1. stephanie wanamaker says

    seems fair !

  2. Arleen Boyd says


  3. Heather L says

    Agree 100%

  4. Arleen Boyd says

    And the complex and low self-esteem it gives teenage girls is well documented. Just sayin….

  5. stephanie wanamaker says

    + Arleen Boyd +10

  6. Jenny Mackie says

    photoshop and airbrushing is the most ridiculous thing in the world for the fashion and model industry! Why do they sell what isnt real???? These woman and men have blemishes they have flabby bits and scars and strecth marks!

  7. Melody Migas says

    I'm tired of seeing impossible bodies and freaky faces.

  8. Maryanne Smith says

    Totally agree!

  9. Grace O'Malley says

    Oh heck yeah! I'd rather see a real athlete perform and I'd prefer to see a 'real' person instead of an airbrushed/photoshopped creation.

  10. Amanda Blain says

    i thought this photo was crazy! Her ribs are gone !

  11. Maateeoo ell piioolaa says

    Mother oh photoshop!!!!

  12. faith brisk says


  13. Breana Van Den Heuvel says

    I like the first picture better.

  14. Jenny Mackie says

    Was this picture genuine? like was it in a magazine ir something?? or is it just an example of what is done to make models look "perfect"

  15. Sarah Rios says

    That is a seriously bad photoshop job. But on subject, yes, I think it needs to be illegal or at minimum regulated for models. (Yeah, okay, get rid of your facial blemishes. But don't photoshop out the 5-10 extra pounds that make you look less anorexic.)

  16. Tim Butram says

    + Jenny Mackie They sell what's not real because it makes more money 😛

  17. Christian Ngouffo Gnondji says

    lol this makes me laught

  18. Jenny Mackie says

    + Tim Butram which is sad! there are real people out there who become mentally depressed and self abusing themselves through eating disorders because of what the media puts out there every second of the day!

  19. Jenny Mackie says

    At the end of the day its lots of money….or your health

  20. Sajan Tschan says

    it very fair
    made house

  21. Jenny Mackie says

    I would pick healthy over money! ANY DAY nothing more important than looking after yourself

  22. Sajan Tschan says


  23. Jenny Mackie says

    its ridiculous how magazines and TV promote and show all these tips and tricks to healthy skin e.t.c when infact the woman they see dont use the product, they are just airbrushed and photoshopped…..

  24. Amanda Blain says

    This was from an article in + Glamour Magazine… there is a service that will touch up your vacation photos for you.. so you look.. photoshopbarfriffic

  25. Sajan Tschan says

    do you speak french or deutsch

  26. Travis Armour says

    I totally know what you mean. I've spent all morning looking for things that are just unpleasant to look at. Scars, body fat, you name it. I would so rather see that, than pleasant things. Makes me want to buy stuff.

  27. David Sarachman says

    What if the "after" was actually the "before" and they were just two models looking for a more normal vacation picture…would we be so quick to judge? Maybe it's not our outsides that need to be Photoshopped…but our insides. Just kidding that was ridiculous.

  28. Jenny Mackie says

    Photoshop would be cool to touch up here and there but not to exaggerate it like this!

  29. Holly Jahangiri says

    Wouldn't that just encourage more unhealthy practices among models? What's probably needed is regulation like in Spain – where models must be a healthy weight for their height, and then we get rid of Photoshop, too. Otherwise it's almost worse, as more and more will try to achieve this unrealistic look without benefit of photomanipulation!

  30. Jenny Mackie says

    + David Sarachman you made me giggle! Wouldnt that be something though lol

  31. Amanda Blain says

    + Travis Armour that is the most ignorant statement ive ever heard on this topic. Removing a persons rib cage so she looks 'sexy' is a media constructed device… its not beautiful. Society defines beauty. but this is the first time in history that "beauty" is actually not physically achievable or realistic. (besides maybe the corset phase) 🙂

  32. Rob Go says

    Why would anyone think that's real??

  33. Armando José Lira de Souza says

    This photo was edited with photoshop?

  34. David Sarachman says

    I think we need legislation that whenever a company uses subtle Photoshopping in a picture that they need to include something ridiculously awesome to identify the manipulation. Like In the above shot behind six pack and no ribs they put in the background Godzilla eating a taco. That way kids would no something was fishy…besides the taco.

  35. M Monica says

    + Amanda Blain I am so down with this concept. Resharing. This trend really disturbs and bothers me.

  36. Clare Cosgrove says

    Honestly I start foaming at the mouth when I start thinking about this one…just needs to stop.

  37. Adm Eldeeb says


  38. John Fanavans says

    Philosorator said it best methinks


  39. Runar Bell says

    So what can we do to stop this? Stop buying products that uses anorexic models and/or photoshops them… Oh, wait… Nothing left to buy then! There has been lots of examples of bad photoshop jobs, where models suddenly looses an arm, looses some ribs, a leg, etc, but people in general don't care 🙁

  40. Sandy Tan says

    wait, you mean those abs aren't real?? I've been busting my ass for the last 20 years when I could have just… oh gawd, I've been doing it all wrong!

  41. Cynthia Salmon says

    I agree that it should be or at least maybe have a warning caption saying it has been photo shopped. I understand the concept of magazine and the fashion world wanting to have everything look perfect in order to make a profit but that is not the real world we live in and so many women are having major plastic surgery just to get that 'perfection' and the ages are getting ridiculously younger.

  42. Melody Migas says

    I hate the wrinkle cream ads that are Photoshopped. Diane Keaton 66 and hardly a wrinkle.

  43. Holly Jahangiri says


  44. Holly Jahangiri says

    Wilhelmina told of having her back teeth removed to get that "hollow cheeked" look.

  45. Tonya Jacques says

    Heck naw lol 😀 that is too funny:D

  46. Duygu Demiray says

    photoshop SHOULD be illegal for some people…

  47. Ethan Erickson says


  48. Joey Morgan says


  49. Kiona Monsalvo says

    yeah!!! I agree

  50. Davy Jones says

    It should be against the rules.

  51. Brenda Curtis says

    It has been regulated in England. I think it was a Julia Roberts ad campaign that was the straw that broke the camel's back on that one.
    Photo manipulation and cosmetic altering isn't going to go away but we can educate on the fakeness of the beauty and fashion industry and stop idolizing the fake Barbie girls and boys. It isn't just print media either-it's your TV shows and movies. A lot of post production altering goes on. One of my favorite shows is Spartacus. I watched an interview with the new star and he has a penis stand in for the full frontal shots.
    Nothing is sacred!

  52. jacob lusco says

    I love this

  53. William Hughes says

    So true

  54. William P. Mello says


  55. Changjoon Song says

    Kind of yes.

  56. Gabriela Villatoro says


  57. Jeff Stevens says

    Is that an ACTUAL ad? I don't see it advertising anything.

  58. Glen Thomason says

    lol. You are so right Oh my God.. lmao

  59. Robert Abeyta says

    hahahahaha thats funny

  60. mike stanwix says

    candice…….u there? i dont know …… but im glad ive thought about what i need to talk to you about……so if you could call me on my phone , i got minutes early this mornin………..

  61. ??? ??????? ?? ?????? says

    ???? ??? ?? ???? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  62. Glen Thomason says

    absolutely true!!

  63. Sandy Spence says

    Nah, they'll just say it's not a physical danger.

  64. Delaney Carlton says

    sooo true. i agree.

  65. jacob lusco says

    I find this funny due to how we have changed the sexiest woman in media for the longest time (and some say still) was Marilyn Monroe and most people don't know she was a size 14 Real women have curves as a friend used to say boys don't like to ride their bikes over railroad tracks

  66. Casey Head says

    Maybe steroids should just be legal for athletes…

  67. Karen Potterton says

    is it just me or does that blokes head look pasted on even in the 'before' picture?…..

  68. Ryan O'Neill says

    + Amanda Blain Just curious if you find the male in the photo more attractive after the touch ups, or if you think that look is media made as well? I'm not implying anything, just hoping for an honest answer.

  69. Jorden Nebling says

    I think your right!

  70. Mathew Hanley says

    Not really 'cause it depends on what you're modelling I know it sounds the same but in different contexts but its really not.

  71. Nisar Ahmed says

    ha ha ha lolz ye kya ho raha hai

  72. Erika Keifer says

    Just like #hashtags are supposed to be for Twitter.

  73. Richard Smith says


  74. Mathew Hanley says

    + Erika Keifer Hashtags work in any public domain some sites such as google+ optimise them into search….

  75. Nisar Ahmed says


  76. marcos gonzález says

    photoshop should be illegal, but only if anyone is drinking the kool-aid and trying to live up to the expectations and demands of others. others include media, fashion, advertising as well as other individuals you directly know.

  77. Brent Spooner says

    No, but it should be illegal for photographers!!

  78. Erika Keifer says

    ….What planet are you from? Learn2Internet.com plz. Thx in advance.

  79. Mathew Hanley says

    It's not always used to fix flaws in people…

  80. kevin Johnson says

    Steroids aren’t illegal solely because they amount to cheating. They have some serious health issues. Just look at Chris Benoit.

    I don’t see what the big deal is. Thanks to the paparazzi we all know what these models and movie stars really look like.

  81. Joshua Beatty says

    Sometimes its used to edit 3 extra feet between two people throwing a baby and then transport them to a cliff edge.

  82. Troy Rosman says

    Wait, create a law because people feel the need to meet a created imagined perfection as a goal for themselves? Why is it that the media should be held to modifications standards at all? When did the world suddenly BELIEVE that the truth was in the media? Before any individual lobbies for changes in our laws perhaps they should look inward at their own unrealistic expectations of themselves and the world around them. Societal issues are NOT propagated by the media but instead by how you react to them. Ultimately, you choose for you.

    I don't agree with the practice personally but then again I don't let it modify my purchasing practices or self image in any way. It seems to me that the issue here isn't the media, its the message that we, as a people, send to the media, to one another, and to our children based on what our priorities are and what we truly consider important. This isn't just propagated in appearance / physical form but in wealth / power / and success as well. Over time its become deeply integrated within our societies and its a broader issue than simply "modified" images.

  83. Reindeer Instructor says

    Yeah but; art is art, no? Cartoons, painted pictures, icons, girls putting on makeup to go out at night.

    Goofy things can take place during a one to one situation with something or with someone, when your around three or more people, all has a greater propensity to be dispelled.
    {those car rides home from somewhere, right? whew, lol}

    Being a Finn, I should now sue the government for stealing Santa?

    But the bottom line: Good Hot Topic 🙂

  84. naticia lewin says


  85. Joshua Beatty says

    Good topic, I agree. The issue here isn't that people are using PS to make themselves 'more perfect', the issues is an image obsessed society.

  86. Monique Goldson says

    ttis is true, i think i should be illegal lol

  87. Tina Vale says

    I would rather look worse in a picture, and better in person. Laughing. Who wants to look good in a pic, and then when someone see's you..they go "uh oh"

  88. Jason Wells says

    What we need is reality Photoshop

  89. Joshua Beatty says

    Making it illegal is a knee jerk reaction. Its childish, impossible to do and solves no real problems. Its like trying to ban online piracy.

  90. Christopher Rollyson says

    Amanda, no, it's a completely different context: athletes illegally manipulate their ability to compete; models/films are collective artifice anyway; people should know that; if they lose touch with it, well, junk the boobtube!

  91. Carlos Ochoa says

    Steroids should be legal in all sports.

  92. Daniel Brown says

    Models aren't the ones photoshopping themselves, i'm interested if given the chance whether they would choose to be published "as is"

  93. Rob Pearson says

    I'd say that we should just ditch living models and go straight to Poser, except you just know we'd soon have people trying to look like Victoria 4 (or whatever number she's up to now) next,

  94. Jonathan Nolt says

    What happened to the lifeguard station?

  95. Kaylin Slaymaker says


  96. Jason Wells says

    P'shopper hates palm trees

  97. Klaus Schliebe says

    Why would you trust your eyes?

  98. Rachel Blackin says

    omg that is sooo true

  99. Jordon Houston says

    I think photoshopped ads should have a disclaimer

  100. Daniel Alvarado says

    Looks like someone just cut and paste pieces on top of the original. This doesn't even look like professional work.


  101. Arlenys Ramírez says


  102. Samantha McNelis says

    oh wow

  103. Sophia Xiao says

    uhhhhhhhhhhhh DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. Sophia Xiao says


  105. S. Kamaria Bull-Webb-Harris says

    Damn, this saying really is getting old… Haha

  106. Dani Boy says

    It is false to look into people's money … scammers

  107. Sela Carrington says

    i agree with u a 100% bcuz so many ppl want 2 be those ppl but they need 2 realize those ppl r fake

  108. Thomas Poole says

    Yes, and all writers, artists, actors and musicians should be tested for alcohol and drugs too! We somehow accept drug use in celebrities but condemn steroid use.

  109. Amit shukla says


  110. ????? ????????? says

    ? ??? ??? ????????)

  111. Twayna Thompson says

    Fair point!!

  112. Jessie Newman says

    + jacob lusco In the same way that many women can't control having curves, many women can't control being skinny. The attitude that "real women" should be curvy is just as harmful as the attitude that they should be skinny.

  113. Nahuel C.Z says

    hahaha so typic.
    Superficial world 😀

  114. shaho kamal says

    goane desxosh

  115. Lawrence Brown says

    It honestly should be! I'm now finding things like stretch marks sexy because I KNOW it's a real photo.

  116. Amanda Blain says

    interesting points folks… if you need more "why" just go have a look a tumblr… thousands of teenage girls talking about their latest throw up.. or why cant they fit into size 4 anymore…. The saying might be old.. the graphic might be lame.. the issue is serious and real…. and im sad to see many of you making light of it….

  117. Bipul Haldar says

    Photoshop should be illegal for photographers 🙂

  118. Zion Prime says

    Very true

  119. Riyaz Kumbhar says

    gud 1

  120. Nate Eeten says

    Removing Photoshop from areas like this would put photographers, graphic designers, and even a lot of models out of their jobs. Athletes can perform well without steroids, quite a few models can't. Using an image editor to smooth out lighting, remove blemishes, make smoother and more attractive features, and overall bettering the photo is simply marketing; If it's pretty, people will want it. Steroids only help the athlete, Using Photoshop helps businesses (Hundreds of people in quite a few cases). Please think out arguments through more thoroughly before making them.

  121. Amanda Blain says

    There is a very large difference between removing a pimple.. and removing a ribcage, changing a persons body fat, and complete appearance like this photo clearly shows + Nate Eeten.. If a model can't model clothes in her real body and make it look good… neither will i at home… and perhaps that person needs to look into a new career… or that photographer, or designer… Creating a reality that is NOT POSSIBLE only creates a wrong idea of what is beautiful…

  122. rahul chaudhary says

    gud job

  123. Codie Sharp says

    Hahahaha thats so true. You would think right

  124. FALL BECHIR says


  125. Albert Cheung says

    Doesn't matter, when the standard is "Photoshop", we just ignore all photo.

  126. dilip misal says

    Very nice you r photo

  127. Dedep Rahcmat says

    Honey'sexy uuh

  128. Dedep Rahcmat says

    Honey'sexy uuh

  129. ???? ??? ???? says

    ???? ?? ???? ????? ????? !

  130. Alicia Reyes says

    it's funny, they look great before! they do not need photoshop lol

  131. touthang romeo says

    it a nice picture in want to she more photo

  132. Hepy Man says

    wahhh… romance..

  133. austin mendieta says

    so true

  134. Abdul Tauheed says

    good looking

  135. DAYARAM GODARA says

    sound intersting

  136. Mahesh Shinde says

    Not bad,but think on it.

  137. Dinesh Kumar says

    i am look like for this men .can u look for this girl?

  138. kalender shihab says

    Well,if photoshop was illegal then i bet that modelling would be a epic fail!!!

  139. André Pinheiro says

    I never thought in that way, but it makes all the sense..

  140. Lynea Tomlinson says

    I was wondering where all the men's chest hair went. It's Photoshopped out! Poor men have to have feminine assets. 🙁

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