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October 2014

Is Tsu a Scam? 6 Things to Consider

UPDATE 2020: Looks like Tsu has relaunched once again as … This entire article from 2014 that was the top searched  result for tsu scam, still applies. In case you want to know how that ended? Everyone ended up not getting paid and the network randomly closed with little warning. Tread carefully Internet. Money […]

Dyson Pet Vacuum – DC78 Animal Review

About a month ago I received the Dyson DC78 – Animal vacuum. Wow. I’d always heard about Dyson being a ‘better vacuum’ but come on. It’s a vacuum. How much better can it really be and is a Dyson pet vacuum really worth that extra money? After a solid 2 months of using the vacuum, […]

Work Around For Facebook Forcing Messaging App

To all those in an outrage against Facebook Forcing You To Use Their Messenger App…. Just go to instead in your mobile browser. You can still message your friends like you always do. No app required. In Fact if you are one of the millions of people who have installed the app(Either App.. FB […]