Facebook: Making birthday greetings meaningless since 2006


My friends don’t get their virtual greetings any longer unless I really know them!

What kind of virtual friend am I becoming!

Facebook: Making birthday greetings meaningless since 2006

  1. Amelia Wood says

    That's a nice lookin' card right there! ^_^

  2. Giles Pettipher says

    I am totally reliant on Facebook for birthday reminders 😀

  3. Boris Bax says

    I always used google calendar, but i'm still stick to call friends for their birthday. I'm so old fashioned

  4. Cynthia Coleman says

    This year FB reminded me of my own birthday :D!

  5. jason yzquierdo says

    if it wasn't for fb, i wouldn't care that it's your birthday!

  6. ali daban says

    wow I forgot my birthday and facebook remined me thanks FB 🙁

  7. Lisa Bimmerz says

    lol + Cynthia Coleman! I know what you mean, at some point in one's life – it's just not worth remembering! ;o)

    Hopefully (and I think I read somewhere that Google is working on it), they'll add the Google Calendar to G+.

  8. Julia Abenes says

    Do you get notified if someone's birthday is coming up on Google Plus? I have yet to find out.

  9. Amanda Blain says

    Not yet + Julia Abenes not.. yet 🙁

  10. Josh Saunders says

    I hated the whole birthday thing on Facebook.. last year It was all "happy birthday josh." blah blah..
    this year I took my birth date off.. and I got zero birthday wishes.. not even my Mom remembered…
    which made me realize I have no real friends and technology is my only hope of staying social and "artificially" connected to people..

  11. Mtl Anglo says

    I feel you, Josh. I almost did the same this year until I awoke that morning and wanted the meaningless notes and scores of Happy B-Days. I then went and replied to each one, individually, hopefully changing the nature of these virtual friendships.

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