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I would like to welcome you to Amanda Blain’s Blog – my blog that is all about technology, video games, social media, geeky stuff, and human behaviors around these things!

I have a wide and knowledgeable background in technology. I travel a lot and frequently attend technology industry events as media to stay on the cutting edge of tech trends including CES, E3, Collision, EGLX, Fan Expo, San Diego Comic-Con, Affiliate Summit, and SXSW. I have spoken about various technology-themed topics at some of these conferences as well.

I played a lot of video games growing up,  starting with Atari and the Commodore 64.  Playing video games really enhances people’s lives and they are also a lot of fun. That’s why I like reviewing them. I build my own computers and have worked with companies like AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, and MSI.

Not only do I play video games with my PC, VR, and various consoles, but I also am frequently coding, doing full-stack web development, and making websites. PHP, Java, MySQL, are just a couple of the 10 programming languages I know. I’ve also dabbled in game development using Unity, and Unreal Engine.

I founded and designed Girlfriend Social, the largest women-only, friendship-making website in the world, and have successfully managed, coded, and marketed the site for over 13 years.

I also created and am chief editor of World of Geek Stuff. A popular pop-culture, video game, and geeky multi-author blog with over 12 writers.

These days I focus on producing thought-provoking content and well-researched articles.

I have been quoted in The New York Times, Time, Huffington Post, Reader’s Digest, Maclean’s, and many more media outlets.

I am well known on the internet with a large and interactive fan base on many social media platforms. At one point, I had over 5 million followers and thousands of interactions a day on Google Plus.  After achieving that level of fame and that entire crazy experience, I no longer want anything to do with being “famous on the internet”.

All in all, I have been self-employed in technology for over 14 years.

I live in Toronto, Canada but travel all over North America and beyond for work and offline networking.

Feel free to drop me a line if you’re looking:

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