5 Steps to Circle Management – Why the Following Circle is not the way…


*5 Steps to Circle Management – Why the "Following Circle" is not the way to go*

Google+ is interested based. You form relationships with people around the world who like the same stuff you do. Start off with investing 15 minutes a day if this sounds like too much. This is the best thing you can do to improve your experience here. Promise. Just start at step 1.

Step 1 – What do you Care about? I have close to 200 circles. I do NOT have a following circle. An average user should aim for about 5 – 10 interest based circles to start! Every single person I circle is categorized by something in their profile's about section, location, something we talked about etc. Every single one. I circle over 4k of people. That is why its important to have a good and detailed about section full of things you want to read about! I decided early on what I wanted to post about here on G+. Inspirational thoughts to keep me and others motivated, Video games, tv shows I like, food, tech stuff, web development and other topics as i see fit. Because these are my main interests I need to find other people interested in that stuff. This takes a bit of work, but start by putting all these interest in a nice easy to read format in your profile.

Step 2 – Find People To Circle on Those Interests. Search. I recently got into the show ABC show – Once upon a time. There was no shared circle on the subject that I could see. So i made one. I did a regular search for "once upon a time". I found people posting about it. I circled them. I didn't ask i just did it. Then i made a post about it with a nice graphic from the show asking people if they like the show to comment.(https://plus.google.com/107982618909749811163/posts/Gx19frXEdS6) I notified the people i had circled. Most commented and said they wanted to be included. Other people who circle you will comment on it, BUT more importantly someone in the future will search "once upon a time" too.. and go BACK to that thread and comment. I also used relevant hashtags to help with future searchs #OUAT #onceuponatime … I go back to that post often and add the new people who comment on it. There is a fair amount of work required in this process, but your circle size will likely never reach more than 100 people. Even on a pretty popular topic.

Step 3 – Make Posts, Keep Searching and Get Rid of Inactives – I wait awhile.. a month or two to build it up. I notify these circles occasionally when i post in these topics. Use it every once in awhile and most people don't mind being notified of a topic they are interested in. I continue doing searches on the keyword. "once upon a time" Then i get ready to share the circle. I use this extension from +Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh – Uncircle Inactives – https://plus.google.com/104602860284118862026/posts/CEvNbnYM6Qr I set it to a month before. I always check the results. Some people I don't want to loose sometimes, even if they haven't posted in a month.

Step 4 – Share the Love – Now that you've spent all this time developing a micro community, you need to share it.. and this is key… the people IN the circle need to add it and share it. This to me is the most important part of Google Plus. Yet so few are doing this. Why is this important? Well if you are in my circle about once upon a time(https://plus.google.com/107982618909749811163/posts/RUk1wj88F8G), chances are a chunk of the people who follow you ALSO like once upon a time. When you share a specific topic shared circle to your followers, The micro community grows. The majority of people who add and share that circle can start commenting on once upon a time posts and BAM everyone's stream and posts on once upon a time will get more relevant comments. That is what we all want here isn't it? That Engagement word thrown around so much?

*NOTE* Although the "+mention 3 people who are cool and i'll make a circle" and "THESE ARE THE BEST PEOPLE ON G+" circles are fun and nice, They are really pointless IMO. Adding one of these circles to your steam does NOT translate to your stream being awesome or cool to you. Being one of the "best people here" is a really subjective expereince. One that doesn't translate well through shared circles.

Step 5 – On going Management – The steps im describing here are the best way i've found of creating a stream of information that is interested to you and getting followers who are going to be interested in the things you post about. Adding a circle of less than 100 people will not destroy your stream. You can turn down the 'noise' on these streams with the slider at the top of any circle page if you aren't sure of the relevance of the shared circle. Few people here are posting about 1 topic only though, and just because they don't post about it, doesn't mean they don't want to comment on your stuff. Circling people first and commenting on relevant post is one of the best ways to get them to circle you back. Uncircle people as you see fit but realize You will see some post about things you don't care about by people in these circles (just like your friends lunch posts on facebook that you just scroll past)

It is unfortunate that, google has not allowed the option to provide public circles, so there is no way to subscribe to updates to a certain circle. Could be accomplished with hashtags. That feature would make this whole process easier. Until then, time investment is required(and so worth it). I spent probably as much time on this as i did on my various twitter lists though. This is social media. You will get back what you put in here.

What are your circle management tips? I see many saying they don't add or share circles they are in… which i think is a shame. I hope this post clarifies some of my points on why i share circles every other day or so and how much work and effort i put into sharing the G+ magic around here. πŸ™‚

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5 Steps to Circle Management - Why the Following Circle is not the way...

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  1. Dano Hart says

    The following circle has always confused me anyway.

  2. martin shervington says

    + Amanda Blain great post, thanks. You instruct the reader very well, with enough narrative to give a clear enough explanation. I will have to review this over the coming weeks as my my strategy to date has been somewhat lacking.

  3. Anthony Dash says

    You are the JFK of G+

  4. Bernard Katz says

    I quickly realized I needed to creates circles to keep things from getting too messy… now I have a lot of messy circles πŸ™

  5. John Wesche says

    I was thinking or reorganizing my circles, but have been putting it off because it seemed like a lot of work. Maybe now I will and get rid of the "following" circle.
    P.S. Y U NO Circle of Trust Me? =p

  6. Luckson Phiri says

    am zambia guys, wats gud here?

  7. Michael O'Reilly says

    As soon as I realized the Following circle has extra restrictions put on it, + Amanda Blain, I stopped using it.

  8. Jaana NystrΓΆm says

    Great stuff as usual + Amanda Blain! Will share for the Europeans tomorrow, my morning. Now it's very late here. Good night my dear!

  9. Amanda Blain says

    Oopsey Notify didnt work I ? your extension + Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh It keeps things fresh πŸ˜€

  10. P E Sharpe says

    The best advice I have is twofold: first, don't try to manage circles in one fell swoop. You'll get exhausted and make mistakes like I did recently. I wasn't scanning closely when I used uncircle inactives and I got rid of a lot of good people without meaning to dump them. Second, keep any new circles you adopt as a whole in quarantine for a while and name them after the person from whom you adopted the circle. Chances are you won't want to follow all of the people in the circle and having kept it whole makes it easier to track if the circle itself ends up not fitting your requirements. It's also cool to look back and remember how I met certain people here through specific shared circles.

  11. Alan Rife says

    I am trying to figure out how to delete a circle. No luck yet.

  12. Yifat Cohen says

    Excellent advice!
    I know I need to go back and re-do all my circles… it's a huge task, but it needs to be done.
    I'm keeping this for reference.

  13. P E Sharpe says

    Click on the circle, see the garbage can that shows up in the icon when the circle opens or do it from the pulldown menu above.

  14. Jennifer Bailey says

    My circles are a mess! This is great advice and someday I may even get around to fixing it πŸ˜€

  15. Margie D Casados says

    Great advice.. I especially like Step 3, I will have to give that one a try.
    I have been going through my circles manually and seeing who is very active and inactive.
    Some of the circle shares that look attractive to me, to add to my collection of circles have inactive people in them, some haven't even posted since last August.
    I figured they decided to make some where else there home. And I am cool with that. But at the same time, my numbers have been growing and I really want to keep connected to people who have similar interest and are still active on G+. Step 3 will definitely work for me.
    Thank you for the tip + Amanda Blain πŸ™‚

  16. Ahmed Rehim says

    i have been inactive for a while, but today i deactivated my facebook account and decided to move here πŸ™‚

  17. Cliff Roth says

    + Alan Rife what + P E Sharpe said. She beat me to it.

    I really only look at my main stream anyway. I very very rarely only look at one stream. I also very rarely post to anything other than public. So I don't worry about circle management all that much.

    I do have a plethora of circles but really I only need to have 3. Incoming, Outgoing, and To Be Speedpainted.

  18. Liz ?uilty says

    hahahahaha lol @ the zuckerberg πŸ˜€

  19. Liz ?uilty says

    Great post btw – glad im not the only OCD about billions of circles. I even have mine in males/females countries, and heaps of other things πŸ™‚

  20. michael carvell says


  21. Cliff Roth says

    Their New UI makes switching to view stream by circle and even bigger annoyance. I liked it better when they were clearly visible (for those times I did find it necessary to view a particular stream only).

  22. Rich Galvan says

    + Amanda Blain when you post to a circle, do you also post to Public? If so, do you do that Every Time?

  23. Yifat Cohen says

    Btw, I just love that image + Amanda Blain! I only noticed it after I shared. LOL

  24. April Lougheed says

    A+ Useful Post

    I thought the following circle was a compliment. I am glad I saw this post. My circle strategy is evolving. Digital consulting covers so many interests.

    Thank you for taking the time and effort to share this thoughtful post. You define "sharing".

  25. Allan Sota says

    + Amanda Blain Great advice. I've been trying to think of the best way to organize my circles and I think your method is perfect!

  26. Laura Malick Smith says

    My circles need some clean up

  27. Mark Olsen says

    In the process of doing this now. I had a ton of useless circles – now recreating and working as above.

  28. Amanda Blain says

    For people who have a community here.. they tend to argue they don't need circle management too much. I disagree… you will notice with time more people coming and going .. old commenting fans moving on to new people and not commenting as much on yours etc. You need to be proactive in finding people to interact with here. Its a different ball game than any other social media form. Just my opinion.

    I personally post 75% public. I have a larger audience than most so I cant circle back everyone even if i wanted to. Its a personal choice this one public or not.. But every public post means the possibility of more targeted commentors + Rich Galvan

    I did like the old UI for circle stream viewing better too. But think that a big part of circle management is getting more engagement on the various topics that i care about than simply viewing others streams. + Cliff Roth

    + Olav Folland i know you posted on this recently… interested in your thoughts mon ami.

    Zuck is definately out of my circle of trust. ?_?

  29. P E Sharpe says

    I have to admit I lost interest in circle management when they took away the 'incoming' stream, but it just meant I had to do a hell of a lot more when I decided to catch up. I am also constantly revising and adding people, + Amanda Blain, fresh ideas and exchanges are important!

  30. Kaitlyn Adair says

    I would never trust him jkjkjkjkjkj i don't even now him

  31. Chris Hoffmann says

    Excellent advice! I'm still trying to wade out from the mess I made way back in beta by circling up 5000 right away. I really need to get my circles better organized, but as + P E Sharpe pointed out above, it is so time consuming and can make for many mistakes if you try to fix them all at once. Slowly, I'm making progress, and, I appreciate additional tips like this from power plussers! πŸ™‚

  32. Ann Brauer says

    Great information that I will have to study and try. Still having a lot of problem dealing with all the circles on G+. Stupid question–how do you organize your circles so you know what the circles are. 200 sounds like such a large number to keep track of.

  33. Mike Stenger says

    Great stuff Amanda. As + Guy Kawasaki says, Google+ is for interests and meeting new people and regarding interests, that's exactly what circles were designed for.

  34. Amanda Blain says

    I do it alphabetically.. Manually. + Ann Brauer

    Each new circle must be moved to the correct spot. Except for the first few which are my "visit daily"… . Its *VERY* ANNOYING.. i like in mobile how its auto alphabetical… But i think this problem only effects a few people. I dont see a "sort alphabetically" feature coming any time soon sadly πŸ™

  35. Jason Park says

    I have one circle for everyone I don't know called "Interesting People". It's kind of like my "Organize Later" folder on my work laptop.

  36. Olav Folland says

    + Amanda Blain I'll spend the proper time reading this in a couple of hours when I get home, if you don't mind. I'd like to be able to give honest, complete answers since this is a test πŸ˜‰ and I'm still at work.

  37. Amanda Blain says

    + Jason Park thats the "following" circle i try and avoid. I did that for awhile and found it was full of people i never went back and actually sorted. Eventually i just deleted the circle and now make sure i take a few moments when circling to place people as best as i can

  38. Michael Q Todd says

    Awesome stuff Amanda thanks

  39. P E Sharpe says

    It might be interesting for you to share a generic breakdown of categories for circles, + Amanda Blain.

  40. Trevor Sharp says

    lol, well done + Amanda Blain

  41. Amanda Blain says

    + Justin Clark + Dean Morin + Chad Manzer Here you go.. as promised.. πŸ™‚

  42. Sara Eleta Reid says

    Thanks for sharing. This is great, + Amanda Blain!

  43. Amanda Blain says

    + April Lougheed adding brand pages as 'signatures' is generally frowned upon in comments. Its equal to link spam and will often get your comments deleted or removed. Its best to edit your post and remove them and let people come to you naturally here on G+ πŸ™‚

  44. Katarina Persson says

    Hehe πŸ™‚

  45. Mike Wood says

    cool stuff + Amanda Blain but 200? wow. that is a lot. πŸ˜‰

  46. Chad LaFarge says

    Great advice, + Amanda Blain. I talk a lot of the quality of your circles and how it affects the quality of your stream.

  47. Mo Kashmiri says

    Lol. Zuckerberg ? trust , nice. Great advice, thank you.

  48. MariA GuAdAlUpe AcOsta says


  49. Alan Matos says


  50. April Lougheed says

    + Amanda Blain Thank you for telling me about spammy 'signatures'. Wow, I have much to learn. Thank you for saving me from much embarrassment. I'll do some research on social media etiquette.

    My identity in real life is so wrapped up in my business … I just didn't get it. But I do now. Thanks again.

  51. Jennifer Barr says

    Good advice + Amanda Blain Also like + P E Sharpe 's comment. I also don't have a following circle

  52. Justin Clark says

    Great post, just the kind of info I need… thanks very much!

  53. Luis Rivas says

    Great advice, and seems a lot of work. I am new and put a lot of people in a circle called random haha, now thanks to you I'll have to pay more attention. If I add people to an appropriate circle can I delete the old circle without actually deleting the people in that circle? Finally, I only just learned how to direct a message to a person within a stream, I know thay it should be obvious, but things like that need to be explained to new people and the slow like me.

  54. Amanda Blain says

    I think we all did a public Mention at one point + Luis Rivas

    If you have a person in more than one circle… they will not be deleted. If they are ONLY in that circle… they will be gone… πŸ™‚

  55. Liza Sperling says

    Circle management is not for the faint of heart. Pretty sure this thread will help a lot of people!

  56. Linda Dee says


  57. Paty Santos says

    I Love you

  58. Olav Folland says

    + Amanda Blain excellent write-up. I can only think of a few things to add, really.

    As + P E Sharpe said, if you add a circle en masse, put the originators name in the circle name, and keep it separate. It helps to go to that circle and see what the members are posting, and weed out anyone that's not bringing forth material that are either (a) not your interests or (b) just posting things you really don't want to see. And, if the person that putting out the circle has a lot of spam/inappropriate (to the circle) members in it, you know they're not curating it and you shouldn't add anything from them.

    I'll also take a second to mourn the loss of the 'Incoming' stream. I used that weekly, or when there was a quiet moment in the stream, to go through and see what people that had circled me were posting. I found a few really cool people that way.

    Another key thing to creating sub-communities is to remember that people can be in multiple circles. If you've circled Joe, and he's into photography, food, and collecting left-handed spoons, he should go into all those circles. I have some friends in 18 or 19 circles of various sub-interests now. Google limits how many people you can follow, and how many in a circle, (I suspect) how many circles) but I think you could have the same person in all of them if you wanted.

    Unlike you, though, I do have a following circle. I use if for pages, mostly (because I'm lazy and that's where G+ want to put them by default) but I keep it to a sublist of "group activites" where – since most of them for me are photography related – I can hit a single stream of all the various groups activities that are going around.

    and as a side note pages can be a good way to get around the 5K limit, and be able to interact on a regular basis with far more people than you could have in your personal circles. Since pages have their own follower counts and limits, a specific sub-topic can be talked about there publicly without cluttering the streams of people that don't necessarily want to talk a bout a particular topic. I'm still hashing out how to do that effectively though.

    The other circle I use regularly is "Purgatory". When I come across someone and don't quite know where to put them, or if I even want to keep them circled, I put them there. It's not "limbo" because it's an active part of my stream, and interactions, but I don't know just "where" to put them yet, or if I trust/like them enough to place them in other particular circles. Kind of like the guy you met at the bar, and might give an email address to, but not your phone number.

    And, small circles are better than larger circles. Waaaaay back when I signed up, I made a circle called "photography" and dumped a lot of people in there. I'll be honest – it's pretty useless. 500 some-odd people of various genres and personalities, and I don't think I've clicked that circle stream in months because it's no different than my main stream in most ways. Small circles make sure that you catch the people that you want to catch and engage with, or at least see their posts, on a regular basis.

    "Besties", "Must Read", and "Inner Inner" are the best circles. And none of them should – it'd be really hard to do, really – get over 50-100 people.

  59. kay smith says

    Thus sounds fair,i will try to keep up and always look foward and backwards on my reviews.

  60. Amanda Blain says

    Good points. I for one never used incoming. Not after my first month here… it was pointless for me really.. nothing but spam, p0rn, religious preaching… even saw snuff films in there πŸ˜› . It was not a place i ever wanted to go.. i've used the method i outline here…. Search IS incoming based on keywords πŸ™‚

    A good point on the multiple circles.. most of my people are in many circles. πŸ™‚ I just notice you had a post on not wanting to share or add circles .. so was interested in hearing why… + Olav Folland πŸ™‚

  61. Olav Folland says

    Ah, well, the incoming stream had an 'ignore' button. Not a full 'block' but those people just kinda…went away… I do pick up a few people via search now, but it's not the same thing, particularly because it's targeted, and I don't do too many random 'interest' searches.

    And so that's why you got me here πŸ˜‰

    I'll be honest – I've got something on the range of 3k people in my circles, so mass adds are far less appealing to me. I will occasionally add them if one, I know the person that curated the circle (i.e., they actually know the people in them) and (b) the bulk of the people in the circle that I already know fit the bill of what the stated purpose of the circle is.

    That said, I will often go through a shared circle and 'cherry-pick' people based on a scientific combination of profile photos and taglines, hit their post streams and check them out. It can be rewarding, and fun πŸ™‚

    Why don't I reshare circles often? It's a personal thing for me. Someone adds a circle that I shared with a bunch of non-related people in it, and I feel responsible for the mess their stream has become. So if I share a circle, – doubly so for one I've created (I'm working on a couple) I want to stand behind every person in that circle. And if it's someone else's circle, I need to know that they are doing the same thing. For example, I trust + Gene Bowker's circle curation. He spends a lot of time putting those circles together, and checks the profiles and streams of every person in the circle that he shares. + Mike Shaw is also very excellent about that with one glaring exception (which would be me) and he would have fixed that except that it's really freaking funny.

    The big thing is that too many of the circles that are shared are of the 'share this and I'll add you on the next share' variety. I find that disingenuous and slightly on the AW variety of things – really a lot of them are all pyramid schemes. There is no actual curation going on, much less any personal knowledge by the 'curator' of the people going into those circles. I just can't share those because they're not more than a bunch of names that I don't know. If resharing is a requirement, the curator is seldom really looking at what they're doing. I can guarantee this because I know I'm in a couple of them and haven't reshared them πŸ˜‰

    So it's not that I don't, rather that I'm very careful about them.

  62. Barry Stewart says

    I'm going to highly agree with wanting the circle names to be alphabetized. No idea why someone would want them defaulted to the order in which they were created. Anyone make an extension for that yet? πŸ™‚

  63. Alicia Reyes says

    Thank you for sharing. Your tips hit the spot and makes perfect sense… It's so important to organize you're circles. I have had to learn some things the hard way πŸ™‚

  64. Amanda Blain says

    Ahhh yes… i put that in this post + Olav Folland the ..these are cool people circles are pointless.. and the Share or you are removed… Pyramid 'get follower fast' schemes.. and i agree i don't know much about how other people are curating there circles.. that said.. i dont know how many people in my circles post about a specific topic either… but i do know they either 1) posted about it at some point.. or 2) asked to be in that circle and are fans of the topic…. and at this point.. i guess thats the best you can do πŸ™‚

    I appreciate your viewpoints as always!

  65. Cyndee Haydon says

    Thanks + Amanda Blain spending more time here and love these ideas for circle management

  66. Olav Folland says

    + Amanda Blain I did catch that about the 'cool people' circles but I'm admittedly not very word-smithy :/

    I haven't tried the 'what circles should you be in' post because mine are still very fluid, other than very specific categories, and I tend to put people in them after observation. I still spend the bulk of my time on the 'full' stream and so move people around a lot – and/or try and check the circles people are in, particularly if I didn't think they were in a particular category.

    It's still difficult though. I swear I come across people all the time that I thought I'd had circled, but they apparently either dropped out somehow, or we just talk so much on other people's posts that I'd just assumed.

  67. Werner Klausen says

    I disagree. People I personally know is (cross)put in a good labelled circle (work, college, politics, close friends etc). Everyone else (public figures, companies, interesting people I don't know, sports teams) goes into the follow category. I have one exception, I have a own for news like BBC and CNN, so that I can filter for news.

    I do however understand why you have this policy. You are a person people follow. Iknow that there are people who want to create and nurture these micro communities (and we need these people to do that), but the average user does not do this. The average user either posts to people they know or to the public.

    I think you aimed to wide when posting this to the public, you need to make a circle for those who do what you do: making communities within G+.

  68. Amanda Blain says

    Welcome to Google + + Werner Klausen … If you wish to branch out from the 37 people circling you.. You will need to do some of these steps to get a targeting stream, content and followers. If not enjoy your time here. To each their own.

  69. Prawiro Negoro says

    Sebenarnya semua sudah bagus mohon jalannya youtube agak dipercepat deh. Terima kasih.

  70. Werner Klausen says

    + Amanda Blain : As far as people adding me, I'm happy with the 37, no wait, now 38, people I have. These are (except 4) the people I've managed to lure from FB, and are all people I know personally. It's these persons I primarily want to share with. If I want a broader audience, I go public/extended. If I wan't to hear from others (like you), I add them. Whether or not they add me back is for me irrelevant.

    And thanks for the welcome, even though I've been here for quite some time πŸ™‚

  71. Riet Vossestein says

    IK heb EEN-VRAag. Zelf heb ik een tijdje mensen in een paar kringen ingedeeld, bijvoorbeeld in kunst en in fotografie. Of in reizen en fotografie. Filosofie en in kunstkring om maar een voorbeeld te geven, als je iets post en stuurt naar je kringen, krijgt iemand dan bijvoorbeeld twee keer de post binnen? Veel mensen zijn in meerdere onderwerpen geinteresseerd, ik zelf ook. Hoe lossen jullie dat op?

  72. Jarrod King says

    Google+ seems to be a lot more work than the other social networks out there. I happen to be willing to put in the work, but the fact that there are so many articles out there like this one says something about its simplicity. Thanks for the tips though – they will be used!

  73. Shaden Mohamed says

    great post. I have been away for 2 weeks and had less time / access to the internet. It gets much harder to manage and catch up if I am not on here every day or two (even if for a short time). So def. agree!

  74. Peter du Toit says

    + Amanda Blain as far as I can tell the "Following" Circle is the default when you follow a brand or business. So I use it for that purpose alone ie my Following Circle has every business I am connected to here.

  75. Amanda Blain says

    I never actually had a "following circle" it wasnt there in the start of G+ .. they added it later. But i do have a 'brands' circle. Sometimes brands are in more than one circle. πŸ™‚

    I really want to stress this. People asked for this article and what I do and why i have such high engagement on here. You do NOT need 200 circles. 10 in a few topics you like is generally good enough. I just like knowing what people are interested in and who they are.. so i really sort them. Thats personal preference …

  76. Frank Schulz says

    interesting points here but please think about that a Profile should reflect a real Person with different interests. Thats fact.

    If we talking about topics we have to look at Pages. Thats the tool for topic orientated content.

    If you create a new Page you have to decide what the Page stands for, Google+ Pages setup includes huge lists and a lot of categories for the Page. The Page name should be the topic or a trademark or a lot of other concepts.
    Thats the topic concept of Google+…

    Create a F1(Formula1) Page not a user Circle about F1(Formula1) and you have topic posts. Same works for thousands of different topics…?
    This comment is the same I have posted 2 minutes ago in the fork(MH) of this original post.

  77. Amanda Blain says

    i try and leave words like should.. out of stuff… people should do whatever they want. This is simply what i do to get engagement here. Works for me. If you dont want anything in your profile, no topics, no nothing.. do nothing. this isnt a mandate from google πŸ™‚

    This is me freely sharing the work i do into each circle i share on here and a way people can replicate it. Do what works for you.

  78. Olav Folland says

    + Frank Schulz pages are for the most part 'top down' though. Only the page managers can post as the page, and all anyone else can do is +tag them in and hope that the info gets reshared by the page. So, for example I run a page where we talk about photography-business related stuff, but it's up to me to post and start a topic, ultimately. It's not the same as having a circle of people with common interests.

  79. Frank Schulz says

    + Amanda Blain I agree and your comment/post is perfect for most of the Google+ Users. A Profile should reflect the User(not his strategy) with all his topics and then he/she will find a lot of interesting people.

    If we talk about strategy and topic related content a Page has advantages because of the concept of Pages. Pages are topic orientated.

    At the end a combined strategie between Profile and Pages and Circles is the best way and very flexibel.

  80. Siegfried Hirsch says

    I have tried to explain my method for curating circles by relevance here in this shared post: https://plus.google.com/102235836543922327908/posts/XkbFnq6ecY9

    I am just using some builtin tools. and shared circles on special topics to get my circles organized. See above.

    + Amanda Blain thanks for explaining this methoed, but I am lazy most of the time and I do like to share and write instead of organize.

  81. BIPIN KUMAR JHA says

    Too much useful idea.U made me so active,I am thankful to share these bonafied ideas.

  82. Kerry Martin says

    A most fabulous post mate

  83. Carolyn St.Charles says

    TY for several tips that will be useful in developing the topic: small spaces for dwelling, working, etc. — It will need a small O!
    This early adopter has been quiet for a while, so appreciated references to changes made during that time. I was feeling a bit outside but not like unaware Z.
    Thanks, again, for a great post and discussion it triggered.

  84. George Cohn says

    + Amanda Blain this is an absolutely killer post, thank you so much for being here.

  85. Ray Ray says

    Wow, you're so organized….this helped me, Thanx Mandy

  86. arron ronald says

    circle dead end

  87. micayla harris says


  88. Bearman Cartoons says

    + Amanda Blain definitely add me to the Once Upon a Time circle…and Grimm, and Game of Thrones, and Dexter, and…..

  89. Jacky Horn says

    I have been waiting for months to come across information like this! Thank you so much. I have been spending the last week cleaning up my circles because in the beginning I just dumped hundreds of random people into "following" but because I didn't "get" Google+ at the time I hardly ever posted anything, and with result very few circled me back. Reorganising my circles have been a LOT of hard work and very time consuming, because I went back to every single profile in my following circle, first uncircled and then re-circled in a category that makes sense to me. At the same time I got rid of inactives and people who I had nothing in common with. This process has been very rewarding, because now I finally "get" Google+, my stream is now full of daily wonders πŸ™‚ Wish I read your article when I first started out πŸ™‚

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