Do You Twitch Gamer People!?!?

So… looks like I will be starting to game stream on Twitch (that will likely import over to You Tube)….If you want to follow me and check that out you can do so here –

Twitch –
YouTube –

I'll be chatting with,  gaming and streaming it all.

OH and on a nice note… More rumors that Twitch has been purchased by Google –

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Do You Twitch Gamer People!?!?

  1. Luiz Petherson says

    Yay Great ideal Amanda

  2. Siya Sharan says


  3. Jeff Trocchio says

    I was wondering when this was coming. Maybe a feature selection from your gamer crew?

  4. Reji Xavier says

    Hello Amanda

  5. Conrad Cardinal says

    I thought about doing something like that for World of Tanks or Minecraft, but then I realized that probably no one wants to see me suck at blowing up other tanks, or mining for hours, lol. I might still consider it if I can come up with a hook, I like the idea of doing it.

    Good luck with your Twitch channel!

  6. J. C. Baker says

    I wasn't happy when JustinTV switched to this because I used to be able to watch movies on Twitch doesn't seem to offer that option.

  7. Jacob Chappell says

    When Google buys them I hope they figure out how to separate the broadcasters voice audio from the music. That way when they are forced to  take videos down due to copyright claims, which they will be, they are not forced to just mute the entire broadcast.

  8. Vanessa C says

    I used to a lot before, the app is decent for Twitch. Its a great concept, seen a lot of crazy things thus far on ps4. That was only the beginning when it was first introduced.

  9. Nik Reist says

    I'll do my best to check it out.

  10. Miva Merchant says

    Good stuff + Amanda Blain ! We are fans of + Twitch for sure – what do you think of their recent crackdown on #copyright  sensitive #music  though? Many #twitch  die hards seem to be very upset with the whole issue…

  11. Muchel Valenzuela says


  12. Amanda Blain says

    Small guys eventually get big and have to deal with things like copyright + Miva Merchant … people complain and say "TIME FOR A NEW GUY THAT WONT TREAT US LIKE THIS"… which might or might not work.. but eventually the new guy will also have to comply with copyright and other laws… 😉

  13. Siya Sharan says

    Thanks Amanda.i forget g+
    I go back in my own life.very very thanks your advices.

  14. Brenda Jorge says

    Hola como teyamas

  15. Paavo Syrjä says

    Might be interesting

  16. Dharamjit Rihal says

    Go for it. I'll follow. 🙂

  17. Mimoun Bakali says


  18. Jason Pillow says

    Hmm. Didn't know you were into gaming. I'll give you a follow and come check it out 🙂

  19. Adam Fulton says

    Regarding the Forbes piece regarding the rumored Google acquisition:  

    If Twitch really has been bought by the Goog, why on earth would they spend a gajillion dollars for a 3rd party content ID system instead of using the in-house system that Youtube uses?

  20. Gustavo Eduardo Arango Nuñez says

    I'll start with Destiny.

  21. Lenard Conroy says

    Bit late now since Google / YouTube bought out twitch you cannot play music on stream cause if copyright laws and you will be banned from streaming … That ain't no joke and this is why I am building a website for streamers so the streamers can have a community there and are free to play whatever music they want

  22. Kono Reizei says

    + Lenard Conroy "you cannot play music on stream cause if copyright laws and you will be banned from streaming" That's been in place for the past TWO FUCKING YEARS.
    Twitch > your shitty website.
    Also, Twitch hasn't been bought yet. Google just made the offer.

  23. KLAUS z says

    Yeah sometimes.

  24. Amanda Blain says

    + Lenard Conroy  you should read my comment above… You can go to the effort… and you may or may not succeed… but eventually your site will get big enough and enough law suits will happen… that you will have the same things… Or it wont work at all.. it will be too small that no one will see what you set up… and you will have nothing.. There are only two options 🙂

  25. Anthony Foster says

    Yes my channel is tfoman1

  26. Paige D'Winter says

    I mod some Twitch channels, but I've been kinda meh about them after what happened to the Jtv casters, and now the muting thing.

  27. Paige D'Winter says

    But I used to cast. I'd like to cast again once I get Internet at home. I'm Squidmango on Twitch 🙂

  28. Drew Bolton says

    I'll check you out on twitch, why not. I have a channel there myself for the last 9 or so months. (

    Forbes is REALLY late to the party.. . We knew about this last week, when it happened. What a fiasco…

  29. Charlie Hoover says

    We should stream our Sunday game nights… Might put some people to sleep though… =)

  30. Michael Gonzalez says

    I don't but I have a couple of friends who do.

    Lindsey Elyse

    Pamela Horton

  31. Mark Koschwitz says

    I'm on there all the time, have lots of friends who stream and just have started managing an MLG team from it. 

    I shall stop by.

  32. nazim shaikh says

    hii how r u

  33. Jim Moreno says

    Followed! As soon as I can get back to an adequate Internet connection, I'll be resuming my game streaming. 

  34. nazim shaikh says


  35. Yamilex Choes says


  36. akdi mohamed says

    c,est bien hello for evry one

  37. Mark Koschwitz says

    Like every + Amanda Blain post… MUTE lol

    No offense to you of course 😛

  38. Amanda Blain says

    Try being me 😉

  39. salim riaw says


  40. Charlie Hoover says

    + Amanda Blain OK but I don't think I'll fit in your clothes…

  41. Charlie Hoover says

    + Amanda Blain OK but I don't think I'll fit in your clothes…

  42. amir nazir says

    Jai ho movie

  43. JUMA MOHAMEDI says


  44. Giomy Sopini says


  45. Vincenzo Oliveri vincenzo Anthony Oliveri says

    Twitch is it worth buying just asking dec is here n all kinds of stuff hits the shelves you people no wat i mean it's sell sell sell i work in a department store thats what the tell us just make the [email protected]$$$!;4#';;..;;& sale period

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