How to Grow Your Audience On Google Plus

Google plus is currently the 2nd biggest social network in the world. It’s not rocket science to see that you should be apart of what is going on here, but many people and brands are not sure where to get started. I am often asked questions that I answered in this article I did …. Including things like…

* How to get started… like seriously what is Step 1
* How often should I be Posting…
* Why post about things not DIRECTLY related to my business… 
* SEO benefits…
and many more…

Hope you enjoy my top 10 tips for growing your brand and community here on GooglePlus… and feel free to share with friends, family or non believers. 🙂 Especially on other social networks.. I think we as a community need to start getting some of these tips "out there" more. I'll be working on it a lot in the next little bit. 🙂

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How to Grow Your Audience On Google Plus

10 Steps to Developing A Niche Following on Google Plus

  1. PJ Ammidon says

    Great points + Amanda Blain ! Tweeted it 😉

  2. Tony Cacaccio says

    awesome share + Amanda Blain.

  3. Sebastian Encina says

    So just go ahead and add people? Aside from personalities and companies, I tend to add only people I know on here. I should be more social, you say, even if I have nothing to sell?

  4. Amanda Blain says

    especially if you have nothing to sell.. and i want to stress this + Sebastian Encina dont just RANDOMLY add people.. add people whose comments you like.. or whose posts come up when you search for keywords… Targeted followers = better main stream…

  5. Sebastian Encina says

    Maybe I'll add the next person to comment here.

  6. Anthony Lamontagne says


  7. Euro Maestro says

    Great tips + Amanda Blain

    Especially since I'm one of those not selling anything.

  8. Mellie B says

    Trust + Amanda Blain … she knows how to make your G+ awesome 🙂

  9. Rick Brush says

    Or interests you like. Take some one in gaming if you like the game Defiance and they have comment on it yes add them. It has helped me a lot in the games. Great bunch of people here in Google Plus.

  10. Amy Vernon says

    Great post, + Amanda Blain !! When are you doing your guest post for IML? 🙂

  11. Jake Croston says

    Good job 😉

  12. Derek Ross says

    Great tips as always + Amanda Blain 😉

  13. donald hakala says

    + Sebastian Encina sometimes people (+ Amanda Blain )         recommend circles to follow based on interests, this is a good way to meet and interact with people…Worked for me ! 😀

  14. Monica Butler says

    Perfect timing + Amanda Blain – I have an entrepreneur friend who is trying to figure out how to utilize social media for his niche business (cultural sensitivity/differences at the workplace).
     I forwarded it on to him.

  15. Michael Anderson says

    Great stuff, as always! Very helpful, especially for newbies.

  16. Eren Mckay says

    Very cool + Amanda Blain ! Just shared it to my stream 😀

  17. Aaron Wood says

    I could easily add 10 more to the list… but they probably wouldn't fly so well to some people. 😉

  18. Bearman Cartoons says

    I'd add a number 11.  Post Now, Post Often but NOT TOO OFTEN.

    If you are in the habit of resharing things constantly or posting memes etc and do so 50x a day.  I will probably not follow you back.   It just isn't fair to the rest of the people I follow to miss their posts because I am weeding through yours.

  19. Ralph Uy says

    Thanks for sharing, + Amanda Blain. Definitely one of those posts that needs re-sharing.

  20. Amanda Blain says

    🙂 number 11 is Participate in #Caturday … right + Aaron Wood  🙂

  21. Monica Butler says

    Yes, Yes!!  No. 11…the most important..;-)

  22. Aaron Wood says

    Something like that, + Amanda Blain. >^.^<

  23. Amanda Blain says

    Very true + Bearman Cartoons … but i tend to find most people going on the "once a week" post is enough.. but very valid points.. X50 a day is just as bad if not worse… 🙂

  24. zaid lgds says

    5522b747 bb ok

  25. PJ Ammidon says

    I'll never forget the day I saw even + Denis Labelle post for #Caturday + Amanda Blain & + Aaron Wood . That's when I knew it had to be done! LOL

  26. Morgan Abbou says

    I agree + Amanda Blain you can't miss a #caturday  or you're out 🙂

  27. Mellie B says

    I try not to be spammy, but then #caturday  happens, and all my (limited) restraint goes FLYING out the window.

  28. abdelkader gasmi says

    Sweet magnificence sweeter than honey

  29. John Fanavans says

    What about suck up to googlers so you get on the SUL.

    I hate to see you do this kind of post AB. 🙁

  30. Morgan Abbou says

    I love the article, very clear and makes total sense. I have tried to apply these rules and it didn't turn out too bad 🙂 btw are you missing the old logo?

  31. Ralph Uy says

    I try to resist the urge to post #caturday but resistance is futile!

  32. Rob B. says

    i have a tip. Don't post scientific posts….stick to cats and bacon (oh yeah and starwars cosplay)

  33. Amanda Blain says

    If you think i sucked up to googlers to get on the SUL .. you are mistaken + John Fanavans + Raleigh Burke  … and i hate to see friends of mine come on to posts of mine with negative garbage instead of support … but hey.. cant win them all…

  34. John Fanavans says

    I know exactly how you got on the soul and I know for you it wasn't sucking up. It was for most people though, which is my point. It is a good way to get a following and you forgot it.

    I am just giving you honest feedback my love. You know I adore you, this post is really really bad.

  35. Rob B. says

    fyi.. i'm not being negative. i once heard "No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public"

  36. Gabriel Tanaka says

    Great post + Amanda Blain. This is certainly a great article for anyone wanting to expand their audience on G+. Testing out tip number 5 😉

  37. Amanda Blain says

    I think your point is valid + Rob B. … you need a mix of fun stuff and business… too many companies come here and post business all day and its a yawn fest… you need to have fun with it… It's social media.

  38. Gijs van Dijk says

    The more 'companies' join a social network like G+ the less interesting it becomes to me. Companies and most high-profile plussers that are their own brand shamelessly abuse G+ and other social networks for their own self-promotion. They treat it like a blog: 1-way communication with followers commenting like on a blog. It kills the social in social network and they completely ignore the essence of a network like this.

    I'd wish there was a means to block these types of things, without hindering general users. Social networks are about interaction between users and by definition, interaction requires two-way communication. If you want to promote your stuff, get a website. If you want to interact, get on a social network.

    Fortunately, some people like + Amanda Blain are very good at interacting, but way too many with follower counts like hers should just get a blog and leave G+ to those that want to engage.

    (It's a bit of rant, but it does hook in directly to rules #4 through #7)

  39. Arleen Boyd says

    Great stuff as always + Amanda Blain!

  40. Amanda Blain says

    I personally think this has a lot to do with the lack of write API here on G+ + Gijs van Dijk .. Businesses are use to being lazy with push marketing, one button cross network and auto RTs on twitter… Its 'more work' here on plus.. but the benefits are worth it i think… 🙂 Businesses that get that do well here.. 🙂

  41. Jerry James Stone says

    oddly enough, i dont see a g+ button on that page until the bottom. Better placement by LinkedIn?

  42. Yonatan Zunger says

    You know, this is one of the best-written social media strategy posts I've seen in a while. It's amazing, how few people manage to explain these concepts this straightforwardly. 🙂

  43. mohamed ahmed says

    hi how are yoy

  44. Michael Burt says

    A really practical and useful guide which I'll endeavour to implement. Thankyou for sharing + Amanda Blain

  45. Jake Kern says

    Great stuff, + Amanda Blain. I think it's important to customize this as you develop your own niche on G+. I personally have only a couple of interest-based circles simply for the purpose of notifying them if my post pertains to their interest. Communities have taken the bulk of that load, and I've already met a lot of really cool people here. Now I focus on people I enjoy, and I'm developing new interests because of it. Granted, this is after I put in the work to meet people, interact, and build my circles.

    For someone trying to find their place in G+, interest-based circles are key because they introduce you to people & help break the idea that circling has to be mutual like "Friends" on Facebook.

    Also, any way to add something about the importance of hangouts? ;]

  46. Rob E says

    Good post Blainy. 

    Now. I do have something to sell. So if you'll all go to my link


  47. Chandra Pederson says

    Great post, very informative! Thanks for sharing + Amanda Blain!! :))

  48. Amanda Blain says

    + Jake Kern i think hangouts deserve their own separate article that im working on .. 🙂 

    Thanks + Yonatan Zunger I appreciate that.

  49. Screw Muggz says

    + Amanda Blain heading to "what's hot" again… its not well deserved anyway

  50. Rob E says

    you know what i find ironic. this article is on a page with links to twitter, facebook and linkedin. but not Google+

  51. Terry I says

    Interesting and informative. Thanks Amanda 🙂

  52. Amanda Blain says

    Its at the bottom, just not the side…_ + Rob E + Jerry James Stone  They also don't have authorship set up properly… and i've wrote them about that too… It will be fixed shortly.. both of them.. 🙂

  53. Lori Friedrich says

    I agree + Jake Kern hangouts & hirls are a large part too.

    Great post + Amanda Blain Easy for new people to digest and see results quickly. Too many come here, circle sul only and leave when they don't get engagement. Keep up the good work!

  54. Larry Fournillier says

    Thanks for the share + Amanda Blain I'll definitely re-share this post.

  55. Morgan Abbou says

    + Amanda Blain one day, you'll have to share with us how you made it to the SUL, that must be an interesting experience

  56. Chloe Jeffreys says

    + Amanda Blain I hope G+ isn't like that bad boyfriend I kept breaking up and getting back together with, but I'm going to try again. Damn you, Google Plus, I just can't quit you!

  57. Andy Gray says

    Excellent timing! Someone was just asking today how to get started on G+. Will saved me a whole heap of stammering! Thank you! 🙂

  58. Jason Hinds says

    Quantity of engagement is one thing, quality of engagement is quite another.  I think it is helpful to enable people to develop their virtual selves, but it still feels like there is always some sub-conscious agenda to get people in the "In-Network" and get as much connection out of them as possible.  I really do prefer more of an organic approach to networks — rather than stimulate things artificially.  Of course if my ideas are "too contrary"  one can always kick me out of the circle.  As the Japanese say — the nail that sticks out gets hammered.

  59. Courtney Kettmann says

    Another great post + Amanda Blain! You're teaching me a bunch and can't wait to share what I learn.

  60. Lee Smallwood says

    Fab post + Amanda Blain as like with many here – I don't sell anything … #shared

  61. vanchien luu says

    . Lmrchk gcja

  62. Jason ON says

    Want to come back to this from desktop.

  63. Kaan Emirler says

    Good stuff!

  64. Amanda Blain says

    The fact that a lot of people who "dont sell anything" get a lot from G+ is not a coincidence… They are here actually being social and interacting and doing the stuff in this post instead of self promotional talk all day. That being said I support a website and my profits have raised dramatically since posting on google plus… Social media as an industry is pretty lazy. I think these things will be changing in the future years to become much more clear.

  65. Yonatan Zunger says

    The number of people who seem to believe that social media in general is a tool to sell yourself, nonstop, perpetually disappoints me. It reminds me of a certain author I know (who shall remain nameless) whom everyone tries to avoid at conferences because every conversation with her turns into a sales pitch for her book.

  66. John Fanavans says

    Social media is lazy; I think its stars are doomed once the pros come in. The reality is that nobody has figured out how to make it really effective and top ad people don't use it because it undermines their other bussiness. That is changing.

  67. Ralph Uy says

    When the industry starts becoming more of a personality, rather than a faceless product, they could be successful at utilizing Social Media. Word of warning, It's a tough job, because you really have to watch the things you say, as you represent an entire company, and anything you say can be misconstrued.

  68. Jonny B Good says

    Why does social networking/media always seem to end up as some kind of 'science' based on popularity and/or growth of followers? Socialising is more about listening than speaking.
    Why not just be yourself & get out of it what you want? Follow people who pique your interest, interact when you feel like it & just absorb the rest of the time. You can have as much fun in a one-to-one as you can have in a large group (& vice versa).
    I, personally, have found myself uncircling a lot of people who have been making posts about how many followers they have (or have gained or lost) for the simple reason that I find narcissism unappealing.

  69. Amanda Blain says

    This article is written with a heavy business perspective + Jonny B Good …  but not only that.. a personal perspective for people who dont see much happen here and want to… As always.. do whatever works for you.. but if things are not working,  you can try these tips.

  70. Shawn Collins says

    Great advice, thank you + Amanda Blain! I just started a Google+ page, and needed to hear these things on getting started. Will be changing my strategy now.

  71. Jonny B Good says

    I understand that it is written from a business perspective, so I apologise (in part) for going off topic with regards to your post.
    I guess I just feel a little disillusioned with the way I see the wider community on G+ heading (the FB direction) & spoke out in the wrong place. Sorry 🙂
    I would add, in mitigation, that I still find the majority of your content interesting & my comments were not, really, aimed at you.

  72. Amanda Blain says

    Do let me know how it goes + Shawn Collins 🙂

    All good + Jonny B Good …and trust me… the biebers and one directioners are here on G+ in full force… 🙂 you just dont see them lol

  73. Jonny B Good says

    Haha I have two teen daughters so I am well aware of the Bieber/1D side of things… I just make good use of the mute feature 🙂

  74. Elaine Daley says

    Hi Amanda I have just read your article and it was extremely informative. I will definitely be implementing your ideas. Thank you for sharing your invaluable ideas.

  75. Ryan Moore says

    but can't YOU just do the work FOR ME ?
    pwetty pweeze + Amanda Blain

  76. Shannan O. Williams says

    This is a great post. I am tagging it for later usage. 


  77. Gil Pauley says

    + Amanda Blain Nice article with lots of helpful info.  The post frequently and not all your own stuff really standout. Thanks.

  78. Amanda Blain says

    Let me know how it goes + Gil Pauley 🙂

  79. Amy Roberts says

    Thanks for the helpful tips! WIll be updating my profile while rewatching Walking Dead season 3! Hopefully I will be productive with this!!! LOL

  80. R Barish says

    + Amanda Blain I found the article very useful. I just started with Google+ and have been just plugging around. This gives me a beginning focus to build upon. Thanks for sharing

  81. Barry Craft says

    + Amanda Blain I have just started to take Google+ seriously but was a little confused on how to get the maximum benefit from it. Your post was very helpful. Thank you!

  82. Andrew Griesmann says

    Much appreciated + Amanda Blain.

  83. Lovance Joseph Johnson Jr. says

    first step is to look at the hold view of what you are is to be said,this go as will as what is to be done,worked on so on so on

  84. Nigel Keen says

    Excellent article, thank you

  85. Jennifer Barr says

    thanks for posting this Amanda.  I remember that logo!

  86. 李李坚 says

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  87. Deepak Patel says

    Hi Amanda is this the paid blog?

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    You rock Amanda! Thanks 🙂

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  93. Kj Mason says

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  94. Viralheat says

    + Amanda Blain Another great post! Thanks for sharing with us.

  95. Jordan Dillingham says

    Alright. Time to start lol

  96. Chuck Merriman says

    Here + robin vabolis

  97. robin vabolis says

    Thanks, + Chuck Merriman. I'm not looking for inorganic growth. I do appreciate your input, though. Even if we don't agree on methodology.

  98. Stuart Ikin says

    + Amanda Blain. It's definitely a means of expression & adsorbing knowledge

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  100. Ivka Nowak says

    Thanks dear Amanda for great information! !!! Very concisely define procedures. I totally agree! I am on G+ shortly. I love him. Therefore, no. 42 this week. + Amanda Blain I wish you great weekend! ivka

  101. Sarah Hill says

    I knew you were into Hot Yoga + Amanda Blain .  Great stuff.  Resharing.  ;- )

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