*To All The Women In My Life – Please Watch This*

In this very touching YouTube by Dove, women were brought into a room and an FBI sketch expert drew them based on how they described themselves… "big forehead, pointy chin, etc" Then people they just met were asked to describe them. The two drawings side by side clearly showed how some Women today tend to be their own harshest critic.

I created +Girlfriend Social – http://www.girlfriendsocial.com –  5 years ago, because women often feel isolated and alone. I understand how hard women can be on themselves, without the support of others. I wanted to create a place where women could go and feel unjudged, connect with their female side and make new friends. At 100k of women later, I am happy to have helped support countless women find the support they need to not feel so alone. I love how much work Dove has done in the area of female self image.

Read more in the Marshable article by +Samantha Murphy  – http://mashable.com/2013/04/15/dove-ad-beauty-sketches/

And take the time to watch the youtube. – 

h/t +Anna Santos +Maria Stepanov Sommerfield 

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  1. Bob Schlaefer says

    Wow……just wow.

  2. Sherrie von Sternberg says

    that was beautiful…I was very impressed with how like the women the final images turned out to be…the ones from the people describing them.  and they were/are beautiful in their own way, each of them.   wonderful

  3. Amanda Blain says

    Exactly + Sherrie von Sternberg … its so clear how the first pictures don't look like them at all… Very touching.

  4. Natalie Villalobos says

    + Amanda Blain Fantastic share. Thanks the other women + Anna Santos and + Maria Stepanov Sommerfield for sharing as well!

  5. Bob Schlaefer says

    I think this plays out in both genders more than we think.

  6. vanchien luu says


  7. Steven Nyberg says

    Women are everybody's worst critic. Why should it be any different. Women are usually critical because of a terrible feeling of obsolesces. It's up to them to herald a new day of acceptance for them.

  8. sara alves says

    good nigth

  9. rhili mbarek says

    Amanda Blain hallooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  10. Clyde Davidson says

    To all the women in my life, please watch this.

  11. Jessica Ramsey says

    + Amanda Blain thanks for sharing this inspiring video. I think all women have so much beauty and they don't always seem to notice their features…

  12. Ese Ibi says

    All women r beautiful

  13. Hilly John says

    A woman is most beautiful in the kitchen.

  14. Aleksandar Petrovic says

    Yes, + Ese Ibi they are all beautiful and offer the purest love we know; the gift and of life. 🙂

  15. Helena Smith says

    A woman is most beautiful when is is not a slave to the kitchen or to anyone.

  16. Amanda Blain says

    Ugh. Really? Even on this? … sometimes internet

  17. Amanda Blain says

    + Clyde Davidson … and that is a much better title than the one I had…. Updated 😀

  18. Trevor McNicol says

    This is a cool video and makes a great point.

    I just want to draw attention to the fact that this was not a blind test in that the artist knew who he was drawing based on the first or second person description. Also he presumably knew the point of the exercise. I would love to see this with a truly blind experiment in which the questions are asked in a way that the artist does not know if its the subject or the described of the subject and the artist does not know the point.

  19. Jimbo Rizza says

    And + Hilly John for the win! And only 12 comments in. Momma has gotta be proud! Let her know I need a grilled cheese.

    The most attractive aspects of a woman can never be drawn or sketched. A negative personality cannot wear makeup, fancy heels, or designer dresses.

    Outer beauty is perception, but inner beauty is transcendental and will be displayed as an entire picture regardless of individual features to those who want to see the forest for the trees.

  20. Aaron Brown says

    Men should watch it too, but we have known this about women for ages and they never listen.

  21. Amanda Blain says

    Sure men should watch it too…. Not all women have these issues though.  and some women listen. 🙂

  22. Mike Gabelmann says

    While you could say that, "People are their own harshest critic", in my experience women are tougher on themselves then men.

  23. Saffy Saffybt. says

    Im fan of dove sinced 8 years now.i used it from head to toe products. That is Y ilove dove.thanks for sharing Amanda U rock!

  24. Seungki Lee says


  25. Aaron Brown says

    I try and tell my female friends how beautiful they are, none of t hem believe me.

  26. T.kailayapillai. Sundaramoorthy says

    canada is a very good place

  27. travel.com.au says

    cool concept

  28. Aleksandar Petrovic says


  29. Andrew D'Albor says

    Really cool concept

  30. Martin Brochhaus says

    Haven't seen it, yet. Brilliant idea. I immediately wonder: Will they also let the sketcher draw the same person as described by someone else sitting in front of that person, seehing her clearly? Because if the image still doesn't look like her it simply means that even an FBI sketcher can't draw proper faces from just an oral description.

    I mean… doesn't that process usually involve you sitting next to them saying "No, no.. that's not quite it, I remember him looking more fierce. And the nose is bigger."

    Critic or not, I don't think I would be able to accurately describe how I look like so that someone can draw it…

    EDIT: Now I saw it. As I said: Brilliant 🙂

  31. Dana Littleford says

    That is amazing. MUST share. I'm always amazed at how my female friends simply don't recognize their outward beauty, I suppose due to self-esteem issues arising from their childhoods (or idiot boyfriends). Thank you SO much for posting this.

  32. Rob A says

    Very interesting

  33. Amber Homeyer says

    Very Very Nice.

  34. Emmanuelle Baez says


  35. Caleb Murphy says

    emails to every girl i know

  36. James McBride says

    I've long felt a good self image, being "comfortable in your skin", is one of the most attractive qualities a woman can possess.

  37. Robert Berkeley says

    I thought this was going to be really hokey when I saw the title and watched the first minute. It was really exceptionally well done though.

  38. Steven Nyberg says

    I just can not believe anybody has taken this seriously. The video illustrates the absence of actual presence in reality. I liked the artist's drawing in half the instances. The other half (all were of his interpretation of their interpretation) were way off the mark. The reality of our own self-appraisal is very very thin using pictures…the physical only. The substance of such a test can not be known or understood with this emotion clashing with reality. None spoke from the heart where real definitions and explanations of who they actually are or how they truly conceive of themselves could be understood.

  39. Steven Nyberg says

    I'm annoyed at how nonchalant most answers or responses were. You received praise…do you post for the reason of self-exultation?

  40. Tyne Swedish says

    Beautiful! Too bad they test on animals for no real reason. But this was very powerful.

  41. Autumn Byrd says

    A message we all need to hear:)……

  42. Reno Albanez says

    very elaborate skit to prove a very well known fact… too much time not enough common sense…

  43. David DyVyZyO says

    Very touching. I kept thinking to myself,I..
    no probably men couldn't do this.

  44. Clyde Davidson says

    Steven, I think you are reading too much into it – that isn't there. Yes, it doesn't show everything in every step of the drawing process, but that is probably irrelevant. The producers obviously think it tells the story accurate. I'm a 57 year old man who has been studying women for a long time. They ARE focusing on the physical only. They ARE exaggerating their perceived "flaws". They ARE looking at themselves very negatively. They don't see themselves as beautiful based on what is constantly pushed in their faces.

    We live in a media culture that emphasizes the extreme beauty, while ignoring all other levels of beauty. Women are inconstantly comparing themselves to an irrational level of beauty. Hence they are focusing on where they don't measure up and where they consider themselves as NOT pretty. This video show very clearly that they typically focus on the negative and exaggerate it out of reality to how beautiful they really are.

    To me the most telling part of the video is the looks on these women's faces when they see the difference between the two drawings. The emotion display is very obvious that they see into themselves how negatively they have been viewing themselves and how it differs from what others see. The sad part is that they are shocked and surprised by it. That's what is causing those tears.

    I think this is a fantastic message that is absolutely spot on. Women are beautiful and are way more beautiful than they think they are. This points out very clearly that they don't think they measure up to the standards for beauty and that is completely wrong. This attitude is completely wrong and I applaud Dove for bring that message to women.

  45. Amanda Blain says

    ^^^ This…  I think you are missing the point too + Steven Nyberg ….

    The women in this video were touched by the fact that "that big forehead, round cheeks" etc…  no one else saw…  The point was very clear in the pictures… no one else saw those flaws that the women pointed out about themselves.

  46. Clyde Davidson says

    David, I think men who understand women (as much as is possible), can deliver the same message. To some extent, it is better than men actually relay this message. Women don't necessarily believe other women when they are told they are beautiful. (Women pump each other up.) It's the message from men that really matters. So, honest, open, and frank telling women that they are beautiful is very important from men. (It helps they it isn't in a setting where we are viewed as hitting on them at the same time.) In short, women would believe this message much more from a man than a woman. We just have to keep telling them that it's true.

  47. Christian Grenfeldt says

    'No' woman who think they have flaws and are unhappy with their body will listen to what a single man says. Sure they will listen and say thank you.. And it will make them happy to hear it. But it won't change anything.

    Back in the days when I could draw I sometime drawed a woman's face when I were traveling few hours on the train. I picked a girl with the body language which showed they didn't think they were beautiful themselves. And I drawed her as i saw her.
    They almost always cried a tear of happiness when I gave it to them.

  48. Erica Marcum says

     + Clyde Davidson I don't necessarily agree with this….because as in the commercial and as countless others before me have already said, WOMEN are their HARSHEST CRITICS!!! 

    That point is driven home  in this experiment as each  woman was introduced to one of the other women and then asked what  she thought of the other woman's features. So it is actually more of an honor when another WOMAN says you are beautiful than to hear these words come from a man!! 

    Also because men are sometimes sooooo conniving and a woman can never be sure what a man's intentions are as far as if he is being truly genuine. Where as another woman will most likely give you true honesty. 🙂 

    Thanks for this post @Amanda blain

  49. David DyVyZyO says

    Point well taken Clyde. Any of the women I've ever known. Of course that sn't many.

  50. hiroyuki tsuji says

    Afternoon (^_^) ok just next part-time go

  51. Michael Davis says

    Thanks for this post. Each week I send out an email I hope will be inspirational to all our hospital staff. I'm going to include a link to this video in one of the next couple of emails. Again, thanks!

  52. Christian Grenfeldt says

    The problem is some woman by default often seems to think there is always an intention when a man says or do something nice.
    And maybe that's because of their own experience… But to a degree I think it's because that's how men in general are pictured in the society.

    The last year it has changed dramatically.. You can hardly be nice to girl on the train without them thinking it's all about sex.. Actually a man can look at a person without thinking about sex. A man can be nice without wanting sex. A man can meet your eyes for 1-2 seconds on the street without thinking about sex.
    But yes.. A man will always notice a beautiful girl. And if they can they will most likely look twice. But that's no difference from how girls are looking several times on each other.
    A girl will look on other girls bodies and ass when someone walk pass them. And actually just as much as men do. (well of course some men just can't stop looking)

  53. Craig Hartel says

    I will ensure my 8 year old daughter sees this.

  54. Bhati Waheed says

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  55. Cien Mason says


  56. Mark Giesbrecht says

    Such an incredible way of revealing ones self through words. That said, I think the same could apply to men and their self-described looks

  57. Tam D says

    I posted this on my daughters page today. I was on the verge of tears for an hour. It really hits home for most woman.

  58. Paula Moore says

    Very nice. Thank you.

  59. John Wright says

    very cool! God Bless women!!

  60. Jose Ramirez says

    Very nice!

  61. Coyote Osborne says

    Of course, police sketch artists actually let the person talking to them look at the sketch as they make it. But still, I can see the point.

  62. Amritashan Shankar Lal says

    Wow, just wow

  63. Bella May says

    They should have this at High schools

  64. Lucy Bukai says


    Lucy Bukai

  65. niloy chy says


  66. Mohammad Shafi says


  67. prasad jadhav says


  68. Robert Gill says

    nice video i like

  69. Beth Hurewitz says

    Real beauty is a package deal; it begins deep within, in our spirit and how we express ourselves:  through our deeds, our commitments, in our convictions.  I was a beautiful woman when I was younger.  As I grow older my outward beauty has (slightly) given way to an inner strength which speaks of making choices that support a healthier way of life, and which express that level of healing to the people, places and things around me.   

    Dove, owned by Unilever, is listed #2 of the top 5 brands who test on animals.  It is hypocritical to put money into a project like this and then to inflict and cause pain in other ways.  We are either here to heal ourselves, wholly, or we can not call ourselves healed, or see ourselves as beautiful.   The reason some people see themselves as anything less than perfection is an emotional issue based on inter-relatedness with themselves and the world around them, and a sense of falling short in any one of a myriad of ways which we can badger ourselves into believing to be true.

  70. Przemyslaw Sadula says

    Dove it is ok, but
    you should check how the "Amway" can change, not only women life but also for the people life.

  71. Simon Themplar says

    Amazing, really amazing, cuz it is true, the way we see ourselfes is quite different from the way others see us, and sometimes we are so hard judges of our owns.

  72. hiroyuki tsuji says

    But here do as some ┐('~`;)┌

  73. Steven Nyberg says

    Hold up here a minute Amanda. Over the past year I have commented on 33 of your posts. In 31 instances of the 33 you have said the same thing. "You're missing the point." I don't think so Amanda. On another of the posts you've asked me if we'd ever had sex and on the final one you openly admitted that you really didn't know what the hell the post was even all about. Just because you're a beauty doesn't mean you can treat us with such uninterest and even callousness at times.

  74. Amanda Blain says

    You know… that wonderful thing about google is every single thing is indexed  Steven Nyberg … and your above ridiculous statement can be searched very easily by"Steven Nyberg" "amanda Blain" in the top bar…. now although you've commented on a handful of my posts… compared me to your local call girl and talked about how you can't stop staring at my pictures… the above was the first and only comment I ever said to you.  So you are either mentally unwell and have created false realities about me… or you are a troll. 

    Either way your statements here about "me being pretty" means im rude or mean, immediately going to sexual comments and saying i'm stupid…Is everything wrong with how men view women.

    I'm disappointed in this comment and a lot of peoples comments on this post. Just when i think the world has moved a smigen ahead… it jumps right back to women are only looks, stupid and needed for sex for oh so many of you. (some of which ive removed) To those who shared with a women in your life… rock on rockstars 😀

  75. nsamba james says


  76. obed petja says


  77. Darryl Osterland says

    I appreciate this post a lot.  My girl is exactly this, she is so beautiful but her own worst critic. Women get bombarded by images of youth, preconceived notions of beauty, and products promising to correct your beauty issues.

    The entire beauty industry is designed to make women feel unattractive and this ad shows it.  Real people, real reactions.  Its moving for those of us that are not jaded Steven Nyberg.

  78. miriam dunn says

    + Steven Nyberg  There is no award for "missing the point" no matter how many times you do it. None for trolling, talking nonsense, stalking Amanda. And guess what? News alert: people can, indeed, treat you with uninterest disinterest. Even undain disdain.

  79. Mark Michalica says

    Quite dramatic!  The stories we tell ourselves about us and the world around us are often different from the reality.  When we actually have the opportunity to witness this, the effect can be dramatic!
    PS…there is more than external beauty.

  80. Joe Sylvester says

    + Steven Nyberg I can't deliver this like Spacey can but "No one can hear you. No one cares. Nothing will come of this."

  81. Ahmad Al Nawaiseh says


  82. Herbert Lingott says

    Very Amanda!!

  83. joy Newson says

    Beauty comes from the inside not the outside. Joy Messing.

  84. hashmatullah sharyati says

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  85. Joan Krenning says

    Thank you for posting this video + Amanda Blain 
    Very moving and one that I believe all women really need to watch.

  86. okao iredia says

    Nice one

  87. LUIS VELASCO says


  88. joy Newson says

    Nice one!!!

  89. wilson dzansi says

    don't worry

  90. Pat Welish says

    Interesting, and that figures. But what the fuck?

  91. serkan kuşkaya says

    you're feeling in the heart of
      they drew the brain
    unbelievable spirits
      to reflect the achievements

  92. joy Newson says

    Big deal,

  93. Pat Welish says

    I guess I took it too far. Please excuse me.

  94. وحید خسروی says

    سلام میتونی فارسی بنویس ی

  95. serigne modou kara seck says


  96. Mohammad Shafi says

    fantastic delineation!

  97. mahendra dhakad says


  98. Grace Massa Langlois says

    My daughter sent me this the other day + Amanda Blain I had to pull out the box of kleenex. Did you catch the male parody?

  99. Pat Welish says

    Please do not send me any more, thank you.

  100. Pat Welish says

    Do not send any more please. Thanks

    On 4/25/13, Pat Welish <****@**> wrote:
    > Please do not send me any more, thank you.

  101. joy Newson says

    Enough of this. Goodnight*

  102. Amanda Blain says

    + Pat Welish go to the top right of the post.. the little triangle.. and hit mute.. or change your settings on G+.. you are being notified of 'updates' to a post you commented on.. im not sending you anything.

  103. Christian Grenfeldt says

    + Pat Welish we learn something new every day. 🙂
    And on the phone u press the menu and select mute. Either in a thread or on a profile.

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  105. MARCOS POMILHO says

    esta tao vazio como a minha mente



  107. Ksaks says

    How sweet…

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