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  1. Jason Ansaldo

    Jason Ansaldo    

    Haunted House on the ATARI 2600.  I did love Zork but the only computers that had it was the Apple IIe in the school computer lab and I did not get to play until year later.

  2. Christopher Davis

    Christopher Davis    

    I played many of those games. Relive your childhood here:

  3. Noelle M

    Noelle M    

    I liked Zork, but Time Traveler and the Discworld Mud were my true loves.

  4. Kerewin H

    Kerewin H    

    Apple ][ adventure game…

  5. Brian Haslip

    Brian Haslip    

    The text based Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

  6. Rana Amritanshu Kumar

    Rana Amritanshu Kumar    

    Oh man! I almost forgot about this game,
    Thanks for Posting, appreciate it.

  7. Doug Brewer

    Doug Brewer    

    whoops. DIdn't see it posted. I also liked Battle Zone. Old School FTW.

  8. Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran

    Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran    

    Zork was definitely my first. I'll never forget (because I was told so often) that "talking to yourself is said to be the first sign of mental collapse". =oP

  9. T-J Panttila

    T-J Panttila    

    There were a few but still nowadays when i get a new computer, I first install Nethack onto it. Even have it on my phone and Ipad :)

  10. Will Palaia

    Will Palaia    

    Yeah, I played it on my C64…

  11. Jay Martich

    Jay Martich    

    My first fav game. I'd have to say it was Megaman 4.

  12. Mark Griffiths

    Mark Griffiths    

    wizard of wor and Capn Magneto

  13. Shannon Adelson

    Shannon Adelson    

    Asteroids is probably the one I remember most fondly from the arcade era.

  14. Elizabeth Hahn

    Elizabeth Hahn    

    I loved River Raid on the Atari 2600.  And Revenge of the Killer Tomatoes.  The sound was perfect!

  15. donald hakala

    donald hakala    

    I fell in love with Zork so much I wanted to learn how to program games like that…good times :-)

  16. Scott Tracht

    Scott Tracht    

    "You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike."

  17. Joseph Amaladass

    Joseph Amaladass    

    Prince of Persia on a dos PC.
    There are lots of other close ones that I used to love, but this has to be it.

  18. Christopher Soliz

    Christopher Soliz    

    I play it on the iPad. I can pretend it's a real adventure by walking around and playing the game…If I got off my fat butt that is.

  19. Raul Marengo Lopez

    Raul Marengo Lopez    

    Definitely Pitfall on an Argentine clone of the Atari 2600 called Edu Juegos

  20. Jeremy Mayse

    Jeremy Mayse    

    on a computer I would have to say the organ trail, on gaming pong. I hadn't heard of zork before tho that's a new one

  21. Seth Getz

    Seth Getz    

    Amanda, you look too young to know anything about Zork. 

    I remember mapping out the entire worlds in order to keep track of everything and navigate quickly.

  22. Evan Stitt

    Evan Stitt    

    probably Zork for me too, great stuff

  23. Rob Lancaster

    Rob Lancaster    

    Joust, nothing like fighting on tge backs of ostriches

  24. Michelle Stevens

    Michelle Stevens    

    My aunt had an Atari 2600, I used to love playing Frogger with her.

  25. Johnny Zed

    Johnny Zed    

    It's a toss-up between Wizardry, Akalabeth and Lode Runner on my old Apple ][ (which was the last Apple product I've owned, and probably will remain that way).  While I played Zork, it often frustrated me to the point of distraction.  

    Beware the legendary Blade Cuisinart!

  26. Michael McConnell

    Michael McConnell    

    Pong, zork (had to load from a cassette tape), frogger, ultimate, and progressing on.

  27. James Watkins

    James Watkins    

    Can you still get this Game?

  28. Bogdan Arvinte

    Bogdan Arvinte    

    My first favorite was Age of Empires II. I still think it was the best of the series :)

  29. Michael Drips

    Michael Drips    

    I made a living for a few years selling clue books to all the InfoCom games. I loved them.

  30. Stephen Firestone

    Stephen Firestone    

    Pong, and the Intellivision system.

  31. Amanda Blain

    Amanda Blain    

    I never did finish suspended.. maybe i should look into that again.. now that im older and wiser :)

  32. Tony Harris

    Tony Harris    

    Wow Very good Amanda I like it

  33. Stephen Firestone

    Stephen Firestone    

    That should be a hangout +Amanda Blain just everybody egging you on playing… 😀

  34. Jay Martich

    Jay Martich    

    +Will Palaia Wow the commodore 64. That thing was so cool back in the day.

  35. Darren O

    Darren O'Rorke    

    space quest! I loved that game

  36. Liam Reilly

    Liam Reilly    

    On the PC I would say Commander Keen!

  37. Theo WolF

    Theo WolF    

    There was this game, way back in the day, called Knights of the Old Republic. I think a Canadian company called BioWare put it out. Loved that game.

  38. Liam Reilly

    Liam Reilly    

    Yeah the star wars game +Theo WolF . That was pretty good that game.

  39. Chris Harpner

    Chris Harpner    

    We had a home TV video game console with about 20 variations of Pong, including one called Duck Hunter with a light gun.  Graphics were green monochrome with blocks as large as letters in a DOS box.  That was well before the Atari 2600.  I didn't really love it though.

    First video game I really loved was Pac-Man.  Still do!

  40. Liam Reilly

    Liam Reilly    

    Tell you a game I loved from early!  Spheres of Chaos on the Acorn!  It's available on PC too, I was actually talking about it the other day.

  41. April Ayres-Griffiths

    April Ayres-Griffiths    

    Gosh, i remember Q-Bert on the 2600, Solaris… on the C64 it was wizball. We still play a lot of them now, having built a collection of retro systems.

  42. Adrian Martin

    Adrian Martin    

    Space Invaders. Atari 2600. All. Night. Long.

  43. Sergio Zelaya

    Sergio Zelaya    

    Bosconian, it was an awesome game

  44. Martin Jones

    Martin Jones    

    Megamania for the Atari 2600. I spent hours playing it!

  45. Brendan Wallach

    Brendan Wallach    

    if ms had required zork in all there OSes instead of Ie they'd be better off now.

  46. Russell Gilder

    Russell Gilder    

    you need to read "ready player one" i knocked it out a few weekends ago. good stuff!

  47. Jonathan Moulton

    Jonathan Moulton    

    Though I played my fair share of zork, ultimate wizard on the commodore 64 was my first love. Jumpman with spells and a level editor: what is not to love?

  48. David Akers

    David Akers    

    Star Control II now found as the Ur-Quan Masters.

  49. Jason Havash

    Jason Havash    

    The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy interactive text game stands side by side with Zork!

  50. Helena Smith

    Helena Smith    

    Zork, before there were personal computers… uni students the world over were taking knifes on level 8 to stab the dwarf on level 11 on a nefarious thing called the bulletin board (early internet)

  51. Stormy Henderson

    Stormy Henderson    

    Zork is the one, on the Apple ][e!

  52. John Oatis

    John Oatis    

    Zork was called Adventure on my Dad's TRS-80 Model 1. Loved it. only found out years later you were supposed to go back an put treasures in the bookcase.

  53. Mike Morelli

    Mike Morelli    

    hah. There's even a version of it for a smartpen! (look up Livescribe Zork)

  54. Justin T.

    Justin T.    

    Commander Keen and Captain Comic and Adventure Game wise Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and the Kings Quest series.

  55. Ryan Jenkins

    Ryan Jenkins    

    Alleycat! That 8-bit music still makes my heart happy.

  56. Amanda Marlowe

    Amanda Marlowe    

    I'll play Zork as soon as I get out of this maze of twisty little passages that are all alike.

  57. sergio rodrigues

    sergio rodrigues    

    adventure game…i still remember the maze..5 or 6 places, each with 10 exit paths…mapping it was

  58. Daniel Porter

    Daniel Porter    

    My first game was a 'Pong' game which plugged in to the TV, But as for the first video game I really loved, I'm with +Mark Griffiths, Wizard of Wor on C64!

    I watched my father play Zork at that time.  I didn't play because I didn't know what to type.

  59. JD Stewart

    JD Stewart    

    I programmed the very first version of Dungeons & Dragons in Turbo PASCAL. Someone stole my floppies and sold them. Next thing you know it went viral and I never saw any cash or credit for it. …not that it's worth anything now, it's just the principle. I must say, it was an extremely awesome game for it's time.

  60. William Johnson

    William Johnson    

    I remember Pong.  Of the Atari 2600 series, Yar's Revenge. Intellivision was TRON. Colleco was Donkey Kong.

    But of the text based games, the best two were from the age of BBS.  Barren Realms Elite and Legend of Red Dragon.

    Oh gawd how I miss playing BRE on a BBS network.

  61. Mark Hessenflow

    Mark Hessenflow    

    Adventure (the Colossal Cave one). Zork was a revelation in how it handled sentences instead of two-word commands.

  62. Jonas Barnett

    Jonas Barnett    

    I liked Zork on the old TRaSh-80. But I think my favorite text based game was Rogue. Amber screens rock! :)

  63. John Grissett

    John Grissett    

    Zork was my first on an Epson QX-10

  64. Scott Young

    Scott Young    

    I spent $2,500 on an Apple II GS just to play the Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy text adventure.

  65. Chris Riggs

    Chris Riggs    

    It's been a long time since I last slew a troll with a nasty knife…

  66. Jason Hinds

    Jason Hinds    

    I did Zork on my dad's old Atari 400 (the one with the flat keys — not like the 800). . .5&1/4 inch floppies. . .which was way ahead of the cassette tape drive we also had.  My favorite game was 'Beyond Zork' . . . where you could defeat the Dorn Beast by hacking a large onion to cause it's multiple eyes to tear up. . .at least that game had a random generated map and battle that was somewhat unpredictable.  My other favorite infocom game was Suspended.

  67. Daniel Thomas

    Daniel Thomas    

    I'm a little too young for Zork to be my first love… It was Return to Zork instead

  68. Jamie davis

    Jamie davis    

    Zork was a little to much for me at the time. I think I was 10 or 11 when I first came across it. I kept getting lost in the cave. Now kings quest on the other hand………

  69. Mark Palmer

    Mark Palmer    

    Zork on the C64…good times. :)

  70. Phillip Ryan

    Phillip Ryan    

    Dragon warrior 1 for the NES

  71. Kent Morrison

    Kent Morrison    

    urogue on SCO Xenix 286 was a lot of fun
    "You are killed by the ork because you tripped over your little dog, who was unable to get out of your way in time"

  72. Stuart Crichton

    Stuart Crichton    

    This is exactly what I needed…or didn't need…hard to tell

  73. Dirk Hoag

    Dirk Hoag    

    Star Raiders on my Atari 400. Either that or Temple of Apshai on the TRS-80.

  74. Jason Connaughton

    Jason Connaughton    

    I loved Conan on the Apple II. But I didn't really feel the magic until Link on the NES. Still have the gold cartridge in the closet but it may take some serious blowing.

  75. Mark Fredrick Graves, Jr.

    Mark Fredrick Graves, Jr.    

    Wow, I've never heard of this game until now. And because I'm a big fan of dungeons and dragons, and I don't need visuals to enjoy a role playing game, I decided to try it out. I was playing the game, and at some point it said something to me, and I jokingly replied "fuck you". It responded, "I don't know the word 'you'". I'm like …but it understands the word fuck? I said, "Fuck the bottle." It replied, "What a loony!" I laughed my ass off.  I'm glad you posted this!

  76. Dennis A. Klaman

    Dennis A. Klaman    

    Castle Wolfenstein on an Apple II

  77. Fermin June III Alegro

    Fermin June III Alegro    

    this game… the map… the items… the guessing…

  78. Emmanuel Timmons

    Emmanuel Timmons    

    My very first game that I remember and still remember loving was the Jimmy Neutron game for ps2.

  79. kareem olayiwola

    kareem olayiwola    

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  80. Jim Busbee

    Jim Busbee    

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  81. Bruno Valantinas

    Bruno Valantinas    

    Dungeon Master on the Atari 1040 ST. The Atari ST and the Amiga were WAY ahead of any other platforms at the time in terms of graphics and GUI. Both used the Motorola 68000 processor back when Motorola was kicking Intel's butt.

  82. Simon Gorham

    Simon Gorham    

    Zork for me. Now I want to play it again.

  83. Nelson Remy

    Nelson Remy    

    Played Zork and Santa Paravia (old TRS-80).

  84. Emanuele Antonelli

    Emanuele Antonelli    

    The Last Ninja  ( ) on a commodore 64. Six stages on two cassettes, and a very looong loading time… :)

  85. Loren Parker

    Loren Parker    

    When I think of Zork I think back to this Strongbad clip:  Video Games 

  86. Mladen Janjetovic

    Mladen Janjetovic    

    My first  game with good grafik (80's) was Phoenix from Atari. Do someone remember the game? :-)

  87. Chris Rogers

    Chris Rogers    

    Infocom were freakin' geniuses.  Zork, Hitchhiker's Guide, Planetfall, Enchanter and, lest we forget, Leather Goddesses of Phobos. Quality entertainment with only 80 columns of text.

  88. Olav Folland

    Olav Folland    

    +Chris Rogers HHGTG has been ported to the web (java) you know 😀

    Note – to play, you have to RTFI and enter the code on the sample screen in the box that takes you to the actual game.

  89. Olav Folland

    Olav Folland    

    (Haven't found Phobos yet.  But I've looked :P)

  90. Neville Swaby

    Neville Swaby    

    i played so much i don't remember which was first but i remember Ally-cat and galaxy i suppose.

  91. Kerewin H

    Kerewin H    

    The first personal computer game I played was Lemonade Stand on the Apple ][… As it was a 9" CRT in monochrome using dual graphics and text mode I suppose it could be compared with an iPad in terms of display size.
    48Kb of memory was quite a lot then.

  92. Michael Cyr

    Michael Cyr    

    I bought a Franklin (Apple ][ clone) in order to play Sublogic's (Bruce Artwick) Flight Simulator… Microsoft eventually bought it…

  93. mike smith

    mike smith    

    Colossal Cave (aka Adventure) on a TRS-80.  Then all the Infocom text games.

  94. Steve Podielsky

    Steve Podielsky    

    Zork is why I learned how to build computers!

  95. Alex malahov

    Alex malahov    

    64 bit is not supported, where is my floppy with dos  ))))

  96. Shaun Trites

    Shaun Trites    

    Leisure Suit Larry on 5 1/4 floppy…

  97. Micheal Kilpatric

    Micheal Kilpatric    

    Between this, The Hobbit, even Ultima… I miss them

  98. mike smith

    mike smith    

    The ability to read something, and have your imagination flesh it in, rather than (even today) inadequate graphics.

  99. Muneeb Zafar

    Muneeb Zafar    

    Unforgettable memories associated with ZORK Series, especially with 'Return to ZORK' an immersive adventure released by Infocom. :)

  100. Billy Bob Joe Curly Sue Thorton

    Billy Bob Joe Curly Sue Thorton    

    Thought I was the only dork who played zork.

  101. Glenn C

    Glenn C    

    Zork on steroids.   Styx LP Mud :)

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