Conan Exiles Review

by Amanda Blain
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Minecraft meets Ark Survival with a bunch more lore and you have Conan Exiles. If the idea of starting with nothing and then getting slaves and summoning gods is up your alley… Read on and let’s dive into this Conan Exiles review!

Starting out in Conan Exile

You can play either single player or multiplayer. I recommend giving friendly multiplayer a go.  The character generation screen lets you choose your male or female character with everything from hair color, face scars on down to the size of your private regions. You then get to start exploring the world and trying to survive.

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You start off with well, nothing. Maybe not even the clothes on your back depending on your character generation. Try and get water, food, shelter and basic things you need to survive. There are key points shown in the “Journey” section on the top right to tell you what the next step should be in you way to progress. So start collecting. Everything. Every rock, every branch. You will need them. These basic skill can be harder than you think, especially if you are new to survival games. Repeatedly slamming the interact key on everything is your best bet to get started. Eventually you will level up to the point of creating shelter, resources, and weapons. After all that, slaves. Its very similar to in Ark Survival how you will need to enslave the dinosaur things, in Conan you will enslave the local folk to do your bidding at your home base. You can at all times see the huge world map. It never changes its layout, so once you find a cool cave or section, you can always go visit it on another server.

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Conan Exiles

Getting into the details of Conan Exiles

Before you know it several hours will have passed. Initially I was frustrated at the lack of tutorial, but eventually the pieces started coming together. There was also a lovely global chat to ask some basic questions in, where I found people mostly helpful. You can save your game at any point once you have a bed. So save often. Once saved, you can leave the game at any time, come back and keep playing.  No other players will be able to touch your house or items. Make sure you come back within the week though or the game will “purge” your house and stored item.Well depending on the server of course. You also will die frequently. Everything that is on your body will go with you, so it’s wise to craft a storage chest and only take whats needed, or don’t go very far from home. If you get back to the body in time, you can pick up your items. Remember though, that whatever killed you is likely still waiting near by, and you now have no resources. This game is not for the wary.


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Additional Thoughts on Conan Exiles

The fact that you can do ALL this with your friends on the same server is really one of the best parts. There are clans, and you can pool your resources together, to really get things going. Group Minecraft with crazy combat folks! It makes for a pretty fun time. One thing I found interesting is the lack of Conan. He appears in the intro of the game, but the man himself is mostly missing. You are playing in “his world” though. The gods, creatures and so for of the franchise are here for you to enjoy if you are a Conan fan.

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Combat in Conan Exiles

Combat with sword and weapons is pretty straight forward in Conan Exiles. Hitting, hard hit, block and dodge. You will likely be killing smaller things in no time. Make sure to level up your character stats as well. NPC’s in the area when you start are fierce opponents, that will easily kill you in one or two hits. Crafting better weapons as soon as you can will really help out here. Distance weapons were a little more tricky I found. They overall did less damage and I found them to be a bit less reliable. Your mileage may vary.

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Conan Exiles
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Final Thoughts on Conan Exiles Review

The learning curve here is high folks, but once you get into how the menus work, and the multi layer crafting is done, I rather enjoyed my time in the game. Conan Exiles is still in its early stages, but I expect they will continue to evolve into a solid survival game. If this genre of game is your cup of tea, or you wanted to try out a survival game with a bunch of combat,  you should check it out!




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