Facebook: Making birthday greetings meaningless since 2006

My friends don’t get their virtual greetings any longer unless I really know them!

What kind of virtual friend am I becoming!

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  • Amelia Wood

    That's a nice lookin' card right there! ^_^

  • Giles Pettipher

    I am totally reliant on Facebook for birthday reminders 😀

  • Boris Bax

    I always used google calendar, but i'm still stick to call friends for their birthday. I'm so old fashioned

  • Cynthia Coleman

    This year FB reminded me of my own birthday :D!

  • jason yzquierdo

    if it wasn't for fb, i wouldn't care that it's your birthday!

  • ali daban

    wow I forgot my birthday and facebook remined me thanks FB 🙁

  • Lisa Bimmerz

    lol + Cynthia Coleman! I know what you mean, at some point in one's life – it's just not worth remembering! ;o)

    Hopefully (and I think I read somewhere that Google is working on it), they'll add the Google Calendar to G+.

  • Julia Abenes

    Do you get notified if someone's birthday is coming up on Google Plus? I have yet to find out.

  • Amanda Blain

    Not yet + Julia Abenes not.. yet 🙁

  • Josh Saunders

    I hated the whole birthday thing on Facebook.. last year It was all "happy birthday josh." blah blah..
    this year I took my birth date off.. and I got zero birthday wishes.. not even my Mom remembered…
    which made me realize I have no real friends and technology is my only hope of staying social and "artificially" connected to people..

  • Mtl Anglo

    I feel you, Josh. I almost did the same this year until I awoke that morning and wanted the meaningless notes and scores of Happy B-Days. I then went and replied to each one, individually, hopefully changing the nature of these virtual friendships.