Facebook is Tracking you on the Internet


Nothing new in this title at all here.. and it has the "Scary Straight-faced Zuckerburg image" so it must be bad news… 😉  But the click through to the graph showing how many tracker instances Facebook initiates depending on what types of sites you are viewing(http://goo.gl/ZYnCa) Is REALLY worth a look or two if you have not seen this yet.

A telling quote from the article.. 🙂 "Critics call this spying. Advertisers call it targeting."

Don't forget to tell your high school pals and grandma! … They are watching you 😉


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Facebook is Tracking you on the Internet

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  1. Joe Kawano says

    Huh. Broken link.

  2. Jeffrey Go says

    that fez

  3. Suwong Mano says


  4. Jeffrey Go says

    link is broken gasp could it be?!

  5. Amanda Blain says

    My bad… link fixed… 🙂

  6. behbood rahimi says

    Hello good morning

  7. Nic Stanislao says

    And people wonder why I've never had a FB page.

  8. Alice Connor says

    I closed my FB account but anyway is good to know that…

  9. Jacob Daniels says

    + Amanda Blain  I did not get the page displayed correctly, the linked information said 404-not found

  10. Dustin Sparkman says

    Hi Zukerburg, Thank's for creating facebook!!  It has allowed me to connect with family and friends across the United States I would have other wise not have comminicated with.  Your creation has been a blessing to me and my family!!  Thanks Again!!

  11. Andy Tagstrom says

    Lol everyone is being tracked by some type of corporation. . .

  12. Sharon Emrick says

    This just confirms why I quit FB.

  13. Jake Margason says

    oh jeeze, if you don't like it don't use facebook… This is much better than having to pay for it. and you can turn it off in google. We should be much more worried about the FBI being able to use our cell GPS data without warrants, because the FBI isn't just trying to sell you stuff. :/

  14. Jacob Chappell says

    Facebook Disconnect for the win –  http://goo.gl/d9jE2

  15. jose becerra says


  16. Mike G says

    Facebook has sold out to big business, get used to your info being sold.

  17. Jake Margason says

    If they were "secretly tracking you" then you wouldn't know it 😛

  18. Jake Margason says

    easy fix: create a profile just for facebook in your firefox profiles. Or use different browsers one for facebook and one for shopping. It's not like it's hard to circumvent..

  19. Randy Hunt says

    Thanks. Just what i need to read before bed!

  20. Ernesto Laracuente says

    Even if you go into settings on Facebook and delete the account and then log out, if you try to log back in your Facebook won't be deleted. I tried that many times.

  21. Amanda Blain says

    + Jake Margason where did i say secretly? … where did anybody?  and YOU seem a bright chap… so you might know how to do such things but i assure you my college pals and grandma don't… So they should know… which is why i posted this lovely article. #themoreyouknow  

  22. david almy says

    Yeah no shit. Facebook-Google-Youtube-Yahoo – and what have you?  They ALL give me the creeps!

  23. Amanda Blain says

    I agree … BUT… the sheer amount and ways that facebook is tracking you even when you are not doing anything directly with their website.. is quite astonishing if you ask me. All sites track in some way.. but its this "Off site and beyond" that REALLY gets to moi. 🙂

  24. Christopher Ranschaert says

    + Jake Margason Every site that has buttons, whether they are FB, G+, Twitter,… already knows your whereabouts just when you have them loaded on your screen. You don't even need a profile as, as long as your using the same IP address, their databases can surely link all the data together.

  25. Maddy Perennity says

    Using two browsers has been the quickest workaround for me. I do all of the socials in one and everything else in the other. I'm definitely not computer savvy but that was easy enough for me. 🙂

  26. Tharindu Rathnayake says

    So what about plus ??? don't they do da damn same thing ?

  27. Jake Margason says

    + Amanda Blain  Oh for sure, The "secretly" was in the article, I agree people should be aware, I just think they word the articles to make them SCARY for more views. I just don't like the hype, not that I thought you were perpetuating it 🙂 Honestly I like posts that inspire conversation!

  28. david almy says

    Ok. I'm gonna really look into this.

  29. John Voake says

    People should realize that much more than Facebook is collecting information on you. Just don't post/view things you would not want the world knowing.

  30. Jake Margason says

    they all mine and share information, they do it by looking through your cookies, as well as planting cookies, look into google analytics.

  31. Amanda Blain says

    Your comment was not removed + david almy … try refreshing 😐

  32. Yahya Alshaar says

    + Jake Margason yea,Right through the Cookies,But bad policy

  33. Jake Margason says

    + Christopher Ranschaert True, it really depends on what data you are trying to keep private though. They may have profiles built upon IP addresses but they primarily use unique browser identification numbers, this is especially helpful for targeting multiple users per IP address. Basically privacy is found at the cost of convenience, people just need to decide where that ratio is for themselves.

  34. Kathy Frank says

    I tried to toss my cookies once and my browsers wouldn't work–both Google.  What's up? G?

  35. Sharon Gadbois says

    So is + Google #trackingme

  36. RE Ausetkmt says

    I just assume that they are tracking me if I install their ecookie for use on other sites.  Google is always tracking you – everywhere all the time. thats' why I limit my surfing to where I really need to go, then I'm off the internet.

  37. LUKMAN HAKIM says

    hai …

  38. Jake Margason says

    if you are really interested in blocking ALL tracking, you should look into this, it's a easy all encompassing solution for normal people. It was created by a group from a german university I believe   http://anonymous-proxy-servers.net/ their anon test is scary.. 

  39. Christian Mörsch says

    You don't say!

  40. Robert Villaruz says

    Actually you can remove the tracking when you log out of your computer just clean your browser before logging out you can also manage your cookies by selecting what & who you want to allow to leave their cookies in your browser..

  41. Kathy Frank says

    is G tracking?  I just got a post from someone else about working in a nursing home, and my spam filled up with a list of all the nursing homes in Tucson!  I don't mind the tracking or cookies, but I wonder are they taking up space on my disks and memory?

  42. Mike Wiseguy says

    Been blocking sites for years with various techniques and DNT+ is just one tool.

    Take a look at the add-on Collusion which is available for both Firefox and Google Chrome, this will give you a real-time clickable graph showing who is tracking you and what sites are aware of you and your behavior!

    After you have used it for while, install Adblock Plus and DNT+ and then look at the difference! 😉

  43. Helene Torrinha says

    The important is to know how to move in the net! Sorry but I love my faceb page like all the others! There are mine. We just have to accept and respect others concepts and ideas.

  44. Deane Cockerill says

    Lol, & Google isn't taking me? Whenever I look at my girlfriend's phone it shows which shops I've been on, which pubs I've been in, in fact everywhere I've been for the day. For some strange reason every website I look at seems to have adverts for this I've been searching for… the list is endless. I can't figure out how they know ;p

    & peeps are worried about Facebook taking them!

  45. Sebastian Balan says

    It is better to know that you are being watched, than being watched secretly!

  46. Tiaan Kruger says

    well, when you use facebook to log into a website instead of creating an account on that website only, then ofcourse they can track you, but same goes for Google and G+.

    It comes down to a choice, how much is what level of privacy worth to you(sacrificing convenience).  For me, there are some websites that i rarely log into, and it is a schlep to keep track of all the passwords and usernames(its never a good idea to use same password everywhere).  in those cases i use the FB login, i dont care that they know i visit website X once every month.  But it comes down to personal choice

  47. Mike Wiseguy says

    Yeah but first people need to get aware of that they are being tracked then they can make a conscious choice and as Amanda already said nothing new in this title at all here..

    Well that's only true for those of us that are conscious about it, the rest needs to get enlightened! 😉

    Then i don't get how people can take this so casual, if something can be abused it will sooner or later that's just human nature, imo it's terrible and i don't like it at all and will fight it by any means i can.

  48. Tiaan Kruger says

    + Mike Wiseguy , that is true, most people dont know

  49. Erick Gafar says

    i used ghostery already, but now i install Do Not Track Plus …

  50. Paul Wallace says


  51. Jordan Gill says

    Sounds like the Predator drone of the Internet!

  52. Mike Wiseguy says

    Ghostery seems nice! 🙂

  53. David Sanders says

    Not when your on FB anymore! evil laugh this time it STAYS deactivated.

  54. Roland Mendoza says

    can you have hotmail account for fb and have gmail for main purpose how can they track that …

  55. Tiaan Kruger says

    + Roland Mendoza thats exactly what i have

  56. Kevin Powers says

    …And We're surprised by this , HOW?

  57. Rich Webster says

    Another reason not to join Facebook.

  58. Kate Hutchinson says

    Thanks for sharing. Now testing the DNT+ mentioned in the article…

  59. Roland Mendoza says

    having 2 different accounts should be ok ? and not a problem?

  60. Gilles Labelle says

    I have nothing to hide. I'm going for a greasy crap. Place AD here.

  61. jitesh kriplani says

    he is a very bad photo 

  62. Andy Tagstrom says

    Lol it's not like it's anything new, I'm going to school for comp. Sci and
    I know all about their tracking methods, just cookies/java scripts n crap
    like that, just use a proxy server or something, or private browsing in

  63. Mark Hanna says

    Does Google+ do the same?

  64. Laurence Hubbard says

    I'm glad people like you are around,+ Amanda Blain to see through bs and summarize well, instead of just linkdumping.

  65. Ramilo Holter says

    Please …Don't look into that green eyed D…

  66. Tiaan Kruger says

    + Mark Hanna, if you use google+ account to log innto sites,yes. I dont have the facts,so i cant speak for cookies,etc

  67. Mark Hanna says

    +Tiaan Kruger, Thanks!

  68. Helene Torrinha says

    Love is the answer for all mites!
    Make love not war ??????

  69. sravan gunde says


  70. Helene Torrinha says

    Thanks! The problem of all Profi-know-how its that they forget that is Man who have made the machine and not the contrary. Not the contrary!

  71. Rich Smith says

    now I understand why I don't have a facebook page… 🙂

  72. Helene Torrinha says

    I know the beauty's are all in face 😉

  73. Rich Smith says

    I reached my limit for adding to circles for today at 1.45 am, Helene… really tiresome. Add u tomorrow x

  74. Helene Torrinha says

    Came on guy. Sorry! There are only different points of view! Don't be made 🙁 its my stupid irony!

  75. RAMANUJ DAS says


  76. Randy Howell says

    Nothing new….so is Google.

  77. Murat Engin says

    yes google and all others among with facebook. check your brower's cookies.

  78. Ashton Simmons-Johnson says


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