of mostly strangers after spending the morning hacking portals.

  20. Johnny Zed says

    Hey + Amanda Blain, are you Resistance or Enlightened?
    (And depending on the answer, why don't we see you at the union meetings? 😉 )

  21. Daniel Jentsch says

    Unless i get an invite, none of what any of you just said makes any sense.

  22. Katie Rabbitt says

    Linking can also be a strategy to stop other teams from gaining control fields. If you can coordinate attacks enough to take down key opponents portals then follow it up with a connection it makes another obstacle for them to cut through to regain ground.

  23. Elaine Lindsay says

    I am so bsd st this!!!

  24. Toya Black says

    Wow so many haters well that's life. But looks like you ARE going or ARE currently playing. Which ever side you join, ask in your faction chat where they talk most cases its g+ or an other website. You will usually get tons of tips and help there. I agree with + John Taylor although I'm Enlightened. Also, I've met some awesome people and only one is a college student not sure what that matter but hey. Have fun because it is fun. 🙂

  25. Jake Kern says

    1) Expect the Unexpected – The game is still beta, and they are using storylines in an intriguing way to justify changes, glitches, patching exploits, etc. There is a lot of buzz about something major about to happen… just as we are hitting "the end of the world." Links are already decaying. Could be possible that we will see a game reset, a new faction, all fields gone… you just don't know. If you are a whiner, just don't even bother playing.

    2) A Field Is a Field – You get the same number of AP (experience points) whether you make a tiny field or a huge field. Make as many little fields as possible for maximum points. Also, a Field is always a triangle. 3 points with 3 links that do not intersect. You can even make a field within an established field (no new MU) and still get the AP for creating the field.

    3) The Game Is Going to Be Different for People in Rural Areas than in High Density Urban Areas – Big cities mean lots of players & lots of portals. You have to be a team player. For those of us who are rural, find the little towns around you & you'll probably find portals at the fire station, the post office, and the library. Connect your little towns with long links. Urban & Rural can work together well because the Rural folks can create barriers to contain high-power players in the Urban areas.

    4) Always click "Faction" before communicating

    5) Play Well With Others – This means playing as a team, but it also means treating the opposition with respect. We just had our first Enlightened player in our little area. We are giving him a grace period to establish some fields & level up. I actually ran into him at one of the portals, and he's a great guy. Yeah, it's been a rush to see our little city under a canopy of blue, but having active competition makes the game so much more fun.

    6) Be Safe! – Put down the phone when you are driving. Just… trust me. Also, there tends to be little traffic at 1am, but being out at that time makes you look suspicious. Police don't like you in a graveyard after hours. Just… trust me.

    7) Have Fun!

  26. Daniel Jentsch says

    Invite anyone? Please? 😀

  27. John McDole says

    Find a local G+ community and gang up.

  28. Osvaldo Munoz says

    Que como esta amanda
    Enviado desde mi dispositivo movil BlackBerry® de Digitel.

    —–Original Message-
    From: "Amanda Blain (Google+)" <****@**>
    Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2012 12:36:43
    To: <****@**>

  29. Chris Cogan says

    Upload potential portals and hack them as soon as they come live. Usually about 2 weeks

  30. Dana Oredson says

    Stand as close to working resonators as possible when attacking. When they are destroyed, move. Don't continue bursting from the same spot.

  31. Dana Oredson says

    Watch for codes, so you can get sweet upgrades. They expire quickly now.

  32. Dana Oredson says

    speaking of which, maybe there are useful scripts for scanning the intertubes for new codes? Or just scanning the official Ingress community?

  33. Brian Klippel says


  34. Taylor Hunt says

    I have no doubt + Amanda Blain will make the correct choice and join Enlightened.

  35. Gregg Sakauye says

    If anyone has an invite available, I'd love to try it out.

  36. Erik Kershaw says

    1. Plan your routes using the Intel map
    2. Work together to attack and share the AP spoils of links and fields
    3. Leave room for the other team, its no fun without competition
    4. Bring snacks
    5. Bring extra batteries for your phone or tablet
    6. Use a co-pilot in the car so you can concentrate on driving
    7. Meet people!

  37. Johnny Zed says

    Follow + DeCode Ingress on G+ for codes, if no one's mentioned it yet.

  38. Bryan Sinclair says

    Live somewhere with lots of portals!!!

  39. perry unger says

    lets be friends

  40. Leo Allen says

    Awesome – thanks + Erik Kershaw ! Just got my code last night, and only took game for a test run today (did training, etc).

  41. Andrew Honma says

    1) Only dirty hippies go #resistance  Channel your inner #darthvader  and be #enlightened  .
    2) Flash those dimples if hacking portals near government buildings, police stations, airports, etc, to reduce the chances of being put on a terrorist watch list. 
    3) Don't drive when playing this game. Kind of takes half the fun out of it if you aren't getting out and walking. 
    4) Submit strategic portal location requests through the Camera/Gallery's share function to NIA Super Ops. Especially important if the area you play in isn't a metropolis teeming with portals.
    5)  http://ingressportal.com/guides/faq/ is what I'd tell every new player to read first.

  42. Sebastian Geisler says

    My opinion after one month: "the only way to win the game is not to play at all"

  43. Scott Winberg says

    I just started and while at 2 close portals I noticed that they were being taken over by the resistance (I'm resistance).  I noticed 2 guys walking around with their phones and started talking to them.  They helped me out tons.  
    1. As others have said hack everything.
    2. find others to help you when you are new. You will need it.
    3. Portal keys and links are changing today.  I haven't figured it out yet.
    4. When you are new don't waste your time attacking a multi-link upper level portal.
    5. Before chatting make sure you know where it is going "ALL" or "FACTION" 
    6. Try to get right on top of the portal when attacking.
    7. Have fun.

  44. Gareth Evans says

    wait for public release

  45. Jay Tedesco says

    I need an invite. Please 🙂

  46. Eric K says

    Get a set of capacitive compatible gloves, its winter here now, and your fingers will get cold.  (or hand warmers in your pocket).

  47. David Clunie says

    Only brainwashed fanboi's join Enlightened (come on ever watch V?) the only way to survive is to go resistance! #HACKTHEPLANET ! 🙂

  48. Michael Vaughan says

    BEST advice I can give. 
    1) you can only use items at your lvl or lower. For instance if you are lvl 3 you can use any lvl item 1,2&3 but you wont be able to use lvl 4 or higher. 

    2) HELP EACH OTHER OUT!!! If you see a player in your area who needs help do so! this is a team based game. (Unless you live where I live and the closest team member is an hour away from you) 

    3) HACK ALL THE ITEMS! It doesnt matter if its yours or theirs. Hack = points = items (most of the time) 

    4) scavenge! Dont get one blaster and then use it on a single resonator. Not only is it worthless, its a waste of resources. 

    5) you can only use as many blasters as you own!!!!!11  (i found this out the hard way) 

    6) if your at a portal and theres a green item lying away pick it up! Its a dropped item (portal key etc) 

    am I forgetting something…hmm. Oh yep I sure am the most important rule!! 

  49. Christopher Hewitt says

    Dying for an invite 🙁

  50. Ty Wistner says

    Still waiting for my invite….its killing me….ahhhhhhh

  51. Darron Bowman says

    I need an invite please!!!!!!!!!

  52. Amberdeep Singh says

    The greatest tip, chose your side wisely…
    Save yourself, Save Humanity… Join The Resistance.

  53. randall meyer says

    What are ya play ing, level all part ove or none my best lol the game is not its ronge need ta change thot smile its more like a puzzel or book yull see but yull also toss it like trash eye!!!! ,,,,

  54. Hamd Almutiri says


  55. Perry Davis says

    How can I get invited

  56. Fred Patrick Yiga says

    It's better to leave in urban places

  57. prakash leuva says


  58. Sandip Tiwari says


  59. Justin Rose says


  60. Craig Lambert says

    Check out the Android Headlines Ingress Show on YouTube.  It's a Google Hangout and they have had some good tips.  Watching Episode 1 actually as I type this…

  61. Kirsty Ward says

    So keen to try this out! Impatiently waiting a beta code!!!

  62. Ralph Uy says

    + Amanda Blain I totally wished you joined the #toronto   #resistance  What's your nickname on there?

  63. Haroon Butt says


  64. Brym Stone says

    I'm still level one. Haven't been playing for long, but I already think it's a great concept. My phone's battery lasts half the time because of this alone!

  65. Craig Lambert says

    For the n00bs.  Add resonators to fill up the portals to gain AP.  I didn't know this until L2.  Guess I fell asleep at the wheel.

  66. Brym Stone says

    You also gain action points by hacking, even if hacking a portal gets you nothing.

  67. Ram Jha says

    live love life

  68. John Fanavans says

    join the community. Ingress with a friend or lover.

    Hope you're well Darling.

  69. Elaine Lindsay says

    I am so bad at gaming! there are few portals around here.. hope to get a bit more into it

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