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Branding In Social Media by uhhh Brands

Do you have some examples of  a brand doing AWESOME  or HORRIBLE customer service via social media? I'm shocked at how few companies actually "get" social media…

Bring it. Your answers may be used in an upcoming article.


Amanda Blain

Business Owner & Geek Girl. Likes Technology, Virtual Reality, Video Games & Social Media. Previously Famous on the Internet I'm press at a few places. I own this site, World Of Geek Stuff - and Girlfriend Social -

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  • gots to make it your own - not turn it into something just fun, turn it into something FUN That YOU OWN or better yest that a demigrafoc OWNS...  slightly diff but way bigger impact...

    like AXE - we have shampoo but do we use AXE,? and why not.?

    .cause it's teenagers stuff..

    Exactly PPL <--- I coined it!  i know it, do you get it?

    You cant know the dealeo w/o knowing the neileo!

    this is my brand label...handle and catch phrase, what do you guys think, Honestly?

    I am sales person, of course

    N 2 the O and D to the EO

    chow for now<-- doggy chow brandline

  • Thanks for the support!! We greatly appreciate it!!! We like to think we're in the "AWESOME" category!! ;) - Terrence

  • Our thoughts about our company ?
    I think we're awesome :D

    Seriously, being a small brand and in the same time normal Google+ users makes it easier to try to catch every mention. And we'll continue trying to do this, since in our case the user feedback is the only way to improve our service.

    Thanks for the mention in this context!

  •  thanks for the shout out! we have a lot of fun entertaining the internets. particularly with photo's of terrified thrill seekers trying to survive ;)

  • I think companies that have cultivated a voice or personality tend to do sm "right” -- like the southwest airlines and chipoltes of the world.

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