An Evening in A Floating Chair Anyone?

Not exactly sure which city that is… but i'd love to spend an evening just floating and looking out at the city… How about you? 🙂


An Evening in A Floating Chair Anyone?*An Evening in A Floating Chair Anyone?* Not exactly sure which city that is… but i’d love to spend and evening just floating and looking out at the city… How about you? 🙂 #dreamplaces
  1. Derrick Simmons says

    I'm down

  2. martin flis says


  3. David Willaims says

    very nice

  4. Uyen Vu says

    Love this, of couse. Dear + Amanda Blain .  hì hì

  5. Venise Louis says

    That would be good– comfort and a nice view

  6. Chris Lively James says

    yes i would


    nice so nice how much? 🙂

  8. Kathryn Nokony says

    I could use one of those 🙂

  9. Alex Zhao says

    They are not very comfortable. The + Google Kirkland office has a bunch of them. Two facing each other and you can supposedly whisper across the room. But they make me feel constrained. I'd go with a traditional swing chair for reading or watching the city.

  10. prina ruci says

    perfect stuff for relax

  11. John Hart says

    + Alex Zhao We have a number of them in our office looking out over Comerica Park, too.  I have a hard time staying in them, I always feel like I'm going to fall forward and onto my face.  :p

  12. Dorina Sinani says


  13. Amanda Blain says

    Figures google would have some of these + Alex Zhao …. Not comfy eh… Maybe with pillows? 🙂 whats a swing chair?

  14. Janis Borgueta says

    Very sixties .. no? I love it!



  16. Adrian Martin says

    It looks fun! Knowing my silly self, I'd break the mechanics and tear the ceiling down…lol. 🙂

  17. Maria Sunun says

    It looks comfy!

  18. David Moore says

    Always wanted a chair like that or a golf ball type but even better would be a Dr evil Austin powers chair place looks nice too

  19. Arullian Ezha says


  20. Alex Zhao says

    + Amanda Blain sure you could add pillows (for lumbar support) but that would make the space inside feel even smaller. Also the plastic makes it too… air tight. Well, I'll just recommend try-before-you-buy. 🙂

  21. Steve Mayne says

    The temptation to swing in it would be too much for me, I fear!

  22. Naresh Manipur says

    Me too want looking out the city with u…

  23. Phillip Ryan says

    I wouldn't mind watching someone else. Things like that usually act adversely to my chunky butt.

  24. Keith Hall says

    Try NYC.

  25. Jason Long says

    LOL this place cracks me up

  26. Alcione Pereira Lima says

    Very nice!!!…

  27. Martin Holmes says

    I'm in… 🙂

  28. Eddie Mohan says

    Now I regret being top floor in my condo as I think it'd make an awesome seat on my balcony!

  29. Melody Migas says

    Yes. I'd have having fun with the camera, too, taking shots occasionally.

  30. JP Seabury says

    I'd like it better if they made a chair for two. That's a view to be shared.

  31. David Bennett says

    We have some of those chairs in the google office in kirkland, although all you can float and look at is googlers 🙂

  32. Helene Torrinha says

    At my room, it was perfect 😉

  33. Bill Masson says

    Give me the apartment and throw in the chair for fun

  34. emmanuelluma luma says


  35. David Aguilera says

    Like number 2 in "The Prisoner"

  36. Jane Mbira says

    Count me in

  37. Kenneth Mills says

    Will u b there n the chair with me lol

  38. Kendyl Peebles says

    Interesting looking skyscraper in the background there… Looks familiar, but just can't quite place it…

  39. Oremo Ochillo says

    Its a time machine. It swings you into the future. Unfortunately in the future Google glasses are still $1500

  40. Davidtom Delgado says

    Nice but do two fit in in?

  41. Lucas McDermott says

    yes please.

  42. Davidtom Delgado says

    O and what to see the view

  43. Davidtom Delgado says

    A glass shower would be nice also just

  44. Sha Coop says

    Oh my God!!!! Its a bubble!!!!! =]>

  45. Davidtom Delgado says

    Yes I would enjoy never had that moment up high may i say

  46. Jeff Thompson says

    Yes, please!

  47. 孙亚东 says

    WOW nice

  48. Larry Williams says

    Grab your favorite drink, put on some nice jazz and live life.

  49. Michael Hennessy says

    Looks like the Eureka tower in the background – Melbourne Australia

  50. Taranjot Kaur says

    hmmmm,nyc interior……

  51. hylar darju says

    best for the picture,this is your home side?

  52. Palfroy Flora says

    Trop design

  53. fabio santos says


  54. erick thomas says

    ayy amanda blain

  55. camara Djerry says

    j'ai beaucoup aimé le dizaine et la vue de l’extérieur très simple et jolie décoration

  56. Charles Browne says

    I thought my evening in Toronto overlooking Scotia Bank was cool…but eh.

  57. abbas mo says

    I Love you

  58. waseem rachyal says


  59. wesam ghenaw says

    maybe it's in ur dream ! LOL

  60. Cole Rayne says

    Sure, you seem like someone I'd like to get to know. : )



  62. Tanweer Ahmed says

    O my god waoooooo

  63. MUZAMMIL KHAN says

    + Tanweer Ahmed

  64. Declan O'Reilly says

    Needs a white cat and a plan for world domination pinned to the wall, otherwise perfect

  65. Justin Farrier says

    only if your in in with me miss 😉

  66. Priya Krishnasamy says

    wish I was there!!!
    dat's a cooool house dude.

  67. wesam ghenaw says

    + Justin Farrier me ? LOL

  68. lilly kimpel says


  69. Lewis Knight says

    thats amazing

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