Console WarsConsole Wars

Console Wars

You all got nothing on Atari :) We havent changed much eh? The most, best games only on Atari.... ♥…

9 years ago

Things You Learn From Video Games

This is awesomeness.... As it was raining out today.. I spent most of today doing some good old XboX Achievement…

9 years ago

*Videogames…Helping Kids With History since the 1980s*

How many videogames have you played that the information has appeared again later in life... I know RPGS and fantasy…

9 years ago

*How To Master The Video Games*

This is just funny.. :) Hottest tips on Pac-Man Included.... I wonder which other titles were included in the 30…

9 years ago

Anyone Play Quest For Glory the Video Game Series??

I still think this is the best game I've ever played. 4 - Shadows of Darkness specifically.... I heard there…

10 years ago

Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A

Konami Code FTW :)(Select Start is only for specific games.. please read the comments before you repeat yourselves)    

10 years ago