*To All The Women In My Life – Please Watch This*

In this very touching YouTube by Dove, women were brought into a room and an FBI sketch expert drew them based on how they described themselves… "big forehead, pointy chin, etc" Then people they just met were asked to describe them. The two drawings side by side clearly showed how some Women today tend to be their own harshest critic.

I created +Girlfriend Social – http://www.girlfriendsocial.com –  5 years ago, because women often feel isolated and alone. I understand how hard women can be on themselves, without the support of others. I wanted to create a place where women could go and feel unjudged, connect with their female side and make new friends. At 100k of women later, I am happy to have helped support countless women find the support they need to not feel so alone. I love how much work Dove has done in the area of female self image.

Read more in the Marshable article by +Samantha Murphy  – http://mashable.com/2013/04/15/dove-ad-beauty-sketches/

And take the time to watch the youtube. – 

h/t +Anna Santos +Maria Stepanov Sommerfield 

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