Calling Mashable´s bluff; if GooglePlus is a ghost town then Facebook and Twitter are Cemeteries

*Battle of the Social Networks – Who Will Win In Terms Of Interactions On The Same Published Story*?

+Mashable  has release another story about G+ being a site of "low activity" complete with Infograph stats that really make no sense. I'm frankly tired of these articles and pictures,  So today I did some resarch and made my very own pretty picture, comparing some articles that Mashable has published in the last 24 hours and how much Social Media buzz they got across the various networks. I bring you… 

What are the ACTUAL Interaction Results across Google+, Twitter and Facebook (with pictures and numbers) for the same story from Mashable?

STORY  :Would You Wear an Internet-Connected T-Shirt?… (also conveniently by Mr  +Todd Wasserman  who wrote this G+ ghost town article) –
Google+ Summary  –
• 810 +1s
• 415 Reshares
• 265 Comments (not including all the comments and plus ones from each of those 415 reshares of course) ….

Twitter Summary – (
• 32  Favorites
• 130 RT  
• 5 [email protected]

Facebook Summary – (

G+ hands down winner here.

Let's compare another one shall we? 

STORY  : Not on Facebook? Employers, Psychiatrists May Think You’re a Psychopath  –

Google+ Summary
• 386 +1s 
• 324 ReShares 

Twitter Summary – (
• 44  Favorites
• 120 RT 
• 2 [email protected]

Facebook Summary – (

FB was close but over all G+ wins again! (Especially including the comments and +s on all 324 reshares)

These numbers were accurate as of the time of this post as you can see by clicking to enlarge the lovely graphic below . 🙂

I would REALLY like to stress that both Facebook and Twitter have various APIs that allow their numbers to be automated, for example Auto RT everything Mashable says. None of these are possible on G+ because there is NO personal write API. Real people are manually doing each one of these actions on the stats listed above on Google Plus. 

The point i am trying to stress here in bright clear numbers is that G+ has a way  higher level of engagement than the other two on the same story… How on EARTH can you post G+ has low engagement on your website when this site is actually giving you WAY better engagement?

I really hope someday soon we can stop seeing these link bait articles about how "dead and ghost town" Google plus it is. Its simply false sensationalized reporting.

If you are finding G+ a bit isolated, circle some more people, join a public hangout or gosh darn it try posting and commenting here once a day using some trending hashtags, pretty pictures and stuff you are interested in! 

It can be life changing experience to find your voice and make a noise here on G+.

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