Work Around For Facebook Forcing Messaging App


To all those in an outrage against Facebook Forcing You To Use Their Messenger App….

Just go to instead in your mobile browser. You can still message your friends like you always do. No app required. In Fact if you are one of the millions of people who have installed the app(Either App.. FB itself OR messenger)… take a moment to look at the privacy you have given up to do such a thing on your phone.

My associate   wrote this in a popular article awhile ago –

 If you're one of those 1,000,000,000 people who have downloaded this android app (iphone is similar), take a moment to read the following permissions you've accepted.
In-app purchases
An app can ask you to make purchases inside the app.
Device & app history
An app can use one or more of the following:
Read sensitive log data
Retrieve system internal state
Read your web bookmarks and history
Retrieve running apps
Cellular data settings
An app can use settings that control your mobile data connection and potentially the data you receive.
An app can use your account and/or profile information on your device.
Identity access may include the ability to:
Find accounts on the device
Read your own contact card (example: name and contact information)
Modify your own contact card
Add or remove accounts
An app can use your device's contacts and/or calendar information.
Contacts and calendar access may include the ability to:
Read your contacts
Modify your contacts
Read calendar events plus confidential information
Add or modify calendar events and send email to guests without owners' knowledge
An app can use your device's location.
Location access may include:
Approximate location (network-based)
Precise location (GPS and network-based)
Access extra location provider commands
GPS access
An app can use your device's text messaging (SMS) and/or multimedia media messaging service (MMS). This group may include the ability to use text, picture, or video messages.
Note: Depending on your plan, you may be charged by your carrier for text or multimedia messages. SMS access may include the ability to:
Receive text messages (SMS)
Read your text messages (SMS or MMS)
Receive text messages (MMS, like a picture or video message)
Edit your text messages (SMS or MMS)
Send SMS messages; this may cost you money
Receive text messages (WAP)
An app can use your phone and/or its call history.
Note: Depending on your plan, you may be charged by your carrier for phone calls.
Phone access may include the ability to:
Directly call phone numbers; this may cost you money
Write call log (example: call history)
Read call log
Reroute outgoing calls
Modify phone state
Make calls without your intervention
An app can use files or data stored on your device.
Photos/Media/Files access may include the ability to:
Read the contents of your USB storage (example: SD card)
Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
Format external storage
Mount or unmount external storage
An app can use your device's camera and/or microphone.
Camera and microphone access may include the ability to:
Take pictures and videos
Record audio
Record video
Wi-Fi connection information
An app can access your device's Wi-Fi connection information, like if Wi-Fi is turned on and the name(s) of connected devices.
Wi-Fi connection information access may include the ability to:
View Wi-Fi connections
Device ID & call information
An app can access your device ID(s), phone number, whether you're on the phone, and the number connected by a call.
Device ID & call information may include the ability to:
Read phone status and identity
An app can use custom settings provided by your device manufacturer or application-specific permissions.
Note: If an app adds a permission that is in the "Other" group, you'll always be asked to review the change before downloading an update.
Other access may include the ability to:
Read your social stream (on some social networks
Write to your social stream (on some social networks)
Access subscribed feeds
When you review individual permissions, all permissions, including those not displayed in the permissions screen, will be shown in the "Other" group.

Yes many of these may be available for "legit good reasons" but you take a risk that a hacker, or someday facebook itself will own your phone. Facebook's product it sells is YOU. Don't give all this information to them because you can't text, call, email or use another chat program with less permissions. 


  1. Destiny Moore says

    i wish lol

  2. Alex Chapoñan Galvez says

    & google

  3. Malik Umer Farooq says


  4. Wendy W says

    I'm glad for the stand alone fb messenger. Then I don't have to look at fb to connect with family and friends who won't leave fb.

  5. Destiny Moore says

    haha i wish

  6. Warren Hardison says

    Compare those permissions to permissions you're already (probably) granting the Facebook app (or many others) on your phone and then come back with your outrage.

  7. Khyler Drake says

    I said goodbye to FB. A social networking platform that big is not something I want seeing my interactions with family and friends.

  8. Ruby Grace says

    Okay! !

  9. doug briggs says

    Thanks for the info!

  10. Frederico Chilibreath says

    Only a fool (or a stupid teenager) would go on FB … and yet millions of adults who should know better do it.  Go figure.

  11. Rebecca Wolfe says

    "i'm on twitter , 'cause my family's on face book."

  12. ubuntunerd says

    F Facebook !!!

  13. Juan Pool says

    Wow like….

  14. Jan Erik Gulliksen says

    Or just listening

  15. Dustin Carpenter says

    The funniest part of all this is that the regular Facebook app has had all these same permissions for months…

  16. YinYang youis Roland J. Ruttledge says

    I'm G+ only.  Good evening, have a great week:)

  17. KHAWAR IQBAL says


  18. Lanisha Daniels says


  19. Yahya Z says


  20. Amanda Blain says

    As Mentioned in this post… you should remove all Faceybook apps since they have all these permissions…  and if you must use it.. just use the mobile browser version.

    THe main difference between Google and Facebook IMO… Is google allows you to choose which parts you want.. You want to get better location stuff? you grant that "specific" permission to Google… If you don't you can turn it Off. There is no option on Faceybook.. Its Do all Or Die. The lack of choice is a big difference to me…. 

  21. Manuel Prz says

    What about google are my pics there private as well? Or facebook friends can see them?

  22. Warren Hardison says

    +Khyler Drake, Google harvests as much, if not more, data on your interactions.

    Also, love the reference with your G+ Name.

  23. Warren Hardison says

    +Frederico Chilibreath …and how is it different from using Google+?

  24. Frederico Chilibreath says

    +Warren Hardison Less personal information  on the line.

  25. Elaine Lindsay says

    Great +Amanda Blain  thank you

  26. Kevin Bragdon says


  27. Scott Siccardi says

    …in all fairness to facebook, this is more an Android Permissions issue than a FB Permissions issue.
    Android sets the perameters that must be followed by all the apps for their platform. If your app has certain features, they must have those permissions.
    From what I understand, which I could be wrong :), Apple apps don't have the same kind of permissions until you actually go to use that feature of the app.
    All that said, online is a pretty permiable space to begin with. If you have online anything, you are at risk. Leverage it wisely. 🙂

  28. Burger David says

    Sorry to tell you, but facebook let the CIA have all your info since the beginning. Google has your info too, why does it matter? Did you think that leaders of today would be any different from leaders in the past?-I'm BURGER 

  29. John Gilmore says

    I got round this with no problem. I just removed Facebook from my life

  30. Amanda Blain says

    Those kinds of statements.. "Who cares its hopeless" are horribly destructive. It allows people to stay uneducated and just accept what is presented and go with the flow. You CAN say no to Facebook and not install their Apps or not use their product.

  31. Robert Parker says

    I don't get the upset over the messenger app. The FB app itself has been a much more worrisome app since it was released. It's a memory/bandwidth hog that preloads vids in the background and accesses all of the same content on your phone as the messenger app. I had the messenger app installed alone for a year.. and just used my browser to check newsfeed for this reason. Now I don't use either. Just seems silly to get upset about the messenger app if you've already been using the FB app this whole time..

  32. Patrick Gustafson says

    You can also use open souce program called Pidgin, its supporting facebook chat/message by default.

  33. Mark Andrews says

    Well if they are watching me they must be awfully bored. Get a life.

  34. Graeme Mcfee says

    Facebooks pish an invasion of privacy

  35. Peter Fox says

    If rooted use permissions manager and block the ones you don't want it to have and boom solved, I did it

  36. Hind Trii says

    I hate Facebook :/

  37. Jim Harrington says

    Or… you could delete your facebook account, like I did !

  38. Sheri B. says

    So is Google and the NSA

  39. Mustafa Muhammad says

    True 'dat.

  40. Hanley Wilcoxen says

    this is pretty old — they've required this for a while. I have been only using the browser since like a long time ago.  this comment is helpful in some way.  

  41. Rob Legend says

    See you all on

  42. Amanda Blain says

    Although partly true +Scott Siccardi … itself has similar sketchy privacy issues and blanket statements for permissions.
    Although its working on improving it, they still fall short for me most of the time and I have accepted ANYTHING on FB is sold/belongs to FB to do what they want with.

    Best bet. Not use any of their Apps that will have access to your entire phone. If i wanted that I would have used that FB browser phone that no one used because… no one wanted FB to control their phone. Irony.

    and Ello is blah and wont last +Rob Legend …

  43. Rob Legend says

    How can you say such a thing about ello +Amanda Blain?

  44. Tommi Leroy says

  45. Skylar McOwen says


  46. Kathy Tarrance says

    good thing i cant download apps on my phone..

  47. tedsu yaa says

    Itu saya sudah tahu dari dulu, mereka mengawasi dan mengambil data kita, itu yang dilakukan oleh aplikasi.

  48. Kevin McCormick says

    +Rebecca Wolfe Twitter has some questionable permissions also.

  49. Constantin Codo says

    il y a traux du desordre su facebook

  50. Sonya Stewart says

    Good info. thanks!

  51. Nicky Bobzin says

    Of fne

  52. Deuzair ROBET says

    Si tout le monde voyait la chose comme toi. !

  53. Marie Flutterby says


  54. Brandon R says

    +Wendy W I thought about doing that but… Nah!

  55. Rebecca Wolfe says

    +Kevin McCormick  meh. i like twitter better. plus i signed on for personal development reasons.

  56. Kevin McCormick says

    +Rebecca Wolfe I'm on most of them. The way I see it they have all my information now anyway and I'm really not all that interesting.

  57. Michael R says

    so is Google+ and Yahoo.   Don't kid yourself.   The only solid truth is, they do it, because they can — b/c we allow it. 

  58. Buffy McMuffin says

    Socialism Now!  Big Brother demands it  – he knows what's best for you!

  59. Marion Umpleby says

    1984 is real!!!!!

  60. Michael H says

    I don't use Facebook and only have G+ since its forced upon you to d/l apps in the store.

  61. Chiquita Gibson says

    The way the governments are going at the moment, if we THE PEOPLE don't start speaking up now, eventually we will have them controlling everything we do. The ASIO HAVE ACCESS TO EVERYONES INFO ANYWAY, now I was shocked to learn that this part of the government can take what they want use what they want and nothing be done against them. They can do this to anyone under one warrant. These people are your big brother & pretty much have the right to do whatever they want!!!

    All I know is our rights are slowly being taken from us everyday, there are dummy laws in place that today we know as THE LAW only because that's what we all were taught.
    Do your own research and check things out for yourself.

  62. Stephen Firestone says

    Uninstalled… Thanks +Amanda Blain

  63. Helene Torrinha says

    Not only the apps can do it, thinking like that better to forget smartphones including internet services! Only naughty persons keep top secret info in software not protect with specific protection and even that ones are menaced by virus, hackers…
    Modern times

  64. Dennis MacLaren says

     Google is watching too

  65. George Joyce says

    who isn't watching who??

  66. raymond foster says

    All the social media site's spy on American's, so Facebook is not the only one!

  67. Mothralover 9000 says

    Dude the government watches us all the time.

  68. Shell W says

    Tip for the day that doesn't require 110 lines. Sign in to your FB account, go to settings, then select Deactivate account, sign out…BOOM no more Facebook!! It's as simple as that people!

  69. Romaine Hopwood says


  70. Mark Bryan says

    I agree!

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  73. mark parker says

    I know

  74. Demaris Russell says


  75. Mark Reed says

    Good lookin' out!

  76. bob down says

    Facepalm for big brother ……worlds most paranoid pervert 

  77. Samantha Sandoval says

    I use messager and Facebook and google a lot so that means that there hacking my phone !!??

  78. Victor J. L. Valencia Ambriz says

    What is Facebook? B-) 

  79. Teresa Quinn says


  80. Samantha Sandoval says

    +Victor J. L. Valencia Ambriz its a app that u can have friends and u can chat with them and put up pictures of u and u friends can like u picture (selfie) so that's Facebook my friend :-

  81. Kolby Skyler says

    This is why I love androids app ops feature.

  82. Darkcloud Barrett says

    Never had Facebook and never will

  83. Nova Caper says

    If Google helps with 200 and cut them lose thursday at rbc its all set up.

  84. Terry Duncan says

    If they are watching, they get the gospel preached in many ways by many people from so many pages.  TALK ABOUT BEING WITHOUT EXCUSE!  Yes, they hear it, see it and it is up to them to respond.  

  85. Nova Caper says

    Understand need help from Google will the change phone with bell ok fb is out you call me at this number.

  86. Samantha Sandoval says

    +Darkcloud Barrett its more fun than G+

  87. Clarence Dair says

    Yes ^_^°

  88. Jared Kern says

    Facebook is the devil! Nothing but trouble and attention seeking douchbags

  89. Juju Bean says


  90. Sbu Mthombeni says

    yhoo people are speaking ja

  91. mark william says


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  92. Claire W says

    +Amanda Blain
    I understand your concern, but most social media asks for this, on any apple device you can turn these off in settings (I don't know about Android but you probably can) and most of these are part of running the app for general reasons.
    Camera, and microphone access: photos, videos, voice recordings and calls are all part of this app.
    Contacts: not a new thing, they ask because some users log in with their phone number. If you say no, they don't have access.
    Your contact: because others searching with your details (like phone numbers) they assume probably know you.
    Photo access: because if you want to send your friend that photo of your cute new pet you took a few days ago and their phones broke so you're sending it via Facebook, they need permission to access that when you want them to.
    GPS, turn it off. Simple. Some people want their friends to know where they are some don't.

    Facebook can't go through your private things because that's not their job. If they gave a service dedicated to public safety access to private information on your accounts please remember that these people are looking for threats against humanities safety not blackmail against you. And considering how much of your information they can access elsewhere I don't think you will have anything on Facebook they can't find elsewhere just as easily. If you really want something fully private, don't post it anywhere on the internet, you want to tell a friend a secret you don't want the people there protecting us to know, tell them in person or via a written letter in code. Your texts are kept in files by your phone company, we stopped caring about that, bet that secret service would have access to those too. The idea that Facebook is the 'Big Brother complex' is dumb because we have always had people monitoring. Now that conspiracy theorists can be heard more we are more skeptical, which is good. But you need to look at all sides not the first one you hear.

  93. Robert Anderson says

    who really needs facebook? is a persons life so empty that a social media addiction that important. ????

  94. Robert Anderson says

    we are a technocratic society based on information control and distribution, i belive george orwell wrote a book on this…1984. and if u fall into this, its the beginning of your control by big brother obama.

  95. Praveen Kumar Praveen says


  96. sya halis Halis says

    Face of Ddddddd , do you call me face book , I'm busy now ,,,, meeting NASA meeting ok

  97. David Lingwood says

    Facebook is a load of shit

  98. Andriana Mudin says

    amanda..!! you are pretty hah..

  99. Ceed EB says

    The more technology "connects" us all, the more we lose real connections as human beings. And why that is such a blind spot to so many people is scary as hell. We're losing one of the biggest components of what it is to be human and nobody seems to give a shit. Empathy toward one another is a casualty of it all as well. How easy is it to write hateful, visceral very hurtful things to another through the cop out and false sense of power lent by using electronic blips on a screen and sending it off without ever having to absorb the effects, see the anguish, the tears, self worth being destroyed on the other end without ever giving it any thought at all. If kids got face to face, sure they'll feel there way into young adulthood but with the benefit of seeing the immediate reaction to the venom you so easily spew and forget through the internet. Actually seeing these things created empathy early on in most well adjusted children and they understood the power words can carry… social media, the great and powerful medium that will make the globe smaller and connect us all I'd the exact reason a kid can shoot up a house, store, theater, whatever, with zero remorse. Kids will be mean and down right brutal at times toward each other, it's a natural order of becoming a productive, well rounded and ideally a kind human being. And the boldness all this shit has been empowering anyone in the world to say anything at all to anyone at all without being accountable in the least.

    Just a few months back, a 12 year old girl, 12 freaking years of age, just a very sweet little kid… jumped from an industrial concrete plants tallest tank and she's gone forever because two mean little bitches decided it'd be a great idea to verbal assault and destroy this girl over Facebook messages. And of course they were only "kidding", just kids being kids… only without decelping any sense of empathy or the effects it had on that child. 12 fucking years old for God's sake. Much of which is straight on the parents, the ones allowing Facebook, Twitter or whatever the latest fad is to be their babysitter and thus go unchecked which can lead to horrendously tragic results, as it did in my little average American city. But they were just "kidding", you know kids being kids is all… when the we're telling her she needed to die, to go kill herself because nobody wanted her around, etc. Things they would never have said to anyone's face and things that should never have been allowed by the parents on both sides, there are no winners here.

    Our sheriff actually filed charges and processed the two girls responsible for the barrage of viceral hatred continually heaped on that precious little girl. But our spineless D.A. refused to submit the case fearing too much outrage and backlash depending on how the c ase went. And like I said before, the st as myh 55st as much at fault. You're bIfb

  100. Selajdin Kadrija says


  101. Victor Dell says

    Technology glitters and masquerades as a high value….However, it has only taken up the slack for the fall off of the once great en-slaver, organized religion….

  102. saime khan says

    hahhahaha plz asa na dhekho 

  103. Scott Christian Simmons says

    +Claire W No, most social media don't ask for the same permissions the Facebook app does. When their new version came out a few months ago, I started to update, then declined to approve the permissions it wanted when I saw the list. I still have the old version of the Facebook app on my phone, and there's no chance of my updating or adding Facebook Messenger until they crank those back.

    These are the permissions the Facebook Android app asks for that the Google+ app does not:

    run at startup
    retrieve running apps
    reorder running apps
    read your text messages
    directly call phone numbers
    view Wi-Fi connections
    change network connectivity
    connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi
    create accounts and set passwords
    install shortcuts
    expand/collapse status bar
    draw over other apps
    send sticky broadcast
    read battery statistics

  104. Ralf KÖNEKE says

    Richtig ist, das Arbeitsstellen besser bezahlt werden müssen. Der Kaufkraftverlust sind die Arbeitslosen von morgen. Ein weiteres Werk wird nach und nach geschlossen, Mercedes Sprinter Werk Düsseldorf Rath, hier werden als Erstes 1800 Arbeitsstellen nach Amerika verlagert.
    Hier wird strategisch nicht gegen gewirkt, denn die entstehenden Arbeitslosen aus dieser Verlagerung nach Amerika belasten die Sozialsysteme ebenfalls die nicht gelenkte Asylzuwanderung, das sind unsere Steuern von morgen, dazu kommt die Bundeswehrreform.

  105. amelia bedilia says

    i really agree i hate facebook heart an soul

  106. Dave Bugs says

    Everyone is watching. All the letters, all the numbers. Their even watching each other. That's because no one trust's anyone anymore. Good against bad. Bad against good. Good against good. Bad against bad. Nobody is immune in this day and age.

  107. Will Stensby says

    I left Facebook a month or so ago.

  108. Lindsey Corwin says

    Pffft. Drama,drama, & o ya drama Google's better.

  109. Scott Siccardi says

    +Scott Christian Simmons…my google app asks those permissions. At least some of them.

    I am not naive to think that the information gathered can't be used against you or in a way that one would disapprove, I am simply saying these permissions aren't new…

    The people that are against, do you read the fine print on ALL the sites you sign up for, raffles you buy, blogs you follow or online coupons you use? Anyone use Groupon? 😉

    I'll also throw into the mix, these apps are made to provide a more streamline means for you to communicate/share with others. For example, if you want to share a video/pic, instead of having to go record to snap the pic and upload it, the app now has "permission" to use your camera to do it within the app.

    Same with sharing texts, emails, pausing the app when you have a phone call coming in… etc.

    The point of telling companies we (collectively) don't like the way our information is stored/shared is GREAT! Causing mass hysteria or company bashing without the full picture causes too much tilt in the…less than productive way of correcting the issue.

    At the end of the day, like it- use it. Don't like it- don't use it. The goal should be to unite… not divide.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I think my phone is being hacked… 😉

    +Amanda Blain, you have ignited a great discussion here! 🙂

  110. Jamie Smith says

    i just simply uninstalled facebook from my phone…  Problem solved… Life really is too short to have that on your phone anyway.

  111. Dave Bugs says

    I got rid of Facebook a month ago. Unfortunately when I try to deactivate Google it opens a web page asking me to judge it. I don't wish to judge Google. I only wish to deactivate it. It won't let me.

  112. Nikolay Moltchanov says

    All social networks are watching us these days. So what? This is the reality of modern times…

  113. SHANKAR MAJHI says


  114. Brenda h says

    i heard the same thing about google+.that it has some of the same requests my grand daughter accidentally accepted it i guess because now i have it.i know at one point i did not does anyone know if it wants into our private settings also

  115. Amanda Blain says

    Companies have different code of ethics. Rules. And business practises.

    Facebook does things unethically… Like change all emails to emails randomly over night without asking anyone. Many examples of this in their history. I try and give them the least amount of information possible. And again… Saying "who cares everyone has our info" is very damaging and wrong.

    NOTHING Facebook has ever done the entire time I have used their service had ever made me trust or like the company in any way. But instead they constantly attempt to become more evasive into my life.

  116. Scott Siccardi says

    …just to be clear, I do not subscribe to the idea that "everyone has our info so who cares mentality." I agree +Amanda Blain, that is an equally dangerous position. 🙂

  117. Edwin James says

    That a good idea

  118. N.V. Murali Krishna says

    When fb asked me permission for my sms – that was the last straw when I uninstalled fb app on all my devices,

  119. Darren Morgan says

    I think we all no that for a long time.

  120. moubarak mahamat says

    Salut amanda

  121. Dag Reinbott says

    FB app deinstalled…

  122. Jason Crowder says

    I use a bookmark widget with Facebook as the only bookmark. It acts as a direct link same as the app would, without me having to fall victim to Facebooks ridiculous updates or their outrageous permissions.

  123. naser kheiri says

    very good

  124. Matt Hydeman says

    We get it, +Amanda Blain , you hate Facebook.  Keep grinding that axe, you'll soon be left with nothing but metal shavings. 

  125. Sara Wood says

    That's ok

  126. Sara Wood says

    Thanks for the information

  127. Dave Bugs says

    I wonder if people will go back to the simplicity of dialing phone numbers and actually talking to one another. Or has that been lost forever?

  128. Dave Bugs says

    +Matt Hydeman you rock Amanda!!! Facebook sucks!!! Keep up the great work!!!

  129. Sara Wood says

    +Dave Bugs i think thatvwill never happen, too much people are impatient, bwant everything now, can't imagine going back, thanks forvthevquestion

  130. john gales says

    You after 911 .we àre all guity ..until we prove ourselves safe …in front of judge. See all the fighting In iran and etc .it is becoming more unsafe for us ….be safe and careful

  131. Dave Bugs says

    +john gales for the most part, since 911, we are living in a world wide police state. Its not that all people are guilty. Its that the innocent are caught up in the hunt for the guilty and the conspiracy of the guilty. Everyone is looked at. That's a difficult thing to accomplish on a planetary scale. That's why there are so many social media sites with extremely easy and affordable ways to access them.

  132. Eli Best says

    G+ for life.

  133. Matt Hydeman says

    +Dave Bugs I didn't say I liked Facebook, but Amanda's naked hate for Facebook is fucking ridiculous.  As my media professor summed things up, "Got hate?  Two choices, get help or get laid, your choice."

  134. Nova Caper says

    Sorry guys it either both or one.

  135. Dave Bugs says

    Best I just keep my mouth shut. Lol, cause I'm extremely sure which choice I would choose.

  136. Dave Bugs says

    +Matt Hydeman lol. The best way to get help is to get laid, lololol. Shucks eh! I'm celibate! Oh well, it's kinda fun being crazy,,,

  137. Victor J. L. Valencia Ambriz says

    +Samantha Sandoval Sorry, but I was being sarcastic, I had one before…by the way, I think Google+ is better than Facebook, in my humble opinion. 

  138. Samantha Sandoval says

    +Victor J. L. Valencia Ambriz I DON'T FUCKIN CARE GOSH

  139. Samantha Sandoval says

    Ummm i dont want to

  140. Victor J. L. Valencia Ambriz says

    +Kisha Smith Don't bring that stuff in Google+, go back there…

  141. Amanda Blain says

    +Matt Hydeman and people who swear on other peoples profiles and feel its appropriate is more ridiculous.. blocked. 🙂 have a nice day

  142. Karim Rida says


  143. Robert Anderson says

    i m curious, does a person really need a facebook page ? i think it puts an ego affect to it. what happened to surprise phone calls and love letters ?

  144. Griffith Joseph says

    I am thankful I got rid of Facebook a year and a half ago. I heard Ello might take over.

  145. sekindi Josephine says


  146. hemyar shaie says


  147. Nova Caper says

    I am retired people .

  148. S.Ramirez Lover says

    Dont do face book

  149. Steve Evans says

    Rooted phone, Xprivacy installed, Facebook and Facebook Messenger locked down…

  150. Audrey Cat says

    Goodbye FB. Hello G+!

  151. Marie Flutterby says

    K now that was perfectly well put +Audrey Cat =0)

  152. Marie Flutterby says

    K now that was perfectly well put +Audrey Cat =0)

  153. Helene Torrinha says

    All the same on different lines
    venha o diabo e escolha

  154. Ernest Saenz says

    I've known this for years yet I was crazy or not all there., yep.. It's old news but I'm glad finally people are opening their eyes

  155. Olumba Nightingale says

    i like facebook… it helps me to get back my lost friends.

  156. RAV SUTHERLAND says

    friendships are like flowers…some whither and die and others dry beautifully and are ever lasting….

  157. حميد بازرگان says


  158. Roniesha Mckenna says

    No 🙂 lol

  159. sixth soul says

    why is it that theyre getting more and more in your business the bigger they get?(other web media companies included)…i cant wait to see how personal FB gets in ppls lives when they start to market that OCCULUS RIFT they bought!!!…. just imagine..-mix the RIFT with the XBOX KINECT AND FB!!! …theyll be gathering every bit of info on what your wearing that day,who your virtually/non-virtually hanging out with,your whole conversations every single day,they know every time you pick your nose,every fart,when u go to the bathroom,what you ate that day,ect…! lol…and those are just what i can think of off the top of my head!…i feel srry for anyone who trys running for office after having all that during their college years!!!  LOL  😛

  160. Nene Calimbo Calimbo says

    Id always got foced closed and no internet connection where id alwAys connected to my wifi.

  161. Roniesha Mckenna says


  162. Karolina Olszanska says


  163. Andres B says  

  164. ryan garner says

    Shore is

  165. Nova Caper says

    I am retired people .

  166. Anjrah Susanto says


  167. ryan garner says

    Dude know

  168. Nova Caper says

    Iam sorry but i am broke and sick need support from Google .

  169. zizi selmi says

    Amenda, qu'a tu eu de ta vie depuis que tu es ne'e? moi rien que
    des larmes d'avoir trop pleure' la cecite' est venue me consoler

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