Should Famous People Do Their Own Social Media?

Recently it was revealed that +George Takei does not do all his social media, but in fact has a team of people creating content and sharing things out for him.I know many many many(most?) social media “big names” do the same thing. They hire an intern or an assistant that does all the posting for them… and except very rarely, they personally would hardly know they have an account on the platform.

I partly understand why. The backlash you get as a ‘popular poster’ can sometimes be as depressing as reading tabloids about yourself and often show the worst parts of humanity….

But I personally still read it all. All the comments, all the mentions, all @ replied on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+.  I still find posts to create, add my own thoughts and share them on multiple platforms every day. I still plus one comments that people take the time to write, hangout publicly, Retweet others and follow back any person who makes any kind of effort.  It doesn’t take as long as you would think it would…. Some others do too…  +Chris Pirillo , +Robert Scoble ,  and +Mike Elgan  are some names that come to mind that still  “take the time” even with huge audiences.

I really do think its sad that so many ‘famous people’ hire teams of people and still somehow can’t mention names directly, interact with you directly anywhere or follow you back on say Twitter. What are these teams doing all day long? If you are famous and you don’t have the time, get your PR teams to at least PRETEND to interact as you with say… an odd facebook like eh?

What do you think? Do you care if the “famous person” is really there or its just an intern / PR person? 🙂

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